Best Pilates Ring Reviews 2022

When it comes to staying fit and having that fabulous body, we all know it comes at a price. You’ll need to maintain the right routines and have the right fitness tools necessary to help you achieve your fitness goals—one of which is a Pilates ring. But you must make a right choice or your fitness plans may just fall through. Not to worry; this buying guide is a product of a thorough investigation on the best Pilates rings from five top brands. If you read through, we’ll guide you on how to make a selection without a hassle.
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Ring Info
Handle Info
Our Top Choice
STOTT PILATES Fitness Circle Lite
STOTT Pilates was founded as a physical fitness outfit in 1988. It has trained about 40,000 students over the last 2 decades and has helped many people maintain their body curve.
Lightweight construction. Provides resistance needed for workouts. Padded-foam grips for easy and comfortable handling. Perfect for beginners. Great for travel.
It may be a bit clumsy to store up this Pilates ring.
14 inches
0.75 pounds
Best Value
Power Systems Fiberglass Pilates Ring
Power Systems provides its customers with products that promote health, performance, and fitness. It’s also well-known for its excellent and prompt customer support services.
15-inch-diameter ring. Durable fiberglass construction. Tautens muscles of arms and thighs. Available in firm, moderate, and light resistance. Flexible foam for a comfortable grip.
It doesn’t have any resources for workout tutorials.
15 inches
Light; moderate; firm
Molded plastic
1 pound
Balanced Body Ultra-Fit Circle
Balanced Body is renowned in the sports and fitness industry as a trailblazing company that set many standards in making Pilates education and equipment available to many people.
Lightweight construction. Comfortable grips from its padded foam cover. Has a durable construction. Comes with a training DVD. Perfect for large body sizes. 15-inch diameter.
It could be better with more tension.
15 inches
Flexible plastic/rubberized shell
Padded plastic
1 pound
Stamina AeroPilates Magic Circle
Stamina is one of the foremost manufacturers to produce infomercial products in the fitness and leisure industry. It is still dedicated to helping people stay strong and healthy.
Soft, rubber-covered, and comfortable grip. Moisture-resistant. Durable construction. Provides quicker and increased target toning. Provides heavy resistance. Professional-grade.
There are a few reports of the pads falling off.
14.75 inches
Molded foam
0.8 pounds
Trademark Innovations Pilates Fitness Ring
Trademark Innovations manufactures an extensive line of products that are specially designed to improve quality of life including fitness products, kitchenware, and home décor.
Lightweight. Provides comfortable grip. Perfect for stretching and strengthening the muscles. Helps to maintain good posture. Can be stored away easily.
First-time Pilates users would be happier if it came with a training guide.
15 inches
Info not provided
Molded foam
0.8 pounds

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What is the Best Pilates Ring?

A good Pilates ring should give you the much-needed resistance required for your workouts. It should also score high on sturdiness and durability. Nonetheless, now that you have gone through our buying guide, you can rest assured that making the right choice of a Pilates ring should be a walk in the park. Now, let’s go through our top products!
Our Top Choice
The STOTT Fitness Circle Lite is a necessary tool for Pilates enthusiasts aspiring to increase their body alertness and firm up body muscles. It features foam grips on opposite sides for easy and comfortable use. Want to go pro? Then check out the STOTT Pilates Fitness Circle Pro. It comes in 2 sizes, suitable for those who are taller than 5 feet 4 inches and those who are shorter.

STOTT PILATES 14-Inch Black Fitness Circle Lite

STOTT PILATES is a fitness outfit that specializes in the science of exercise and rehabilitation using an educational method that’s clearly unparalleled in the fitness industry. It boasts 150 workshops were introductory education can support people’s personal training programs. Its curriculum includes access to high-quality equipment and a wide array of resource materials in its DVD library. Attending its certification center opens its customers to its 5 Basic Principles which include effective observation and communication skills, theory and practice of postural analysis, and effective program design.

The Fitness Circle Lite is every Pilates enthusiast’s delight. The fact that it’s lightweight makes it super easy to use. In fact, it is recommended for those who are just starting out with Pilates.

This 14-inch-diameter ring is designed to help you improve your muscle tone and firm up places such as your chest, arms, and outer and inner thighs.

When you purchase the Fitness Circle Lite, you’ll be given a web link to a free exercise instruction website where you can try out the Pilates ring and set a good workout routine for yourself.

What’s more? It’s super comfortable to use. And this is because the ring has padded-foam grips that are situated on opposite sides of the ring. The pads make for easy and convenient holds during a workout.

You don’t have to wait ‘til you’re in the comfort of your home to do your routine workouts, either. This Pilates ring is travel-worthy and perfect to carry along with you on a journey—convenience at its finest.
Best Value
The Power Systems Fiberglass Pilates Ring with 2 Handles offers the flexibility and comfort of its foam cover for easy grip and handling. You can also trust its durable fiberglass construction to serve you for a long time. Would you like a ring with firm resistance? Then check out the Power Systems Fiberglass Pilates Ring with Firm Resistance. This ring’s foam cover makes for comfortable handling.

