Best Pet Stroller Reviews 2022

People use pet strollers for a variety of reasons. Strollers put less stress on your pet's body, which is perfect for older animals or pets that have recently had surgery. A pet stroller functions almost like a crate on wheels, with padding, ventilation and protective mesh to ensure your furry friend's comfort and safety! Strollers are also a great choice for people who enjoy running, jogging or cycling. To help you choose the ideal pet stroller for you and your furry companion, we have reviewed five of the best pet strollers on the market today and a stroller from each, to show you the different types of strollers available.
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Our Top Choice
OxGord Pet Easy Walk Travel Carriage
OxGord specializes in creating useful home and pet products that are easy to use and look great too, such as the Cat/Dog Easy Walk Folding Travel Carriage.
Available in 5 different colors. Available with three or four wheels. Undercarriage storage. Cup holders.
Has a chemical smell.
3 or 4 wheels
40” x 11” x 18”
Small cat or dog
Aluminum, nylon, rubber, plastic
2 cup holders
Best Value
VIVO Four Wheel Pet Stroller
VIVO makes innovative and high-quality products to make your life a little bit easier, including the Four Wheel Pet Stroller.
Available in seven colors. Storage compartments. Padded, comfortable seating. Cup holders.
Zipper quality is poor.
4 wheels
19” x 12” x 19” (interior)
30 lbs
Mesh windows
Collapsible for easy storage
PetGear NV No-Zip Pet Stroller
PetGear really do have your pets' best interests at heart with a wide range of products designed for their comfort. The NV No-Zip Pet Stroller is just one of these great items.
Available in four colors. Elevated paw rest. No zip entry. Front bar support.
Not very compact.
3 wheels
30” x 13” x 22”
70 lbs
Water-resistant material
Available in 4 colors
BCP 2 in 1 Pet Dog Bike Stroller
Best Choice Products prides itself on its wide range of products that can't be beaten on price anywhere else. Its 2-In-1 Pet Dog Bike Trailer/Stroller is a prime example.
Large air-filled tires with full-suspension. Storage pockets. Reflectors for low light. Easy to fold and store.
Only available in red.
3-wheel jogger
46” x 24” x 38”
66 lbs
Water-resistant polyester
Safety flag for trailer
BestPet 4 Wheels Pet Dog Cat Stroller
BestPet wants to bring you and your pet the best products available on the market at the lowest cost possible. This is evident in the BestPet 4 Wheel Pet Dog Cat Stroller.
Available in eight colors. Cup holders. Storage basket. Ventilated. Easy to fold.
Not as well made as other more expensive brands.
4 wheels
30” x 38” x 20”
Small cat or dog
Water-resistant polyester
Available in 7 colors

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What is the Best Pet Stroller?

When you're deciding which stroller is best for you and your furry (or not so furry) friend, there are a few things you will need to consider before purchase. Our buying guide will help you figure out what type of pet stroller is most suitable to your needs, and what features you would like. This will make it a lot easier to select the ideal stroller for you and your pet’s next outing! Now let's take a closer look at our featured products.
Our Top Choice
OxGord’s Cat/Dog Easy Walk Folding Travel Carriage is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a safe and secure stroller that looks great! If you have more than one little furry friend, opt for the OxGord Pet Twin Double Stroller Cat \/ Dog Foldable 4-Wheel Travel Carrier Carriage, also a new 2016 design.

OxGord Pet Stroller Cat / Dog Easy Walk Folding Travel Carrier Carriage - 2016 Newly Designed – Available in 5 Colors & 3 or 4 Wheeled

OxGord is the world’s leading manufacturer of pet supplies, home and garden tools, and auto parts and accessories. Its products have been available to the public since 1987, and are just as popular today as they were then. If you are after top-quality, affordable pet supplies and homeware products, OxGord is the brand for you!

OxGord’s Cat/Dog Easy Walk Folding Travel Carriage is a number one best seller on Amazon. This HD lightweight product has two cup holders, a seat belt leash, and rear security brakes for control. Its hooded peak top window with waterproof rain hood protects your pet against wind and rain, and has a handy single fold system that allows you to hold onto your pet while collapsing the product. The stroller also features a ventilated mesh screen window for keeping bugs out of your pet’s adorable little face!
Best Value
The Four Wheel Pet Stroller from VIVO is the perfect product for anyone after a multi-terrain stroller that also looks good! If you prefer a three-wheeled stroller, check out the VIVO Three Wheel Foldable Pet Stroller for Cats, Dogs and More. It has six colors to choose from.

VIVO Four Wheel Pet Stroller for Cats, Dogs & More - Foldable Carrier Strolling Cart – Available in 7 Colors

U.S.-based company VIVO designs and manufactures a wide variety of products. Its passion for creating functional solutions is the reason the brand is so popular among its customers. It has a dedicated team of designers around the world who ensure its products are of the highest quality. VIVO not only manufactures pet supplies, but TV accessories, desks and computer accessories too!

