Best Phone Screen Protector Reviews 2020

What is your cell phone worth to you? Probably a lot, so you’re going to need a screen protector to keep your precious cargo from getting dinged or scratched, or worse yet broken. Let us help you by fine-tuning the search for a proper protector for your mobile phone. We have researched a wide variety of options on the market, and selected five of the best phone screen protector brands who protectors for a wide variety of mobile phones.
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Our Top Choice
Omoton 2.5D Round Edge Screen Protector
Providing accessory solutions for mobile internet devices, Omoton was founded in California. They offer a full line of phone accessories.
Durable protection for your mobile phone screen with 9H hardness, 3x more effective than standard 3H hardness in screen protectors.
May crack, but it’s a deal for a 2-pack.
Samsung Galaxy Note 5
Rounded edge
Tempered glass
2 pack
Best Value
Nextec 3D Tempered Screen Protector
Nextec offers products for the gaming and technology industries, such as an extensive line of mobile phone screen protectors.
Full 3D coverage with several color options including black, gold, silver, or clear. Please note: full 3D screen protectors are not compatible with cases.
Some disruption in touchscreen sensitivity reported.
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
Rounded edge
Tempered glass
Full coverage
amFilm Glass Phone Screen Protector
Offering everything from screen protectors to car mounts, adaptors, cases and sleeves, amFilm also has Apple pencil accessories in their product line.
Super thin design, so it won’t affect the sensitivity of your touchscreen. 99.9% transparency for natural viewing. 30-day money back guarantee.
This particular screen protector is not for the iPhone 5 or 4, but there are lots of other screen protectors by amFilm for your specific device available.
iPhone 6, 6S, or 7
Rounded edge
Tempered glass
9H hardness
PThink Tempered Glass Screen Protector
PThink has your mobile phone covered with tempered glass screen protectors for seventeen different brands and models.
This fingerprint resistant mobile phone screen protector by PThink is available for a wide range of phones. It is also anti-scratch and shatterproof.
Some users had trouble with installation.
Sony Xperia Z5
Rounded edge
Tempered glass
9H hardness
Tech Armor HD Clear Screen Protector
Tech Armor protects your mobile screen from harmful scratches that can reduce its resale value. They provide TruTouch technology for 99.9% accuracy.
Made with Tech Armor ballistic glass that keeps sensitive information hidden from others, and protects against high-impact drops. Hassle-free product replacement warranty.
Some users experienced bubbles during installation.
iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, SE
Rounded edge
Tech armor HD clear
3 pack
Cuts glare

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What is the Best Phone Screen Protector?

If you take your phone with you wherever you go, you’re going to need a screen protector that suits your lifestyle. If you are super-active or have kids around, you’re going to need one that is extra durable with 9H hardness. Purchase an ultra-thin model to ensure there is no interference with touchscreen sensitivity. Our phone screen protectors cover a range of cell phone brands, and if you don’t see a featured product specifically for your phone, no worries. These brands offer a range of phone screen protectors for a variety of devices. Let’s take a look at the options…
Our Top Choice
Keep the screen on your mobile phone protected with this crystal clear, tempered glass screen protector by Omoton. Alternatively, if you're looking for the same great quality but for an iPhone, check out the Tempered Glass Anti-Scratch Screen Protector for iPhone SE\/ 5S\/ 5C\/ 5.

Omoton Ultra-Clear Anti-Scratch Tempered-Glass Screen Protector 2.5D Round Edge for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 - Pack of 2

Omoton makes an extensive line of phone screen protectors for a myriad of mobile devices. They were founded in California to provide accessory solutions for mobile internet devices. Their product line includes cases for phone and tablets, keyboards, and stands, in addition to their line of phone screen protectors.

If you own a Samsung Galaxy Note 5, then this tempered-glass screen protector is the right choice for you. It is super-affordable, and comes with two screen protectors in a package. You will enjoy maximum protection with the 9H hardness, which is 3x more effective than a traditional 3H hardness in protectors.

You won’t have any interruption in the visual quality of your phone with this crystal-clear screen protector. Easy to install, this screen protector is grease and waterproof.

This brand also makes screen protectors for other mobile phones, including:
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 7
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Moto G4 / G
  • Droid Turbo 2
  • Google Nexus
Best Value
Select this mobile phone screen protector to enjoy full 3D coverage for your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Color options include black, gold, silver, or clear. If you don't have a Samsung phone, but you are an apple fan, the Nextec iPhone 7 Screen Protector might suit your needs better!

