Best Permanent Marker Reviews — Colors and Styles for Office, Art, and Everyday Use

Whether you’re creating posters, writing on boxes and storage containers, or weaving ideas for an art or studio project, having the perfect permanent marker can make all the difference. To ensure that you get only the best ones, we’ve taken time to do an extensive research on the best permanent markers brands just for you. Our review shows you one of such permanent markers from each of our top picks. Please note that we also have other related reviews on Sharpie markers, markers, dry erase markers, and highlighters, if you would like to view these.
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Our Top Choice
Sharpie Ultra Fine Permanent Markers
Founded in 1857 as an ink and glue producer, Sharpie has grown in leaps and bounds to become a household name in the stationery industry.
Delivers bold, brilliant marks. Useful for home, school, and office purposes. Suitable for most surfaces. Dries quickly without mess. Fine tip provides detailing and precision.
May tend to bleed through on paper.
Ultra fine
Narrowed tip
Available in 4 pack sizes
Black; blue; red
Best Value
BIC Marking Permanent Marker Set
BIC is a leader in the world of shavers, stationery, and lighters. It’s committed to producing innovative and quality products that meet the everyday needs of its customers.
Long-lasting assortment of 8 colors. Marks on any surface. Acid-free and non-toxic. Delivers vivid lines. Comfortable and soft rubber grip. Permanent even on tough surfaces.
May bleed and spread on paper.
Extra fine
Narrow tip
Available in 5 pack sizes
Assorted; black; blue
ACMI-approved; acid-free
ZenZoi Permanent Marker Set
ZenZoi is a world leader and producer of eco-friendly, futuristic, and stylish writing products. Its goal is to help you juice out your creativity in the most beautiful way.
Pairs of 18 assorted colors. Money-back guarantee. Stylish package makes a great gift idea. Eco-friendly. Suitable on most surfaces including wood. Waterproof.
Thinner tips will be preferred for detailing jobs.
Felt tip
36 pieces
18 colors
Xylene- and toluene-free
Pilot Metallic Permanent Paint Markers
Pilot Corporation, USA is the 3rd largest writing instruments company in the United States. Founded in 1972, it continues to provide innovative solutions to its customers.
Extra-fine tip suitable for crafts. Brilliant and decorative marks. Perfect for dark backgrounds. Excellent for identification purposes. Indelible marks. Doesn’t bleed on paper.
Leaks and flows excess ink sometimes.
Extra fine
Rounded tip
Available in 3 pack sizes
Gold/silver; gold silver
Shimmering ink
Avery Marks-A-Lot Regular Permanent Marker
Founded 80 years ago with a $100 loan and a bright idea, Avery grew to be an industry leader and a standard for innovation and quality, providing the best for its customers.
Water-resistant. Chisel tip for varying stroke widths. Suitable on any surface. Permanent smudge-free marks. Comfortable grip. Non-toxic. Low-odor. Quick-dry feature. Pack of 12.
Not enough ink in the barrel, so it dries quickly.
Chisel tip
2 pack; 12 pack sizes
Black; blue red
Water-resistant; non-toxic

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What is the Best Permanent Marker?

Having gone through our extensive buying guide, we’re certain that you have all the requisite information you need to make a well-informed choice of a permanent marker. Come along as we guide you through an exposé on our featured products.
Our Top Choice
The Sharpie Permanent Markers with Ultra Fine Point deliver incredibly resilient ink that dries quickly without making a mess of your work. Whatever marks you make with them stays indelible and resistant to water. The more, the merrier. Get more from the Sharpie Permanent Marker Ultimate Collection — you'll get at mixture of 72 fine and ultra fine markers in a vast array of colors!

Sharpie Permanent Markers with Ultra Fine Point – Available in 4 Pack Sizes and 3 Colors

Founded in 1857 as Sanford Manufacturing Company after one of its founders, Sharpie started out as an ink and glue producer and seller. This company is notable for its resilience, having survived the Great Chicago Fire in 1871 and the Great Depression of the mid-90s. It grew steadily and remarkably in the years that followed this great feat and maintained its standards of superior quality. It realized the needs of the emerging market of writing instruments in 1964 and paced itself to provide innovative solutions to meet those needs. Today, Sharpie is known all over the world as a brand that has helped and continues to help many people discover and bring to the forefront their intrinsic creativity.

Purchase Sharpie’s Ultra Fine Permanent Markers and you’re sure to have a memorable experience with perfect words and pictures. Each marker offers marks and lines of maximum boldness and indelibility. With these markers, you can say goodbye to dull and fading lines, and welcome the permanence of the bold and brave ones.