Power Systems Fiberglass Pilates Ring with 2 Handles – Available in 3 Resistances

Power Systems has 30 years of experience in professional fitness. Since its inception in 1986, it has maintained its passion for physical fitness and mental alertness and attributes its success to the patronage of its loyal customers. But then again, you and we know that there’ll be no patronage if Power Systems didn’t deliver excellently on its goods and services. It continues to evolve with the fast-changing demands of its customers by providing them with professional and high-quality products. The remarkable customer service team and state-of-the-art educational materials remain Power Systems’ forte any day.

Get the best out of your workout by getting the much-needed resistance from the Power Systems Fiberglass Pilates Ring.

This 15-inch-diameter ring offers the durability of its sturdy fiberglass construction and the comfort of its flexible foam cover. Its molded handles are also specially made of plastic to give you unrestrained control when you’re using it during your routine workouts.

Perhaps you were thinking there are user restrictions as per size. Not for this ring, though—it’s a perfect size for most users.

Better still, using this Pilates Circle consistently also helps to tauten the muscles of your inner thighs and upper arms. Carrying this ring in your tote gym bag is also made easy because of the portability it offers.
The Balanced Body Ultra-Fit Circle with Training DVD is a lightweight Pilates ring that offers the superior comfort of its padded handles and a durable construction so you can have the resistance you need for your workout. Looking for something suitable for a small body? Then try the Balanced Body Ultra-Fit Circle Mini. This small ring makes working on the lower part of the body easy.

Balanced Body Ultra-Fit Circle with Training DVD

Balanced Body recently celebrated its 5th decade as a long-standing agent of good health, fitness, and performance. In its 50 years of existence, it has significantly effected positive changes in the lives of many people all over the world. This has earned it the most coveted title in the fitness industry as the largest supplier of Pilates educational resources and equipment. One may wonder how. But for a company who took the work of Pilates’ founding father, Joseph Pilates, and combined human biomechanics and engineering alongside other new age tools to create exceptional fitness products, we can say it was a title well-deserved.

The Balanced Body Ultra-Fit Circle is a 15-inch-diameter ring that’s designed to provide you with resistance during regular workouts. It’s lightweight and comfortable, making handling and gripping it a walk in the park. Moreover, there is also padded foam on either side of the ring for extra gripping comfort.

It boasts a sturdy and durable construction for long-lasting use, and the resistance offered by this Pilates circle is about the same resistance that a 3-band Spring Circle will offer.

Also included in its package is a 15-minute DVD guide that will train you on the basics of Pilates exercise.

But before you hurry to place an order for this amazing ring—because we can tell it appeals to you already—you need to know that it works best for large body types. As a guide, ensure that your height or that of the person you may decide to get this for is 5 feet 4 inches or more. (But don’t worry, this company offers smaller-sized rings if that’s what you need!)
The AeroPilates Magic Circle is designed to enhance the muscle tone of the arms, chest, and inner and outer thighs. The soft rubber and foam-padded grips also make handling it during workouts super comfortable. Would you like a Pilates kit? Then try the Stamina Calm Magic Circle Kit. This kit includes a 14.75-inch Pilates ring, a workout DVD, and a Pilates mat for exercising.

Stamina AeroPilates 14.75-Inch Magic Circle with Padded Grips

For over 4 decades, Stamina Products has thrown itself into making innovative and affordable fitness products for its customers. One of its greatest achievements so far is that it has successfully sent a good number of affordable and high-quality Pilates reformers to the fitness market for use in homes and gyms. Its AeroPilates rings are known to help people build their body endurance, sculpt the entire body, and increase its flexibility. Stamina’s mission is to keep up with the dynamics of the competitive market by partnering with other brands. It’s also maintained its consistency, superior customer service, and active marketing strategies.

The Stamina Professional Magic Circle is a soft and rubber-covered ring that provides resistance during workouts. It allows versatility in exercises anywhere you are, and provides quick and increased toning of target muscles of the body. This ring also enhances muscle strength throughout the whole body, especially in troublesome areas such as the upper arms, the chest, and the outer/inner parts of the thighs.

This 14.75-inch ring provides heavy resistance sufficient for desired fitness results. Meanwhile, handling it is easy because of the foam-padded grips it offers at the two sides of the ring’s diameter.

The fact that it comes in a black color means that it won’t flash “dirty” if it gets stained in any way. What’s more? You can hold it close to your body even when you’re all sweaty, because it’s moisture-resistant.

Customers who have used this magic ring have attested to the fact that they actually felt the burn during workouts—which means it truly works, and even so effectively.
Its Pilates Exercise Resistance Fitness Ring is a 15-inch fitness tool that’s designed to stretch and strengthen the muscles of your upper and lower body. It’s also lightweight and ready to store away in your gym bag. Need a pack of more than one Pilates ring? Then check out the Trademark Innovations Hula Hoop Exercise Rings. This pair is designed to strengthen arm and chest muscles.

