Best Planer Reviews 2023

As any respectable wood connoisseurs worth their salt can tell you, a planer is your best friend and companion throughout any demanding wood-processing effort, and to go about your business without one of these wonders of mechanical technology could cause you trouble! A planer can make your life much easier, at least when you're working with wood. If you'd like to obtain a planer of your own, check out our list of five of the best planers, and make your choice with an air of confidence! (And also sawdust.)
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Our Top Choice
Dewalt 13” Three Knife Two Speed Planer
Coming from a true American icon of woodworking industry, a company called DeWalt, this thickness planer is a tough 'n' rugged contraption of fine wood-planing undertakings!
A well-known company producing woodworking products. A rugged industrial-looking design. Two speed gearbox.
It's a bit loud.
15 AMP
Two speeds
24 x 22 x 18 in, 105 lbs
3-year limited
Best Value
Bosch PL1632 3-1/4 In. Electric Planer
Featuring a heavy-duty design that combines the high-tech features with an old-fashioned shape, the Bosch PL1632 is a woodworking apparatus you can rely on!
A world-renowned tool-producing company. A rugged design with ergonomic handles. Versatile two-blade system.
The aluminum surface that touches the wood is too soft, causing scratches to occur rather quickly.
6.5 AMP
One speed
17.8 x 14.5 x 7.2 in, 14.5 lbs
Makita 2012NB 12" Portable Electric Planer
Sporting a lovely retro-looking build designed to be as noiseless as possible, this Makita Portable Electric Planer can be a perfect solution for anyone in need of an easy-to-use woodworking contraption!
An experienced tool-producing company. An attractive retro design with a teal housing. LED indicator.
You may experience a bit of a wood tear-out.
15 AMP
One speed
28 x 19 x 15.8 in, 62 lbs
Stanley No. 4 Sweetheart Bench Plane
Featuring an attractive blast-from-the-past kind of design, the Stanley Smoothing Bench Plane cheekily named 'Sweetheart' represents a simple and rugged tool for your planing tasks!
A company with over 170 years of experience in the tool-making business. A simple wooden design. Cherry wood handle.
It takes some time to get adjusted to it.
A2 steel
Cherrywood handle
13.1 x 6.8 x 3.2 in, 5.9 lbs
Limited lifetime
Delta 13 in. Portable Thickness Planer
Sporting a curious appearance that looks as though someone matched a laser printer with an old coffee grinder, this Delta wood planer will blow you away with its impressive technical properties!
A well-known tool-producing company. An interesting cream-colored design. Four column design.
It has only one feeding speed.
15 AMP
One Speed
21.5 x 23.5 x 20 1/8 in, 58 lbs
5-year limited

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What is the Best Planer?

Hacking away at a freshly cut piece of wood can be a tough and arduous task. Wwithout the proper tools, it can get much more frustrating than it needs to be! The market for wood-processing contraptions is abundant and flourishing, and one of the shiniest examples of woodworking ingenuity is the apparatus simply called the planer. Since the models within this category are plentiful, we've come up with a list of five of the best planers, to narrow down the choice range for you. Read on, and find the best model for your needs!
Our Top Choice
Featuring a bulky build with an industrially-themed yellow paint finish and a powerful 15AMP 20,000RPM motor, this DeWalt wood planer will be up to any fine wood-processing task, no matter how difficult! If you were searching for a handheld electric planer, we recommend checking out the DEWALT D26677K 3-1/4-Inch Portable Hand Planer Kit.

Dewalt 13" Two-Speed Planer Package - Includes Planer Stand with Integrated Mobile Base (Planer Also Sold Separately)


The DeWalt history of “Guaranteed Tough”: In the year of 1924, the DeWalt woodworking company was officially established with their factory and offices located in the town of Leola, Pennsylvania. The first product that brought them widespread recognition in the wood-processing business is their first major apparatus called the 'DeWalt Wonder Worker'.

It was rugged and pretty heavy-duty (as all machines back then were), with the ability to be configured in 9 different ways, enabling a range of fine wood planing tasks to be completed. In 1994, they kick-started the first ever wide-range mission to produce a new line of cordless tools. The project included drills, screwdrivers, impact drivers, saws, flashlights , and the spectacular drill/driver/hammerdrill combo!

