Best Picture Dictionary Reviews 2022

When you want to learn a new language, you have many options, but have you ever tried a picture dictionary? You have to try it; this book works wonders for everyone. So, if your son or daughter is always asking what everything in the house is in a different language, it is time to introduce them to this easy and fun way of learning, and watch them fool around with the pictures. So where do you get one? Well, that’s exactly why we are here, to talk you through some of the best picture dictionary brands in the market.
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Our Top Choice
Steven J. Molinsky, Bill Bliss Word-By-Word Picture Dictionary
If you are looking for quality educational resources, there is no better place to look than Steven J. Molinsky and Bill Bliss’ latest project in learning material.
It’s interactive method and pictorial nature makes it the real deal. It comes with an Exam View CD-ROM. Audio CD offers advantages like motivating vocabulary and grammar.
It lacks text and writing practice exercises for honing your skills.
196 pages
Over 4,000
Second edition
Best Value
Marlene Goodman Learn English Picture Dictionary
Marlene Goodman writes some of the best education resources, with the quality unsurpassed.
Has 30 pages of illustrations and 1,550 words. The content reflects everyday places and activities. Its bilingual design makes it easier to learn another language.
Some of the drawings might be quite outdated.
80 pages
1,500 words
Hard cover
First edition
Merriam-Webster Visual Dictionary
With over 150 years in the market, Merriam-Webster leads the way in providing solutions for language information.
Illustrations have been modified to modern tech that learners are conversant with. It has 25,000 terms. It can fit in almost any backpack.
The book has some heft to it, but you can easily tuck it into your bag without struggle.
1,112 pages
25,000 words, 8,000 illustrations
Second edition
DK Spanish-English Bilingual Visual Dictionary
If you are looking for world-class reference material, then DK is right where you need to turn for superb-quality learning materials.
It has full-color photography and artwork display. The illustrations reflect daily life for easy understanding. Content has been revised and updated.
It is not alphabetical for easy retrieval.
360 pages
10,000 illustrations
Rev Upd Bl edition
Oxford Picture Dictionary
So you want nothing short of top quality? Well, you need to check out Oxford dictionaries.
It has a CD-ROM and reading library. It is super easy to use. Has questions for preview in each section to assess your skills. Each unit has an intro and story.
Might not be accessible if you are using windows 8.
285 pages
Second edition

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What is the Best Picture Dictionary?

Learning a new language couldn’t get easier than this. Now that you are well informed of the features you need to look out for when purchasing the best picture dictionary for you, you are ready to jump to our review.
Our Top Choice
This Steven J. Molinsky and Bill Bliss Word-By-Word Picture Dictionary comes with an Exam View CD-ROM and testing program, which is essential progress assessment. If you are looking for a picture dictionary for beginners, then check out Steven J. Molinsky and Bill Bliss’ Beginning Vocabulary Picture Dictionary.

Steven J. Molinsky, Bill Bliss Word-By-Word Picture Dictionary with WordSongs Music CD (2nd Edition)

Steven J. Molinsky and Bill Bliss are on a mission to help people improve in different facets of the education arena. They teach curriculum development, provision of qualification and assessment of solutions as well as human resource training.

Learning English can be quite a task. Nevertheless, this does not have to be a problem if you can get a dictionary to help you. And one of the dictionaries to check out is Steven J. Molinsky and Bill Bliss’ Word-By-Word Picture Dictionary. With more than 4,000 words in a wide range of topics, you can always practice English for everyday life use – at work, in school, or in the community. It also comes with an array of other features as well.

These are some of the other features to look at:
  • With an included teacher’s guide and CD-ROMs, as well as lesson plans, planning your lessons or community tasks will always be a breeze.
  • Besides, since it is a word-by-word type of dictionary, its ease of use is unparalleled; plus, it offers a conversational approach and lively spirit in use.
  • For the beginners and intermediates, you can make the most of an additional audio CD for vocabulary, listening practice and grammar.
  • Most importantly, the presence of pictures makes the use of this dictionary not only interesting, but also ideal for youth who might want a little more entertainment, and seniors who might have problems discerning the minute text.
Best Value
With up to 30 pages of illustrations and 1,550 words, the Marlene Goodman Let’s Learn English Picture Dictionary has all you need for your learning needs. If you have been wanting to learn Spanish, then check out Marlene Goodman’s Let’s Learn Spanish Picture Dictionary.

