Best Pet Food Container Reviews 2022

I bet you didn’t know that pet food could get stale! Neither did I. Just as human food gets spoilt if stored inappropriately, so food for furry friends also gets stale. To prevent this, you need to store it in a pet food container. We have searched far and wide to bring you five products from some of the best pet food containers brands that will help keep your pets’ meals delicious and fresh.
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Our Top Choice
IRIS USA 3-Pack Airtight Pet Food Containers
IRIS USA is a brand that has dedicated its resources toward providing you with products that help you get and stay organized.
See-through design; oversized capacity; airtight lids; protected from moisture and pests
The wheels don’t roll freely and need force to move.
Big bin and small container
Airtight lid and wheels
16.5 x 10.8 x 18.6 in; 4.7 pounds
45 quarts combined
Best Value
Vittles Vault Outback 40 Pet Food Container
Since 1989, Vittle Vaults has specialized in making pet products that help you keep your favorite companion happy, safe and satisfied.
Innovative airtight locking system; preserves food’s freshness; easy access to food; stackable
May not keep away ants.
Stackable bin
Airtight vault design
12 x 18 x 15.5 in; 5.6 pounds
40 or 60 pounds
Heavy-duty plastic
simplehuman X-large Pet Food Can
Simplehuman is a brand dedicated to designing gadgets that will help customers carry out household chores efficiently.
Oversized capacity; secure and airtight lid; easy retrieval of contents; durable construction
High price tag due to meticulous design
Bin type
Stackable with magnetic lid
18.1 x 10.4 x 23.2 in;11.3 pounds
25, 30, or 40 liters
Stainless steel
Bergan Stack-n-Stor Food Storage Container
Bergan is part of Coastal Pets Inc., which has manufactured exceptional and dependable pet products since 1968.
Multiple use; large capacity; heavy-duty construction; stackable
May not stack properly if not of the same size.
Multipurpose container
Stackable and airtight
15.2 x 12.5 x 15 in; 3.4 pounds
9, 18, or 24 gallons
Buddeez Dispenser for Pet Food
Missouri based, Buddeez specializes in manufacturing innovative products that make everyday household tasks easy.
Efficient food retrieval lid; no spills; no mess; keeps food fresh and fights odors; BPA free
Lid may not hold tight while pouring.
Food dispenser
Bag-in design
11.5 x 5.5 x 13.5 in; 1.1 pounds
8 quarts or 60 pounds

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What is the Best Pet Food Container?

Now, you are aware that the capacity of the container, as well as the type of lid present is important to ensure that a container serves its purpose. Let’s explore more pointers that will allow you to make an informed decision.
Our Top Choice
The IRIS USA 3 Piece Pet Food Container Combo comprises of a scoop and two transparent containers, measuring 33 quarts and 12 quarts, with the ability to hold a combined weight of 35 pounds of pet food. Not enough capacity for your pet’s dry food? Then you will love the IRIS USA 50-Pound Pet Food Container, which has a higher capacity.

IRIS USA 3 Piece Airtight Pet Food Container Combo – Available in 14 Colors

When you think of getting organized, think of IRIS USA. With experience that spans over a decade, IRIS USA has made helping you get organized their core business. They have a wide array of products that will make your space a convenient and tidy place to stay in. Customers love their storage solutions for shoes, pet products, toys, photos, you name it. The brand is also a recognized name in the manufacture of products dedicated to your pets that make pet ownership easy, fulfilling and hassle free.

One pet product from IRIS USA that you will be glad you invested in is their 3 Piece Pet Food Container Combo. How much food does your pet(s) consume in a week? Well, if it falls in the ballpark of about 35 pounds, then this is the ideal container for you. The bigger container has a capacity of 33 quarts and the smaller one can hold 12 quarts, which gives you adequate storage capacity. Plus, it comes with a two-cup scoop that matches the lids, to help you fill your pet’s food bowl.

Here’s more to this pet food carrier:
  • Has airtight lids with latches that snap shut to keep pests and moisture out.
  • The containers are transparent, so you can easily see what’s inside.
  • Has four wheels for enhanced mobility.
  • The two containers are stackable, saving on space.
  • Made using BPA-free, non-toxic plastic
  • Can be used to store other dry products like sugar and flour.
But, I don’t like brown! Thankfully, this pet food container is available in blue, blue moon, chrome, green, pink, red, sage and a multitude of other fancy colors. Great, right?
Best Value
The Vittles Vault Outback 40 Pet Food Container boasts the brand’s signature locking system that seals in your pet food’s freshness, while still locking away moisture and pests. Not digging this design? Then the Vittles Vault II Pet Food Container might impress you instead. It has a clear base and comes in two sizes – 30 pounds and 40 pounds.

Vittles Vault Airtight Stackable Pet Food Container – Available in 2 Sizes

I’m sure you thought that human food is the only food that gets stale! Well, even pet food can lose its freshness, which is the idea behind Vittles Vault’s venture into pet products. They debuted in 1989, when they introduced a patented container that was so well sealed that no odor could go in. Consequently, these containers disappeared from the shelves very quickly, leading to the present remarkable status of the brand. To date, their unique locking system has been imitated by competitors, but none has managed to duplicate it.

