Best Pet Ramp Reviews 2022

If your pup is too young to climb up high places, or perhaps he suffered an injury or sickness and needs some help climbing up to the couch or the car, getting a good pet ramp will be of great help. This ensures that the pet remains independent when navigating various places while alleviating any associated hassles or pain. We’ve reviewed five of the best pet ramp brands to point you to the right model for your furry friend. Every ramp comes with its own level of safety, portability and ease of use. Read on!
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Our Top Choice
Solvit Versatile Smart Pet Ramp
Solvit dedicates its time and resources to creating high quality products that address the true challenges of dog ownership.
Rigid-rail frame that’s durable and sturdy. Shur-foot tread material. No assembly needed. Pinch-free grip. Easy to transport. Available in 7 styles.
Sandpaper can be too harsh for dog’s pads
Ramp for use on vehicles
300 lbs
42-70” L x 17” W x 5” H/ 16 lbs
Best Value
Pet Gear Step & Ramp Combo
Pet Gear is committed to designing products that provide pets with the most comfortable life, at very competitive prices!
SupertraX carpet protects paws. Sturdy and safe. Rubber grips on the bottom prevent slipping. High contrast markings. Available in 2 colors. Gentle-slope also available.
The carpet might be too slippery to offer enough traction for the dog to go up.
Indoor use on sofas, beds
Free standing
150 lbs
28"L x16"W x 16"H/8.7 lbs
PetSTEP Folding Pet Ramp
PetSTEP is committed to designing products that make it safer, more comfortable and generally easier for you to travel with your pet.
Non-slip ridged rubber surface. Soft on paws. Great wet or dry traction. Easy to set up. Sturdy. Long enough for tables and truck beds; 70 x 17 inches.
Quite heavy due to durable construction materials.
For vet table, bed, or top step
500 lbs
70" L x 17" W x 2.5" H/18.5 lbs
Plastic, fiberglass
Gen7Pets Natural Step Ramp
With emphasis on simple functionality, stylish fashion, and smart features, Gen7Pets designs quality products that make your pet safe and comfortable.
Poly-grass surface for extra grip. Easy to set up. Automatic locking latch. 72 inches long means it can reach most things. Folds to half the size.
Not wide enough for large dogs at 16 inches.
Ramp for use in vehicles
250 lbs
72" L x 16" W x 1.5" H/17 lbs
Natural turf
Dallas Manufacturing Co. Pet Steps
Since its inception 30 years ago, Dallas Manufacturing Company has been providing American pet owners with comforting, therapeutic, stylish, and safe pet products for their canine friends.
Lightweight. Padded polyester is soft. Two sizes to choose from. Perfect for small to medium-sized pets. 3 colors available. Carboard construction can hold up to 200lbs.
The cardboard is likely to get damaged under very wet conditions.
Indoor use
Free standing
200 lbs
2”L x 15”W x 21”H/3.5 lbs

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What is the Best Pet Ramp?

Indoor and outdoor pet ramps assist your pup to avoid excessive jumping, hence reducing joint and hip issues that may result when climbing excessive heights. However, choosing the right pet ramp may not be a simple task as it may seem on the surface. This review ensures that you avoid any wrong inclinations which may result in accidents. Now that you’re well versed with what to look out for, it’s time to get out there and pick a model that suits your lifestyle as well as budget.
Our Top Choice
The Solvit Smart Ramp has a Rigid-Rail frame that provides support, similar to our fiberglass ladders. The Shur-Foot tread material offers safety and makes your pet feel truly confident when using the ramp. Looking for pet steps instead? We are sure you will love the Solvit Pup Step Plus Pet Stairs.

Solvit Pet Ramps with Free Dog Training Clicker Bundle - Available in 7 Styles

Whether healthy or ailing, young or old, Solvit understands that you and your pup need more quality time, together. That is why they design highly functional and easy-to-use dog products for travel, active life, senior and therapeutic care. Their products range from pet ramps, pet stairs, dog car seat covers, bicycle trailers, bicycle baskets, walking and lifting aids, and dog safety harnesses.

If you are the owner of a large dog, you’ll know that extreme jumping damages the back, hips, and other joints. The Solvit Smart Ramp will eliminate any need for this as it offers your pup a way to calming walk into the back of your car or up onto any raised surface. This ramp offers secure footing and comes with an attractive rigid frame, similar to a sturdy fiberglass ladder. There will be no more sliding, slipping, swaying, or bouncing to scare off your canine friend.

