Best Pet Door Reviews 2023

Looking for a pet door that fits your budget and the right size for your pet can be fun, depending on how you do it. Something sturdy and durable is probably what you're looking for, and, lucky for you, we've picked 5 top brands that we believe will give you the best results. Do note, however, that these brands carry several types of pet doors beyond the single product from each listed here. We hope you have as much fun deciding what's best for you as we did when picking these out.
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Pet Size
Overall Size
Our Top Choice
PetSafe Wall Entry Aluminum Pet Doors
 PetSafe produces functional doors for pets. This pet door matches the quality we’ve come to associate with PetSafe and can be installed in both interior and exterior walls.
Can be installed in any door or wall - exterior or interior.
Doesn’t have the best weatherproofing.
Up to 100 pounds
14.25 x 21.06 inches
11.44 x 18.13 inches
Aluminum frame, durable plastic
2 flaps for energy efficiency
Best Value
Perfect Pet TubbyKat™ Door with Lexan Flap
Perfect Pet is well-known for top quality pet products. This is a great pet door that allows your pets to move with ease wherever it’s placed.
Easy to install and use.
Lock switch may be too short, allowing your pet to use the door when locked.
Up to 25 pounds
14.7 x 9.6 inches
8.25 x 13.75 inches
Transparent unbreakable LEXAN
Flap with four locking options
Ideal Pet Products Ruff-Weather™ Telescoping Pet Door
 When only the best is good enough, you get Ideal Pet Products. This energy-efficient pet door stands all types of weather conditions.
Durable, easy to install.
You may need to purchase additional products for setup
Up to 120 pounds
19.1 x 28.6 inches
8.38 x 15 inches
Structural foam plastic; vinyl
Energy efficient double flap
SureFlap Microchip Cat Door (Flap Style)
 SureFlap is a brand renowned for making top quality pet products. Its dedication to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement is reflected in the Microchip Cat Door.
Solidly made and well-built. Has easy-to-follow instructions
The door can be pulled open from the outside.
Fits most cats
8.15 x 9.21 inches
7 x 6.69 inches
Info NOT provided
Programmable/Identifies your pet
Carlson Expandable Pet Gate with Door for Smaller Pets
 Carlson is a legendary producer of products which make homes more comfortable to live in. This 44" Extra Wide Pet Gate is great for pet owners and parents alike.
Easy to use by adults. A good way to control your pets.
Larger animals can get stuck in small pets’ opening.
Cats, small dogs and pets
30 x 29 to 34 inches
10 x 7 inches
All steel
One hand open; safety locking

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What is the Best Pet Door?

We know you want the best pet door available, and the ‘best’ is largely determined by your preferences. Because of this, chose brands that have something for everyone. The reviews below will aid you in deciding the product/brand that has the features that are most important to you.
Our Top Choice
If the pet doors you’ve used didn’t meet your expectations, then you need to try PetSafe’s innovative pet doors. The Wall Entry Aluminium Pet Door can be placed anywhere in your home easily. You can also check out PetSafe’s Freedom Aluminum Patio Panel Sliding Glass Pet Door if you prefer your pet door with a patio panel.

PetSafe Wall Entry Aluminum Pet Door with Double Flap System for Cats or Dogs – Available in 3 Sizes

PetSafe is among the most popular pet supplies brand and has a variety of products. Its devotion to making the best products for pets (using the most advanced designs) makes it a brand any animal lover would love to associate with.

The Wall Entry Aluminum Pet Door is great, affordable and can be fitted anywhere in the home. This pet door also has the following features:
  • Aluminum frame with long-lasting plastic telescoping tunnel
  • Double flap system and tunnel which make air pockets to help keep your home safe from drafts and weather
  • A slide-in security panel
  • Fits walls 4 3/4” thick to 7 1/4” thick
  • Suitable for pets weighing up to 99 pounds or 45 kg
This pet door comes in three sizes: small, medium and large.
Best Value
Whenever you need well-designed pet products, Perfect Pet easily comes to mind. The TubbyKat Door is very affordable and can accommodate most pet sizes, but if you’re looking for a big plastic all-weather door for your pet, you may want to check out Perfect Pet All-Weather Energy Efficient Dog Door

Perfect Pet Tubby Kat Cat Door with 4 Way Lock And LEXAN Flap – Weatherproof Design

For over thirty years, Perfect Pet has been known to deliver quality products for pets and owners alike. Most of its products are highly rated by its customers and the TubbyKat Door is no exception.

