Best Pet Tracker Reviews 2022

A good pet tracker can make a huge difference on your next camping or vacation trip with your pet. Today’s tracking systems are very sophisticated and offer you an accurate location of your pet in open and hilly terrain. So, when they wander off into the woods, no need to panic as you can get an exact direction of where they could be exploring. However, it can be a challenge to pick the right one, especially if you’re new to tracking systems. Luckily for you, we have selected some of the best pet tracking brands that come in a mix of prices and features. Look at our picks; you might find something that suits your needs and taste.
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Our Top Choice
Garmin Astro 320 Pet Tracker
Garmin strives to make products that have been engineered on the inside to accommodate life on the outside.
Can track up to 10 dogs at a time. Can zoom the map, to help you see the location of all the dogs. Able to choose the duration each tracking log can be viewed.
Before you purchase the collar, check the dimensions as it might seem big for some dogs.
Compatible with TT15,TT15
Collar strap with belt clip
1.4 x 2.4 x 6.3 inches
20-40hrs life, 9 miles range
TOPO maps, birds-eye imagery
Best Value
Find My Pet GPS Smart 2.0 Dog Tracker
Find My Pet GPS understands the need to keep your furry ones safe, and they do this by providing the latest advancements in pet tracking technology.
It’s one of the world’s lightest and smallest trackers, weighing just 1.2 ounces. It’s like having someone watch your pet all day and night.
For accurate location, you need to be outdoors so it can connect to GPS satellites.
Compatible with Apps
Pet monitor collar
1.6 x 1.4 x 0.5 inches
20-40hrs life, unlimited range
1-month free subscription
SportDOG TEK Series 2.0 GPS Tracking
SportDog does rigorous testing out in the field as they are dedicated to delivering excellent gadgets that will fit your needs.
Comes with unlimited map updates. Features a GPS collar that is DryTek waterproof to 25 feet.
Collar is recommended for dogs that are 8 pounds or more.
Compatible with blue-tooth device
Collar strap
17 x 4 x 9.5 inche
12-20hrs life, 10-mile range
Waterproof, unlimited map updates
Eureka Technology Marco Polo Pet Tracker
Eureka Technology devotes its time to designing electronic devices that are easy to use, of good quality and still budget friendly.
Ultra-long battery life of up to 45 days. Gives real-time direction and location feedback for your pet. Saves you money compared to the yearly subscription options.
Tracks cats and dogs with a collar length 7 inches or more.
Self contained device
Collar strap
6 x 0.6 x1 inches
45 day’s life, 2-miles range
Waterproof, light enough for cats
Dynotag GPS Enabled Steel Pet Tag
Dynatag products have been designed and manufactured to the company’s specification, delivering technology that provides solutions to real, everyday problems.
Comes with advanced security features. Easy to set up and password protected to keep your dog's information and location safe.
Tag metal is thin to keep it light, but it might snip causing irritation.
Compatible with PC, smartphone
Steel connector ring
1.18 x 1.18 x 1.4 inches
No battery, unlimited range
Waterproof, tracks activity

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What is the Best Pet Tracker?

Now you know what you need to look for while purchasing a pet tracker, like deciding on whether to get a collar strap or a tracker that you will hook to the current collar your pet is having, we’re sure you’re ready to check out what the market has to offer and choose one that meets your needs. However, you don’t need to go too far as we have narrowed down the list to 5 great pet trackers from prestigious brands.
Our Top Choice
The Astro 320 Pet Tracker can locate up to 10-dogs at a time, giving you a precise distance for each dog on a map. Alternatively, if you are looking for a tracker that can track up to 20 dogs, measure each dog's speed and the distance it’s traveled, check out the Garmin Alpha 100 Pet Tracker.

Garmin Astro 320 T5 GPS Dog / Cat / Pet Tracker Bundle

Garmin strives to design the best GPS wearable and navigation technology for various industries. This is from aviation, automotive and marine, to fitness and outdoor markets. The company strongly believes each day is a new day to be innovative and another opportunity to beat yesterday. Quality is Garmin’s number one priority.

