Best Pilates Ball Reviews 2023

We all, or at least most of us, have fitness goals and a Pilates ball is a great—not to mention fun—way of getting these goals accomplished. Even those of us with restless kids can find this ball quite useful in redirecting their jumpy tendencies and helping them become a bit calmer for the sake of world peace (lol). Knowing how difficult it can be getting the right ball, we have thoroughly researched the best Pilates balls from top brands and have come up with our best five. Feel free to look around and make your choice.
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Our Top Choice
Probody Pilates Exercise Ball
By providing a world-class Pilates experience with its excellent products and amazing customer service, Probody Pilates steadily fosters a community of Pilates enthusiasts.
Professional-grade exercise ball. Comes with pump and access to videos and content on how to use the ball. Low-odor material. Non-toxic. Anti-burst. Holds up to 990-1210 pounds.
A few complaints about the pump’s ease of use.
55cm; 65cm; 75cm
660 – 1210 pounds
Phthalate-free PVC
Black; blue; pink; silver
Best Value
Gaiam Children's Balance Ball
With a mission to make fitness and wellbeing accessible to everyone, Gaiam, a leading lifestyle brand, provides customers with yoga fitness and wellness products at great prices.
Ideal for ages 5-8. 300-pound maximum weight capacity. Anti-burst balance ball. Comes with an easy inflation pump. 45-centimeter diameter suitable for kids. Sturdy and durable.
Might roll around when not in use.
300 pounds
Blue; gray; orange
Champion Sports FitPro Training and Exercise Ball
Champion Sports is all about creating experiences that move its customers ever closer to their desired fitness goals, and its numerous customers heartily attest to this.
Made of high-quality resin material. Sturdy and durable. Burst-resistant. 53 centimeters in diameter. Soft exterior. Recommended height: 5 feet 1 inch – 5 feet 6 inches.
Does not come with pump.
53cm; 65cm
. Info not provided
4 colors
Adults; youths
Iskonetics Inc. Exercise Ball
With a commitment to providing customers with the best service and prices, Isokinetic Inc. supplies high-quality Medicare and physical therapy equipment from renowned brands.
Durable, latex-free material. 500-pound maximum weight capacity. Burst-resistant. With inflation measuring tape. Also with inflation nozzle, plug, and inflation instructions.
Pump is not included in package.
55cm; 65cm; 75cm
400 pounds
Latex-free PVC
10 colors
Adults; youths
URBNFit Mini Exercise Ball
For high-quality exercise equipment that keeps you looking your best always, URBNFit is a name you can trust. Its products are standard and sell at competitive prices.
Made of high-quality PVC. High-grip, non-slip surface. With anti-burst coating. 600-pound maximum weight capacity. With inflation straw and plug. Also with easy-to-follow guide.
Inflation is a bit difficult.
600 pounds
Black; blue; pink

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What is the Best Pilates Ball?

You’re now ready to make an informed buy with all the info you’ve gleaned from our guide. Let’s now hop into the reviews without further ado.
Our Top Choice
Now here’s a great ball for Pilates experts and enthusiasts: the Probody Pilates Professional Grade Anti-burst Exercise Ball with Pump. It comes with access to online videos and content to help kick-start your groove. Or you could also check out this mini Pilates ball that’s also anti-burst, comes in a black color , and is more affordable. See the Probody Pilates Mini Exercise Ball.

Probody Pilates Professional Grade Anti-burst Exercise Ball with Pump – Available in Several Buying Options & 3 Sizes

Probody Pilates is firm about its belief in balance as one of the keys to discovering a happy and healthy life. Based on this belief, it aims to provide customers with quality products that are shipped fast and backed by amazing customer service. Following customers’ reviews on products by this brand, we can conclude that it has done well in fulfilling this aim. And by doing this, it slowly and steadily builds a community of Pilates enthusiasts in almost every locality. Thanks to its competitive prices, we can be sure that more and more people are going to get drafted into the “Pilates community”.

For lovers of Pilates everywhere, the Probody Pilates Exercise Ball is an excellent choice to gain that fab body you’ve been working out for. Check out its features:

Beginners in Pilates need not get lost with this ball because when you purchase, you get access to online videos and content on how to use it. So, there’s no excuse to not begin Pilates already. Remember our fitness goals?