When you make a drawing, scribble a note, or make markings on objects for identification, be sure they are your real intentions; the moment the tip of any of these markers touches the surface you wish to use, there’s no going back or erasing. The drawings, markings, and writings stay there forever.

What’s more? These markers are designed to emphasize your creativity by delivering bold, brilliant, hard-to-ignore, and unrepentant marks that produce a long-lasting visual impression on everyone who looks at your work. Their ultra-fine point adds precision and detail to your letterings and sketches, giving your work incredible shades of detail.

These markers deliver perfectly on most surface types including plastic, glass, paper, and metal. They can also be used in offices, homes, classrooms, and anywhere else they’re required.

There’s more! These markers produce a quick-dry ink that dries immediately. So, you don’t have to worry about accidentally cleaning or smearing your marks or making a mess of whatever you’ve painstakingly done.

Buy a pack of Sharpie’s Ultra Fine Permanent Markers and you’ll have 12 of the most amazing permanent markers ever. You may even decide to order the 24-piece pack or the 24 by 12-piece pack and get to choose between three colors (black, blue and red).

Other exciting offers from Sharpie include:
  • Sharpie Metallic Permanent Markers with Fine Point: They make indelible and detailed marks on hard-to-mark surfaces.
  • Sharpie Retractable Ultra Fine Point Permanent Marker – Pack of 3: Its remarkable ink dries quickly and doesn’t fade.
  • Sharpie Permanent Marker with Chisel Tip – Available in 12-piece Pack: Its brilliant colors leave a permanent visual impression.
  • Sharpie Fine Tip Permanent Marker: The ink is waterproof, smear-proof, and doesn’t fade away.
  • Sharpie Extreme Permanent Markers with Black Ink - Available in 4-piece Pack: They deliver bold and brilliant colors that won’t fade.

By the way, because Sharpie specializes in permanent markers, we have an entire review dedicated to some of their most popular styles.
Best Value
The BIC Marking Permanent Markers with Fine Point produce low-odor and nontoxic ink and are certified safe for all writing and marking purposes, and on any surface for brilliant and indelible ink. You can also choose to make indelible marks with style. For a marker of the sort, try the BIC Marking Retractable Marker with Fine Point. It can mark on anything.

BIC Marking Permanent Marker with Fine Point – Available in 5 Pack Sizes and 3 Color Options

Family-owned BIC is a world-renowned leader in the stationery, shavers, and lighters market. With a wealth of experience spanning over 6 decades, BIC has paced itself to stick to its standards of quality, simplicity, innovation, and reliability. It boasts of ambient workplaces where about 8,000 people all over the world build a career. It attributes its excellent reports on customer service delivery to strict adherence to the ideals of honesty, trust, and respect. BIC believes that the world can be a better place when we learn to embrace the beauty of diversity and open ourselves up to the advantages and opportunities that come from a united world. This belief system is what drives BIC to do so much more for its customers.

Make a world of beautiful colors with the BIC Marking Permanent Markers that come in 8 fashionable colors. If you’re looking for an array of beautiful and vibrant colors from a marker, then this will be a great option. The colors offered by this pack include blue, green, red, and blue. Each marker delivers bold and vivid colors that will make your letterings, lines, and curves stand out.

You can also trust that the markers are safe and certified even for the kids. They’re acid-free and don’t have a pungent or choking smell that could be hazardous to their health. This means you can get a pack for the kids and not worry that anything will go wrong in your absence.

Wood, paper, glass, metal, foil, and coated paper. Just name it! You’ll discover that you can use these markers on any surface at all. They make bold and brilliant marks on such surfaces and will neither smudge nor fade away.

Take advantage of these fine-tip markers for identification and artistic purposes in the classroom, office, and your home simply because they’re suitable for writing, marking, and decorative purposes. They also come in a classy and convenient storage design that makes them easy to identify and access whenever you want to use any one of them.

There’s more from BIC, including:
  • BIC Mark-It Permanent Marker with Fine Point – Red Ink: It has an ergonomic design for a comfortable hold.
  • BIC Intensity Marker Pen – Pack of 6: It writes easily like a pen, but boldly like a marker.
  • BIC Intensity Fineliner in Assorted Colors – Pack of 10: Its porous tip makes it perfect for detailed work.
Save the planet by purchasing the eco-friendly ZenZoi Fine Point Permanent Marker Set. These markers come in pairs of beautiful colors that will leave stunning visual impressions on whatever you work on. Would you prefer Gel Ink Pens? Then you must check out ZenZoi's set of 48 gel pens in a wide variety of colors — ideal for coloring books, drawing, sketching and other creative art projects.