Nextec 3D Full Coverage Corning Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Nextec Direct is a brand that focuses on providing products for the technology industry, such as gaming and mobile phone accessories. Their aim is customer satisfaction and low, accessible prices. They offer direct-to-consumers, as well as supplying wholesalers and retailers.

Purchase this Nextec smart screen protector with AGC+ glass protection to keep your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phone safe. It is made of tempered glass with 9H resistance to breakage. Visibility is high at 98% transmittance, and it has full 3D coverage. Please keep in mind that full 3D coverage protectors are not compatible with cases.

This purchase comes with one screen protector, a microfiber cloth, and an installation kit. Nextec offers a 60-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. This model comes in black, gold, silver, or clear.

If you don’t have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, check out some of the other mobile phones Nextec provides screen protectors for:
  • Galaxy Note 5
  • Galaxy Note 7
  • PS3 Laser
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 7
You won’t suffer any touchscreen sensitivity problems with this 99.9% transparent screen protector by amFilm for the iPhone 6, 6S, or 7. Alternatively, if you've got yourself a Samsung mobile, the amFilm Galaxy S6 Screen Protector with Tempered Glass might be what you're looking for.

amFilm iPhone 7 Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 7, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 2015 & 2016 – 2 Pack

We have a #1 best-seller on our hands with this 2-pack phone screen protector that is specifically designed for the iPhone 6, 6S, or 7. AmFilm offers a variety of mobile phone accessories such as car mounts, protectors, cases, and adaptors for many different brands.

Enjoy a natural viewing experience with this high-definition screen protector by amFilm. The transparency is almost perfect at 99.9% and it is extremely durable with a surface hardness of 9H. The oleophobic coating reduces fingerprints, and because it is ultra-thin at 0.3mm it will not affect your touchscreen sensitivity.

This purchase comes with two in a pack, wet and dry wipes, dust removal stickers, and a squeeze card, plus an installation and user guide. If you have a different phone, there are lots of other protectors by amFilm for various mobile devices such as:
  • Galaxy Note 5
  • LG G4
  • Google LG Nexus 4
  • Moto G3
  • iPhone 4S
  • HTC One M9
There are many screen protector options available by PThink with this ultra-thin 0.33mm design. This model fits the Sony Xperia Z5 phone, but there are 17 other models to choose from. However, if you've got yourself a nice HTC phone, then the PThink® 0.3mm Ultra-thin Tempered Glass Screen Protector for HTC One M7 would protect that nicely.

PThink Tempered Glass Screen Protector - 9H Hardness, Antiscratch, Shatterproof, Fingerprint resistant – Available for 17 Phones

PThink has the corner covered on phone screen protectors for mobile devices. Their protectors are very thin and sensitive, plus they cover seventeen different phone models.

The smooth rounded edges of this PThink screen protector and extra-thin 0.3mm design make it a winner among consumers. Because the tempered glass is so thin, you won’t lose any sensitivity to your touchscreen. The nano glass has a 9H superior hardness, and even if it breaks under a heavy impact it will only crack, with no hazardous sharp edges exposed.

This package contains one glass protector, a cleaning cloth, wet and dry wipes, and an installation guide. No worries if you don’t have a Sony Xperia Z5 phone. PThink has something for everyone; their screen protector line includes alternative designs for many other phones, including:
  • ASUS Zenfone
  • HTC One E8
  • LG V10
  • Galaxy S4 Mini
  • OnePlus One
  • Huawei Ascend Mate 2
  • Sony Xperia Z3 Compact
Tech Armor is tough enough to keep your mobile phone screen safe, and keeps the sensitivity of your Apple iPhone intact. If you don't happen to have an iPhone, the Galaxy S5 Glass Screen Protector might be right for you.

Tech Armor High Defintion Clear Screen Protector for iPhone 5/5c/5s (Pack of 3)

Rest assured that your Apple iPhone 5 is safe and sound with Tech Armor protection. This clear screen protector will keep your screen safe from scratches and abrasions, and will not reduce its sensitivity. The ballistic glass helps keep your information private from prying eyes, and there is no interruption to the visibility of your screen.

This screen protector is specifically designed for the iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, or SE. If you have another model, Tech Armor also features screen protectors for the following devices:
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6S
  • iPhone 7
  • IPhone 7 Plus
  • Galaxy 6 Plus
  • Apple watches

How Do I Choose the Best Phone Screen Protector?

