Best Plastic Sheds Review — Plastic Storage Sheds for Outdoor Use in Your Yard or Garden

Little or no yard space means that you'll need an alternative storage space for your garden and home tools, patio furniture, bikes, and other outdoor items. While a storage solution is required, what you really need is a plastic shed that’s attractive, durable, and can conveniently fit into a small area. The benefits of a good plastic shed are numerous, but the selection process is usually taxing because they come in a range of styles and sizes. To make it easier, we’ve researched some of the best plastic shed brands available and narrowed them down to five impressive plastic sheds. We’ve also gone a step further by reviewing wood and metal sheds. So, in case you need something different, don’t hesitate to check them out.
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Our Top Choice
Keter Outdoor Garden Storage Shed
Keter is a global designer and manufacturer of innovative garden and household consumer products that are of high quality, fully functional, attractive, and durable.
Compact. Attractive. Well-ventilated. Weather-resistant. Durable. Sturdy floor panel. Low maintenance required.
Time-consuming assembly process.
2 doors/window/ventilation
4 x 6; 3 x 6; 8 x 6; 11 x 8 feet
Resin with steel reinforcement
Taupe; brown
Best Value
Suncast Glidetop Plastic Shed
Suncast ensures your patio, yard, home, and garden remain clutter-free by equipping you with high-quality sheds and storage equipment for space enhancement.
Sturdy construction. Simple to maintain. Minimal tools for assembly. Unique sliding lid. Takes up little space.
Requires building a sturdy foundation.
3-door lock system/slide lid
4 x 6 feet
Resin with wood grain
Sand; mustang
Lifetime Outdoor Storage Shed
For more than 3 decades, Lifetime has manufactured innovative garden and patio furniture, storage sheds, and other products that boast of high strength and durability.
Attractive design. High-pitched roof. UV-protected shed. Lockable doors. Shatter-proof window.
Building the foundation takes time and effort.
Double door/skylights/window
8 x 10 feet
Putty; brown
Duramax DuraMate Shed with Foundation
Known for high quality and value, Duramax manufactures some of the strongest and most durable greenhouse sheds, and metal and vinyl backyard sheds available on the market.
Includes foundation kit. Maintenance-free. Fire-retardant. Weather-resistant. Rust-resistant. Durable. 15-year limited warranty. Skylights included.
This plastic shed doesn’t include a window.
Double door
8 x 8 feet
Vinyl with metal reinforcement
Rubbermaid Outdoor Vertical Storage Shed
Rubbermaid is committed to simplifying life and does so by manufacturing innovative and high-quality products that can be used in all parts of the home and garden.
Weather-resistant. Leak-resistant. Maintenance-free. Heavy-duty floor. Dent-free. Lockable. Easy to assemble. 18 cubic feet of storage.
Wood shelves are not included.
Shelving accommodation
2 x 5 feet
Heavy-duty plastic
Olive; sandstone

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What is the Best Plastic Shed for Outdoor Storage?

The best plastic sheds are strong, durable, attractive, easy to assemble, and maintenance-free. If you’ve read our buying guide, selecting a plastic shed with the above features should be a walk in the park. So, without much ado, why don’t you go ahead and check out our list of five unique products with varying features?

Our Top Choice
Measuring 4x6 feet with an internal storage capacity of 133.2 cubic feet, the Keter Resin Outdoor Garden Storage Shed provides a compact but attractive storage and organization solution for your garden tools and other outdoor essentials. Want something a bit more attractive looking? Check out the KETER Manor Resin Outdoor Storage Shed Kit which features a stylish grey and white wood appearance — without the maintenance that wood requires.

Keter Resin Outdoor Garden Storage Shed – Available in 4 Sizes

Keter is a global plastic company that designs some of the best innovative garden and household consumer products that are currently available on the market. Its impressive products include outdoor furniture, outdoor storage equipment, and home organization solutions that help simplify the lives of its consumers every day. What makes Keter products special is the unique combination of attractive design, unbeatable functionality, and durability that they offer each customer.

Storing your garden tools and equipment such as wheelbarrows, lawnmowers, hoses, etc. may pose a huge problem if you don’t have enough room for them. If you fall under this category, then the Keter Plastic Storage Shed is the solution to your outdoor storage problem. This walk-in outdoor shed is made from resin-based plastic with steel reinforcement for extra durability. It’s weather-resistant and doesn’t peel, dent, or rot like most wooden sheds.