VIVO’s Four Wheel Pet Stroller is available in many fun colors. This stroller is great for a quiet walk through the park or a jog through the woods. Its four-wheel design ensures your pet has a safe, smooth ride, whatever the terrain. It features zipper access points in order to get your pet in and out of the stroller easily, as well as a spacious, padded interior for comfort. There are also two front and two rear mesh, breathable windows that allow your pet to look out at the world while letting you check in on them from time to time! This product even has cup holders for your morning coffee and a handy storage tray for dog treats and accessories. This cart is fully collapsible with a padded handle for your comfot.
The PetGear NV No-Zip Pet Stroller is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a jogging stroller that’s comfortable and easy to use. If you want a similar pet stroller, but one for a tighter budget, try the Pet Gear No-Zip Happy Trails Lite Pet Stroller. It’s lightweight and is available in three different colors.

PetGear No-Zip NV Pet Stroller with Zipperless Entry – Available in 4 Colors

Since 1936, PetGear has been passionate about creating high-quality pet products teamed with unmatchable customer service. With a whole range of pet supplies to choose from for both everyday and uncommon uses, you will be spoilt for choice when spoiling your pet!

PetGear's NV No-Zip Pet Stroller has air ride tires that allow for on-road and off-road jogging. It’s easy-locking, no-zip entry means you won’t have to bother with pesky zippers. It comes with a bolster pad and weather cover too! This stroller has a three-position canopy, and a panoramic view window so your pet can see the world around them while you are out for a jog. There's an elevated paw rest for your pet's comfort, as well as a front bar for support. This stroller also has front locking wheels for increased maneuverability, and comes in a range of different colors!
The Best Choice Products 2-In-1 Pet Dog Bike Trailer/Stroller has an intricate bicycle style. It’s easy to clean and looks great too! If you’re looking for a classic pet stroller from Best Choice Products, get the New Deluxe Folding 3 Wheel Dog & Cat Stroller Carrier with Cup Holder Tray.

Best Choice Products 2 in 1 Pet Dog Bike Trailer Bicycle Trailer Stroller Jogger w/ Suspension in Red

Best Choice Products is an e-commerce retailer that sells a wide variety of products. It aims to sell high-quality, competitively priced products with customer service that is unmatched anywhere else. Over the last 14 years BCP has continued to further its product development and become one of the most affordable suppliers of electrics, homeware, and pet products today.

BCP’s 2-in-1 Pet Bicycle Stroller is a great stroller for jogging and cycling. It has a lightweight, sturdy steel frame with water-resistant polyester material that can support up to 66 pounds. This stroller features a 2-in-1 bug screen and a canopy that will keep your pet protected from sun, wind and rain! The stroller can be locked with a hand lock-brake system when it’s not in motion for security and safety. It even has an adorable little safety flag for visibility in traffic! This product has an adjustable handlebar for users of different heights, and can easily be converted into a standard stroller using any tools. Its large soft cushion ensures your pet has a comfy ride, and it's removable for easy cleaning.
The BestPet 4 Wheel Pet Dog Cat Stroller is for anyone looking for a quality stroller at a fraction of the cost of other big name brands. However, if you have a bit of a tighter budget, why not try the equally stylish BestPet Posh Pet Stroller? It’s available in seven great colors.

BestPet 4 Wheels Pet Cat/Dog Stroller Travel Folding Carrier with Rain Cover – Available in 8 Colors

BestPet supplies everything and anything your darling little buddy will ever need, with products ranging from pet food and tanks to strollers and cages. If you want to spoil your pet and not spend a fortune, then BestPets is the brand for you!

The BestPet 4 Wheel Pet Dog Cat Stroller has a classic design and great price! This easy-to-fold stroller can open and close in five seconds, perfect for when your pet is playing up! It has a large storage basket for toys, treats and other goodies, as well as handy cup holders for your morning coffee! The top of the stroller has front and rear ventilation to make sure your pet stays cool, and front and rear entry for easy access.

How Do I Choose the Best Pet Stroller?

You've heard of baby strollers, but pet strollers? Having a stroller specifically for your pet may seem a little odd, but there are many benefits to using one that you may not have even realized. People use pet strollers for a number of different reasons, with the most common being that a stroller will put less stress on your pet's body. This is ideal for older animals or pets that have recently undergone surgery and are unable to walk. Pet strollers offer ventilation and protective mesh, so your pet is safe and secure at all times. They are also a great choice for those of you who enjoy cycling, running or jogging, with many strollers designed specifically for this purpose.