The Garmin Astro 320 Pet Tracker is a premier tracking system that takes tracking your dog to a higher level. It’s very easy to use, as it positions your dog’s location from up to 9 miles away on the readable 2.6-inch color screen.

If you’re getting excited about the Garmin GPS Astro 320 T5 Pet tracker, check out the additional benefits it offers:
  • The pet tracker system transmits information by line of sight. Therefore, in flat and open terrain it will reach farthest as compared to a hilly surrounding.
  • It has been designed with a GPS antenna mounted at the top, to keep the flexible stainless steel radio antenna upright for the best reception.
  • With this design, you can track your dog’s location in areas that have heavy tree cover or even deep canyons.
  • Not forgetting, it’s tough enough to keep up with your dog’s energy level and activities, withstanding water to about 10 meters.
  • It has been designed with advanced mapping technology as you have the option of Birdseye Satellite imagery of your dog.
  • Tracking your dog has never been easier, as the device transmits your dog’s location as often as every 5 seconds.
  • It not only tracks your dog’s location but also your camp or truck at the end of your hunt with the electronic 3-axis compass.
Best Value
The Find My Pet GPS Smart Dog Tracker can be programmed to send you alerts via text, app notification, and email when it detects there is a location change of your pet. If you are looking to track your pet accurately while you’re indoors, check out Find My Pet Nano GPS Wi-Fi and Blue Tooth Enabled.

Find My Pet GPS Worldwide Pet Tracker With a Smart Collar Tracking Real Time – For iPhone and Android Apps

One in every three pets goes missing at some point – a very scary thought for a fur parent! It’s something Find My Pet GPS fully understands, and seeks to remedy. They strive in making the best gadgets integrated with technological advancements to ensure your pet will not be part of the statistics.

The Find My Pet GPS Smart Dog Tracker can locate your dog anywhere in the world with the use of your smartphone. As long as your Android or iPhone has 2G GSM network coverage, you can download the app or simply track your pet on the web via the company website.

If you are getting excited about Find My Pet GPS Smart Dog Tracker then have a look at the following features:
  • The tracker allows you to add as many pets as you like, so why not have them all in the system and track them all at once – peace of mind indeed.
  • It’s an easy to use GPS tracker, especially with the app option allowing you to keep track of your fur babies while you’re on the go.
  • The tracker was initially designed with dog owners in mind, but you are not limited to only tracking your dog. With the tracker, you can locate other animals, such as cats, horses or even cattle. It could also be used to track cars, personal belongings, people – you’re able to track almost anything.
  • For one month, you can take the tracker for a test run with the one-month free service offer. After the month, there is a small subscription fee per month, with cheaper options when paying for 1 or 3 years at once, helping you to save more.
The SportDog Tek Series 2.0 GPS can work with up to 21 dogs, providing feedback on your pets’ location any time. If you prefer a slightly cheaper tracker with a system that can locate 12 dogs at a time in a 7-mile range, then check out SportDog TEK-AD Series 1.0.

SportDOG TEK 2.0 GPS Pet Tracking System for Up To 21 Dogs

SportDog is obsessed with tracking dogs and the need to hunt, just like you and your friends. They spend time roaming the woods, walking the prairie and searching the sky to ensure they deliver a gadget the way you want it.

Just when you started to think pet tracking technology couldn’t get any better, the SportDog Tek Series 2.0 GPS Tracking came along to change the game of GPS tracking. It can track the location of your dog with a 10-mile range.

Here are some features sure to give you value for your money:
  • The device is Bluetooth compatible. This means you can receive voice updates to your earpiece.
  • It can track up to 21 handhelds or collars with ease – all you need to do is add them to the system.
  • The Preloaded 1:100,000 full-color topo maps will help keep you on course, providing you with real-time feedback on your dog’s current location.
  • The tracker is submersible up to 5-feet in water in case you drop it, and the collars up to 25 feet, so you don’t need to worry where your dog has gone while it’s out.
  • It fits necks sizes 10.75 to 23 inches.
The Eureka Technology Marco Polo Advanced Pet Tracking System has an ultra-long battery life; it can run for up to 45 days while continuously monitoring your pet. If you want an option that your pet can use when swimming or in extreme conditions, you can check out the Marco Polo Pet Tracking Tag Accessory.