Trademark Innovations 15-Inch Pilates Exercise Resistance Fitness Ring

Trademark Innovations sprung up from an idea and a little bit of hard work. It’s known in the leisure market today as the brand that provides quality and innovative fitness products that offer its customers a pleasant and long-lasting experience. Because Trademark Innovation trusts the quality of its products, it boasts in the fact that its customers will have a good time with anything they purchase from it. In the unlikely event that the customer doesn’t, Trademark Innovations’ customer service team are always hands-on-deck to help such customers optimize their user experience. Its extensive line of products includes home décor, outdoor and sporting goods, and kitchenware.

Its Pilates Fitness Ring is a body fitness tool that measures 15 inches in diameter. It features ergonomic handles that provide a comfortable grip for its users, and using this Pilates Circle will help you stretch and strengthen the muscles of your upper and lower body.

It’s lightweight enough to be held without strain or hassle and is compact enough to be stored in your gym bag conveniently.

If you’re also looking to maintain good posture, this ring will help you achieve that by working out your body to the core.

In short, this ring is the perfect improvement tool required to take your workout program a notch higher and achieve better results.

How Do I Choose the Best Pilates Ring?

A great Pilate ring in your gym bag may be all that you need to get that fabulous body or maintain that awesome posture. In fact, some Pilates exercise experts can conveniently pass up on an abdominal belt for a Pilate Circle just because of its versatility.

The Pilates Circle, also referred to as the Magic Circle, was introduced into the fitness world by the legend Joseph Pilates. In his lifetime, it was said that Joe never had an aspirin pill and neither did he get injured even once in his life. Don’t we all wish that to be said of us? But oh well; some of us have already had tons of injuries sufficient enough to last a lifetime.

Moving forward, you could say the same about yourself when you get involved and consistent with Pilates routines.

Like conventional resistance bar, this fitness tool provides the resistance required to achieve certain fitness goals such as muscle toning, stretching, and straightening.

One thing that’s common in every good Pilates Circle is the sheer fact that, on the average, these rings can be stored away conveniently. You can take advantage of a hanging hook or an appropriate bag to store it away.

If you don’t mind, we’d like to give you more information on important things to note when making a choice of a Pilates ring.
Generally, the price of a Pilates ring will fall within a range of $15 and $200. And this price variation with Pilates rings depends largely on the construction, brand, and accessories that come with the ring. For instance, those that come with training DVDs usually cost a little more than others.

We’d also like to warn you about cheap Pilates rings that get crushed under the slightest pressure. You’ll be better off saving your money than spending it on such rings.
You can already start journaling a successful Pilates workout session even before you order a Pilates Circle, only if you know the important features you should look out for before you make a selection. Here are a few of them we’d like you to note:
  • Material
  • Diameter
  • Resistance
  • Portability
  • Maintenance
  • Handle
Construction and Design
What material is the ring made of?

Many Pilates practitioners recommend Pilates rings made from heavy-duty plastic or flexible metal as opposed to rubber rings, because rubber rings tend to yield to pressure over time. This means rings of this sort will only serve you for a few workouts.

On the other hand, rings made from metal or heavy-duty plastic, or at best, fiberglass, can withstand a great deal of pressure. Nonetheless, as a beginner, you can use the rubber rings because you won’t require as much resistance at the beginner’s level.

How wide is it?

The diameter of Pilates rings usually falls within the range of 13 inches and 16 inches. The choice of the diameter is dependent on the body size of the user. 14 inches and below is often recommended for small body sizes and users with heights of 5 feet 4 inches and below. Rings with longer diameters will work well with taller users and those who have larger body sizes.
Performance and Ease of Use
Resistance: Essentially the main purpose of a Pilates ring is to add a certain level of resistance to your workout. This resistance, often times, is what the body needs to stretch, strengthen, and tone muscles. In fact, they reduce the time spent on developing your muscles than when you rely on workouts without the rings. The resistance ranges from light to heavy, with moderate resistance somewhere in-between these two.

Handle: For your comfort, it’s important that you look out for the sort of grip that the ring offers. Padded and soft grips are the most comfortable and provide easy handling during workouts. You will do well to keep this bit of information in mind when you’re making a selection for your convenience. You may also want to look out for the location of the pads. Are they inside or outside or on both sides? Pads on both sides often provide versatility and liberty to perform complex exercises easily.

Portability: How easy is it to carry or store the ring away? Depending on where your workout gym is, you’ll need to move your rings and the ease of doing that should be considered. The rubber rings would be transported easily, while the metal and plastic ones may be a bit troublesome. The weight of a metal ring isn’t really enough to influence a choice. So you may not need to bother your head about that one.

Maintenance: This largely depends on the material of the ring. But if you consider the common materials used, you’ll realize that most of them are pretty easy to clean. In any case, your Pilates ring, like every other fitness tool, should be cleaned after every use to avoid transferring germs or dirt.

Get the Best Pilates Ring of 2022!

It gives us great joy to know that you read through. And we are even more excited that you can make an informed choice now. Hurry now and place an order for that Pilates ring right away. You may also like to take advantage of other rings produced by these brands.

Our Top Choice
STOTT PILATES Fitness Circle Lite
Best Value
Power Systems Fiberglass Pilates Ring
Balanced Body Ultra-Fit Circle
Stamina AeroPilates Magic Circle
Trademark Innovations Pilates Fitness Ring