When it comes to choosing the best pet stroller, there are a few things to consider. There are two main sizes of pet stroller: smaller strollers for animals weighing up to 30 pounds, and larger strollers that have a capacity of around 60 pounds. It is crucial to choose a stroller that’s the right size for your pet, to prevent damage to the stroller and to your furry companion. We highly recommend weighing your pet before making a decision.

Think about what you are going to be using the stroller for. Will it be for short, simple walks up and down the street? Or perhaps jogging in the park to keep yourself fit? Maybe you need the stroller to be compact enough to fit in the trunk of your car for weekends away. These questions help you decide what you really want out of your new stroller. If you want all these features, consider a combination pet stroller that will have all your needs covered.

Many people prefer pet strollers that can double as pet carriers. If this is the case, make sure your product includes a strap and that the cage itself can be removed. You will also need to consider your own height when purchasing a pet stroller, to ensure you feel comfortable using the product. If you have particularly long legs or are tall, you may want to purchase a product with a longer handle (around 35” to 38”).

Think about the appearance and style of your stroller too. This will depend largely on your own personal preferences and tastes. These days, pet strollers come in a large range of colors and designs, allowing you to match the product with your outfit, your pets’ collars, or even your car.
Pet strollers can range from $50 to $300, depending on how many features are included in the product, the stroller's weight capacity, and the material it’s made from. Products that are at the higher end of this scale often have a larger capacity and can hold pets weighing up to 60 pounds. For this reason, these strollers are often much more durable than other strollers, and tend to be made from sturdy materials such as steel and aluminum.

Many people prefer to purchase these types of strollers, as they allow for their pet to grow and save on having to purchase another stroller later on. Pricier strollers also tend to include more features, such as waterproofing, pockets, cup holders and canopies. This isn’t to say, however, that products at the lower end of the scale don’t work just as well. Instead, these products are more tailored to smaller pets, and have easy-to-use designs. There are cheap pet strollers on the market ($40 or less). However, these products may not be as safe or durable.
The features you want included in your new pet stroller will depend entirely on your own personal preferences, what you will be using the stroller for, and, of course, your pet! To help you choose the best pet stroller, look for a few key features to ensure you get a high-quality product. They include:
  • Waterproofing
  • Rear Brakes
  • Ventilated Mesh Screen
  • Padded Interior
  • Collapsibility
Construction and Design
A handy feature to have in your new pet stroller is waterproofing. This will protect your stroller from all weather conditions when you take your little companion out for a stroll. It will prevent your pet from getting wet and creating that "wet dog" smell. Waterproofing is also a great way to protect your stroller from mold and bacteria.

It's wise to have a stroller with rear brakes. This will give you more control over the stroller, especially if you are using it on a variety of terrains. Rear brakes are also useful for when you have to stop suddenly in case of cars or pedestrians, or if your pet tries to make a break for it!

We also recommend pet strollers with a ventilated mesh screen. Screens allow you to check in on your pet without having to open the stroller, and let your pet look out and enjoy the wonderful world around them! Mesh screens are also a great way to keep your pet secure without causing them to overheat.

A padded interior helps ensure that your pet is comfortable and cozy at all times. This will make for a more peaceful stroll with your pet, and prevent them from tossing and turning while in the stroller.

A collapsible pet stroller will make it much easier to travel with the stroller and store it in the trunk of your car. When you are finished using it, you can also simply store it away in a cupboard or the garage without it taking up too much space.
Performance and Ease of Use
Pet strollers require little to no assembly! Many strollers are ready to go when you are, which is ideal if you have a busy schedule. If you get a stroller that does require some assembly, you won’t need to spend much more than 15 minutes setting it up. Almost all pet strollers come with a handy how-to-guide to help you get started, but the manufacturer’s site will also have help and advice if you need it.

Caring for your new pet stroller is also easy. Keep it clean to prevent mold or bacteria from forming. It’s important to store the stroller in a dry area. You will also want to give the stroller a wipedown after use to get rid of any pet hair or…ahem…accidents. To remove pet hair, you can simply use the same standard hair-removal brush that you would use on your clothing or furniture. Removing dirt is a little trickier, but a simple wipedown with some hot soapy water should get the job done. Keep an eye out for strollers made with polyester and nylon, as these fabrics are much easier to care for.

Get the Best Pet Stroller of 2022!

By now you should have a better understanding of what types of strollers different brands have to offer, and what you want in your new product. If you aren’t a fan of the selected strollers, all of the brands we have chosen have a wide variety to choose from. View their other products to find the perfect stroller for you! All that’s left to do now is get shopping and start planning your pet's next big day out!

Our Top Choice
OxGord Pet Easy Walk Travel Carriage
Best Value
VIVO Four Wheel Pet Stroller
PetGear NV No-Zip Pet Stroller
BCP 2 in 1 Pet Dog Bike Stroller
BestPet 4 Wheels Pet Dog Cat Stroller