Best Pizza Stone Reviews 2022

What do you consider the most important factor when making pizza? Perfect pizza with no burnt bottom, or a meal that doesn’t take the whole day to prepare? Perhaps a pizza stone you can use over and over again? You are not alone; thousands of pizza lovers want equipment that they can use in their pizza preparation for a long time. They want every pizza-making session to be a unique experience. That’s why we researched the best pizza stones on the market and shortlisted five top brands with various types of great pizza stones. Although we have the space to feature just one from each brand here, note that these brands have other stones in case the featured ones don’t suit your taste.
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Our Top Choice
Pizzacraft 14" Perfect Pizza Grilling Stone
Pizzacraft delivers great grilling stones. The 14” Perfect Pizza Grilling Stone meets Pizzacraft’s high standards and can be used safely on the grill or in the oven.
Cooks fast. Produces perfect crispy pizza. Won’t burn your pizza.
Lifting the stone off the cooking surface when done is a little difficult.
14 x 14 x 0.8 in
7.7 lbs
Grill/oven safe
Best Value
Heritage 15 Inch Ceramic Pizza Stone
Heritage leads in kitchenware, and the Heritage 15 Inch Black Ceramic Pizza Stone is a professional-grade baking stone. It's non-stain and comes with a free pizza cutter.
Durable. Easy to clean. Odorless.
Heavy. Splits if not properly handled.
15 in diameter
6.1 lbs
Grill/oven safe; BBQ use
California Pizza Stones Square Pizza Stone
California Pizza Stones makes rough and rugged pizza stones. The Square Industrial Thick Pizza Stone meets these standards. It's non-glazed and suited for all forms of pizza.
Durable. Non-glazed. Non-toxic.
Heavy. Not fancy.
18 x 18 x 1.5 in
51 lbs
Indestructible by heat
Weber BBQ System Pizza Stone
Weber’s experience in making great grills has been applied to the Original Gourmet BBQ System Pizza Stone. Enjoy a smoky flavor and thin crispy crust with this pizza stone.
Durable. Absorbs moisture while cooking. Easy to transport.
Sticks. Rack does not always fit. Gets very hot.
4 x 14 x 14 in
5.9 lbs
Stainless steel
Carry rack; grill/oven safe
The Pampered Chef Round Pizza Stone
The Pampered Chef’s commitment to helping you enjoy the moments most important to you through stress-free meals has been expressed in the Medium Round Stone.
Easy to clean. Non-glazed. Non-porous. Non-stick.
Fragile. Small surface area.
17.7 x 15 x 3.9 in
4.7 lbs
Natural stone
Has handles; microwave safe

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What is the Best Pizza Stone?

No one can rightly tell you that a product is the best pizza stone that’s available. Some of the little mistakes we make are because we do not understand the features and functionalities of the equipment in our hands. We hope our detailed buying guide clarifies those areas for you. Now the reviews below will expose all you need to know about individual brands/products and aid you in choosing what can rightly be termed the best pizza stone for you.
Our Top Choice
Used several pizza stones and are not satisfied? You need Pizzacraft’s innovative stones. The 14" Perfect Pizza Grilling Stone delivers fast-cooking and crispy pizzas. You can also check out the Pizzacraft PC9899 20 x 13.5, which is not just great for pizza but can also bake bread, pastries and other goods.

Pizzacraft Perfect Pizza Grilling Stone With No Need For Seasoning Or Conditioning

Pizzacraft is a line of innovative at-home pizza-making tools and accessories that's designed to give you a complete pizzeria experience, right in your own home. The company’s products stand out from many other products out there.

The 14" Perfect Pizza Grilling Stone (selling for $50.99 - Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is a product that’s worth every dime you invest in it. Steady, uniform heat allows for easy cooking of pizzas that might otherwise be difficult, like heavily topped pizzas. The Perfect Pizza Grilling Stone produces well-cooked pizza all the time. Here are some of the other amazing features of this pizza stone:
  • Requires no seasoning or conditioning
  • Works well in both oven and grill
  • Circulates and disperses heat more evenly to the stone's surface
  • Withstands and maximizes the intense heat of your grill's direct flame
Best Value
Still searching for pizza stones? Heritage has one for you. If you want a golden brown and slightly crisp pizza, the Heritage 15-Inch Black Ceramic Pizza Stone is the best one for you. The stone is top-notch and cleans up easily after use. Why not check out the Heritage Acacia Wood Pizza Peel for getting your pizza out of the oven?

