Best Photography Lighting Set Reviews 2017

If you are looking for you own personal studio to take your photography or videography to another level, you’re going to need professional lighting. That’s where our review of Photography Lighting Sets comes in. Selecting from five of the most popular brands and hand picking the best lighting kits they have to offer, we have something for everyone who is looking to up their game.
Best uses
# stands
# sockets
Total watts
Our Top Choice
StudioPRO 2500 Watt Photography Light Set
Made by Fovitec StudioPro, who deliver affordable prices for a professional approach to lighting. They offer continuous lighting, strobes, diffusers, backdrops, and more.
Total lighting kit at a great price. Offers main light, fill light, and hair light. The 5’ boom is great for a hair light. The other 2 softboxes offer 5 socket heads w/diffusers.
Some inconsistencies reported with manufacturing.
Portraits, product photos, art
3 light stands
(2) 5 socket, (1) single
2500 watt kit
2 softboxes
Best Value
Cowboy Studio Background Lighting Kit
Cowboy studio supplies studio and lighting equipment for those who work in the video, photography, and film industries at affordable prices.
Great kit for filming videos or taking catalogue pictures. Large umbrellas that are effective light diffusers. Phenomenal price.
Some inconsistencies with the light sockets reported, but very inexpensive and good for beginners.
Videos, product photos, portrait
4 light stands
4 single AC sockets
900 watt kit
2 white 32” umbrellas
MyStudio VersaSweep Photo Studio
Designed by Pro Cyc, a modular cyclorama background studio founded by Fritz Von Tagen in Portland Oregon that opened a tabletop studio line called MyStudio in 2007.
The choice for product photography. Offers a 53” x 96” seamless background for tabletop photos with dual 48” light fixtures that are separately adjustable.
No overhead light.
Product photography, miniatures
2 swiveling light fixtures
(4) 48” daylight bulbs
Not specified
Includes 2 accent lights
Linco 2000 W Photo Studio Lighting Kit
Linco offers user-friendly studio equipment that includes a range of lighting fixtures, boom stands, and background accessories for improved photography.
Nice studio set for photography and videography. Lots of lighting options with several diffused softboxes and 4 socket lighting fixtures w/umbrella holes and large handles.
Reports of Linco “buying” reviews from consumers.
Studio photography, videography
3 light stands
(3) 4 socket heads
2000 watt kit
3 softboxes/boom/backdrop
LimoStudio Photography Photo Portrait Studio
Limo Studio will help you to set up your personal studio with light controls and modifiers, as well as complete kits to get your lighting just right.
Great starter kit at a super affordable price, making it a best seller. Two umbrellas with stands which accommodate strobe and continuous lighting, plus a tabletop light stand.
Some reports of bulbs breaking during shipping.
Studio photography
3 light stands
3 single sockets
600 watt kit
2 white 33” umbrellas

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What is the Best Photography Lighting Set?

When choosing a lighting kit, consider your subject matter and how much lighting you will need. If you want a truly versatile kit, you will need a variety of light fixtures, modifiers, and possibly backdrops. In terms of types of lighting, continuous lighting is a good option for beginners. Strobe lighting uses a flash of light when the camera shutter opens for brief but impactful illumination, and is often preferred by professionals. Umbrellas, soft boxes, and multiple socket heads will increase your illumination range. Let’s check out what our featured kits have to offer, so you can select the right kit for you.
Our Top Choice
This 2500 watt softbox kit with three light stands is a great total package for professional lighting at a nice price. However, if you need a small photography set for product lighting, StudioPro offers a great price on the Photography 300W Table Top Photo Studio Lighting Kit.
StudioPRO 2500W Photography Softbox Lighting Kit — Four Other Kit Sizes Available

StudioPRO Photography Lighting Set SPK10-037

Made by Fovitec StudioPro, whose extensive line of photography kits and equipment allow a professional approach to lighting at highly affordable prices. They offer everything from continuous lighting to strobe lighting, diffusers and modifiers, backdrops, as well as accessories like clamps and sandbags.