Eureka Technology Marco Polo Advanced Single Pet Tracking and Monitoring System – For Cats and Dogs 5lb and Larger

A gentleman who had the idea of creating a product that locates and monitors objects at a low cost founded Eureka technology. Years later, after intense research and refinement of the product, the company was able to design simple to use devices that can operate anywhere.

The Eureka Technology Marco Polo Advanced Pet Tracking System is a self-contained device, which does not need a cell or GPS network to track your pet. Therefore, if you are indoors and just curious where your fur baby could be, just turn on the device and locate your pet, no frequency restrictions.

Here are some features you could look forward to:
  • Eureka Technology understands you don’t want to spend hours reading a manual to know how the device operates. Thus, they have made the device very easy to use. All it needs is the push of a button, and tracking begins.
  • You can monitor one pet at a time with the four programmable safety-zone areas for your pet.
  • In the event your pet wanders off the safety zones selected, you will receive warnings in under 80 seconds.
  • Adding a new tag to the system is very easy; since it tracks one collar at a time, it does not limit you to how many collars to have on the system.
  • Additionally, you are not limited to only track your dog, you can also keep tabs on your cat.
  • The tags are designed with advanced waterproof trackers that have a rugged ballistic nylon holder fastening them to your pet's collar.
  • System range is about 2 miles in an open environment, but do remember this will vary depending on the terrain and the obstructions present.
The Dynotag Deluxe Steel Pet Tag has been developed in cooperation with emergency response experts, offering you advanced security features. On the other hand, if you are looking for a tag that will add some color to your dog in a variety of fun designs, then check out Dynotag Smart Deluxe Coated Pet Tracker .

Dynotag Web/GPS Enabled QR Code Pet Tracker Smart Round Coated Metal Tag Ring

For the past seven years, Dynotag has been offering various businesses and customers instant global tech solutions. The success they have experienced over the years is due to their patented web-enabled smart tracking tag technology. They offer partner programs that enable manufacturers and resellers to embed the Dynatag technology as well as a set of ready to use merchandise.

The Dynotag Deluxe Steel Pet Tag has been designed with a tough steel material and a protective coating that helps eliminate noise – something very common with most tags, when they act like a bell while your dog is running around your house or compound.

If you like the sound of the Dynotag Deluxe Steel Pet Tag, here are more features it will offer you:
  • The tags are web powered; every smart QR Dynotag has its own private web page.
  • The QR code is a convenient shortcut – if your Smartphone has a QR scanner, you can use this to view the contents of the tag.
  • With internet connectivity, it allows the tag to work anywhere, so you are sure to keep track of your pet wherever you are.
  • Using any modern web browser, you can either set up or view the tag. There is no Smartphone required for this, just internet connection.
  • The design of the tag ensures there is no need for batteries or electronics within the tag.
  • It comes with a Gold level that is full of functionality, not forgetting the level will offer you a lifetime subscription.
  • You are not limited to only track your dog, as the connector ring is suitable to use as a shoelace tag, bag tag or anywhere you think of attaching the ring.
  • The system uses a passive GPS tech to locate the tag when it is viewed.

How Do I Choose the Best Pet Tracker?

Owning a dog or even a cat is like having an additional family member, from getting them the best dog house to keep them comfortable to a pet toy that will keep them busy as they run across your yard. We’re sure you can’t imagine what you’d do if they just went missing one day.

So, let us imagine if the worst happened, like your fur baby escaped their harness, or just ran through a hole they had dug in your yard, avoiding the pet gate. It’s a panic situation. The only thing running through your mind is how you will bring them home, if it were another family member, they would be a phone call away.

Well, imagine your pet is wearing a pet tracker. You can’t call, but it gives you a better solution. It quickly locates and directs you to your pet, giving you that ease of mind that you can always track your pet. The first thing is deciding on what would work best for you when tracking your pet. The two main types that are available to you are Radio or GPS trackers.

