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Pencil pouches aren’t exclusive to the student anymore. Many are designed to do more than just store your pencils, pens, and sharpeners. In fact, some double as storage for your smartphone and charger, while some can fit the form of a lady’s cosmetic purse. But how do you know what to go for when you have a million and one pouches pining for your attention? You can find answers to this question in this informative buying guide—a product of our thorough investigation on the best pencil pouches from five top pencil pouch brands. Please, also note that we have other reviews on pencil boxes and pencil cases if you would like more options.
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Set Size
Our Top Choice
IPOW Floral Pencil Pouch
IPOW’s mission is to make the smart life easier for its customers. It produces functional, innovative, and affordable products that are durable and long-lasting.
Made from high-quality canvas material. Easy to maintain. Multipurpose. Ample storage space. Smooth and durable double zipper. Elegant design. Bright colors. Pack of 4.
This pouch is not long enough to fit a number 2 pencil.
Double zipper
Set of 4
10 pens
Orange/light blue/dark blue/cream
Best Value
BAZIC 3-Ring Pencil Pouch
With BAZIC, customers are the bosses and call the shots. That’s why it ensures it provides innovative and vibrant writing solutions that add value to their lives.
Ample storage space. 3 rings to attach it to a standard binder. Canvas material makes it durable. Comes in an assortment of bright colors. Multipurpose and functional. Mesh window.
The zipper is not as smooth as many customers would have liked.
3-ring; mesh window
Set of 6
30 pencils
6 colors
LIHIT Lab has been providing office solutions to millions of customers all over the world. And since its inception in 1938, it has maintained a standard of excellence.
2 bags in one. Made from a durable material. Multiple pockets to accommodate a number of personal items. Generous storage space. Comes in 4 different colors. Protects documents.
The large, cushioned compartment is only large enough to hold tablets and small-sized laptops.
2 pockets; all-round zipper
Set of 1
Info not provided
PU leather
Under Armour Pencil Case
Under Armour has maintained its standard of excellence for 21 solid years. Today, that line of products has grown significantly to accommodate the needs of its customers.
Durable and sturdy construction material. Reinforced rings attach it to binders. Zip shuts tight to protect its contents. Comes in colors suitable for boys. Strong zipper handle.
Quite pricey for a single pack.
3-ring; zippered
Set of 1
Info not provided
Magma orange/Mako blue
Coofit 3-Pack Pencil Case
Coofit manufactures a wide range of durable and high-quality items including handbags, backpacks, and outdoor equipment that put lasting smiles on its customers’ faces.
Durable and comfortable material. Multifunctional. Offers large storage space. Wear-resistant. Lightweight and compact. Suitable for school, travel, and office purposes.
The wrap pouch may spill contents if it’s not properly tied.
Set of 3
15 - 20 pens
Dark grey
Soft wool felt

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What is the Best Pencil Pouch?

We want you to have nothing short of the best. And at this point, we can rest assured that having read this buying guide, you can make the best selection without a hassle.
Our Top Choice
The IPOW Floral Pencil Case comes in a pack of bright-colored and durable pouches. Each pouch has a large space for items such as pencils and pens and a smaller mesh space for small items such as sharpeners and erasers. Would you like something vintage? Then check out the IPOW Hot Vintage Pencil Pouch. It’s durable, washable, and features lower flaps that keep its contents in place.

IPOW Floral Pencil Pouch – Set of 4, Canvas Material

IPOW is all about making smart life even smarter and easier for its customers. It boasts a dedicated team of customers that works hours unending to ensure that its customers derive utmost satisfaction from using its products. It stands solidly behind the integrity of its products and promises returns and replacements for products that give less-than-satisfactory experiences.

The IPOW Floral Pencil Pouch is made from a durable canvas material for easy washing and maintenance, with an elegant blend of bright colors that make it stand out whenever you hold it. The pouch features a double-zipper design and two pockets that you can decide to layer depending on what you intend to store in it. These zippers seal smoothly and firmly while offering protection to all your items.