For your safety, this ball comes free of all kinds of toxic phthalates so while you’re working to get fit, you don’t catch some dreadful disease (we’re working to stay healthy not get sick). Plus, we all know rubber and its notorious pungent smell. Argghh! Well, there’s none of that here. It’s safe and thankfully low-odor.

It comes with a pump that gets the ball inflated fast, although a few people can’t seem to get the hang of it. But that’s it though: a few people only. Many others found the pump quite useful, especially after following instructions.

Further, this ball is anti-burst which makes it durable and long-lasting. You’re going to use this ball ‘til you tire of it.

So, whether it’s core-strength building, back rehab, or even child birth, this awesome Pilates ball will deliver on the job excellently. Try it!
Best Value
You can effectively redirect your child’s boundless energy into developing a healthier lifestyle with the Gaiam Kids Anti-burst Balance Ball with Air Pump. Its 45-centimeter diameter and 300-pound maximum weight capacity are ideal for kids. If you need something different, there’s this one that comes with legs. The ball is removable and comes with an air pump and a guide: The Gaiam Balance Ball Chair.

Gaiam Kids Anti-burst Balance Ball with Air Pump – Available in 3 Colors

Gaiam has carved a niche for itself in the fitness and wellness industry by focusing primarily on yoga. And because it is so particular about everyone embracing the benefits of yoga for a richer, fuller life, it creates a wide range of quality yoga fitness and wellness products that cater to every enthusiast, from the beginner to the expert. Gaiam believes in the interconnectivity of all things in the earth and therefore ensures that whatever it does, the earth is nurtured ad respected.
With unbeatable prices and top-tier customer service, this brand sure raises the bar for excellence among its counterparts in the industry.

Dear mom, we know you’re out of ideas on how to make your restless child stay in one place, so allow us to show you something that will most likely work: The Gaiam Kids Balance Ball. And it’s much more than keeping them still. Because of increased blood flow, your kid’s focus is sharpened and the ball also helps them to gain correct posture.

So, what are the features of this wonder ball? We’ll look into that shortly:

Firstly, it comes with an easy inflation pump so you can get the ball up and bouncy in minutes and without any stress. You know the faster the ball is set up, the earlier we all could gain world peace. So that’s score one for this ball.

Also, it comes with a weight limit of 300 pounds. It’s highly unlikely that a child between 5-8 (appropriate age range recommended by manufacturer) could weigh that much, so your kid is totally safe on this thing. In fact, it can even hold some adult males. So fear not.

It also comes with a 45-centimeter diameter that’s ideal for kids that age; neither too big nor too small. It’s correctly sized, so that they can sit with their feet flat on the floor which is the idea of this ball in the first place. This ball also comes in three colors to choose from. They’ve got silver, orange and blue!

So mom, teacher, no need to be driven insane by the jumpy kid anymore, just get him this ball, and watch him/her get too engaged with his new favorite seat to run around. Thank us later!

PS: The manufacturer advises that you re-inflate the ball once or twice after the first inflation to get the ball to its perfect size.
The Champion Sports FitPro Anti-burst Training and Exercise Ball is a fantastic choice for those between the short to average height range. This 53-centimeter ball is made of high-quality resin material that withstands rigorous use. Training for a Lacrosse tournament soon? Then get this Lacrosse ball. It’s official standard, and available in different colors: the Champion Sports Colored Lacrosse Balls.

Champion Sports FitPro Anti-burst Training and Exercise Ball – Available in 2 Sizes & 4 Colors

Founded by Bernard and Dolores Meller over 50 years ago, Champion Sports has consistently served customers with topnotch sports and fitness equipment. By manufacturing and distributing its various lines of over 2000 products, it has aided scores of physical educators, fitness enthusiasts, individual athletes, and teams in their quest to achieve physical fitness and enjoy a good game. It has therefore amassed for itself numerous customers by staying true to its mission to foster experiences that enable individuals to attain their fitness goals. With unbeatable pricing and five-star customer service, it’s no surprise that customers are huge fans of this brand.