Here are more features that come with this ramp.
  • Amazingly lightweight for easy portability, (weighs a mere 16 pounds)
  • High profile rails come in a contrasting color to keep your unsteady pet securely on track
  • Both ends of the ramp have non-slip feet that keep it in place
  • The shur-foot tread surface is OSHA approved for utmost pet safety
  • The rigid-rail frame can support up to 300-pounds
  • Has an extendable length of 41 ½ inches to 70 inches
This ramp comes in 7 different styles to allow you choose according to your preference. Choose from a wooden bed ramp, telescoping ramp, tri-telescoping ramp and more!
Best Value
The free-standing Pet Gear Step & Ramp Combo has an innovative design with supertraX carpet that protects your pets paws and can be removed to machine wash. Willing to spend a little bit more to get some extra features? Check out the Pet Gear Pet Ramp that is large but foldable for easier storage.

Pet Gear Step and Ramp Combination - Available in 2 Colors or with Gentle Slope

Pet Gear is a subsidiary of the Vermont Juvenile Furniture—a company that has been manufacturing baby products since 1936. Today, Pet Gear is manufacturing products to help take care of your other baby. Their range of products includes stairs, ramps, carriers, backpacks, beds/ cots, bike baskets, and strollers.

The Pet Ramp & Step from Pet Gear is one of the most innovative constructions in the market today. This ramp has two options, a regular slope or a gentle slope that makes it easy for smaller pets to reach beds, sofas, and other places. It snaps together effortlessly! The carpet tread is softer than some other products we’ve seen so you won’t need to worry about it hurting your pet’s paws and it can be easily removed to machine wash. What’s more, this ramp is free standing therefore is a great choice for big dogs as it is able to support their extra weight without too much wobbling or bending.

If you take a lot of pride in your home and like everything to match, then you’ll be pleased to know this ramp comes in chocolate or tan (sorry if neither of those colors matches your current décor!).
The PetSTEP Folding Ramp comes with a non-slip ridged rubber surface that is soft on your pet’s paws and offers high-class wet or dry traction. Want to get a smaller ramp and also save some bucks? Check out the Half STEP Multi-Purpose Dog Ramp from PetSTEP today!

PetSTEP Folding Pet Ramp with Rubber Traction – Available in 2 Colors

Injury, surgery, or age can all contribute to your dog losing his or her mobility. When this happens, it becomes hard for the dog to enter and exit homes and vehicles. Not to worry, PetSTEP is here to offer you ramps and accessories that will ensure you can take your pet everywhere. Apart from ramps, the company offers a range of other safety products for pets.

The PetSTEP Folding Ramp comes with a soft non-skid ridged rubber surface that lacks in other ramps. The ramp easily opens and closes in seconds! Its surface is gentle on paws and offers superior traction, whether wet or dry. The advanced composite plastic material is light, but strong enough to hold up to 500 lbs. This portable ramp is what your pet needs to overcome the restrictive dimensions of vehicles, stairs, and furniture.

Other features that come with it include:
  • Ergonomic handles on the sides for easy portability
  • Not made of carpet or other materials that might trap odors
  • Universal non-slip grip that fits all edges and vehicles
  • Reduces the pain from arthritis and dysplasia
  • Plastic material does not corrode or rust and can easily be washed with soap and water
  • Designed to float in case this is ever a possibility!
  • Measures 70 x 17 inches so tall enough to reach tables and truck beds
  • The side rails are tall enough to prevent the pet’s paws from slipping over, but short enough not to injure your dog in the case that it accidentally steps on it.
  • Long enough to reach most SUV bumpers at a correct incline
This ramp comes in 2 colors—khaki and gray, so choose according to your preference.
The Gen7Pets Ramp comes with a poly-grass surface to give your dog the most natural way of getting a grip while moving up an incline. Want to save some bucks by exchanging the natural turf surface for a sandpaper one? Then go for the Gen7Pets Feather-Lite Ramp.

Gen7Pets Natural Step Ramp for Pets with Poly-Grass

Whether it’s putting a strong zipper on your pet’s carrier to prevent it from snagging or including durable wheels on your pet stroller to allow a smoother ride, Gen7Pets is committed to doing the little things that will make your life and that of your pet easier. Their products include ramps, cots, pet yards, travel beds, pet strollers, steps, and pads. The company strives to keep your pet comfortable and secure, while offering you portable convenience.