It can work well as a student’s pencil case, a lady’s cosmetic purse, or a bag for your smartphone and/or coins. This product even comes in a pack of four so that you can decide to hand them out to friends as well; you can rest assured they’ll love it. Moreover, it’s a cost-effective choice when you have 2 or more kids who need pencil cases for school.

Each kid can take advantage of the big space for pens, pencils, and rulers and use the mesh pocket for sharpeners and erasers.

IPOW offers other pencil pouches that you may like and they include:
  • IPOW Pastorable Canvas Pencil Pouch: It can also be used as a cellphone bag.
  • IPOW Bright Blue Pencil Pouch with Double Zipper: It’s water- and shock-proof.
  • IPOW Canvas Pencil Wrap: It protects your pencil nib from damage.
  • IPOW Pencil Pouch with 48 Colored Pencils: It features 48 individual pencil slots to accommodate your pencils.
Best Value
The BAZIC Bright-Colored 3-Ring Pencil Pouch with Mesh Window offers a large pocket space for your pens and pencils. It also features a mesh window which allows you to see through the pouch for easy access to its contents. If you think the more the merrier, then you should try the BAZIC Clear Pencil Pouch which comes in a pack of 24 assorted colors and features reinforced holes for durability.

BAZIC Bright-Colored 3-Ring Pencil Pouch with Mesh Window – 6-Piece Pack

BAZIC’s chain of production is guided by principles of value and excellence that deliver products with strong designs at affordable prices. It’s a company known for its die-hard attitude to achieving tremendous success in the industry. BAZIC believes its customers run the show and so it treats them with respect; this is why it esteems the opinion, complaints, and feedback of its customers anytime. This brand is constantly updating current products and creating new and innovative ones to meet the increasing demands of its customers.

The BAZIC Brightly-Colored 3-Ring Pencil Pouch offers a large pocket space for pencils, pens, and personal items. It’s made from a durable canvas that is built to last, and comes in an array of 6 colors including neon yellow, green, orange, and purple. Please note that the colors in this 6-pack may vary. But we can assure you that you’ll love the combination you choose!

The 3 rings on each purse allow you to attach it to a bigger storage space such as your backpack so that you don’t lose it easily. In most cases, the rings are used to attach the pouch to a standard binder. Its mesh window allows you to see the contents for quick access to any item you’ll need at any time.

Here’s one more functional pencil pouch from BAZIC:
  • BAZIC Bright Color 3-Ring Pencil Pouch with White Strip: Its canvas material makes it durable and long-lasting.
The LIHIT LAB Bag-in-Bag Black Bundle Set is a great tool for organizing your stuff and keeping your office clutter-free. It has a padded compartment that protects your tablet and laptop from cost-incurring impacts. Want something you can hold easily or take on a trip? Then you should check out the LIHIT LAB Carrying Bag. It comes with adjustable straps to customize it as a handbag or a tote bag.

LIHITLAB Bag-in-Bag Black Bundle Set – Available in 4 Colors

LIHIT Lab acknowledges the needs of its customers and sets out to meet them with high-quality and versatile products that go the extra mile to satisfy their needs. Because it wants many people all around the world to benefit from its innovative line of products, it has and continues to spread its tentacles to many countries of the world. LIHIT Lab’s dream is to change many lives by providing people with all they need to enhance their quality of life.

The LIHIT Lab Bag-in-Bag Bundle Set comes with one bag that is designed to protect your documents and can also help you keep your office space clutter-free. Also included in this bundle set is another bag that your tablets and notebooks can call home. You can make your pick from four color variations as well: black, brown, orange, and yellow green.

These two bags are made from durable and high-quality material as a guarantee that they’ll serve you for a long time. What’s more? The large compartment of the laptop sleeve is well-padded to protect your mobile devices from impact. You also have the luxury of storage space for your pens, chargers, and notebooks and other stationeries that you may want to have with you on-the-go.