The TubbyKat Door is a very convenient way for your cat or dog to move around the home without having to worry about sudden weather changes. Other features of this door include:
  • Transparent and unbreakable LEXAN 7 1/2” by 10 1/2” flap with 4-way lock
  • Waterproof and watertight design that doesn’t let water into your home
  • Easy installation
  • Suitable for interior or exterior use
  • Fits animals weighing up to 25 pounds
If you’re looking for a pet door that will last very long, then you need Ideal Pets Products. The Ruff-Weather pet door is good for all climates, but you can also check out the Ideal Pet Products Original Pet Door with Telescoping Frame if you’re looking for something more affordable.

Ideal Pet Products Ruff-Weather WhitePet Door with Telescoping Frame – Available in 4 Sizes

 Ideal Pet Products is known to make some of the most durable and affordable pet doors, and if that’s the combination you’ve been looking for, Ideal Pet has it all.

The Ideal Pet Products’ Ruff-Weather pet door is a durable product that your pet will find easy to maneuver through. Following are some of its features:
  • Structural foam plastic frame adjusts to doors ranging 3/4” to 1 3/4” in thickness
  • Durable, energy-efficient all-weather pet door with inner telescoping frame
  • Comes in four sizes – small, medium, large and extra-large
  • Easy to use and install
  • Designed for pets weighing up to 120 pounds
SureFlap gives you smart ways to let your pet move around without worry. The SureFlap Microchip Cat Door is an automated electronic pet door that makes your life easier. If you need an embedded chip that is compatible with the door, then the Pack of Two SureFlap RFID Collar Tags is a good choice.

SureFlap Microchip Selective Entry Cat Door – Works with Microchips or RFID Collars, Available in Brown or White

SureFlap, a brand committed to leading the way in pet care innovation, has the solution to your dream pet door. Its passion and excellence is seen in its world class products and the numerous awards it has won, including the Cat Friendly Award in 2014.

The SureFlap Microchip Cat Door is a smart door that will help you monitor the movement of your pet and operates reliably with RFID microchip technology. You can also program the door to lock and unlock at specified times
Here are some of its other features:
  • Only programmed animals can enter with unique microchip
  • Also works with collar tag
  • Has a battery life indicator
  • Has a 4-way manual lock – in only, out only, free both ways, locked
  • Strong magnets, enabling doors to close fast and prevent drafts
  • Good weatherproof-sealed door
  • Stores up to 32 pet identities in memory
Carlson’s mission of solving problems with great design and clever thinking has been showcased in the 44" Extra Wide Pet Gate. If you want your pet gate a little taller, then check out Carlson Pet Products Carlson Extension Kit for Extra Tall Pet Gate. This allows small pets pass through while still keeping the bigger ones inside.

Carlson Walk Through Gate with Pet Door – Lift Handle, 29-Inches Expands to 44-Inches, Extensions and Other Sizes Available

With great reviews everywhere, Carlson knows exactly how to deliver top-notch quality to its customers in affordable packages. This shows clearly in the Carlson Expandable Pet Gate.

The Carlson Expandable Pet Gate is a very safe product. What makes it so good is that it can also serve as a gate for your kids without harming either the child or your pet. Here are some of its features...
  • Convenient lever-style handle with one-touch release safety lock
  • An easy walk-through design
  • 4” and 6” extensions available
  • Steel used is sturdy, durable, non-toxic, chew-proof and lead-free
  • Expands to fit openings from 29” – 44”
  • Stands at 30” tall

How Do I Choose the Best Pet Door?

