Best Pipe Wrench Reviews 2023

A solid pipe wrench can be a lifesaver. From construction to repair, it might not be the most frequently used tool in your arsenal, but it will save you hundreds (or thousands) in plumbing expenses and home damage. Because most pipe wrenches are extremely durable, buying one can be the investment of a lifetime. That’s why we’ve chosen five of the best pipe wrench brands, each with a variety of pipe wrenches to choose from. If you can't find what you're looking for here, be sure to check out some of our other wrench reviews. We've got one for torque wrenches, adjustable wrenches, crescent wrenches and more!
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Jaw Capacity
Our Top Choice
TradesPro Heavy Duty Pipe Wrench
Since 1979, Alltrade Tools has been designing, manufacturing, and selling tools for trade professionals. Its TradesPro brand is found in stores and tool boxes worldwide.
The carbon steel head is strong, rustproof, and durable enough to withstand high pressure, and the iron handle is grooved for stability and grip.
Although sharp, the teeth may not bite into all perfectly smooth surfaces, and the iron handle is more malleable than harder metals such as steel or aluminum.
Straight Pipe Wrench
2 ½”
Carbon Steel, Iron
Lifetime Limited
Best Value
RIDGID Hex Wrench
RIDGID built the modern-day pipe wrench in 1923, and it's been creating quality hand tools ever since.
The short, offset handle is perfect for working in confined spaces, and the strong, wide jaws fit a variety of nuts.
It's unavailable in aluminum, and iron is a softer metal prone to rust unless well-maintained.
Offset Hex Wrench
9 ½”
2 ⅝”
Lifetime Limited
Irwin Tools Vise-Grip Pipe Wrench
Irwin Tools has been making professional trade tools and equipment since 1885, with a commitment to superior performance and durability.
The heat-treated iron resists distortion and breakage, and the hammer head design provides a flat surface for hammering.
Due to the materials, this pipe wrench is heavy, and may not be the most portable option.
Straight Pipe Wrench
Lifetime Warranty
Bahco Universal Pipe Wrench
Bahco was founded over 130 years ago in Sweden, and has pioneered tool technology that’s changed the world.
The highly adjustable jaw and precisely machined teeth create a firm grip on the smoothest of surfaces, while the steel alloy protects it from rust.
While durable, the handle shape may take time to get used to.
Swedish Pipe Wrench
14 ½”
Black Oxide Steel
Lifetime Warranty
TEKTON Basin Wrench
Tekton, named for the Greek word for "craftsman," focuses on creating simple tools with attention to detail and a commitment to performance.
The easy-to-turn T-handle and spring-loaded jaws adjust automatically with a ratcheting function to stay locked after each turn.
The T-handle is easy to turn, but may not fit easily in confined areas underneath sinks or cabinets.
Basin Pipe
Stainless Steel
Lifetime Guarantee

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What is the Best Pipe Wrench?

When shopping for a pipe wrench, you’ll want a tool that is effective, durable, and easy to use. With this in mind, let’s go ahead and browse our top picks to streamline your buying process.
Our Top Choice
The TradesPro Heavy Duty Pipe Wrench is affordable and durable, with a carbon steel head and an iron handle. If you’d like a lighter model, the 14” Aluminum Pipe Wrench may be perfect for you!

TradesPro Heavy Duty Pipe Wrench – Available in 4 Sizes

TradesPro is a brand of the industry-leading company Alltrade Tools. Alltrade designs, manufactures, and sells professional-quality tools at an everyday affordable price, and it stands by its equipment for life. Over the last forty years, it has grown from a small operation in California to a worldwide provider of hand and power tools. It has a wide variety of products available, including multiple pipe wrenches made of different materials.

The TradesPro Heavy Duty Pipe Wrench sets the standard for versatility and affordability. The head and teeth are made to exert the most pressure, and the drop-forged carbon steel makes them able to withstand the grip needed to turn smooth or rounded nuts. The sandblast finish reduces signs of wear and tear, and the heavy iron handle is malleable, durable, and strong.
Best Value
RIDGID’s 9-1/2-Inch Offset Hex Wrench is for all shapes of nuts and all sizes of pipe, with a strong, cast-iron construction built to last. If you’re looking for a traditional pipe wrench with RIDGID construction, check out the 18” Aluminum Pipe Wrench.