If you’re about short to average in height and you can’t seem to find a quality ball suited for you, don’t give up on Pilates, just get the Champion Sports FitPro Training and Exercise Ball instead. It’s an excellent ball made for you.

Its 53-centimeter diameter is just right for people within the 5 feet 1 inch to 5 feet 6 inches height range. It’s just the size you want; you’d be able to sit with your feet flat on the floor, no sweats. And, if you’re taller than this, you can also purchase the 65cm ball, which is suitable for anyone between 5’7” and 6’1”.

Made of high-quality resin, this ball is quite sturdy and durable. And despite its sturdiness, it still has a soft feel on the exterior that will make exercising a bit less tedious. You might not appreciate this unless you’ve worked out on a tacky ball before. Rigorous exercise on a tacky ball is the highway to giving up on working out altogether. That’s free advice. Take it.

Of course, this ball is burst-resistant too. The only downside is that you’d have to get its pump separately. But if customer reviews are anything to go by, and we all know they are, this guy is A-Okay!

If appearance is important to you, you can grab this Pilates ball in neon green, orange, pink or yellow!
Been searching for a ball that inflates impeccably? Then get the Iskonetics Inc. Anti-burst Exercise Ball with Inflation Measuring Tape. It even comes with inflation instructions to avoid playing the guessing game. Or you could get this ball chair that comes with adjustments for its legs’ heights and for your back positions. See the Isokinetics Inc. Brand Adjustable Fitness Ball Chair.

Iskonetics Inc. Anti-burst Exercise Ball with Inflation Measuring Tape – Available in Multiple Sizes & Colors

For about 30 years now, Isokinetics Inc. has remained committed to selling quality products and serving its customers in the simplest and most personal way possible. With strong partnerships with some of the biggest names in Medicare, physical therapy, and sporting goods such as Chattanooga, Saunders, Armedica, Kangoo, Mettler, and more, the customer is assured of always getting value for money every time he shops over at this brand. And, although it has experienced tremendous growth, Isokinetics Inc. still makes it a point to remain a “small company” and this has endeared the brand to many a customer. Available in its product lines include: physical therapy equipment, athletic training products, and home exercise equipment.

The Iskonetics Inc. Exercise Ball works for so many reasons. Firstly, physical therapists are in love with this ball (some think it’s the best thing after sliced bread by way of Pilates balls. We kid you not. Check the reviews).

Also, we must appreciate this brand for its genius. Seeing all the guesswork that goes into inflating Pilates balls the world over, it decided to throw a measuring tape into the package. Now you can accurately measure your ball and inflate your ball correctly to size. No more guesswork and you get to enjoy your ball too. There’s also three sizes to choose from, so you can get the correct size for your height. Choose from 22, 26 or 30 inches. That’s not all, there’s tons of different colors including black, blue, purple, yellow, red and orange! You’ll be spoilt for choice.

Still on inflation, there’s an inflation nozzle, some extra plugs, and inflation instructions. Strangely though, and for reasons best known to the manufacturer, there isn’t any pump included. You’d have to get that separately.

Well, about that, we snooped on that a little for you and word on the street is that it’s of good quality and gets the ball inflated pretty fast, effortlessly. It’s also quite affordable, so you might also want to add that to your cart.

This ball is quite sturdy and strong, with a soft feel that you and your tush would love (if you need it as an office chair).

Finally, with a maximum weight capacity of 500 pounds and an anti-burst feature, this ball is so durable. It’s not a cash funnel at all. You’ll love it. Get it!
Yoga lover or barre student, here’s a great ball you’ll love to work with: the URBNFit Mini Anti-burst Exercise Ball with High-Grip, Non-Slip Surface. You’ll be good to go whatever position your exercise routine requires. Or if you’d prefer, there’s a professional-grade exercise ball with a 2000-pound maximum weight capacity and a double-action pump: the URBNFit Exercise Ball – Professional Quality.

URBNFit Mini Anti-burst Exercise Ball with High-Grip, Non-Slip Surface – Available in Multiple Styles

URBNFit is dedicated to your fitness and overall wellbeing, and it shows this by equipping you with only the best products of the highest standards that will deliver on getting you that body you’ve always dreamed of. With a wide range of exercise products and equipment, there is almost nothing a customer wants by way of exercise equipment that this brand does not offer, and these products go for the best prices around. Also, it offers one of the best customer services we have seen on retail platforms, always willing to respond to customers promptly and helpfully. Shopping with this company is a smart decision that pays off in every way.