Pets are not only affectionate companions to humans, they help to instill a sense of responsibility in their owners. Children learn to be caring, sensitive, and practical while taking care of pets that are dependent on them.

Having a pet is often compared to having a baby, because pets are dependent on you to take care of them. You are the one that's responsible for their safety, nutrition, and general wellbeing. Just like a parent would always be on the lookout for baby products to make their lives less stressful, a pet owner is often on the lookout for products to decrease stress and improve their pet’s quality of life. This may be in the form of a luxurious dog bed, sweater or a fun cat tree!

A good pet door is one product does just this, allowing your pet the freedom to enter and leave the house without forcing you to play doorman.
There are many factors that affect the price of pet doors, including the material, design, manufacturer, and features. A good pet door is generally within the price range of around $30 up to about $140.

You may find brands that sell pet doors for a lower or higher price, but you should note that ‘expensive’ is not always synonymous with superior quality. That being said, you shouldn’t go for a super cheap pet door either. During our research, we came across some cheap pet doors and chose not to feature them in this review. Some of these products are made of materials that are not durable or energy efficient.

We assure you that all products and brands listed in this review will offer value for your money.
Although there are many pet doors available, there are important features that must be present to qualify a product as an effective pet door. Here’s what to look for while shopping:
  • Canopy - Protects your floor from the elements.
  • Type of Door - Electronic door or Manual door.
  • Style of Door - This affects the overall performance in relation to where the door is installed.
  • Installation – Determine whether you require professional installation.
  • Safety Features – Arguably the most important factors to look out for.
  • Quality Materials - Determines the durability of the door.
  • A Tight Seal - Ensures safety and energy efficiency.
  • Size – Choose a door that allows room for your pet’s growth.
Construction and Design
Choosing a pet door means considering a few factors. We urge you to strongly consider your preferred pet door’s safety. You don’t want a pet door that may become a leeway for intruders, both human and otherwise. Ensure that the inside lock cannot be reached from outside; the door should not be big enough for an intruder to get in, it should be just the right size for your pet.

Automatic doors are becoming more popular these days, due to their high level of security and energy saving features. These doors are motion activated and will only open when approached by a sensor attached to the pet’s collar. Some doors can even be set not to open when you know it’s not safe for your pet to go outdoors. Their tight seal is also useful for keeping your heat or air conditioning inside and conserving utilities.

Although traditional, manual flap-style doors are the cheapest in the market, they are not the most convenient because you must block them if you want to prevent your pet from using them. Their cheap costs are also outweighed by the repeated escape of heat or cold air each time your pet uses the door. In the long run, the money you save on your purchase will likely be more than spent on increased energy bills.
Performance and Ease of Use
Before purchasing a pet door, you need to know where you will install it. The intended location will affect the necessary size, type, material, and need for professional installation. Having the right size of pet door is also important; remember to consider your pet’s potential growth when deciding on the right fit.

There are different types of pet doors designed for different locations. Some can be installed on doors, while others are specifically made for walls, windows, or glass sliding doors. If intending to install your pet door in your wall, you will require professional assistance to avoid tampering with plumbing, wiring, or structural support.

If you are installing the door yourself, keep in mind that the height measurement from the floor shouldn’t be so high that the pet bumps its head or trips each time it uses the door. This will turn your pet’s newfound freedom into a discouraging experience and lead it to avoid using the door.

Get the Best Pet Door of 2023!

We believe the information in this review is useful guidance in deciding on your preferred pet door. Now it’s time to surprise your pet with their new door!

Our Top Choice
PetSafe Wall Entry Aluminum Pet Doors
Best Value
Perfect Pet TubbyKat™ Door with Lexan Flap
Ideal Pet Products Ruff-Weather™ Telescoping Pet Door
SureFlap Microchip Cat Door (Flap Style)
Carlson Expandable Pet Gate with Door for Smaller Pets