No matter the device, scratching the screen can ruin your whole day. We are sure you appreciate your phone, not just for its usefulness, but also for its impressive look. Due to the regular use of these devices, they can become easily damaged, destroying their appearance or compromising their functions, without proper care.

It’s an exciting time buying a new phone, whether on the internet or in the shop- the possibilities are endless! In all the excitement you’ll probably be buying a cool phone case and accessories like a cell phone car mount or high-tech you can use your phone wherever you need it. Most of us can become rather inflicted with wanting to keep that brand-new-phone look for as long as possible; it can be heartbreaking to see a huge scratch on the screen of something that cost you a fortune. but sadly, over time, it’s inevitable that we accumulate quite a few scratches, so it’s important to purchase a screen protector either during the purchase of your phone or immediately after.

Unfortunately, there is still no magical way to remove scratches, but you can protect your phone with the simple use of a screen protector without worry or need for incredulous tricks.
Compared to common related products in the smartphone world, screen protectors are some of the most inexpensive items. Even the most high-end options come at fairly agreeable prices, allowing for their purchase no matter the budget you have set.

Typically, the material of near any tangible item will affect price, with the same being true for screen protectors. The price range for phone screen protectors is between $5 for lower end plastic options to as high as $20 for better quality tempered glass materials. Although the plastic ones can do a somewhat decent job, it’s always a better choice to opt for top quality materials if you want your phone to stay safe and sound and, as usual, we advise you to stay away from cheap phone screen protectors as they won’t work efficiently nor provide a clear view of your screen.
There are various models of screen protectors on the market, but, seeing as the investment is not that big, we recommend that you focus only on top quality models.
Here are the important features to look for when purchasing a good phone screen protector:
  • Material - You can choose between plastic, tempered glass, tech armor, and other materials. Plastic is decent for regular scratches, but it isn’t very sturdy whereas tempered glass is durable and capable of protecting the phone screen from breaking, and tech armor provides clarity while protecting the phone from typical daily wear.
  • Toughness - The phone screen protector you choose must be sturdy and tough. Tempered glass is thicker than most materials, but there are also phone screen protectors that feature 9H hardness, meaning the screen can’t be scratched by a 9H pencil.
  • Feel - The screen protector you apply on your phone should feel exactly like the original screen, allowing your finger to glide smoothly while surfing the web.
  • Compatibility - It’s good to choose a screen protector that is designed for the phone you use. Universal ones are not so great and won’t fully cover the screen.
  • Specifications - You’ll be able to find colorful options, 3D, ultra-thin, military grade, and many more. Choose the one that suits you and your budget best.
Let’s move onto the construction and design aspects of phone screen protectors.
Construction and Design
As a result of their enhanced thickness, tempered glass protectors will bulge out a bit more than plastic screen protectors, which is typically more noticeable on iPhones and HTCs.

There are multiple types of screen protectors on the market including PET film, TPU, and tempered glass, each with individual advantages.
  • PET Film - Screen protectors made of PET film feature a scratch resistant matte coating, lacking impact resistance, but providing scratch resistance for basic aspects such as coins, keys, and fingernails.
  • TPU - TPU screen protectors are smooth to the touch and transparent as well as scratch, UV, and grease resistant, elastic, and feature increased overall toughness, allowing them to absorb non-extreme impacts in the frame of lighter drops.
  • Tempered Glass -Tempered glass protectors are made of a thick, multi-layered silicone which is shock absorbing, scratch, oil, grease, and drop resistant. They have a better light transmittance with glare and reflective reduction.
Performance and Ease of Use
There are two methods for installing a phone screen protector: dry and wet.

Phone screen protectors that use dry installation adhere to your phone’s screen via sorcery. Okay, in all actuality, they utilize static electricity to attach to your phone. The application is easy, requiring a dust-free environment, clean screen, simple alignment of the screen protector, and press on application.

Wet installation options ensure crystal clear transparency. You have to spray liquid on the underside of the protector and place it perfectly on your phone’s screen. If you didn’t do it correctly the first time, you don’t have to worry as you can try again with the same protector upon cleaning it.

Get the Best Phone Screen Protector of 2020!

Stuff happens, accidents occur without any warning, so make sure you purchase your screen protector as soon as possible! We hope we have helped you choose the protector that will keep your mobile phone safe and sound.

Our Top Choice
Omoton 2.5D Round Edge Screen Protector
Best Value
Nextec 3D Tempered Screen Protector
amFilm Glass Phone Screen Protector
PThink Tempered Glass Screen Protector
Tech Armor HD Clear Screen Protector