Heritage 15 Inch Black Non Stain Ceramic Pizza Stone - Professional Grade Baking Stones For Oven, Grill, BBQ With Free Pizza Cutter

When it comes to kitchenware and bakeware, Heritage stands above the rest. Top reviews of its products show excellence, and its pizza stones are no different.

The Heritage 15-Inch Black Ceramic Pizza Stone (selling for $51.55 - Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) heats up 50% faster than other pizza and baking stones, making it great for BBQ. This pizza stone does not stain and washes to like-new condition. Still looking for more reasons to get it? Check out its other features:
  • Durable, does not crack in the oven
  • Odorless, leaves your pizza smelling great
  • Ceramic glaze prevents pizza from sticking
  • Comes with a free pizza cutter
California Pizza Stones’ 100% guarantee against cracking and thermal shock is embodied in the Square Industrial Thick Pizza Stone. If you prefer a round stone, you may want to look at the 15 Inch Round Pizza Stone, which also does not crack during extreme cooking.

California Pizza Stones 18 X 18 X 1.5 Square Industrial Pizza Stone With 100% Guarantee Against Thermal Shock And Cracking

California Pizza Stones does not design pizza stones just for the looks. It’s more important that your stone lasts. Pizza stones made by California Pizza Stones are virtually indestructible and have a 100% guarantee. These pizza stones are rough and rugged, from a brand that has been tested and trusted.

The Square Industrial Thick Pizza Stone (selling for $81.00 - Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is one great product from California Pizza Stones. It is strong and can withstand a high degree of heat. Here are a few other things to note about this pizza stone:
  • 100% guarantee against thermal shock and cracking during cooking or baking
  • Perfect for barbequing pizzas
  • Perfect for fast-heating wood pizza and baking ovens
Weber is one of the leaders in bakeware. The Original Gourmet BBQ System Pizza Stone is designed in such a way that it makes every pizza baking moment a great experience. If you need something larger, you can check out the Weber Style 6430 Pizza Stone, which fits all 22 1/2-inch or larger charcoal grills.

Weber 8836 Gourmet BBQ System Pizza Stone With Carry Rack

Weber Grills has the solution for your dream BBQ. Its passion and expertise are seen in the world-class products it makes. According to the testimonials about its products, you are sure going to enjoy making your next pizza with a stone from this brand.

The Original Gourmet BBQ System Pizza Stone (selling for $34.99 - Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) will give you a smoky flavor in every pizza. Its cordierite stone absorbs moisture, and produces a light and crispy thin crust pizza. The following features contribute to why it’s in such high demand:
  • The carry rack makes transporting pizza fast and easy
  • Can be used with the Gourmet BBQ System charcoal grate
  • Can handle fresh-cut or frozen pizzas
If you want a baking stone that will do a great job, giving you a soft core and crispy outside, the Pampered Chef Medium Round Stone is the right stone for you. If you don’t want a round stone, the Pampered Chef Rectangular Pizza and Everything Else Stone with even heat distribution is another great product from this company.

The Pampered Chef Medium Round Stone With Built In Handles On The Sides

With a worldwide direct sales force of about 35,000 in addition to 400 corporate staff, The Pampered Chef is a widely known brand. Its products are used globally. One of its products, the Medium Round Stone, has proven to be a great gift to pizza makers.

The Medium Round Stone (selling for $27.00 - Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) produces crisp pizza and golden cookies that you can move easily from the oven to the table. There is no need for pre-heating; you just put what you're baking directly on the stone and then into the oven. Here’s an overview of its features:
  • Non-porous
  • Doesn’t retain oils and odor
  • Amazing heat retention
  • Includes pan scraper for easy cleanup
  • Contoured handles

How Do I Choose the Best Pizza Stone?

