Best Pencils For Kids Reviews 2023

Did you know that pencil quality can significantly affect your child’s handwriting? This guide carefully analyzes the best pencils for kids from five reliable brands so you can make an informed purchase. If you don’t find the specific products in this guide appealing, rest assured that all mentioned brands carry a variety of other products. For further reading, we also have reviews on erasers for kids, colored pencils, and pencil cases.
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Our Top Choice
Rhode Island Novelty Hockey Pencil
Rhode Island Novelty is a family-owned, leading manufacturer and distributor of novelty toys. Their high-quality products are top choices for many people all over the world
Come in packs of twelve pre-sharpened pencils. Fun hockey-blade shaped erasers. Excellent party favors. Come in assorted colors.
The erasers may fall of if used aggressively
Hockey-blade eraser top
Available in four colors
Best Value
BAZIC The First Jumbo Premium Pencil
With BAZIC, customers call the shots. That is why they keep a high standard in creating vibrant and innovative writing utensils.
Strong lead is suitable for drawing, writing, and sketching. Pre-sharpened for convenience. Sharpens easily. Jumbo barrel makes it easy to hold. Latex-free eraser.
May be too long for kids aged five and younger.
Eraser top
BIC Xtra Thick Point Strong Pencils
BIC is a renowned leader in the world of shavers, stationery, and lighters. They are committed to producing quality products that meet the everyday needs of their customers.
Come in packs of 24. Break-resistant 0.9-millimeter leads. Precise and always ready for use. Suitable for standardized tests. Write smoothly and easily. Erases cleanly without smudging.
Eraser refills for this pencil are a bit difficult to come by.
24 or 48
Available in eight colors
Fun Express Stackable Plastic Bear Pencils
:: Fun Express supplies novelties, giftware, and party supplies to satisfy the needs of customers all over the world.
Come in packs of twelve. Stackable bear-shaped leads. Colorful and attractive. Perfect choice for party favors.
Potential choking hazards for young children aged three or younger.
Bear-shaped leads
Dixon Ticonderoga My First Ticonderoga Pencil
For over two centuries, Dixon Ticonderoga has upheld strong ideals of quality, respect, and integrity. They continue to leave their mark by engineering top-notch products.
Easy to hold. Antimicrobial protection against bacteria. Pre-sharpened. Suitable for first-time writers. Latex-free and extra-large erasers.
It takes some effort to find a sharpener that is suitable for this oversized pencil.
Eraser top
2, 4, 12, 24, or 72

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What is the Best Pencils For Kids?

Having gone through our buying guide, you should be well-armed to make the right choice of a pencil for your kids. Make sure your child’s pencil is easy for them to grip with reliable lead. For standardized tests, there are a variety of #2 pencils with different features that go beyond classic yellow pencils. Let’s lead you to our product review section for more information.
Our Top Choice
The Hockey Pencil set includes twelve pencils of assorted colors that come well-sharpened and ready to use. Each pencil’s decorative hockey blade is actually a colored eraser. Want a larger bundle of supplies? You might like the Rhode Island Novelty Emoji Favor and Giveaway Pencil. It comes in a 36-piece pack of pencils, erasers, and sharpeners.

Rhode Island Novelty Hockey Pencil – Assorted Colors; Pack of 12

Rhode Island Novelty is a leading importer and wholesale supplier of novelties and amusement toys in the United States. They have been serving their customers with high-quality products and innovative designs for well over 30 years, boasting world-class delivery and excellent customer service.

Know a child who loves hockey? You’re sure to be rewarded with a big smile when you give them a pack of Rhode Island Novelty Hockey Pencils. If you are a hockey fan yourself, these lovely pencils while brighten your day as well while sitting pretty in your pencil holder.

Each wooden pencil is seven-and-a-half inches long with a whimsical hockey-blade shaped eraser on the end. Including the eraser, this pencil’s total length is nine whopping inches. Even with this length, however, they can sit comfortably in most pencil cases and pouches. These pencils also come pre-sharpened and are ready for use as soon as you get them.

Please kindly note before purchasing that these pencils are only suitable for children aged five or above because of the small parts are potential choking hazards.

Here are a few more pencil collections available from Rhode Island Novelty:
  • Rhode Island Novelty Patriotic Pencils
  • Rhode Island Novelty Dessert Pencils
  • Rhode Island Camouflage Pencils
  • Rhode Island Snowflake Design Pencils
  • Rhode Island Novelty Religious Pencil Assortment
Best Value
The BAZIC First Jumbo Yellow Pencil is perfect for kids who are just learning to write or for those wearing medical casts who find it difficult to hold regular pencils. It comes pre-sharpened and ready for use. If you love shimmering glitter, then you’ll also love the BAZIC Glitter Wood Pencil.