Why are we crazy about the URBNFit Mini Exercise Ball? Are you kidding? It’s affordable and it still does a bang-up job at getting us fit. What else do you want in a mini exercise ball? But since seeing is believing, let’s have a look at some of its features:

It’s made of high-quality PVC which means that it’s safe for you, health-wise. No toxic chemicals on your ball, and no horrible outta-the-box smell that just hits the brain like a wave of brain-freeze.

Also, it has a maximum weight capacity of 600 pounds. So, whatever your weight, bring it on baby, this ball has got you.

To inflate your ball is going to be fun, and maybe not too easy but fun nonetheless. This ball comes with an inflation straw and some extra plugs. A few people seem to have issues working with the straw and would much rather prefer a conventional straw or a pump. But there were still others who liked the idea.

The surface of this ball is non-slip and high-grip, so you can get a good grip on it without constantly sliding off, even when the workout has got you all sweaty. So, you see, the ball keeps looking out for you.

And it even comes with a workout guide that gets you through if you’re a beginner. And for the experts, you know a few more tips and techniques are never too much. So it works!

Now, you see that there isn’t any excuse not to work your way into a healthy, gorgeous-looking body, especially not cash. Get this budget-friendly ball and let’s start achieving some goals! Choose from blue, black or pink, depending on your preference OR you could even go for the blue massager ball which has a textured, spiky design for the ultimate massage.

How Do I Choose the Best Pilates Ball?

In spite of all the advancements made in the world of exercise and body fitness equipment today, the exercise ball still remains apparently eternally relevant. Really, check it out: there are treadmills, and so many own their own home gyms, yet exercise balls haven’t gone out of fad.

Well, if we factor in the fact that exercise balls are quite inexpensive, easy to use, and without all the complications of working with and caring for a machine, you’d understand why they aren’t going away anytime soon. So, now might be a good time to get yourself some yoga essentials and start meditating if you haven’t started already.

There are loads of exercise balls available to users today, from BOSU balls to balance balls, to medicine balls, to Pilates balls (also known as a Swiss ball) which is the topic of our discussion today.

Pilates are pretty much like yoga, so yoga lovers might love them too. But then, Pilates aren’t quite as easy, so if you’re lazy with your yoga, it might not be your cup of tea. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a more intense work-out routine that builds strength and flexibility amongst other things, then think Pilates.

Err… maybe we should put this in more relatable terms. If you’re looking for a super-taut, wash-board-flat tummy and strong lean legs, then you’re sure thinking about Pilates. That’s much more enticing, yeah? We guessed so too.

Now, we will be looking more in-depth into Pilates balls and their features. You’ll definitely need this info to make an informed choice on purchase, especially if you’re new to Pilates. So, if you’re ready, we’ll be right behind you. Let’s go!
You can get Pilates balls for a full range of prices, usually depending on how complex the ball is. Yes, exercise balls can get a bit complex—maybe not V8 engine complex, but they could come with legs, or wheels, which is actually the height of complexity (okay, so maybe it’s not that complex, but you get the picture). Now Pilates balls of that kind can go for as high as $100 plus, while simple balls without any shing-ding, can go for as low as $10.

You’ll definitely find balls that go for far lower than this price, but we would strongly advise against them. Cheap Pilates balls aren’t your best bet to save cash, and if you’re a yoga faithful, you’d understand why. Many have a cheap, tacky feel that’s quite uncomfortable for exercising and some of them are made with toxic chemicals in the manufacturers’ bid to cut manufacturing costs. And we haven’t even mentioned how these cheapies burst or deflate at the slightest provocation. It’s much wiser to invest in a higher-quality ball at the end of the day.
Pilates balls come with quite a few features that you should check out before making a purchase, especially so you get the one that is best suited for you, your exercise requirements, and your physique:
  • Type
  • Surface texture
  • Size
  • Weight capacity and anti-burst feature
  • Care and maintenance
Let’s get into the details already!
Construction and Design

There are quite a few types of Pilates balls, also known as exercise balls. Some of them are:

Medicine Balls: These are usually made of leather or rubber, and filled with some kind of heavy material or sand. They are usually used for physical therapy and power training, and weigh more with an increased size. Some weigh as much as 30 pounds while others are as light as a mere 2 pounds.