A pizza stone, sometimes referred to as a baking stone, is a basic but efficient apparatus that's used mainly to enhance pizza making. You don't have to be a professional chef or own a pizza oven to churn out pizzas that can compete with the ones from your local pizzeria; all you need is a good pizza stone that you can use with your regular gas oven. Heat up your stone in the oven for 30 minutes or more (depending on the thickness of the stone), place your dough on the stone, and bake!

We all know that you can't just make pizza with only the stone, there are other items and tools that you need, and this includes items like mixing bowls, ingredients, a food processor, measuring cups and spoons, and a pair of clean hands. Combine all these with that great pizza stone, and you'll have a professional-looking and tasting pizza!
A good pizza stone is not a budget-breaking kitchen apparatus. There are many models and brands on the market, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. Depending on factors that include material, shape, size, thickness, etc., you can get a good pizza stone for anywhere from $25 to $90. Note, however, that there are high-end stones that may be way costlier than the stated price, or cheaper!

As a matter of fact, in the course of our research, we saw some cheap pizza stones but have decided not to feature them because they do not possess the features that make a good pizza stone (some of them can best be described as pizza pans). We are confident in the brands that we have featured, and assure you that any product you choose based on this review would be a good buy.
There are many features that make a good pizza stone. As you go shopping for one, please note these features so that you can get value for your money. They include:
  • Dishwasher safe and nonstick - A pizza stone made of natural materials should not be dishwasher safe
  • Shape - This determines the size of baked goods you can use it to bake
  • Size - Make sure that the dimension is commensurate to the size of your oven
  • Thickness - The thicker the stone, the more heat generated
  • Absorbency level - This affects the result of your baked goods
  • Material - Pizza stones are made of different natural materials, and each has its advantages and disadvantages
Construction and Design
Models of pizza stones that are advertised as being easy to move from the oven to the table are usually stones that are highly glazed, and this reduces the absorbency of the stone. A pizza stone that is not highly absorbent would not give you a crispy crust, because the moisture from the dough was not properly absorbed. Look out for a highly absorbent pizza stone, as some stones that are sold should be tagged pizza pans, not pizza stones, because of the low level of moisture absorbency. The higher the absorbency level, the more moisture it absorbs from your dough, and the firmer, flakier, and crispier your pizza crust would be.

Pizza stones that can be used in the dishwasher are suspect and should be avoided, because natural materials should not be compliant with a dishwasher.

The correct thickness to look out for in a pizza stone is a minimum of half an inch. Any pizza stone that is thinner than half an inch is more likely to chip and shatter with use. Even though a stone that’s thin is a bit cheaper than a thick one, it is cost-effective (in the long run) to buy the thick one, and it also retains heat longer and disperses it better. Also, note that a natural stone should have some weight to it; a lightweight stone is suspect.
Performance and Ease of Use
When buying a pizza stone, get the right dimension of the oven you use, so that you can get the size that would fit the oven. Just like with a cookie sheet, there should be little space between the stone and the oven for proper air circulation.

Although pizza stones made of materials that are not glazed are generally considered the best, there are top-quality/high-end products that are lightly glazed. This means that organic material is coated with a polish that is suffused with tiny cracks that make for the absorbance of moisture residue These models have the advantage of being easier to clean, but you can achieve the same result with an unglazed stone by seasoning it.

Pizza stones come in round, square, and rectangle shapes; a good number of people prefer the rectangular shaped ones, and for a good reason; because they give you more allowance to bake different sizes and shapes of pizza and other baked goods.

Get the Best Pizza Stone of 2022!

We believe these reviews have enough information to guide you through decision-making. Now that you are sure of the features you desire, go ahead and pick your preferred pizza stone and let every pizza you make be a special experience.

Our Top Choice
Pizzacraft 14" Perfect Pizza Grilling Stone
Best Value
Heritage 15 Inch Ceramic Pizza Stone
California Pizza Stones Square Pizza Stone
Weber BBQ System Pizza Stone
The Pampered Chef Round Pizza Stone