RIDGID 9-1/2-inch Offset Hex Wrench

RIDGID patented the modern-day, adjustable pipe wrench in 1923, and its design has stood the test of time. Although the dependability of its first wrench may not have changed, over the last century it has designed, innovated, and manufactured the high-quality tools that professional mechanics and tradespeople rely on every day.

The 31305 Model E-110 Offset Hex Wrench is 9-½” long, and has a pipe capacity of 1 1/8" to 2 5/8" (29-67mm pipes). The easy-to-use barrel threading, offset design and shorter length make this wrench suitable for one-handed operation in confined spaces, while the hex jaw design grips hex, square, and valve packing nuts with ease.
The Irwin Tools Vise-Grip Pipe Wrench is designed with drop-forged and heat-treated cast iron for all-purpose durability with tremendous bite. Need extra versatility? Take a look at the Irwin Tools Vise-Grip Chain Clamp!

Irwin Tools VISE-GRIP Cast Iron Pipe Wrench with 6-Inch Jaw – Available in 8 Sizes

Not many tool companies can boast over a century’s worth of innovation and trusted service. Irwin Tools has made a name for dependability, and its brands include Vise-Grip, SPEEDBOR, MARATHON, and QUICK-GRIP. By using actual on-the-job feedback from professional tradespeople, Irwin Tools has developed a wide variety of pipe wrenches and hand tools for every trade.

"Heavy-duty" is the first word that comes to mind when you lift the Irwin Tools Vise-Grip Pipe Wrench. With a 6” jaw capacity and 48” length, this pipe wrench is for large projects and demanding job sites. The cast-iron is drop forged and heat-treated for durability, and the easy-to-use adjustment nut is heat-treated with impressive attention to detail. The wrench has a wide I-beam design for weight distribution, and a flattened head for hammering (because we all know that’s one of the main uses for a pipe wrench in a pinch). The teeth are hardened to stay sharp, providing a firm grip that can be trusted over the lifetime of its use.
Bahco's 14 ½ Inch Universal Pipe Wrench is a top-of-the-line model suitable for hard, professional use over decades. If you’re looking for a portable, adjustable model, you may need the Bahco 9071 Adjustable Pipe Wrench.

Bahco 14 ½ Inch Universal Pipe Wrench

Bahco has a legacy of innovation dating back to 1862. It invented the modern-day adjustable spanner in 1891, and the technology has been used in nearly every adjustable pipe wrench since. With its proud Swedish heritage, Bahco has expanded its Swedish pipe wrenches to include U.S. style heads and a wide selection of tools for every trade.

If you’re in the U.S., you’ll probably notice that the Bahco 14 ½ Inch Universal Pipe Wrench is unlike most that you’ve seen or used. The Swedish model of pipe wrench was created in 1891, and has remained an iconic wrench used around the world. The adjustable spanner is on the inside, and it’s strong enough to be used with the handle for gripping. Because of its design, it’s adjustable to use on extremely wide pipes of 6” or more with ease.

This wrench has black oxide and anti-rust treatments on high-quality alloy steel for maximum durability. The precision jaws are induction hardened for maximum bite, and the jaw has finer teeth on the inside and larger teeth on the outside - specially designed for universal usage.
The Tekton Basin Wrench helps you adjust nuts in hard-to-reach faucets, supply lines, valves, and drains. Shopping for a traditional pipe wrench? Tekton has you covered with its 8” Pipe Wrench!

TEKTON Steel Under-Sink Basin Wrench with One Hand Operation – Available in 4 Sizes

Tekton is a company committed to making simple tools that perform for years. With fine attention to detail, it focuses on delivering quality hand tools that exceed expectations. The Tekton Basin Wrench is part of its extensive line of plumbing and trade tools, and is great for drains, faucets, and sinks.

For those narrow spaces, this 11” rust-resistant, stainless steel shaft slides easily down tight areas for hard-to-reach nuts. The T-handle can be used in multiple positions for easy turning and a sure grip. For efficiency, the jaw is spring-loaded, and automatically adjusts for size. It pivots 180 degrees to navigate obstructions with ease while tightening or loosening nuts from ⅜” to 1” in diameter.

Tekton Basin Wrenches are also available in these sizes:

● ¾” to 1 ⅞”
● ⅜” to 1 ⅜”
● ⅞” to 2 ½”

How Do I Choose the Best Pipe Wrench?

Whether you’re a professional plumber or not, we all understand the need for manual tools. They come in handy for simple fixes in your house. Imagine having to replace an entire wall just because you couldn’t fix a water leak on time. That’s quite the blow to your pockets! You can prevent this by adding a pipe wrench to your tool box and bid those leaks goodbye.