The Vittles Vault Outback 40 Pet Food Container is a true definition of innovation, thanks to its unique locking system that is completely airtight. Just as it’s nearly impossible to access the contents of a bank vault without the right combination, so it is difficult for moisture and pests to access this food container. You will notice the conspicuous angles present in the design, which further repels any unwelcome intrusion into it.

Here are some more features that you will appreciate in this container:
  • Wide opening to allow for easy scooping of food
  • Stackable design that saves you space
  • Heavy-duty construction that allows the container to last for ages
  • Strong handles for easy portability
  • Comes with a marker to label the lid with what’s inside.
  • Made of BPA-free and FDA-approved plastic
  • Comes with a free scoop for serving.
  • Incorporates Gamma 2 technology that keeps the food fresh.
Is the 40-pound capacity not enough for you? Well, you will love the fact this innovative storage container is also available in a 60-pound size.
The simplehuman X-large Pet Food Can has an oversized capacity that can hold up to 44 pounds of pet food, and an airtight gasket that securely locks out moisture and any other intruders. Have you always wanted an innovative and dependable trash can? Then we believe that you will love the simplehuman Step Trash Can, which comes with a removable internal bucket and is available in black or white.

simplehuman Extra Large Stainless Steel Pet Food Can – Available in 3 Sizes

No one hates a simple solution to making life easier, and that’s what simplehuman seeks to do. Their ideology is that life is complicated enough, hence, simple tasks in the house shouldn’t add to this complexity. That said, they have dedicated huge resources toward finding modern and innovative technologies that will help carry out household tasks in the simplest way possible. Their designs are elegant and sleek, and will definitely make a statement, wherever you place them in your home.

The simplehuman X-large Pet Food Can is one storage item that will make life very easy for you and your furry friend. To start with, your pet will be drawn to its sleek, shiny appearance, but the innovative locking handle won’t allow the pet to access the inside, or even smell the contents. Made of quality stainless steel, this storage container boasts an airtight lid that will help keep out harsh elements that may interfere with the freshness of the contents.

Here are some more amazing features of this elegant pet food can:
  • Large capacity of up to 44 pounds/20 kilos
  • Innovative scoop that sticks magnetically to the lid
  • The inner bucket is made of BPA-free and food-grade material.
  • Has built-in wheels that make moving it easy.
  • Fingerprint-proof (and paw print-proof) design that’s easy to maintain
  • Slim design that saves you space
  • Removable inner bucket for easy cleaning
  • Comes with a ten-year warranty.
In the event that the 30-liter capacity is not right for you, you can choose a smaller, 25-liter can or a bigger, 40-liter size.
The Bergan Stack-n-Stor Food Storage Container is a multipurpose storage container whose large capacity will help keep everything about your pet organized. Not digging this design? How about the Bergan-Aut-O-Dine Container, which feeds as well as stores pet food?

Bergan Stack-n-Stor Multipurpose Stackable Food Storage Container - Available in 3 Sizes

Bergan is part of the renowned Coastal Pet Products Inc., which is focused on taking care of your pets through innovative and dependable products. Loved for their incredible customer service and reasonably priced products, this brand has managed to win the trust of pet owners. Their 400,000-square-foot manufacturing plant has helped the company itself as one of the leading pet products manufacturers. Inside this facility, the company performs tests on the products to ensure that they meet the highest quality standards.

The Bergan Stack-n-Stor Food Storage Container operates using a technology known as Smart Food Storage, which helps keep your pet’s food fresh at all times by repelling harmful elements, such as moisture and humidity. When your pet’s food is inside this container, you won’t have any odors coming out of it - your furry friend won’t even know that their food is in there, thus, won’t come sniffing or try to open the can!

Here are more features of the Stack-n-Stor container:
  • Stackable design that makes storage easy
  • Heavy-duty plastic construction that doesn’t rust or dent
  • Large capacity of up to 24 gallons
  • Multipurpose and can store other pet items
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy to scoop or retrieve food
  • Attractive design that will complement your space
Too small for your food storage needs? Well, you can get a bigger size of either 18 or 24 gallons.
The Buddeez Dispenser for Pet Food boasts an efficient retrieval outlet that’s designed to prevent spills or messes when pouring out food. . Do you prefer a food dispenser that you can easily wheel from point A to point B? We believe that you will be impressed by the Buddeez Roll Away Pet Food Dispenser, which comes with built-in wheels.

Buddeez No Spill Dispenser for Pet Food – Available in 3 Sizes and 3 Colors

Buddeez is a Missouri-based, family-owned business that’s famous for making fun products that help you enjoy everyday household tasks. Their most popular products are food dispensers that feature an innovative design that helps you store your food while still in its bag, which helps preserve freshness (and allows you to remember which brand you bought!). Their newly introduced beverage dispensers are also quickly gaining popularity, which helps further give credibility to this brand. Customers love Buddeez’s innovative designs and exemplary customer service.