More importantly though, five years later in 1999, the DeWalt Racing team admitted the pro driver Matt Kenseth to its ranks—a change that would come like a breath of fresh air to their team, and propel them to the NASCAR Busch Series. Nowadays, DeWalt produces high-tech/industrial kinds of rugged products that perform well under tough conditions and feature such technical characteristics as speakers and even radio adapters!

The DeWalt planer we've chosen to feature as an entry on this list is a tool typical for their company—it's tough, yellow, and technologically advanced! Also, for ease of use, there is a chip ejection property that vacuums chips off the cutter-head and removes them from the machine.
The list of features for the DeWalt planing machine:

  • 15AMP Electric Motor
  • Three-knife Cutter Heads
  • Two Speed Gearbox
  • Fan-Assisted Chip Ejection
  • Extra Set of Knives
  • Includes Infeed and Outfeed Tables
  • Dust Hose Adapter
  • Material Removal Gauge
  • Extra Large Turret Depth-Stop
  • Automatic Carriage Lock
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty

All in all, a well-rounded woodworking machine that will provide you with a number of useful technical features and inbuilt safety system of 'checks and balances'. Also included in this offer is 1 whole year of free service and the 90-day money back guarantee to seal the deal!

Best Value
Coming from one of the world's biggest electric appliance-producing companies, called Bosch, this electric planer is a sturdy and reliable solution for fine woodworking tasks! If you’re looking to save a little money, take a look at the older Bosch PL1632 6.5 Amp Planer which has most of the same great features but no carrying case.

Bosch 3-1/4" 6.5-Amp/16,500 RPM Electric Planer with Carrying Case - Ambidextrous Lock-Off Release for Safety


Founded by an enthusiastic German engineer going by the name of Robert Bosch, the initially called 'Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electric Engineering' was the platform on which the now world-renowned Bosch company would grow and expand into what it is today! The first Bosch manufacturing plant outside Germany was opened in Paris in 1905, and following this initial successful expansion, many others would follow. Nowadays, the Bosch company is a worldwide business undertaking that produces a range of technological contraptions for pretty much any purpose, from home appliances to heavy-duty industrial tools for true professionals! Also, eBike solutions!

To deal with their sizeable customer base throughout the world, they've established an elaborate system that spans various platforms, from online Center Locators, where you can find your nearest Service Center, to an advanced search engine where full diagrams and part schemes of their products are disclosed! A proper treat for a tech geek!

As for the PL1632 electric planer we're featuring on this list, it comes equipped with a powerful 6.5 AMP motor producing 16,500 RPM, and a number of design quirks installed to make your life easier and your wood-planing routine safer! And more fun, for that matter!
Bosch PL1632 electric planer—a list of features:

  • Powerful 6.5 Motor
  • Ambidextrous Lock-off Release Button
  • Lock-on Button
  • Spring-loaded Stand
  • Aluminum Front and Rear Shoes
  • Versatile Two-Blade System
  • Dual-Mount Guide Fence
  • Shavings Bag
  • Blade Wrench
  • Carrying Bag
  • Owner's Manual

All things considered, this Bosch wood planer turns out to be a high-performance apparatus you're surely going to love whether you're an experienced woodworker or a self-taught initiate in the glorious trade of carpentry! If you'd like to learn more about this rugged tool, check out its Bosch page and see for yourself!

The Makita Portable Planer is a tough 'n' rugged device that can perform a range of woodworking tasks! Simply unpack it and voila!—a fully-operational wood planer at your service! If you were looking for a handheld portable planer, the Makita KP0810 7.5 Amp 3-1/4-Inch Planer is a solid choice with great Amazon reviews.

Makita 12-Inch Planer with Interna-Lok Automated Head Clamp – Bundle Available with Dust Collector Hood


The Makita Corporation was established in 1915 as an electric motor sales and repair company. Since then, the business has expanded significantly, and the Makita brand is nowadays recognized in over 40 countries worldwide! For the most part, the Makita's enthusiastic squad of engineers and technicians have been making top-notch products for professional workers. However, the same appliances could be used by rookies, too, as they are simple to handle and feature a number of safety-related switches and parts! Their work philosophy amounts to: power, performance, and durability. And the least vibration possible!

The location of this company is Buford, Georgia, where you can enroll to a specialized Makita University where you can learn the ropes of handling one of their many electric tools! Also, the engineers and scouts positioned at their secretive locations are working around the clock to attract new scientists and technicians to their ranks.