Marlene Goodman Let’s Learn English Picture Dictionary

A dictionary is one educational material that requires ultimate perfection in its content. Well, no one knows how to do this better than Marlene Goodman, as she pays attention to detail in every single aspect. Besides, she offers numerous options for learners. There is always something for everyone.

When it comes to educational material, nothing should be left to chance in the manufacturing process of the essential resources. And things really get critical when it comes to a dictionary, which is one of the resources at the top of the ranks in learning. With fun-filled panoramas that children between three and eight years are familiar with, teaching them with Marlene Goodman’s Let’s Learn English Picture Dictionary is always easy and fun. And there is more, you can also make the most of other features that it comes with as well.

Here are several features you should not miss:
  • One of the things you will come to love about this dictionary is the sheer number of illustrations in it, which stretch well up to 30 double-page spreads, with up to 1,550 basic words.
  • Besides, the content largely depicts things that the user can relate to in everyday life, like people, actions, objects, places and many others.
  • The illustrations and words in this dictionary are also well defined for use at different levels as the learner hones their use of English.
  • What’s more, the pictures in this dictionary go a long way in making learning easy, as they reflect things you can easily identify, and are well outlined with clear and visible illustrations.
  • Since it is bilingual, you will understand the vast number of English and Russian words super easily.
The illustrations in this Merriam-Webster Visual Dictionary have been modified to modern tech equipment that learners are most likely to be conversant with. If you are looking for a compact, five-language picture dictionary with chapters having corresponding themes, then check out Merriam-Webster Compact 5-Language Picture Dictionary.

Merriam-Webster Visual Dictionary, New Second Edition, Hardcover

At Merriam-Webster, every little bit matters, and this has seen the company embrace the use of professionals in dictionary editing, as well as the best writers, to achieve the best products and services. This has seen the company in the lead in America and the world over in print and publications, as one of the best sellers in the market.

Like any other learning material, a dictionary requires acute attention to offer the ideal information that can help the learner achieve their goals with ease. This Merriam-Webster Visual Dictionary is one option you can never regret investing in – which, by the way, is little anyway. With over 8,000 full-color and detailed illustrations, you have a lot to learn, and with ease. Interestingly, you can get more with the various features that this dictionary comes with.

These are some of the features we are talking about:
  • One of the best things about this dictionary is its large number of dictionary-scale definitions, as it comes with almost 25,000 terms, covering all aspects of the English language.
  • Besides, it features up to 18 chapters that correspond to various fields like the earth, astronomy, the animal kingdom, gardening, and plants as well.
  • What’s more, most of the illustrations are modified to a modern design, depicting the most recent technologies such as touchscreen phones.
  • With every illustration depicting daily life, this dictionary offers virtually all you need for school, work, research, browsing or self-study, to mention just a few.
  • Even more interesting is the design of the dictionary itself, as it is just the ideal size to fit into a backpack for easy portability.
The use of full-color photography and artwork display makes learning with this DK Spanish-English Bilingual Visual Dictionary both easy and fun. If you have been wanting to learn Mandarin Chinese in a fun and easy way then check out DK Mandarin Chinese-English Bilingual Visual Dictionary.

DK Spanish English Bilingual Visual Dictionary (DK Visual Dictionaries)

Enriching, informing and entertaining readers of educational material are among the things DK pays much attention to. This has seen the company achieve unrivaled clarity in its material, from water printed to digital, as well as embodied designs in the world of pictures and words. The company has won recognition for innovation in its products, whether digital or printed.

Pointing at photos may seem quite childish, but that is what picture dictionaries are all about. The only problem is working with a dictionary that can’t offer what you are looking for, but certainly, that doesn’t apply to the DK Spanish-English Bilingual Visual Dictionary. With a free audio app, you can always scan any page and listen to the words, either in English or Spanish. Then there are a lot more features to go for as well.