BAZIC #2 The First Jumbo Premium Yellow Pencil – 4 Pack

BAZIC is a value-oriented company that believes their consumers are the ones in charge. That’s why they respect and honor the opinions, complaints, and feedback from their customers at all times. They are known for their die-hard commitment to achieving success in the industry.

The BAZIC First Jumbo Premium Pencil is yellow, wooden, and cylindrical. If you have a child who is just learning to write, the jumbo barrel size will offer them extra writing comfort to help ease the strokes and curves. Jumbo pencils are also useful when writing with a regular-sized pencil becomes difficult for medical reasons, like wearing a cast. The pencil has an eraser on top and strong lead suitable for drawing, writing, and sketching. Because it is a #2 pencil, it can also be used for shading in scantrons during tests.

Other products from BAZIC include:
  • BAZIC #2B Premium Wood Pencil
  • BAZIC Sharpened HB Pencils
  • BAZIC 2-in-1 Mechanical Pencil and 4-Color Pen
  • BAZIC Yellow Mechanical Pencil
  • BAZIC 0.7-millimeter Mechanical Pencil Leads
The BIC Xtra Strong Mechanical Pencil features three full-length leads that will last over twice as long as regular pencils can deliver. The lead is also 0.9-millimeters thick, so it won’t splinter or break when used. Bring out the fun in writing with the BIC Xtra Fun Stripes Lead Pencil.

BIC Xtra Strong Pencils with Thick Point – Available in 2 Package Options

BIC is a renowned leader in the world of shavers, stationery, and lighters. They are committed to producing quality products that meet the everyday needs of their customers. With a wealth of experience spanning over six decades, BIC sticks to high standards of quality, simplicity, innovation, and reliability. They attribute their excellent customer service to ideals of honesty, trust, and respect.

The BIC Xtra Strong Pencil comes in packs of 24 or 48. It is a mechanical pencil with three 0.9-millimeter leads that glide smoothly on paper and last more than twice as long as the lead in other pencils. The leads are always sharp and ready for use, making this #2 pencil a perfect choice for taking standardized tests. The pencil marks erase cleanly and easily with erasers without smudging your answers.

Other pencils by BIC include:
  • BIC Xtra Sparkle Colorful-Barrel Pencils
  • BIC Xtra Precision Pencils with Metallic Barrels
  • BIC Xtra Fun Pencils
  • BIC Xtra Life Medium Point Pencils
  • BIC Velocity Mechanical Pencils
Show off your cute taste with Fun Express Stackable Plastic Bear Pencils. Each of the twelve pencils in the pack has five stacked leads that can be removed or rearranged however you like. Hoping for a different pattern the kids will love? Try the Fun Express Wooden Paw Print Pencil.

Fun Express Stackable Plastic Bear Pencils – 12 Count

Fun Express is all about providing their customers with products that add color and happiness to their writing. They have a dedicated team of employees who work constantly to deliver novelties, giftware, and party supplies to customers all around the world.

The Fun Express Stackable Pencil contains five stacked leads that are encased in colorful plastic bears. If you want, you can reduce the length of the entire pencil by removing one or more leads. You can also rearrange and interchange the leads when one of them has gone blunt from use. The pencil fits well into kids’ palms and helps beginners write smoothly. The leads also stay sharp for a long time.

As sweet as the plastic bears are, please note that they are potential choking hazards for young children aged three or younger.

Some other pencils by Fun Express include:
  • Fun Express Colored Block Party Favors Pencils
  • Fun Express Wooden Happy Birthday Pencils
  • Fun Express Neon Safari Animal Prints Pencils
  • Fun Express Wooden Skull and Crossbones Pencils
  • Fun Express Educational School Panda Pencils
My First Ticonderoga Beginner Pencil gives first-time writers a lasting and wonderful memory of what it feels like to master the art of handwriting. It also has antimicrobial protection against odor and stain-causing bacteria. You may also want to take advantage of the Dixon Ticonderoga Noir Black Holographic Pencils. Their unique HB graphite formula provides an exquisitely smooth writing performance.

Dixon Ticonderoga My First Ticonderoga Primary Size Beginner Pencils – Pack of 2

For over two centuries, Dixon Ticonderoga has upheld strong ideals of quality, respect, and integrity. They continue to leave their mark by engineering top-notch products. Today, they continue to leave their mark by producing quality writing instruments and empowering people to seize their creative powers to make powerful extensions of themselves.