ZenZoi Fine Point Permanent Marker Set – Pack of 36, Available in 18 Colors

ZenZoi is a world-renowned manufacturer of art and writing products. It’s also a great advocate of environmental sustainability and is known for its laudable and successful effort at providing its customers with innovative writing solutions. Its line of products is stylish, futuristic, and eco-friendly. Its dedication to environmental protection has endeared ZenZoi to many customers all over the world.

Get all the colors you can possibly need from the broad spectrum offered by the ZenZoi Permanent Marker Set. This pack comes with 18 bold and beautiful colors that you’ll instantly fall in love with. Not just that! You also get 2 of each color in the pack. This means 36 amazing markers that will give you brilliant and colorful lines and curves on whatever surface you mark.

They are also suitable on many surfaces including glass and wood. You can rest assured that the markings made by these pens are water-resistant and will neither fade nor wash out.

When you buy these colorful markers, you indirectly etch your name in earth’s hall of fame as someone who cares about the environment and the beautiful planet that we live in. This is because ZenZoi ensures that the pens’ tubes are made from 100% recyclable materials as opposed to using plastic. And remember, your effort counts on this one. So, protect our planet and order these markers for yourself and possibly someone else who needs it.
Take advantage of the Pilot Gold and Silver Metallic Markers with Extra Fine Point to make brilliant and indelible marks on any surface you like, with bold and beautiful marks that will spell forever on your surfaces. Thinking of a permanent marker with black ink instead? Then you should try the Pilot Extra Fine Permanent Marker with Black Ink. It comes in a pack of 12 and is xylene-free.

Pilot Gold and Silver Metallic Marker with Extra Fine Point – Available in 2 Pack Sizes and 3 Colors

Pilot Corporation of America is a subsidiary of the parent company, Pilot Corporation in Tokyo—Japan’s largest and oldest manufacturer of writing instruments. Pilot Pen is a world-renowned manufacturer of stationeries and an astute leader in the production of writing instruments. It attributes its success to the quality of products it offers and the commendable efforts of its research team to provide innovative solutions. Little wonder, it is reckoned as the third largest producer of writing instruments in the United States.

Pilot’s Metallic Permanent Paint Markers deliver brilliant, bold, and glistening ink every time you use them. It comes in a pack of 2 markers that produce fine and permanent marks on any surface you use them on. Each marker produces an ink that has the ability to stand out and produce indelible marks. This makes it an excellent choice for use on dark backgrounds.

The use of the marker is not exclusive to dark backgrounds. It can actually be used on any kind of surface, including wood, plastic, glass, metallic surfaces, and coated papers. You can clearly mark objects for easy identification with these markers.

The great thing about these permanent markers is that you can get them in 2 distinct pack sizes (2 Pack Extra Fine and 4 Pack 2-Combo Set), not to mention three color choices.

Here are a few other amazing permanent markers from Pilot:
  • Pilot 12-Pack Bullet Point Permanent Marker: It leaves a permanent mark on most surfaces.
  • Pilot Jumbo Refill Permanent Marker with Chisel Tip: It makes bold and smooth lines and is easy to refill.
  • Pilot Silver Metallic Permanent Marker with Extra Fine Point – Set of 5: It’s perfect on dark backgrounds.
  • Pilot Super Color Permanent Marker Refill Ink with Dropper – Blue Ink: Suitable to refill Pilot Super Color permanent markers.
Looking for a long-lasting marker that delivers bold and brilliant marks? Then look no further than the Avery Marks-A-Lot Regular Desk Style Permanent Marker with Chisel Tip, which allows you to vary stroke breadth. Want a larger permanent marker? See the Avery Marks-A-Lot Desk Style Permanent Marker. It comes in a pack of 12 and features a large barrel for an abundant supply of ink.

Avery Marks-A-Lot Regular Desk Style Permanent Marker with Chisel Tip – Available in 2 Pack Sizes and 3 Colors

Avery is a focused and customer-oriented company that has a great wealth of experience in all things material science. Founded in 1935 and named after its founder, Ray Stanton Avery, Avery had only a bright idea and a $100 loan to its name. Stanton invented smarter ways for store owners to assign prices to their products and went ahead to champion the cause of the labeling industry. In the years that followed ‘til date, Avery has been reckoned as the brand of all brands, having helped many of them change the way they delivered and managed information. It boasts a strong workforce of 25,000 employees and a global presence in about 50 countries all over the world. Its commitment to the ideals of innovative solutions has made it equally passionate about providing its customers with all they need to achieve more in their homes, schools, offices, and workshops.