Going up and down a sofa, bed, or vehicle can be quite hectic for an aging or injured pet, which is why you need the Gen7Pets Ramp. This ramp is made of artificial turf that is soft on your pet’s pads and offers a firm grip for its claws when moving up. The turf is also gentle for the pet owner and will not scratch the interiors of your vehicle.

Other features that come with this ramp include:
  • Rubber-grip handle allows easy portability
  • Automatic locking clip allows easy opening and closing
  • Replaceable poly-grass surface provides easy grip when going up and down
  • Both ends have rubber pads to help prevent slipping
  • Measures 72" long x 16" wide x 1.5" thick when unfolded
  • Measures 36" long x 16" wide x 3" thick when folded
  • Ability to hold up to 250-pounds
The Dallas Manufacturing Company Pet Steps are lightweight and come with padded polyester to provide additional support to your dog as it goes up to the sofa or bed. Want to get a matching pet bed? We are sure you will love the Dallas Manufacturing Co. Weatherproof Camouflage and Khaki Pet Bed.

Dallas Manufacturing Company Home Décor Realtree Pet Steps – Available in 3 Colors & 2 Sizes

For over 30 years now, Dallas Manufacturing Co. has been the largest designer, producer, and marketer of branded, licensed, and private label pet bedding products in North America. The company has expanded its products range to include dog steps, cat steps, cat beds and furniture, and pet grooming glove brushes.

Make life a little bit easier for your furry friend with the Dallas Manufacturing Company Pet Steps. These steps are lightweight and are constructed with layers of rigid cardboard that can hold pets up to 200lbs. The padded polyester cover is removable and machine-washable so no need to worry if it gets a little furry! The steps also feature a tote handle for easy portability.

If you like the sound of this then check out these steps that are available as 3 or 4 steps. They’re also available in brown/tan, camo/tan or gray, so you can pick the color your love the most!

How Do I Choose the Best Pet Ramp?

If you have pets in your home, you’ll understand that there comes a time in their lifespan when they sometimes need a little help from you. It may come as a result of arthritis, aging, joint complications, or any health issues that hinder their ability to jump up and down as they used to do. That’s the time to provide support to your domesticated loyal friend to enhance their quality of life. Pet ramps assist your canine friend to easily climb up to their doghouse, car, or even the couch.

But first, how do you choose the right pet ramp? There are numerous features you should look at. You need to know exactly where you’re going to use the ramp. Do you need something to use indoors for climbing up the chair or couch? Or do you need something portable they can use when climbing in and out of the car? Since the ramp only helps to climb and descend heights, sometimes you might need to have a dog wheelchair if you have to take your furry friend for a long walk.

Whatever the size of your pet, keeping them safe should be your number one priority and getting the right ramp will go a long way in ensuring safer movements in and out of any raised platform. When choosing a ramp, consider the weight capacity and width to ensure that it can safely support your pet.

There are different types of ramps, and the model you choose will depend on your specific needs. For instance, some ramps are specifically designed for car use. They are sturdy and provide a smooth slope from the ground to the trunk or back seat. Others resemble stairs and can be used by small dogs to climb up their bathtub or swimming pool.

It may be more convenient to consider two different ramps; one for use in the car, and another for indoor use. With that said, let’s go straight to the features to look out for when shopping for a pet ramp, then you can look at our top picks.
A good pet ramp will cost anything between about $50 and $150. Anything above that is just a luxury, and it’s worth the sacrifice if you adore your furry friend, or you can afford it! However, very cheap pet ramps are not advisable since they are typically made from low quality materials that may easily snap and cause even worse injuries to your pet.

There are ramps designed for use on the go and you can use them to help your pet to get in and out of a truck, SUV, or a car. Other non-slip models are suitable for use on wet areas like climbing in and out of the pool or bathtub. Of course, the prices will differ with various designs and functionalities and you should never make compromises when it comes to the safety of your pet.
Now, what do you look for when shopping for a pet ramp? Here are the critical features you should consider to ensure that the model or brand you choose will be the right option to keep you, and your furry friend, happy as clams!