You may also make a selection from pouches by LIHIT Lab that are listed below:
  • LIHIT LAB Pen Case: It has 5 compartments on the front cover for extra storage.
  • LIHIT LAB Double Pen Case: It comes in 5 beautiful colors with each purse having a large pouch for bulky items.
  • LIHIT LAB Otomo Pencil Case: It has a capacity large enough to hold your pens and pencils.
  • LIHIT LAB PuniLabo Standup Pen Case: It is smooth to the touch and can be cleaned easily.
  • LIHIT LAB SmartFit Compact Pen Case: It’s resistant to stains and water.
The Under Armour Boys’ Pencil Case is made of a durable polyester material that protects its contents from moisture. It also features a zipper that shuts tightly to protect your pencils, pens, and other personal items. Want a pencil pouch for your girl-child? Then take advantage of the Under Armour Girls’ Pencil Case. It is made from high-grade polyester which makes it durable and long-lasting.

Under Armour Boys’ Pencil Case – Available in 2 Colors

Under Armour was founded by Kevin Plank in 1996. It actually started in Plank’s grandma’s basement with the simple idea to make high-quality T-shirts that were designed to regulate body temperature and keep athletes dry, light, and cool even during rigorous sports and exercises. He replicated his innovative ideas into other products that have gained widespread popularity in many countries of the world. Today, Under Armour no longer operates from Grandma’s basement but is now headquartered in Baltimore where it manufactures amazing and affordable products such as lunch coolers and backpacks.

The Boys’ Pencil Case is an innovative one of its kind. It comes in 2 exciting colors that will suit any boy-child perfectly. The 2 color variants offered by these cases are specially selected for boys because they blend with most outfits they wear to school. Choose from Magma Orange and Mako Blue!

This pouch features 3 reinforced holes that will help you attach it to a 3-ring binder easily. The 3 rings will also be useful if you need to attach it to a backpack.

This case is made from durable polyester that makes it long-lasting and able to withstand moisture. Its zipper seals tightly so that your pens, pencils, and personal items can be safely stashed in it. So, if you attach it to a binder and it’s turned upside-down, you can rest assured it won’t spill its contents.

Here’s one more from Under Armour that you may find suitable:
  • Under Armour Women’s Really Gotta Have It Case: It will make a perfect cosmetic purse or toiletry bag.
The 3-Pack Pencil Case & Cosmetic Pouch is made from soft and comfortable wool felt that can stand the test of time. Owning this pack of three gives you the opportunity of a pen case, makeup pouch, and pencil holder. Want more versatility? Then try the Coofit Pencil Pouch with Pencil Holder and Cosmetic Pouch. You can roll up the pencil case into a cup shape and use it as a pencil holder.

Coofit 3-Pack Pencil Case & Cosmetic Pouch – Available in 3 Styles

Coofit is popular for its line of quality products which includes handbags, backpacks, toys, and outdoor accessories. Its products are durable, functional, and satisfying. Coofit’s customer support team is also renowned for providing customers with excellent after-delivery services. This is why many people choose its products every day.

The Coofit 3-Pack Pencil Pouch is a top choice because of its versatility. It can be used as a makeup purse, a stationery case, a couch pouch, or a case for your glasses. It’s made of comfortable and soft wool felt that’s lightweight, compact, and wear-resistant. This makes it suitable for home, school, office, and travel purposes.

It rolls up into a compact and fashionable size so that you can carry it easily. It also features a large storage space for makeup, pens, coins, and pencils. In fact, it has the capacity to hold up to 20 regular-sized pens.

This pouch is also useful to the professional painter who could do with a little organization. It can store brushes, pencils, and colored pens safely and also have them within reach during a painting job.

How Do I Choose the Best Pencil Pouch?

Pencil pouches are necessary tools for a student to live an organized life. They also keep his clothes and the insides of his backpack free from accidental doodles caused by overexcited pencils and pens. A pouch can also reflect a student’s sense of style, with designs ranging from plain to high-end and fancy.