My First Ticonderoga Beginner Pencil gives first-time writers a lasting and wonderful memory of what it feels like to master the art of handwriting. It comes pre-sharpened and ready for use, with a latex-free eraser that cleans thoroughly without leaving smudges. The smooth yellow barrel makes it easy for little kids to hold when writing, and the pencil’s lead is certified non-toxic. This lead also features antimicrobial protection to fight bacteria causing odors or stains.

Here are some other pencils from Dixon Ticonderoga you may want to consider:
  • Dixon Ticonderoga EnviroStiks Natural Pencils
  • Dixon Ticonderoga Wood-cased #3 H Pencils
  • Dixon Ticonderoga Laddie Intermediate #2 Pencils with Erasers
  • Dixon Ticonderoga Pre-Sharpened Checking Pencils
  • Dixon Ticonderoga Beginners Pencils without Erasers

How Do I Choose the Best Pencils For Kids?

Have you ever peaked at your child’s notebook and marveled at their messy scrawl? Children are often graded on their handwriting at school to improve legibility, but good handwriting is dependent on well-sharpened, quality pencils. While it may seem trivial to receive a grade for handwriting skills, research has shown the importance of practicing neat handwriting from a young age.

After age six, children who are unable to hold a pencil properly are less likely to ever unlearn their bad writing habits. If you’re child has difficulty forming proper letters, you can help them out by guiding their hands to form muscle memory. With time and practice, your child should be able to write clearly without any assistance.

Colorful or novelty pencils can make great party gifts that encourage practice and add a bit of flair to your child’s desk. Make sure to choose pencils that comfortably fit into your child’s hands without accidentally skidding across the page. To be prepared for the inevitable mistakes that come with learning any new skill, look for a trustworthy, smudge-free eraser.
The price of pencils will usually fall within the range of $2 and $150. Mechanical pencils are refillable and suitable for standardized tests, but can be more expensive depending on the brand and materials. Most people will agree that pencils are easily lost by children and aren’t generally an item for investment, unless your child takes particular interest in writing or sketching. That being said, the cheapest pencils are often poorly made and can easily break while sharpening.
There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a pen for your child. Here are a few:
  • Size
  • Color
  • Type
  • Count
  • Extras (Erasers, sharpeners)
Construction and Design
The types of pencils most commonly marketed for children are regular pencils, beginner pencils, stackable pencils, and mechanical pencils. Mechanical pencils, although often pricier than other pencil types, are convenient because they don’t require sharpening and can usually easily be refilled with new lead. As long as they are #2 pencils, they are also suitable for standardized tests.

Like mechanical pencils, pencils with stackable leads do not require These pencils are composed of stackable plastic-encased lead points that are interchanged each time the current pencil point runs down. They are generally not expensive, but finding lead refills can be difficult. Beginner pencils, as the name implies, are specially designed for people who are just learning to write. They can be found in regular or jumbo sizes and require regular sharpening. Strong lead is everything, so, for any pencil type, you may want to check the lead’s hardness, or ‘H’, and blackness, or ‘B’.
Performance and Ease of Use
The size and length of a pencil affect its grip and ease of use. Long pencils are more difficult for kids to handle, and Jumbo-sized pencils are usually recommended because they are easier for kids to grasp.

Whether you are ordering pencils for as fun party favors or for your kid’s back-to-school supplies, consider colorful or patterned options. Pencils can be a great way for your child to express themselves while at school, whether they prefer classic yellow or a novelty pencil with a flamboyant eraser. Pencils can also be a sweet way to engage in holiday spirit, with seasonally printed pencils with hearts, shamrocks, or snowflakes.

Mistakes are inevitable when writing, especially as a child. Pencils with thorough, smudge-free erasers are coveted tools in the classroom. Some pencils also come pre-sharpened and ready for use, while others might not need sharpening at all. What works best depends on your child’s preferences; asking your child for feedback on their school supplies can strongly improve their learning experience. Make sure they’re happy with pencils that erase well, fit comfortably in their hands, and write smoothly.

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Our Top Choice
Rhode Island Novelty Hockey Pencil
Best Value
BAZIC The First Jumbo Premium Pencil
BIC Xtra Thick Point Strong Pencils
Fun Express Stackable Plastic Bear Pencils
Dixon Ticonderoga My First Ticonderoga Pencil