For a marker that can weather the storm, choose the Avery Marks-A-Lot Regular Desk Style Permanent Marker. It delivers brilliant and bold letters that are resistant to water and rubbing. It’s also suitable for just about any surface you want to mark on. For instance, if you’ve just gotten a metallic or plastic eating bowl for your cat, you can scribble its name boldly on it, knowing that even your feline’s scratches on it won’t make the name come off.

The chisel tip of this marker also gives you the rare privilege of varying the width and style of your lines and curves. You can bend the tip in the direction of the broader side of the chisel shape to make bold and big uppercase letters and turn it the other way to make the smaller letters. The black ink will make the letters conspicuous and legible to your students whenever you need them to read off the charts.

You should have no worries when the kids decide to use this marker, simply because it’s free from toxins such as xylene which is potentially harmful to them. Moreover, it’s certified safe and acid-free, making it suitable for use by people of all ages.

The marker is available in 2-pack and 12 pack sizes, as well as in black, blue or red.

Other permanent markers from Avery include:
  • Avery Marks-A-Lot Jumbo Chisel Tip Permanent Marker: It offers a generous amount of ink that will last a long time.
  • Avery Marks-A-Lot Desk Style Permanent Marker: It comes in a pack of 4 assorted marker colors, each of which delivers bold and permanent impressions.
  • Avery Carter’s Large Desk Style Permanent Markers: They have low odor and are non-toxic.

Permanent Marker Buying Guide — What are the Best Choices for School, Office, and Crafts?

Permanent markers are useful writing and marking tools for identification, decoration, and artistic purposes. More often than not, there’s no restriction to where they can be used—from classrooms to offices to homes. These markers have an easily recognizable style, so much so that Google has even created a permanent marker font which can be used for print and online projects.

Unlike the dry erase markers, the indelibility of a permanent marker makes it suitable for long-lasting purposes such as art crafts and signs. However, you won’t dare write on a dry erase board with a permanent marker, unless you’re prepared to relieve the board of future responsibilities.

Are you an art teacher with lots of creative ideas for your next session with your students? Then you should ensure you have permanent markers on your craft table before their next visit to your studio. You’ll do well to ensure that you order the basic colors and an assortment of other colors before you proceed to checkout. By doing this, you will be equipping them with the perfect tools to bring their intrinsic creativity to the forefront.

Permanent markers will also come in handy in your kitchen. For instance, someone may have a hard time distinguishing between the boysenberry and blackberry preserves you made, because the canning jars were not properly labeled. To avoid this, you can label the glass jars boldly with the appropriate names.

You’ll also be pleased to know that most standard permanent markers are suitable for use on glass surfaces and are water-resistant. This means the labels on your glass jars will neither fade nor wash off.

But then again, to get the most suitable permanent marker for your needs, there’s a number of things you must consider. Having the right information is the fine line between making a wrong choice and making a right choice. We’re sure you want to make the right choice. So, come along as we let you in on the things you should look out for before you place that order.
As a rule of thumb, you should know that with permanent markers, the more, the costlier. So, if you’re looking to buy a dozen-pack of permanent markers, you are more likely to pay a little more for it than if you were to order a 4-pack.

Assortment of colors is another factor that significantly affects the price of permanent markers. This means the more colors you’re buying, the more bucks you’ll spend.

We are well-aware that there are also cheap permanent markers in the market which tend to make a mess of creative ideas. Not to worry, as we’ve excluded them from our guide and left you with only quality permanent markers to choose from.

As a guide to selecting your preferred choice, the price of permanent markers often falls within a price range of $3 to $30.

How to Remove Permanent Marker from Cardboard Boxes and Paper

Putting 5 Methods for Removing Permanent Markers to the Test. | Courtesy of Pick & Roll
Selecting the perfect permanent marker(s) comes easy when you know what to look out for. Here are a few things to consider before you make that choice:
  • Tip Style: Fine, extra-fine, ultra-fine, chisel shape, prolonged, etc.
  • Count: How many are in a pack?
  • Color: Single color or multicolor.
  • Ergonomics: How comfortable is the grip?
  • Ink: Bleeding, feathering, dryness, resistance to water, and rubbing.
Construction and Design
The number of permanent markers in a pack should be able to meet your needs, otherwise you may need to buy some more. If you’re planning an art exercise for the kids in your community, you may consider buying multiple packs so that each child can have the right color whenever he or she needs it.

In some cases, a pack of permanent markers may have only some of the colors you need, not all of them. You may then have to decide to order 2 or more packs in order to have all the colors that you desire.