This 2500 watt lighting kit is great for portraiture and product photography. There are two 20” x 28” softboxes with 5 socket heads, and one EZ Setup boom light with a 20” x 28” softbox and a single socket head.

Two of the softboxes offer adjustable lighting with the removable 17” x 12" inner diffusion panel. The dual 5 socket heads each offer three power control switches to change up illumination options. The maximum capacity is 85W bulbs, and the socket heads tilt up and down. There is a 10 foot power cord with a 3 prong plug.

These fluorescent lights are more efficient in electricity usage than traditional household or incandescent bulbs, so it will save on your electricity bill. The single socket head with boom and softbox opens and folds quickly into a carry bag, and is suitable for a backlight or hair light on your subject.

You can use this light setup in whatever way suits your needs, but a good basic approach is to use one light as your primary illumination, the second as a fill light, and the boom for hair light.

Here is what you get in the kit:
  • Large carry bag
  • Eleven 45W bulbs
  • One adjustable boom arm up to 5 feet
  • Two 5 socket head lights
  • One single socket head light
  • Three light stands
  • Three 20” x 28” softboxes
  • Two removable inner diffusers for Softbox
  • You can either select this featured 2500 watt kit from StudioPro, or pick one of the other options: 1x 1000W Softbox Kit, 2x 1000W Softbox Kit, 2x 2100W Softbox Kit, or 3x 2100W Softbox Kit.
    Best Value
    This Cowboy Studio Lighting Set offers great ambient lighting, particularly for video shoots. If you have a Nikon or Canon camera, you could also check out the Double Off-Camera Flash Shoe Mount Swivel Umbrella Kit, which is slightly cheaper too!
    Cowboy Studio 900W Studio Digital Lighting Kit with Umbrellas and Background Lights — Available in 7 Other Sizes

    CowboyStudio Photography Lighting Set SL-314kit

    Cowboy Studio supplies studio and lighting equipment for those who work in the video, photography, and film industries at affordable prices. They cover all your needs from shooting tents to tripods, backdrops, and projector screens.

    This kit is lightweight and especially well-suited for videography. Creating your own personal studio wherever you go, it is easy to pack or unpack with a carry case to hold all the gear. The umbrellas create a soft glow on your subjects. The light sockets have an adjustable swivel and can handle up to 85 watt bulbs.

    The height of the main light stands adjust from 2’ 9” to 6’ 8”. They are made from aluminum alloy and have a black satin finish. The miniature light stands that come with this kit have a maximum height of 2’ 6” and can easily pack away with quick-release levers. This set comes with a one year warranty and is offered at a great price.

    Here is what you get in this studio package:
    • Two white 32” umbrellas
    • Two mini light stands
    • Two 7 foot light stands
    • Four AC sockets
    • Four 45W 5000K daylight light bulbs
    • One carrying bag for all your gear
    You can select a few different packages if you want an alternative to this SL-314kit. There are 5 other options available, that include black & white umbrellas, black & silver umbrellas, and a variety of different features. Check out the full details on Amazon.
    Get a professional tabletop studio with four 48” adjustable lights by MyStudio to take amazing product photography. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, and just need some photography lights to complete your kit, check out the Set of 2 MyStudio 5000K "Daylight" Fluorescent Photography Lights.
    MyStudio Versa Sweep Ultimate Table Top Photo Studio Lightbox Kit with 5000K photography lighting – Available in 5 Sized Sets

    MyStudio Photography Lighting Set VS53

    Designed by Pro Cyc, a modular cyclorama background studio founded by Fritz Von Tagen in Portland Oregon. Offering portable green screen background systems that provide versatile set backdrops, the company opened a tabletop studio line under the brand name MyStudio in 2007.

    Keep the reflections down and the lighting options high with this VS53 tabletop photo studio for product photography. The seamless white background is highlighted by dual light sockets that each house two 48” fluorescent lights. This miniature lighting studio comes with clips to easily attach any preferred background paper.