The Buddeez Dispenser for Pet Food is just what you need to help you feed your pet in an easy and efficient manner. This is possible through its innovative lid that allows you to either scoop or pour your food. If you prefer pouring the food, you can be sure that there will be no spills or messes, due to the meticulously designed pop-up spout.

Here are some more features that you will enjoy:
  • Made of BPA-free plastic
  • Allows you to store food while still in its bag.
  • Easy to lift due to the EZ Grip design
  • Slim design that saves you storage space
  • Keeps bugs and other pests away.
Not digging the white lid of this container? Well, you can opt for the clear version that allows you to quickly glance at the contents. If not, this container is also available with a black lid. While this 8-quart container is adequate for one pet, you can also check out the 60-pound container if you have more pets – or one Saint Bernard.

How Do I Choose the Best Pet Food Container?

According to the movie ‘Boss Baby,’ what’s the biggest threat to baby kingdom? Pets! Reason being - our cuddly companions often share in the affection that was once reserved exclusively for babies. Think about it; we want the best for our furry friends - honestly, if you could, you would carry your pets everywhere. Pets are nowadays at another level of pampering – they’ve got toys we all wish we had in our childhood, live in posh habitats and even eat like kings. Speaking of food, they too get hungry and woe unto you if you don’t have some yummy treat on hand.

Regardless of the type of pet you have, feeding them fresh food is a must. With a pet food container, you can store the pet’s dry food in bulk so that you don’t have to keep going back to the store for refills. While shopping for the best pet food container, you need to understand the feeding needs of your pet so that you can get a storage container with adequate capacity.

Apart from knowing the capacity necessary, it’s important to consider the container’s locking system, which should be airtight to prevent the entry of harmful elements, such as moisture and rodents. Better yet, the container should hold in the odor associated with pet food, so that it doesn’t draw your pets to the food even when it’s not feeding time. It’s also important that the design of the container allows you to easily access the food, through scooping or pouring.
Keeping your pet’s food fresh and odorless doesn’t have to be a costly affair. With between about $10 and $ 150, you can get a good-quality food storage container that will not only retain the food’s nutritional content, but also help keep moisture out. One factor that may cause the price to vary is the material used to make the container; those made of plastic are much cheaper than those made of stainless steel.

Please beware of cheap pet food containers that won’t do your pet any favors. Such containers may be made using BPA-loaded materials, which are not good for food. More so, they may not have tightly secure seals, so they may let in moisture, which erodes the freshness of the food.
Here are the features to look out for when shopping for a pet food container:
  • Type - Depending on your personal preference, you can opt for a bin or a countertop container, but all that matters is that it’s built to good standards.
  • Design - In terms of design, it’s important to look at how effective the container is in terms of preserving freshness, particularly when it comes to the lid, which should seal it tightly.
  • Size - In case you are short on space, go for a container whose size doesn’t take up too much space and can be stacked for convenient storage.
  • Capacity - Food storage containers come with different capacities, and your choice depends on how much food you want to store, which is dictated by the number of pets you have.
  • Material - The two common materials used to make pet food containers are heavy-duty plastic and stainless steel.
Construction and Design
Pet food containers come in all manner of shapes, designs and sizes. Each brand endeavors to incorporate pet-friendly features into their designs, but one common element among most of them is the emphasis on an airtight lid. Some lids may have lock-lid latches, which shut tightly to prevent the entry of harmful elements. Some of the lids may detach completely from the container, while others remain attached and may even have a magnet to hold the scoop.

Ease of movement of the container is essential, which is why some of them have wheels to allow portability. In the absence of wheels, some may sport a grip handle to help you pour out the contents. The material commonly used to make the food containers is heavy-duty plastic, but some may be made of stainless steel, although such tend to be pricey. Angular construction may also be used to make containers stackable, which helps save on space.
Performance and Ease of Use
Ultimately, how fresh the pet food remains when inside the container is what influences the performance of the product. The more solid and airtight the seals are, the better the performance. The food containers don’t require any assembly and come ready for immediate use. All you have to do is pour in your food, close the lid tightly and easily retrieve it when it’s feeding time.

In terms of maintenance, you should clean the containers regularly, especially once the food is finished, before pouring in some more. Though they are airtight, it’s important to store them in a dry place and away from any direct sunlight. Some containers may allow you to retain the food’s original packaging when storing it, which is an advantage since no nutrients will be lost.

Get the Best Pet Food Container of 2022!

Hopefully, you found this review informative and have chosen the best pet food container to store your pet’s treats. If not, the featured brands have a wide selection of food storage options for you to choose from.

Our Top Choice
IRIS USA 3-Pack Airtight Pet Food Containers
Best Value
Vittles Vault Outback 40 Pet Food Container
simplehuman X-large Pet Food Can
Bergan Stack-n-Stor Food Storage Container
Buddeez Dispenser for Pet Food