The Makita planer we're featuring on this list possesses some interesting characteristics, mostly to do with the improvement of the stability and noise levels, which can be quite a nuisance even for technicians who are already well-adapted to it. Also, there is a fully-adjustable depth stop for repeat cuts, as well as an LED light that shows you if the device has been turned on or not.
The list of features for the Makita KP0810 Planer:

  • Compact and Easy-to-Transport
  • Fast Blade Changes
  • Low Noise (83dB)
  • 4-Post Design and a Diagonal Cross
  • Large Table Extensions
  • Fully-Adjustable Depth Stop
  • Powerful 15 AMP motor
  • LED indicator
  • Easy-to-Operate Paddle Switch
  • Double Edge Planer Blades
  • 1-Year Warranty

High-performance and with significantly reduced levels of noise, the Makita planer is a reliable woodworking contraption you're going to like for its easy operation and compact design. Its powerful motor will enable you to grind through even the bulkiest and trickiest sorts of planks with little effort! Also, it's retro-looking! You've got to love it.

Having the appearance of an object that John Wayne would have lying around his tool shed, this wood planer from Stanley is an old-fashioned-looking product made of modern steel alloy for reliability and endurance! If you’re looking for a less expensive model, the Stanley 12-404 No. 4 Adjustable Bench Plane with a 2-inch cutter is an Amazon Best Seller.

Stanley Smoothing Bench Plane with Cherry Wood Handle and Iron Casting – Adjustable for Different Woods


When a company with over 170 years of experience in the tool-making business makes a high-performance non-electric tool with a wooden handle, that really comes as no surprise. However, when this happens in 2016, some eyebrows may start raising!

Now, even though the Stanley company has a wide range of electricity-powered products for performing a variety of fine adjustments to your wood planks, we've chosen to feature this traditionally-designed model for two reasons: 1) the price is significantly lower than the electric planers, and 2) sometimes the modern technology simply doesn't cut the mustard, and in those occasions, the old-fashioned utensils are there to come to the rescue!

The work ethic behind the success of this great company is based on these four crucial elements: quality, reliability, innovation, and value! Over the years, they've made it their goal to provide the best possible service to their faithful customers, thus securing their enviable position among the leading manufacturers in their field.

When it comes to the product we're featuring on this list, it's been made in one piece where the base and the frog were cast as one for increased accuracy. For securing the angle at which you're going to use it, there's a lateral adjustment locking feature. See the list of features to learn more!
The list of features of the Stanley Sweetheart planer:

  • Made from Extra-Thick A1 Iron
  • One-Piece Base and Frog
  • Cherrywood Handle
  • Norris-type Adjuster
  • Lateral Locking Feature
  • Replacement Blade
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

To wrap it all up, a neat little retro-looking planer from one of the best American tool-producing companies! Whether you're a professional carpenter in need of a backup tool for some finer hand adjustments, or you simply like the sound and feel of an old-fashioned woodworking apparatus, this little planer's sure to bring a smile to your face!

Coming from one of the most experienced companies in the business of tool-building and carpentry, this Delta Portable Thickness Planer is a reliable tool that will last you for years to come! If you were looking for a jointer style planer, you may want to look at the 37-071 6 Inch MIDI-Bench Jointer from Delta Power Tools.

Delta Power Tools 13 In Portable Thickness Planer with Quick-Change Knife System


Boasting an active production process that hasn't stopped making cutting-edge woodworking tools for over 90 years, the Delta Power Equipment Corporation is a business that has been garnering positive reviews throughout their run. The pushing force behind their development team is the eagerness to create a powerful tool that can let the carpenter fully concentrate on the job he's performing, without worrying if the tool's going to malfunction in a minute, possibly ruining the whole plank! Planks aren't that cheap, either!

As for the range of products this company covers, it is fairly wide, and is getting wider and more advanced as you're reading this! So far, the arsenal of their high-performance, hole-drillin' and wood-carvin' contraptions includes electric table saws, band saws, drilling machines, jointers, planers, mortisers, grinders, and last but not least dust collectors!

The Delta Portable Thickness Planer is a solid piece of woodworking machinery with a handle the Delta folks probably nicked from an old coffee grinder somewhere. They picked the pretty one, though! The brightest spot in its spec list would probably be the motor, which is plucky and durable enough to cover the needs of an entire shop!
The list of features for the Delta planer:

  • Powerful 15 AMP Motor
  • Four Column Design
  • Quick Change Knife System
  • Adjustable Infeed and Outfeed Systems
  • Reversible Dust Port
  • Two Polyurethane Feed Rollers
  • Steel Cutter-Head
  • Stainless Steel Bed
  • Five-Year Limited Warranty

Bulky and powerful, this Delta planer could be best described as a coffee grinder, handle-wielding juggernaut of the woodworking world! The build is durable and sturdy, and combined with the 15 AMP powerful motor, it can really be a proper force to be reckoned with in your workshop!