Some packs come in pairs of the same color, that is, 2 pieces of every color included in the pack. An economical way to ensure a large number of people have access to these markers is to split the markers in 2 and divide the number of people you have in groups. They can then take turns to use the colors they desire.

You must also consider the style of the marker’s tip to ensure that it’s suitable for the purpose you hope to achieve. The bullet-shaped tip, for example, is recommended for activities that require consistency in the width of the lines and curves. Brush-shaped and chisel-shaped tips, on the other hand, allow you to vary the breadth of your strokes in whatever manner you deem appropriate for your work.

Irrespective of the tip style you go for, one thing you must keep in check is the material that’s used in the construction of the tip. Markers made from cheap materials often fray after a couple of uses, while tips from quality materials stay together regardless of the number of times they’re used.
Performance and Ease of Use
Comfort is key to having a good experience with permanent markers. You should look out for permanent markers that provide a comfortable and convenient grip whenever you use them. Scribbling or detailing may take a while, depending on the nature of work you hope to achieve, and may also require a lot of hand movement. You don’t want to add the discomfort of a poorly-designed marker to that. Which means you must underscore the comfort the permanent marker provides before you order it.

The purpose for which you’ll need a permanent marker determines the colors you’ll like to place an order for. For instance, if you’re working on an art project or planning a themed birthday party for your kids, permanent markers that come in assorted colors will be your best option. This choice of permanent markers will afford you the luxury of having most, if not all, the colors you need for the decorations and the detailing you need to get done.

If you intend to use them for notices and labeling, then you may just opt for a pack of one or more basic colors such as black, blue, green, and red among others.

One factor you mustn’t be careless with is the quality of the ink. Quality is everything. You want to know if it bleeds, feathers, is water-resistant, non-toxic, and of low odor.
  • Bleeding: Because markers, unlike regular pens, dispense more ink and cover a larger surface area, it’s okay to be concerned about bleeding. As a rule of thumb, if the ink of a marker is alcohol- or oil-based you should know that it will be exclusive to glossy paper, glass, plastic, and metallic surfaces. Using such on a sketch pad or any other paper will cause a level of bleeding that will make your work messy. So you must put this in mind.
  • Drying Out: Nothing can be as frustrating as a marker that dries out quickly. Some brands have improved their markers to ensure that they have enough ink to last a long time. But the issue is still a concern with many others. The tactic to avoid drying markers is to place them in a position where the tip faces downwards. This way the tip has a constant supply of ink.
  • Odor: If you’re really sensitive to odors, you must tick this off your checklist before you buy permanent markers. Also, if the purpose you hope to achieve with the markers involves having a number of people in a closed room, you must ensure you go for markers with low-odor.
  • Waterproof: As an artist, if this isn’t taken into full consideration, it may be a spoiler to your creative expressions. Waterproof markers, unlike others, do not smudge from the slightest graze of a wet brush.
  • Quick Dry: A permanent marker should make quick-dry marks to avoid smearing and making a mess of your work.

How to Remove Permanent Marker (From Almost Anything)

Learn how to remove permanent marker from plastic, wood, glass, or a whiteboard. | Clark Howard: Save More, Spend Less

Get the Best Permanent Marker of 2023!

Picking the right permanent marker should be a walk in the park for you now. And we’re certain you’ll love your choice. For more options from these brands, you can use the links we’ve provided you with, as these brands also have other products in this category that you may find suitable for your needs.

Our Top Choice
Sharpie Ultra Fine Permanent Markers
Best Value
BIC Marking Permanent Marker Set
ZenZoi Permanent Marker Set
Pilot Metallic Permanent Paint Markers
Avery Marks-A-Lot Regular Permanent Marker

Permanent Marker FAQs

How to remove permanent marker from paper
Depending on the thickness of the paper, you can use a cotton swab and nail polish remover to remove the permanent marker. Soak the swab in the nail polish remover and dab slowly on the paper without saturating it. Dry gently using a towel. Repeat until all the permanent ink is gone.

By the way, we have videos in our buying guide that provide information about how to remove permanent marker from a wide variety of items.
How to remove permanent marker from a whiteboard
To remove permanent marker from a dry erase or whiteboard, use alcohol, acetone, or hand sanitizer and wipe away using a wet cloth. You can also use a dry eraser marker and write over the permanent marker then wipe it off. By the way,
Why are permanent markers bad for the skin?
Permanent markers contain ingredients such as resin and toluene that can be toxic for the skin. When these elements in the permanent marker come into contact with your skin, you may experience mild itching., especially if you have sensitive skin.