Best Pizza Maker Reviews 2022

We look forward to a world where we don’t have to leave the comfort of our homes for anything at all; a world where we are afforded the best of relaxation from chilling with friends and family with a box of pizza and a glass of wine without even having to go all the way to the restaurant to get that pizza, or wait so long for the delivery person. Here at Top Products, your comfort is our number one priority and this has pushed us to do some research and gather together some of the best pizza makers that bring you the crispiest, most delicious, satisfying pizzas from a number of the top and most respectable brands out there.
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Pizza Type
Pizza Size
Our Top Choice
Breville Crispy Crust Pizza Maker
Breville is one of the leading brands in terms of manufacturing kitchen appliances by using world class innovations to bring us to a world where cooking doesn’t seem like a chore.
Dual-heating capacity. Cooks up to 11 inch-diameter pizza. Setting for various types of crusting. Portable. Comes with a see-through window. Up to 660F of heat.
Gives off a smell during its break-in period.
12 inches
Crispy, thin, medium, thick
Top & bottom; 6600F
Viewing window
Best Value
Betty Crocker Pizza Maker
Betty Crocker has been the seal of approval for many of our food products for so long, and for it to produce an appliance of its own, you can expect awesomeness.
Very versatile. Makes as large as 12-inch pizzas. Non-stick baking plates. Cord wrap for storage. Power on and temperature-ready light indicators. Cooks very fast.
Gives off a smell on first few cooks.
12 inches
Bottom; 6600F
Indicator lights
Nickelodeon TMNT Pizza Maker
Ni-cke-lo-deon! Yay! This is one brand that we all love, providing us with constant entertaining products from TV to kitchen utensils. Isn’t Nick just awesome?
Non-stick plate. Light indicators. No pre-heating required. Faster than conventional pizza ovens. Fits up to 12-inch frozen pizzas. Bakes 11-inch hand-tossed pizza.
The cover may get really hot while in use.
Homemade; frozen
11; 12 inches
Thin, thick
Illuminated power light
CuiZen Pizza Box Oven
CuiZen brand is all about delivering its global customers with world-class products and state-of-the-art engineering in the most fashionable ways possible for your satisfaction.
Cool-touch stainless steel handle. Top and bottom heating system. No pre-heating required. Adjustable thermostat control. Cooks a mouth-watering 12-inch pizza. 1200 watts of power.
The recipe book is quite difficult to understand.
12 inches
Thin, thick, pan
Top and bottom; 5250F
Adjustable thermostat control
Hamilton Beach Pizza Maker
When it comes to top class, sustainable home and restaurant appliances, there are only a handful out there you can count on and Hamilton Beach is non-arguably one of the few.
Comes with a rotating cooking plate. No pre-heating is required. Comes with power light indicator. Auto switch-off when timer is complete. Transparent viewing window.
Comes with a really short power cord.
12 inches
Top & bottom
Viewing window; auto shut-off

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What is the Best Pizza Maker?

We are sure you now know what features to keep an eye out for as our buying guide has provided enough information on that. We implore you to hurry now and check out the 5 products we got for you; by the way, they are all awesome so just keep calm and make your choice.
Our Top Choice
With its dual-heating capacity, from its top and bottom, the Breville Crispy Crust Pizza Maker provides you with the taste of a brick-heat oven-made pizza from the comfort of your kitchen whether at home or in your café. Do you want a smart grill that you can use both indoors and outdoors? Check out the Breville Smart Grill with 6 adjustable height settings that everyone can use.

Breville Crispy Crust Pizza Maker with Dual-Heating Capacity – Available in 2 Colors

Breville is a state-of-the-art brand that harnesses technological advancements by way of innovation to provide its customers with a more pleasurable, less time-consuming, less tiring time in the kitchen. It focuses on delivering its customers with fantastic products made from its own teams’ intellectual designs as it possesses patent claims on all of its products. Breville, therefore, never goes back on its promise to deliver you with unique, top-quality products. Are you a chef? Do you love cooking, or not into cooking and just want to get it over with? Breville has got you covered; it has every single customer in mind.

With the Breville Crispy Crust Pizza Maker comes comfort that you can only get when you know you don’t have to go all the way to the café to get a pizza or make a phone call for pizza delivery that gets delivered when the hunger has become unbearable.

This pizza maker will cook your pizza, even when it’s up to 11 inches in diameter, for when you’re that hungry. It doesn’t emit smoke and so you should be able to place it right on the kitchen top. Don’t worry about burning the wood because the countertop design on this product ensures that all the heat stays in.