How Do I Choose the Best Planer?

Operating a wood planer is a professional joy, as you can see a rugged piece of wood shape up to be a future aikido staff (or maybe a proud broomstick, who knows). Other than helping to manufacture a series of Japanese martial arts accessories, these marvelous machines can be used for a wide variety of other purposes, such as shaping up some planks, or even making complete pieces of thin paper-like matter in a single swing (though this takes some serious skill). We're here to pitch you the idea of obtaining a wood planer to call your own, and in the following two passages, we'll describe the most important features to take into consideration when buying one!

As with any electrical tool, it all starts with the motor. Since wood planers are typically rather bulky and require lots of power to reach their full log-chipping potential, they're usually equipped with mighty electric motors. We mean about 15 amps, which is often more than enough to get the job done, and also produce some tough-sounding workshop noises that will make your neighbors jealous and your pets confused! For similar sound effects, you can also get a belt sander or a circular saw. You may get some further woodworking work done with these two on board as well.

A wood planer will only plane as well as its planing blade is sharp! If you've ever had the misfortune of shaving with a dull razor, you know all too well what problems a dull wood planer may cause! Pick a planer with a durable set of steel blades that you can switch and sharpen easily. (And don't test the sharpness of a planer blade on your face! That would not be safe.) We'd like to commend the electric planer for its great value and efficiency, but if you'd like to make some fine finishing touches yourself, you can also get yourself a hand planer, and thus complete your mighty planing arsenal!


Since they're complex and usually have versatile rosters of additional technical characteristics, wood planers can't be described as inexpensive. The price range for these powerful wood-processing contraptions starts at around $100 for cheap planers, while the more elaborate models can set you back as many as 600 of your hard-earned green ones! The standard features, such as the power of the motor, the number of the gears (if there are any), and the international esteem of the manufacturer, are all bound to somewhat elevate the price. Other than that, it's safe to say that you can find a pretty decent model, for a relatively reasonable price, if you look hard enough!


If you're about to do some heavy-duty woodworking and need a suitable tool to do the job in the most efficient fashion, get a wood planer! If you're unsure what sort of wood planer to get, consult a TopProducts list of features -- as simple as that!

Here's the list of the most important properties to look for when buying a wood planer:

  • Motor power (in amps)
  • Quick knife change system
  • Type of cutter head
  • Dust port design
  • Adjustable depth stop
  • LED indicator
  • Paddle switch
  • Amount of noise it makes
  • Warranty

Getting a product with a hefty warranty can be a great asset, especially if you're worried about the stability of your power grid!

Construction and Design

A well-made planer should be stable, and not too large (because planers can get quite big and take up as much space in your workshop as one of those early computers). It should also not emit sounds of horror when you turn it on. (Some noise is inevitable, of course, but we're talking about an insufferable degree.) Other than that, the features are negotiable. You should try to pick the model with exactly the features that suit your needs, so as to avoid any additional expenses!

Performance and Ease of Use

Once you receive your planer, all you need to do is plug it in, and get to work! Depending on the model you've opted for, you may enjoy such features as several gears, an adjustable dust port, and a LED indicator to let you know when a certain woodworking process begins or ends. Make sure to clean it regularly after you finish your work, and sharpen the blades every now and then.

Get the Best Planer of 2023!

A wood planer is a portly-looking device that will surely put a big fat smile on a woodworker's face, as it is perfectly capable of rendering a seemingly useless log into a fine work of art! (Okay, there might be a couple of steps in between, but still.) If you've decided to obtain your very own planing contraption, we hope our top five list of the best devices currently on the market helps you make the best choice. We at wish you a happy purchase and plenty of exquisite pieces of carpentry in the future!

Our Top Choice
Dewalt 13” Three Knife Two Speed Planer
Best Value
Bosch PL1632 3-1/4 In. Electric Planer
Makita 2012NB 12" Portable Electric Planer
Stanley No. 4 Sweetheart Bench Plane
Delta 13 in. Portable Thickness Planer