BOSU: Fully known as Both Sides Up, they are usually dome-shaped and have more uses when compared to conventional exercise balls. Because of their flat and round sides, many exercises can be accomplished on this one ball. They are mostly used to improve agility and balance.

Hand Therapy Balls: These help to improve manual dexterity by exercising the hands. They are usually really small, less than 2 inches in diameter, and mostly used for rehabilitation.

Massage and Small Therapy Balls: These are essentially used for massages using the body’s own weight. Some of these come studded to exert more pressure on the body’s nerve endings.

Surface Texture

Now, for surface texture, be sure to get a ball with a non-slip surface. These types are best and safer, so you don’t keep sliding off the ball while trying to get your routine done. They are also great because they enable you to grip properly.

Weight Capacity

There are varying weight limits for different exercise balls, and you should check the specifications on the ball before you purchase so you know what exactly it is that you’re working with.

Anti-burst Feature

A more important feature to also look out for is the anti-burst feature. Please check to ensure that your ball is anti-burst because this means that should it get punctured, it will deflate slowly as opposed to a loud pop that’s both startling and potentially dangerous.

But mind you, the more your ball deflates, the easier your routines will get and the more ineffective they’ll become. Yes darling, pain is gain.
Performance and Ease of Use

There are so many sizes of exercise balls available and in the midst of all those sizes, picking one that’s suitable for your height can be quite tough—but here’s a guide:
  • 5 feet and below: 45 centimeters (or 17.7 inches)
  • 5 feet, 1 inch – 5 feet, 8 inches: 55 centimeters (or 21.7 inches)
  • 5 feet, 9 inches – 6 feet, 2 inches: 65 centimeters (or 25.6 inches)
  • 6 feet, 3 inches – 6 feet, 7 inches: 75 centimeters (or 29.5 inches)
  • 6 feet, 8 inches and above: 85 centimeters (or 33.5 inches)
A prime way to know if your ball is correctly sized to your size is to sit on it. When you do, if your feet stay flat on the floor, then it’s your size.

Also, your knees and pelvis should be at the same level. It’s also okay if your knees are at a level slightly lower than your pelvis, but no higher. And then your hips to your knees should be an accurate right angle. And finally, your ears, shoulders, and pelvis should form a straight line. If all these boxes are checked, then congratulations! Your ball is correctly sized.

Care and Maintenance

You should inflate your ball according to size rather than pressure, so this means that you must know the diameter of your ball before you begin to inflate. Marking this value on your door or wall can help you inflate your ball correct-to-size effortlessly. If the package doesn’t come with a pump and you don’t have one yourself, compressed air from a tire repair shop will also do.

But then, it’s best to get a pump from the manufacturers themselves so as to ensure fit with the ball’s nozzle.

Avoid over-inflating the ball; it should still be able to push 2 inches inwards after inflation. And after your first use, be sure to inflate it again once or twice because most of these Pilates balls do not get to their actual size on first inflation.

In maintaining your ball, of course you know better than to use it around sharpies. And please use your ball inside only because there are lots of sharps outside such as sticks or rocks that could damage it.

To ensure that your ball remains hygienic, clean regularly with soft soap, warm water, and a soft cloth. Avoid the use of heavy chemicals or harsh cleaners on the ball, even if you’re combating germs. It’s totally unnecessary. Just spray with disinfectant instead—a light, gentle spray, people, not a hurricane.

Get the Best Pilates Ball of 2023!

The end! Phew! It was a fun ride with you, but now it’s time to have that fun real time. Order that ball now! If our featured products don’t thrill you, you’re with some of the best brands around, so feel free to go with something else.

Our Top Choice
Probody Pilates Exercise Ball
Best Value
Gaiam Children's Balance Ball
Champion Sports FitPro Training and Exercise Ball
Iskonetics Inc. Exercise Ball
URBNFit Mini Exercise Ball