Speaking of heat, the heat from this can get up to 650F and it has a dual-heating system which makes your pizza heat from top and bottom at the same time, providing you with tantalizing brick-oven-like pizzas.

This pizza maker is one of the fastest you can get out there—cooking a pizza from dough to finish in just about 12-15 minutes. So if you run a local bakery, a store or perhaps a café, you can get this just to afford your customers with more options on your menu. Plus, you can add toppings so your pizzas come out in a tasteful variety and zesty flavor.

It also comes with a see-through window for when you want to watch your creations come alive, and makes learning to use this gadget easier for the learner can also see what is really going on and not only listen to instructions.
Best Value
The Betty Crocker Pizza Maker is one pizza maker that makes more than just pizzas; it makes nachos, croissants, giant cookies and a whole lot more which guarantees you total satisfaction on your favorite dishes. Do you want a sandwich maker that has four pockets for your favorite toppings and also comes with a plate that doesn’t stick? Get the Betty Crocker Sandwich Maker.

Betty Crocker Pizza Maker Plus for 12-Inch pizzas

Betty Crocker is a world-class brand in terms of both its popularity and its status. For so long, Betty Crocker has been regarded as a seal of standard when it comes to things regarding food and nutrition. So for it to decide to make products of its own, you can be sure that whatever it does will be one of the best out there. It is one of the leading brands, no doubt about that, but what makes it superior is the way it goes about its business, excellently and with high regard.

Most of us love products that we can utilize for more than one purpose. As such, we are sure you are going to love the Betty Crocker Pizza Maker. Because this product is so versatile, it provides you with so much extra space that those other appliances would have taken and even reduces your electricity bills. This product also makes nachos, croissants, giant cookies and can sometimes work with fresh foods like chicken and fish.

When people think of versatility they often think of a “jack-of-all-trades, master of none”, but not with this product. This product, even as versatile as it is, still focuses on its main course which is to deliver you with delicious, mouth-watering pizzas and it achieves this with the fact that it can accommodate a staggering 12-inch pizza for when you have friends over or you want to cook something the whole family can enjoy.

The baking plates on this product come as anti-stick which means the pizza never sticks to the plate no matter how hot it becomes. This helps when it comes to cleaning time because even though we enjoy those hot pizzas we get tired when it comes to cleaning as scrubbing of crusts from the plate can be quite the work. But with this, you won’t have that worry as cleaning is super easy.

It also has a power-on light indicator which shows you when the device is on so even if you forget to turn it off, once you come into the kitchen you can immediately see it and do the needful. Besides the power-on light indicator, this comes with a temperature-ready light indicator too. No better way to test when the temperature is hot enough for our pizzas, don’t you think? With this you do not have to risk getting your hands burnt to check for heat.

This product is just so awesome, bringing your favorite eat-out spot into your kitchen and without stress too!
If you’ve been looking for a way to get your kids in the kitchen, then search no more. The Nickelodeon Pizza Maker will make the kids always want to help out and also make them eat, including healthy greens. Do you want a waffle maker that will blow the mind of your kids? Get the Nickelodeon Round Waffle Maker and give them a waffle treat with a Ninja turtle’s face on it.

Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Pizza Maker, Green

Nickelodeon is one of the leading brands in the entertainment industry, owning one of the biggest TV stations in the world. It focuses most of its dealings on children, aiming at building up the child by providing them with very good and sound morale teachings in the form of entertainment. It’s basically edutainment. With Nick, you will get fantastic child-friendly products across the board, from child-friendly edutainment shows, to kitchen, back-to-school, and so much more other products that the whole family, especially the children will love. Whatever product you get from Nickelodeon is sure to be world-class just as it is.

The Nickelodeon Pizza Maker is based on the love of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) for pizza. So if your kids love to watch the show, then this pizza maker is fantastic for them. We all love to make our children’s dream come true, don’t we? The pure joy that you will get when you come home with a character-themed pizza maker is simply euphoric!

For all those who are just looking for a pizza maker not minding if it’s TMNT-themed or not, don’t hurry away just yet as this product isn’t all looks, it has some pretty awesome features too. Features like its ability to bake up to 12-inch frozen pizza and 11-inch hand-tossed pizza, making those large pizzas for family dinner every other night, for when friends come over, or as a gift for the new neighbors.

We know you’re wondering, why not just get a pizza oven? Well, a pizza oven might be awesome but of course all ovens need to be pre-heated (those precious minutes that can determine “life or death” in those hungry situations). This product on the other hand, does not need to be pre-heated at all and is pretty faster than your conventional ovens. It exerts a whooping 1440watts of power when baking so you’re sure to cook your pizza to absolute crisp.