These are some of the other features you cannot afford to overlook:
  • Since this dictionary is bilingual, it can be handy for you whether you want to learn Spanish or English.
  • Moreover, having been revised and updated, it is a great deal when you want to learn and retain common Spanish words.
  • With the use of full-color artwork display and photographs, it makes learning both easy and fun.
  • The illustrations are also ideal for offering an intuitive route to learning the language, as well as learning the word definition more quickly, which can go a long way in recalling what you learn.
A CD-ROM and reading library make this Oxford Monolingual Picture Dictionary super easy to use and efficient. If you have been wanting to learn Arabic from an easy-to-use visual dictionary, then check out Oxford English-Arabic Picture Dictionary.

Oxford Picture Dictionary (Monolingual English) - 2nd Edition

When it comes to variety, you can always count on Oxford for virtually all you need for your learning experience. With some impressive reads like New English File, Oxford English for careers and Oxford Living Grammar, among others, you can always get all you need in one stop shopping. Also, the professional customer service team offers that ideal shopping experience for everyone.

What’s the use of a dictionary if you cannot get the best out of using it? Well, a lot goes into getting the right dictionary, but the first thing to consider in this kind of dictionary is the content. This Oxford Monolingual Picture Dictionary’s vibrant artwork is something to reckon with, as it offers visually appealing information that is up to date. Then it comes with a variety of other features you will definitely love, too.

These are some of the features you need to check out:
  • Something very interesting about this dictionary is its color-coding, as well as icons, which make navigating it and using it super easy.
  • With an up-to-date, thematic word list and content that depicts virtually anything in daily life, you can always get the most with this dictionary without struggling to understand the meaning.
  • What’s more, an additional interactive CD-ROM and Reading Library make its use a breeze, while still offering the top-quality information.
  • It is also worth noting that every unit is covered through single or double-page subtopics and has an intro page and a story at the end for easy learning.
  • Every unit also comes with questions for preview and predicting skills, as well as role-play activities, all of which make the use of this dictionary more effective.

How Do I Choose the Best Picture Dictionary?

If you are a tourist, or you travel abroad quite often, you know how difficult things can be out there when you have to interact with people who speak an entirely different language. And when you thought things couldn't get harder, your son marries from another country, and you have to get up close and personal with in-laws. This could be one of the most awkward moments in your life, when trying to strike up a conversation. This is where picture dictionaries come into play. But getting a dictionary is just part of the story; the most important part is getting one that can guarantee natural learning.

We assume this is what you are going for, and the first thing to check is how easy it is to use. Finding an unfamiliar word in a dictionary with hundreds of pages is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Nevertheless, if you can find a dictionary with well-written definitions for every reading level, as you grab your compass, map and the must-have backpacks'>travel essentials, remember to tuck your dictionary somewhere in your backpack.

Using the pictures in the dictionary for learning and communicating may seem quite childish as an adult – pointing at the pictures and studying them, but it makes the process not only easy but also fun. Also, when you teach your kids using the picture dictionary, they will get fascinated, as they flip through the pages and find the things they see every day.

What’s more, if you can get a dictionary with a lesson planner and teacher’s guide, you can be sure to get the best a picture dictionary has to offer. These make the whole process super easy, especially if you get an audio CD. Plus, since these feature practice exercise questions and other essentials, you can make the most of your learning time by testing how well you are honing your skills.

You can get these and much more in our selection of the best five picture dictionary deals in the market, but below are some features you need to check out first.
When it comes to the price, you will be amazed by how pocket-friendly these dictionaries can be, despite the numerous features they come with. Be ready to spend anything between about $10 and $30, and you can get yourself a dictionary you will love and be proud of. Remember, you can always push further and get a higher quality than ordinary dictionaries can offer, if you are willing to spend a little more.

Besides, it is also worth noting that several aspects determine the price. And features is one of them. Since you want a dictionary that comes with an audio CD, teacher’s guide and lesson plans, among others, you will have to dig deeper into your pocket.