Although traditionally known to be used by students for storing stationeries, pouches have become useful to most people because of the increase in versatility. For instance, a makeup artist can take advantage of the narrow slots in a wrap pencil pouch to stash her brushes and eye pencils safely. This way, getting to any tool of interest is easy and quick.

In some cases, pencil pouches come as accessories to larger bags such as laptop sleeves. This allows you to have all your things in one place at the same time.

Having a pencil pouch may be another way to keep your handbag and backpack organized, as opposed to having a bag with pencils, cosmetics, and personal items strewn around. It also helps to keep your office or workspace clutter-free and in order.
Generally, the price of pencil pouches varies with count. The more pouches there are in a pack, the costlier it is. Nonetheless, as you esteem the price determinants in your selection process, be sure to avoid the cheap pencil pouches whose zippers wear out after a while. That said, you can find a pencil pouch for $5 or lower, and can also find some that cost $45 or more.
Getting the perfect pouch is an easy task when you know the factors to consider before you make a choice. Here are a few important ones:
  • Material
  • Color
  • Size
  • Versatility
  • Organizational Space
Construction and Design

How versatile is the pouch? While some pouches, especially the really flat ones, can only hold a couple of pens and pencils and an eraser, some others do more than just keep stationeries. Some pouches are even long enough to hold makeup brushes and pencils.


And to tidy up your home space, you may even find a pouch that’s large enough to hold your kid’s Legos so that they don’t just litter your room and go into hiding when next he or she needs them. You may also think about a pouch that’s big enough to hold your car keys and your smartphone when you want to relieve your pockets.


Colors are also important. The gender of the person who needs the pouch can be a determinant on the choice of color. Most often than not, different colors appeal to boys and girls. So, it’s your job to ensure that the color you select matches up with your son’s or daughter’s taste. For examination purposes, some exam centers enforce transparent pouches if they are allowed into the examination venues at all. So, you should keep this in mind.
Performance and Ease of Use
Maintenance and Material

Maintenance is always a big deal for pencil pouch owners. So, before you select that pencil pouch, you should be able to tell what happens when it gets dirty and what to do to remedy it if it can be remedied at all. It’s a no-brainer that the ease of maintenance of a pencil pouch depends largely on the material used in its construction.

And you must have figured by now that kids are more carefree than mature people. So, if you’re planning to get a pouch for an early-grader you must ensure that it’s made from an easy-to-clean material such as polyester. If a pouch of this sort gets stained, a swipe with a damp cloth will do justice to the dirt. Moreover, spills from drinks won’t seep through because it’s waterproof.

If your preferred pouch is made from a material such as wool, it takes a lot more effort to keep it clean. Nonetheless, pouches of cloth-like constructions are often hand-washed when they get dirty while some others of this sort can be machine-washed. You can make a choice depending on the maintenance option that you deem perfect for you.

Layout and Versatility

What is the layout of the pouch? If you plan to use the pouch for a little more than just pencils and pens, then you must consider extra spaces such as mesh pockets, side pockets, and any other space asides the main one that will suit your need.

For instance, if you are a lady looking for a pencil pouch that will hold your eye pencils in an upright position, then you should go for a wrap pouch that comes with several slots for your pencils and brushes.

Mesh pockets and small outer pockets on a pouch can make the perfect home for small items such as erasers and sharpeners so that they can be retrieved easily when they are needed.


And finally, if you have a child who is in the habit of losing his pencil pouch and its contents, you should definitely go for a pouch that has reinforced rings that can fit into a standard binder.

Get the Best Pencil Pouch of 2023!

Your confidence level should be at a stratospheric high now, which means you can go ahead and place that order right away. For a wider range of selection, you can use the navigation links we have provided you with to see what else each brand has on offer.

Our Top Choice
IPOW Floral Pencil Pouch
Best Value
BAZIC 3-Ring Pencil Pouch
Under Armour Pencil Case
Coofit 3-Pack Pencil Case