It also comes with two light indicators; one to indicate power and the other to indicate when the pizza is ready. So you can do other things in the kitchen while keeping an eye on the light, that’s quite easier than having to open it up and check every time.

This product is simply terrific! Whether you’re an adult, a teen or a child you can use this product, plus, it’s super-efficient.
The CuiZen Pizza Box Oven comes with a rotating cooking surface which ensures your pizzas are cooked to absolute crisp. Plus, it has a top and bottom heating system so the pizza is supplied the same heat all round. Don’t you get tired of having to eat cold hotdogs? We bring you a steamer that will enable you steam 12 individual hotdogs in just 12 minutes! Get the CuiZen Hotdog Steamer now!

CuiZen Pizza Box Oven with Rotating Cooking Surface and Recipe Book

Telasia Inc. is the mother company of the CuiZen brand and this company prides itself on excellence in global standards by providing second-to-none products using innovative designs and delivering these products in the most fashionable ways possible. This coupled with the fact that this company provides its customers with excellent customer service, makes you see why CuiZen is one of the leading brands out there. There are three qualities to look out for when dealing with CuiZen products and these are: top-notch quality, world-class innovation and fantastic style, and trust me, you’ll always find them. It also delivers you with one-on-one customer service that makes you feel special because indeed, you are.

The CuiZen Pizza Box Oven is a fantastic pizza maker that comes in a beautiful box design with a cover lid. This is one design you will not be ashamed of. Whether it’s in your kitchen or your room, you can comfortably show your friends and family your beautiful pizza box.

This is one product you can judge by its cover. Apart from its excellent design, this product also fulfills its primary obligation which is to cook you a delicious pizza. Speaking of delicious, sometimes our pizzas come out half-cooked and taste awful because the ovens or makers we use often do not deliver equal amount of heat to the whole pizza at the same time. That’s why this product comes with a rotating cooking surface and a top and bottom heating system to make sure that the entirety of the pizza is heated simultaneously to deliver you with delicious mouth-watering pizzas.

This product delivers a whopping 1200 watts of power that brings an amazing pizza every single time!

Pizzas can get as large as 12 inches in diameter and they are still cooked beautifully by this pizza box. Whether they are frozen or hand-tossed, this will cook it. It also comes with an adjustable thermostat control with three settings; minimal, keep warm and cook, which offer you the power to choose how well you want to heat the pizza.

Talking of all this heat, you might be bothered about having to open the lid. Well don’t be because this product comes with a stainless-steel handle that is cool to touch every single time. No matter how hot the pizza gets or how hot the box itself gets, the handle will always be cool so your hands are safe when opening the lid when it’s hot.
You get a record of an amazing 40% increase in speed of cooking and 52% more energy efficiency when you compare the Hamilton Beach Pizza Maker to your average pizza oven. So get your pizzas and also save mother earth. Are you tired of waiting in line for breakfast? The Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker.will leave you satisfied every morning with its 150-recipe book and detachable parts that are dishwasher friendly.

Hamilton Beach Pizza Maker with See-Through Window

Hamilton beach, as its name implies, focuses on delivering its customers with products that would make them feel like they’re on vacation even while doing chores. It majors on production of home appliances and commercial restaurant equipment while using the most state-of-the-art technology and innovation yet. This is one brand that boasts in its ability to deliver its customers with optimum satisfaction as it sends customers with accounts under the brand, special recipes and cooking etiquettes to ensure maximum satisfaction even after a product purchase. Isn’t that just thoughtful of Hamilton Beach?

The world is going green and we have to join in. The Hamilton Beach Pizza Maker brings us that one-step closer to a healthy world because of its high rate of energy efficiency compared to the average pizza oven. According to research, it is as much as 52% more energy efficient.

We all want a pizza maker that can cook our pizza in the time it takes us to finish a drink with our friends. This product is here for you. It is really fast—40% faster than your average pizza oven. Slow and steady they say wins the race; we say speed and accuracy does it better. With this product’s speed comes accuracy as it comes with a rotating plate that ensures that the whole of the pizza is cooked with the same amount of heat at the same time leaving no room for half-baked pizzas.

Sometimes we leave our food cooking and go away to do some other things only to find out that our food is burnt. With this product, you can easily avoid that happening as it comes with an automatic switch-off feature that turns the appliance off immediately the pre-set timer goes off. How cool is that? Now you can take a drink with your friends while waiting for your pizza without the fear of eating ashes, literally.

This product comes with a viewing window for when you want to see how the pizza’s a-cooking. Some of us like to taste the food first with our eyes before we actually taste it with our mouths. It also makes for easy teaching of the pizza making process.