Similarly, you can expect to face price differences when it comes to the design – namely, hardcover or paperback. Also, when you consider the brand, the price will differ from one to the other. If you want a dictionary from the top brand in the market, then be ready to spend more for it. But be warned you might come across a cheap picture dictionary. It is advisable that you steer clear of this type, as it might not offer sufficient content in learning a new language.
If there is one thing you cannot afford to overlook when deciding on the ideal dictionary for your needs, it has to be the features. The good news is, there’s a lot of them to look for, and these options can be handy in making sure you get value for your money.

Well, these are some of the features to keep an eye on:
  • Pages – Like any other dictionary, picture dictionaries can be quite hefty, but some have more pages than others – this can vary from a few hundred to over a thousand pages. It all depends on what you want.
  • Definitions – When it comes to definitions, you can be sure to find a good number of them in any dictionary, and picture dictionaries are not an exception. Even then, the number of illustrations and words differ from one dictionary to the other, but all of them still pack enough information for your learning.
  • Additional Accessories –If you want an audio CD that you can listen to in your car for practice, some of these dictionaries feature that aspect as well. Plus, they will usually come with teacher’s guide and practice sections, where you can assess how well you are doing in your learning. Together with lesson planning and other impressive features, these dictionaries usually offer the best you can get in learning a new language, whether for kids or seniors.
  • Additional Features –Other features included in some picture dictionaries are jokes, anagrams and rhyming words that kids can find quite fascinating. Others come with writing tips from renowned authors, which not only teach the kids a new language, but also other aspects involved in writing, as well as helping them have a fun time learning. And, with others featuring word games and worksheets that you can download online, there is much to choose from when it comes to picture dictionaries.
Construction and Design
The construction of any dictionary is what gives you a window to understanding just how efficient it can be for the job. And when it is time to figure out what matters, several things need to be checked.

Size and weight
    Any dictionary will have some weight to it, but you need to weigh your options before choosing one. If you travel a lot and want a dictionary that you can carry with you, you need to go for one that is lighter, and the right size to fit in your bag with ease. But if you use it at home, then any option might well be okay for you.

Hardcover vs. paperback
    The cover is as essential for a dictionary as it is for any other document. And these dictionaries usually come in two types of covers – paperback or the hardcover. Both are robust enough to keep the book well protected over a long time. So all you need to do is decide which style is the best for you.

Design and themes
    It is important that you get the right design and theme that can resonate with your child, as this will make learning a breeze, and fun too. This can depend on the illustrations drawn, the words, and the overall outline of the units. Also, it will make things easier for them and for you if the dictionary includes themes from everyday life. Fortunately, most of these dictionaries feature this design, so you are sure to get something to enjoy.
Performance and Ease of Use
Forget everything else – a picture dictionary is defined by what it can do. This depends on several features that are essential for the dictionary’s performance. Here are some of the things to consider.

Number of Languages
    Picture dictionaries can be monolingual or bilingual, which is a significant difference, if you want to get the one that best fits your needs. Whichever you find easier to use or more efficient for you, there is always something for anyone seeking to learn and master a new language.

    Like most publications, these dictionaries come in different versions, so you can take advantage of the variety and select what best fits your needs. Besides, since the editions are published in different years, you can base your decision on this aspect to get an up-to-date dictionary that will offer you, or anyone using it, modern material, which is a big plus as well.

Ease of use
    If you can get a well-organized dictionary, then you can be sure using it will be super easy. You do not want to look for a single term in an 8,000-word dictionary that is not well organized, as it might take you hours to find what you are looking for. Luckily, with most dictionaries featuring content arranged in alphabetical order, you can never go wrong. Some picture dictionaries also organize words and definitions by theme.

Get the Best Picture Dictionary of 2022!

By now you have the confidence to hit the market and come out with your favorite dictionary. But, if you have not found the dictionary you were looking for, you do not need to give up, as you can always browse our recommended brands for some of the best picture dictionary options that you can get on board with. Learning your language of choice has never been this easy!

Our Top Choice
Steven J. Molinsky, Bill Bliss Word-By-Word Picture Dictionary
Best Value
Marlene Goodman Learn English Picture Dictionary
Merriam-Webster Visual Dictionary
DK Spanish-English Bilingual Visual Dictionary
Oxford Picture Dictionary