Here is a quick comparison of what each of these pet trackers has to offer you:
  • Radio Pet Trackers – These trackers have been in use for years. If you are located in remote areas this is one to consider; it does not need any network connections or GPS signals to locate your pet.
  • GPS Pet Trackers – This is the latest tracking technology and offers higher accuracy in tracking your pet than the radio options. Most allow you to track your pet’s movement on your smartphone, apps or your computer.
Let’s us look at some features you will need to consider before purchasing the pet tracker.
Pet trackers are fairly priced considering the amount of panic they can eliminate. With between $16 and $600, you can get a quality tracker. Just like any electronic device, the features and the brand you choose can cause the price differential. The market has a number of cheap pet trackers that will still track and direct you to your pet’s location, but it is advisable that you do not go for such options, as they might not come with that important feature you could be looking for.

If you are looking for a tracker that will provide real-time feedback and notifications of any change of location, then you should be prepared to pay a premium.
When purchasing a pet tracker what are the things you should be looking for? Here are some of the features we thought are important for you to consider:
  • How does it attach? – Trackers come in different designs. You could get one that is a collar strap, with the tracking within, if you feel it is time to change the look of your pet’s collar. If your pet is fussy with new items, or the current collar holds sentimental value to you, a tracker with a steel connector ring is one to consider.
  • Size – It’s important to get the correct size. For the collar design, ensure it’s one that comfortably fits your pet – not too loose or tight. If the tracker is one for attaching the size plays a big role as you would not want one that is so big, your pet can chew it off.
  • The battery life – Some trackers use batteries, and with that, you should be aware of the battery life. Some can run for 20-40 hrs with no change or charge, while others can run up to 45 days.
  • Range for tracking – For the GPS trackers, they tend to have unlimited tracking range, all it needs is an internet connection, and it quickly locates your pet. For the radio trackers, they can locate your pet within a specified range this could be within 7 or 10 miles, depending on the terrain.
  • Look out for extras – Some trackers can be waterproof or impact proof - companies fully understand the energy levels for pets vary, especially when they are out exploring. Additionally, a system that tracks your pet's activity throughout the day would also be beneficial, just to know where they like hanging out.
Construction and Design
When you consider purchasing a pet tracker, you are looking for the peace of mind that you can quickly locate your pet. Then you will need to keep an eye on how the tracker will attach. Getting one that is not easy for your pet to remove is the number one priority, whether you choose the collar strap or one you will hook to the current collar.

Some trackers have a long battery life of up to 45 days – no charging or changing needed. However, the batteries that last between 20 and 40 hours should not be discounted as they are usually offering more advanced features (such as exact, real-time map locations). The waterproof and impact proof type of trackers are also a good option, as you do not have to worry about the gadgets being spoilt when you are out camping or just taking a walk with your furry one.

With the advancements taking place in these devices, they are getting lighter and lighter. This helps ensure your pet does not feel there is a foreign object weighing them down; essentially, the tracker should be a fly on your dog’s neck.
Performance and Ease of Use
A key feature that affects the performance of a pet tracker is the tracking range. Most radio trackers will locate your pet in a 7 to 10 mile range, if you’re in an open area. This might seem like a serious limit for some, but it is an advisable option if you are in a remote area. On the other hand, GPS trackers have unlimited tracking and can find your pet anywhere in the world with internet connection – if you are in an area with no internet, this would not be useful to you.

The additional features in the tracker make it easier for you to locate your pet and go a long way in making your life easier. If you live near a river or your pet just loves playing in the water, it would be frustrating if the device gets damaged after your dog’s activities. When all these things are considered, it should help you in identifying the appropriate pet tracker.

Get the Best Pet Tracker of 2022!

We hope the review has shed some light and possibly influenced the choice you make when you purchase a pet tracker for your furry friend. On the other hand, if the products we picked do not fit what you were hoping to get, not to worry as there numerous pet trackers by these brands. Check them out; they will not disappoint!

Our Top Choice
Garmin Astro 320 Pet Tracker
Best Value
Find My Pet GPS Smart 2.0 Dog Tracker
SportDOG TEK Series 2.0 GPS Tracking
Eureka Technology Marco Polo Pet Tracker
Dynotag GPS Enabled Steel Pet Tag