    Check the manufacturers’ recommended weight capacity for each ramp and compare with the weight of your pet to ensure that it can comfortably withstand the weight of your pet for many years to come.
    Many people will assume that lightweight is the best at all times. Yes, it’s good for portability, but if you have a larger dog, a heavy ramp will offer better sturdiness and stability on the ground.
    Since you’re the one going to carry, lift, and set up this ramp, check that it’s something you can carry around with little hassle. Also consider ramps that can comfortably fold up for storage in your trunk. Depending on the size and weight of your pet ramp, you may need a ramp with a carrying handle which will easily aid you in the easy transportation of it, both in and out of the house and to the car or truck.
    Perhaps this is the most important feature to look at when choosing a pet ramp. Check out features like non-skid feet, side railings, as well as front and rear stabilizers. Traction helps to prevent slips and falls as your pet descends down the ramp. If you’re in areas where snow and rain are common, consider a ramp with good traction. If you’re going to use the ramp in high traffic areas, it’s safe to consider ramps with reflective markings to enable other motorists to visualize the ramp and avoid any accidents. Safety latches are useful for locking the telescoping or the sliding folding pet ramps when packed or unpacked to keep them firmly in place. This eliminates any risk of the ramp folding on your pet’s limbs, or even on your hand or fingers.
Construction and Design
When shopping for a pet ramp, you need to have two critical pieces of information: the level of mobility impairment your pet suffers and the exact height of the car, truck, couch, sofa, or deck where you want your pet to climb. With that information, you can decide on the model of the ramp to go for. Here are some of the construction and design features to look out for:

Pet Ramp Material
    It’s always been a battle between metal and sturdy plastic ramps, and both options have their benefits and shortcomings. Ramps made of PVC are generally durable and obviously waterproof, making them great for outdoor use including poolside use. They are also easy to clean and disinfect. However, they don’t offer much sturdiness, especially when it comes to big dogs. Metal pet ramps, on the other hand, are heavier, stable, and more durable. They can withstand frequent use and accommodate both small and big dogs. However, the heavier weight means you’ll have to use more elbow grease to carry one, not to mention that they can rust when left outdoors or used on wet areas. For indoor use, consider wooded pet ramps that usually look great and can match your indoor decor.
Folding vs. Telescopic Pet Ramps
    The internal sliding mechanism of a telescoping pet ramp makes it easier to operate outside the box. You can simply detach the safety locks and slide through the bottom half under the top half. Lock the position and you’re ready to go. Nowadays you can find bi-fold and tri-fold pet ramps on the market, which makes them fold up into smaller sizes for easy storage. However, when you unfold them, they just as equally reach great heights. Folding pet ramps have only two sizes namely folded and unfolded. However, telescopic ramps offer more versatility since they can be adjusted to reach various heights.
Inclination, Height and Length
    Perhaps this is the most important criterion you should use when picking a pet ramp. The height, slope, and length of your ramp determine how easy it is to climb or descend. The first step is to know the height of your platform, car, or couch, and then you can use the inclination table to match the length and slope of the ramp. The bottom line is to pick a slope that suits the mobility impairment level of your pet. Choose a gentle slope if your pet has difficulties climbing steep slopes.
Performance and Ease of Use
A pet ramp’s function is to improve your pet’s quality of life by enhancing their movement up and down raised platforms. The pet could be having mobility challenges due to health issues like arthritis or just old age. Just because your pet has a physical limitation, you shouldn’t deny them certain pleasures like swimming or going for a drive in the car.

The performance and ease of use of a pet ramp will depend on three main features: the inclination of the ramp, the material it’s made from, and the folding mechanism.

Ramps made from plastic are easy to clean and don’t rust even when left outdoors. Light slopes make it easier for your pet to climb and descend down the ramp without much hassle, while ramps with steeper slopes are difficult to climb, especially if the mobility impairment is acute. Finally, ramps that can fold up into three portions making packing and transportation easier as compared to ramps that simply slide down to half. Telescopic ramps offer better versatility since you can adjust the heights as may be required.

Get the Best Pet Ramp of 2022!

Ramps for pets simply allow your furry companion to climb up and down the car, sofa, bed, or the house without hassle. It’s a safer way of climbing heights as opposed to jumping, which may cause on-the-spot injuries and long term health complications, like hip dysplasia or joint pain when they land on their paws. Hopefully, our reviews helped you find the best pet ramp for your own pet. Feel free to sample other models from these brands if you didn’t find an ideal ramp that suits your style or budget.

Our Top Choice
Solvit Versatile Smart Pet Ramp
Best Value
Pet Gear Step & Ramp Combo
PetSTEP Folding Pet Ramp
Gen7Pets Natural Step Ramp
Dallas Manufacturing Co. Pet Steps