    You will need a 5’ x 7’ table surface to accommodate this tabletop studio. For your convenience, it can be set up or broken down in about 20 minutes. The 53” x 96” size is an upgrade from previous MyStudio models to accommodate larger products.

    Here are the finer details of this purchase:
    • Two swiveling light fixtures
    • Each fixture offers three different lighting angles
    • Houses a total of four 48” daylight bulbs
    • Lightweight yet durable tabletop studio
    • 220V-110V voltage converter required if used outside USA
    • Made in the USA
    There are four other options for tabletop photography offered by MyStudio, with varying sizes and corner angles. You can check the other options out on Amazon if this model does not seem like the perfect fit.
    Up your game with this complete lighting kit by Linco that offers several backdrop options to choose from. Alternatively, if you’re just starting out or want the most affordable option, try the Linco Lincostore Photography Photo Portrait Studio Lighting 600W Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kit.
    Linco 2000 W Photo Studio Lighting Kit - 3 Color Muslin Backdrop, Background Stand, Photography Flora X Fluorescent 4-Socket & Auto Pop-Up Softbox

    Linco Photography Lighting Set AM077

    Linco has taken on the task of lighting your studio for you. With many options to choose from, including strobe or continuous lighting, boom stands and background accessories, you can get in the game of taking professional photos and videos with their affordable equipment.

    This 2000 watt studio kit comes complete with everything you need to take professional level photos and videos. With a choice of 3 color backdrops: a green screen, a crisp white, or a black muslin, you have plenty of options to suit a variety of tasks.

    The backdrop is held up by a 7’ x 10’ stand. The setup for this lighting kit is made easier due to the pop-up softbox design that comes with a diffuser for more natural light. The entire kit offers flexibility and versatility for all your lighting needs. It is well-made for the cost, plus it’s energy efficient.

    Here are the specifics of what you get with this lighting kit:
    • Morning Glory storage bag
    • Weight bag for stability
    • Three 77” lightweight light stands
    • Three fluorescent 4 socket head lights
    • Three pop-up softboxes
    • One boom and stand kit
    • 7’ x 10’ background support system
    • Three 5’ x 10’ backdrops in green, white, and black
    • 5 backdrop clip holders
    • 12 photography studio soft white bulbs
    • Lightstands are adjustable from 32” - 77”
    This LimoStudio offers a complete lighting kit to accommodate all your needs. However, if you’re looking specifically for a table top lighting set, take a look at the LimoStudio 16" x 16" Table Top Photo Photography Studio Lighting Light Tent Kit in a Box; it’s also an Amazon #1 Best Seller!
    LimoStudio Photography Photo Portrait Studio 600W Day Light Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kit

    LimoStudio Photography Lighting Set LMS103

    Get your specialized lighting equipment from Limo Studio. Founded in 2000, they offer plenty of products from lighting fixtures, barn doors, boom stands, sandbags and remote triggers, to camera lenses and accessory bundles.

    Get your studio up and running with this super affordable studio kit by LimoStudio. It offers three lightstands, one tabletop stand that reaches 28” high, and two tall light stands with umbrellas that reach 86” high. There are three single socket fluorescent light fixtures, and a bag to carry your gear and bulbs.

    Let’s look at what you get with this purchase in more detail:
    • Three 45 watt light bulbs
    • Three light stands
    • 2 umbrellas
    • One umbrella carry case
    • One light bulb carry case
    • 600 total watts

    Get the Best Photography Lighting Set of 2017!

    Now is the time to expand your lighting abilities, with a studio kit that offers plenty of options. All of these choices have something to offer, with a range of choices in light modification. One of our featured kits is going to be the perfect compliment to shedding some light on your next photo session for more beautiful and captivating photos.

    Our Top Choice
    StudioPRO 2500 Watt Photography Light Set
    Best Value
    Cowboy Studio Background Lighting Kit
    MyStudio VersaSweep Photo Studio
    Linco 2000 W Photo Studio Lighting Kit
    LimoStudio Photography Photo Portrait Studio