Not so fast. Keep in mind the risks that come with use of handy tools. That’s why we recommend you add a pair of working gloves and shoes to your arsenal to stay safe. You can always tell the difference in a well-executed fix, which you can only achieve with a better grip courtesy of your pipe wrench and those nice gloves.

We know organization is taken seriously in hard labor. You wouldn’t want to find yourself picking the wrong tool from your toolbox to end up creating a huge mess! That’s why a nice tool belt keeps you organized and helps you fix or complete your work faster if you are a professional technician. Don’t worry about missing tools with this guy around your waist.
You may be wondering how much it’d cost to get yourself one of these tools. Well, through our research, we’ve found that pipe wenches are fairly priced and shouldn’t brake the bank. You’ll find that their prices range from as little as $5 to as much as $220.

This large variation in price is due to the difference in features. That’s why you’ll enjoy the benefits of an I-beam design and a flat head for hammering when you pay more – options lacking in the cheaper pipe wrenches. The trick is to stay away from the very cheap pipe wrenches because they may not give you a run for your money. Instead, we recommend you buy the costlier ones that are worth the sacrifice.
A pipe wrench is a must have tool for your tool box. It helps you adjust the connections of pipes by either tightening or loosening them with ease. Other than this, here are some other attributes to look for while shopping for one.
  • Type - Pipe wrenches come in a range of styles. They include: Straight Pipe, Offset Hex, Basin Pipe, and Swedish Pipe. Each has its own specific use
  • Material - They are made of varied materials to boost their handiness and strength, increasing durability
  • Jaw Capacity - Depending on your use, you have from 1” to 6” of jaw capacity to choose from
  • Length - Depending on how large or demanding your work is, these wrenches give you 9 ½”, 14 ½”, 11”, 14” and 48” options to choose from
  • Jaw Adjustment - Some pipe wrenches have spring loaded jaws that allow you to adjust to the right fit
  • Warranty - Most of the manufacturers of these pipe wrenches stand by their tool for a lifetime, saving you worries of repairs
Construction and Design
Due to the nature of their use, a good pipe wrench needs to be handy enough to withstand pressure. That’s why some are made of stainless steel and others of carbon steel to make them more durable. You’ll find these wrenches are coated with black oxide or sandblast which limits wear and tear and decreases the likelihood of rusting. What could be better than that?

Depending on how large and demanding your work is, you’ll need a wrench that lets you complete your work effectively with as much ease as possible. If you handle large projects, we recommend you consider one that’s about 48” in length so you can make your adjustments without any strain.

The same case applies when selecting a jaw capacity for your pipe wrench. Yes, these are tailored to suit the demands of your project as well. If you handle larger projects, you’ll probably want a 6” one. However, for smaller projects, a 1” jaw will work just fine. Don’t forget this goes hand in hand with induction hardened jaws for a better grip.
Performance and Ease of Use
We often find pipes in confined places, and that’s why we leave some of the joints loosely fixed. You don’t have to worry about that anymore. Pipe wrenches come in several types, each suited for unique uses. If you work in confined spaces, we recommend you pick one with a design that allows you to maneuver and leave the joints of your pipes perfectly fixed. We’ll end up with a huge mess if we leave things to chance!

Using a single tool when handling different pipe sizes is truly satisfying. With a spring-loaded jaws pipe wrench, you don’t have to worry about shopping for several wrenches anymore. Nothing can derail you from getting the job done on time! Simply adjust the jaws and you’re good to go.

No one likes spending money on fixing a broken wrench. Just think of all the wasted time. Bah! Luckily for you, the manufacturers of these wrenches understand your worries, and include a lifetime warranty with their products. Worrying about repairs is a thing of the past!

Get the Best Pipe Wrench of 2023!

Pipe wrenches cost less than $100, but they can save you thousands in water damage repair and professional plumbing services. They can help remove stripped or damaged nuts that have been rounded, overused, or over-tightened. A solid steel or aluminum pipe wrench should last a lifetime if well-maintained. Materials and craftsmanship matter, and that’s why we hope you’ve found a pipe wrench or manufacturer here that you can trust for life.

Our Top Choice
TradesPro Heavy Duty Pipe Wrench
Best Value
RIDGID Hex Wrench
Irwin Tools Vise-Grip Pipe Wrench
Bahco Universal Pipe Wrench
TEKTON Basin Wrench