How Do I Choose the Best Pizza Maker?

While some people love sandwiches, others love hot-dogs, but we all love pizza, that’s why you’re here, isn’t it? Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just something to chew on when watching our favorite movie, pizzas are always a top choice when it comes to fast food.

But sometimes, our fast food game is sabotaged by factors like having to drive all the way down to a pizza shop, and then wait in line for the waiter to take our order, and, like that isn’t enough, wait some more minutes for our pizza to get cooked. Or maybe we make a call to a pizza delivery service, but then have to wait an hour, only to have the regular excuse of “sorry sir/ma’am, I would have made it earlier but I found your neighborhood quite difficult to locate” or “its prime-time, you know, there was a lot of traffic”, forcing us to get another order of fast-food since our first order wasn’t “fast” enough at all.

All these troubles will be over when you get a pizza maker. Pizza makers will let you have your pizza on time and “fast”—as fast food should be. You can make your own pizzas right there in your kitchen with the same taste and crispiness of your traditional brick oven.

So, if you are tired of “slow fast-food’ get yourself a pizza maker. We know that finding one yourself might be quite challenging, as you may not know what features to look out for to get the best one, so stick around as we bring you what you need to know and what you need to have in your pizza maker.
Pizza makers were made for home use, basically, so they are quite inexpensive ranging from a highly affordable $15 to a not so expensive $400. Of course, they are made for different purposes and that affects their prices. While some are single-use pizza makers, some are more versatile and even do chicken, fish, and large cookies. So, if you want something just for your home cooking, we recommend you get something more affordable, as the higher-priced pizza makers are usually for cafes and restaurants. While you may find cheap pizza makers out there, we strongly advise to not patronize such as most of them are very hard to clean, some give off stinky smells throughout their time of usage, and most even pack up after just a few weeks of use—a total waste of money, if you ask us.
Now that you want to get a pizza maker, there are a few features which you need to look out for, viz:
  • Pizza size
  • Design
  • Pizza type
  • Cooking time
  • Convenience
Construction and Design
When looking for a pizza maker, you may not necessarily be looking for a beauty pageant design, but the design of the product still has a huge role to play depending on what, where, and how you intend using it. It is necessary to therefore look out for light indicators.

Light indicators often come as detectors for temperature, power on/off, pizza ready, and timer functions. This is necessary if you are a multi-tasker so while you are serving yourself a glass of juice or your favorite wine, you can tell when your pizza is ready from across the room.

The size of the pizza that each pizza maker can contain is very essential because you wouldn’t want something that would not satisfy the whole family. While some can take as large as 12-inch pizzas (in diameter that is), some can only handle 11 inches, that one whole inch of difference would be recognized when you place the pizza on the dinner plate.

If your family is quite small you can get the 11-inch pizza maker, but for those with larger groups, you should get the 12 inch.

These pizza makers often accommodate different types of pizzas, from frozen, to hand-tossed, to freshly baked. Different strokes for different folks they say, so you’ll do well for yourself if you check out what type of pizzas can go into these before making your purchase.
Performance and Ease of Use
The two main reasons we are sure you’re actually getting these pizza makers are: they make fast-food, fast, and they are really convenient. These two factors, therefore, are the most important to look out for when getting your pizza maker.

Some pizza makers cook in about 30 minutes, while some cook for as fast as 12 minutes. The speed of a pizza maker depends highly on what type of pizza you put into it, the type of crusting you set, and the type of pizza maker in particular. When getting yours, it is therefore necessary to check out for the average time it takes to cook your favorite pizza.

Convenience is the most intriguing factor about the pizza maker, so when we get not so convenient outcomes, we feel betrayed. You should check out for its easy cleaning ability which comes from none-sticky plates. Also check out whether or not it has an auto switch-off feature which automatically detects when the pizza is ready, and turns the device off. This can come in handy if you’re a really busy person, as it assists you in effective multi-tasking without the fear of burning your pizzas, or worse, setting the house on fire.

Now you’ve seen what to look out for when choosing a pizza maker, but we know it might still be a hassle trying to pick one out of the numerous brands and products available. So we did the bulk of the work and narrowed down the search to the top five products we are sure will catch your fancy. Chill and read our reviews.

Get the Best Pizza Maker of 2022!

And it’s all over! The learning process is over, and now you can get the best pizza maker for you. Go on and make that purchase today!

Our Top Choice
Breville Crispy Crust Pizza Maker
Best Value
Betty Crocker Pizza Maker
Nickelodeon TMNT Pizza Maker
CuiZen Pizza Box Oven
Hamilton Beach Pizza Maker