Weighing 139 pounds and with a maximum storage capacity of 133.2 cubic feet, this storage shed offers plenty of storage space for tools. Measuring 4 x 6 feet, it’s compact enough and won’t take up much yard/lawn space. This is important for those with a small space. The shed also features a 3-D tile roof with well-positioned vents that allow for proper and adequate ventilation. It also features a window and skylight that permit natural lighting up of the shed during the day. Although the lock is not included, this plastic shed also has a lockable door for increased security. All you’ve got to do is add your own lock and you can rest easy knowing that your valuable tools are well-secured.

Besides storing large garden tools and supplies, you can also make use of the shelving brackets provided by this shed by adding a piece of plywood or any other suitable material over the brackets. This not only increases your storage capacity, but also allows for storage of smaller outdoor tools that have no place on the ground.

The Outdoor Garden Storage Shed from Keter is quite beautiful, comes in a gray color, and has a natural wood-like texture. It’s also easy to assemble and requires little or no maintenance. It comes with a 10-year limited warranty and is also available in different sizes, just in case you require a larger storage solution.
Best Value
The Suncast Glidetop Plastic Shed with Sliding Lid is an easy-maintenance horizontal storage shed with a sliding lid that offers easy access and can be used to store garden/yard tools such as lawn mowers, spades, bikes, and patio furniture. For a smaller and less-expensive plastic storage shed, take a look at the Suncast's Vertical Utility Sheds. There are a variety of colors, styles and sizes.

Suncast Glidetop Plastic Shed with Sliding Lid

When it comes to innovative and durable storage options for the home, garden, patio, or yard, Suncast has little or no rivals. It takes pride in equipping its users with functional and attractive accessories that help beautify their open spaces while offering them space enhancement. From its outdoor cabinets and deck boxes to sheds and storage cubes, Suncast ensures that all its products are constructed to be durable and stylish, and yet affordable.

Gardening and other outdoor activities such as biking, lawnmowing, etc. require tools and equipment and after using them, they require a storage place. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast with little or no storage space for your tools/equipment, the Suncast Glidetop Plastic Shed is a space enhancer that you need. It’s a long-lasting storage solution with a twofold wall resin construction that’ll fit right in any yard. This horizontal plastic shed has a sliding lid that allows you to easily access its content and a strong floor for heavy tools or equipment.

Concerned with security of the shed’s content? This shed features two strong doors and a 3-door locking system that ensures the safety and security of items stored in it. It also features an easy bolt system with labelled parts that ensure simple and quick assembly. With the easy bolt system, only minimal tools are required for assembly and it can be completed in less than one hour. However, before assembling this unit, it’s important to build either a wooden or concrete foundation for it to sit on. To make the construction easier, there are instructions on how to build the ideal foundation on Suncast’s website.

Weighing 112 pounds and with its dimensions as 52 x 58 x 80 inches, this unit doesn’t take up so much space. It has a wood grain texture finish and its primary color is sand brown while its roof and door are mustang-colored. This unit requires little or no maintenance and can be wiped clean with a dry cloth if the need ever arises. So, for a durable and efficient storage system that ensures its contents stay dry while keeping it safe and secure, this stylish but affordable plastic shed by Suncast is surely the answer.
The Lifetime Outdoor Storage Shed with Steel Reinforcements is a stylish walk-in storage solution that measures 8 by 10 feet. It features 2 ventilation vents and 2 steel-reinforced and lockable doors for increased security of the shed’s contents. If you require a larger plastic storage shed with more features, check out the Lifetime 6446 Outdoor Storage Shed. It measures 8 by 15 feet and provides you with more storage space and it even has shutters, windows and skylights.

Lifetime Outdoor Storage Shed with Steel Reinforcements

Lifetime is a global brand that started in 1986 with the goal of manufacturing household consumer products that are of superior quality and durable. From the increase in product orders and customer feedback, it is safe to say that the initial goal has been met and surpassed. Now, Lifetime is concerned with launching new product categories, growing its market’s shares, and constantly improving, innovating, and ensuring it provides only products with great value for its ever-increasing customer base.

Getting an outdoor shed that’s highly functional and yet attractive is no mean feat, but with the Lifetime Outdoor Plastic Shed you can manage to combine both attributes efficiently. It acts as a storage solution for those with the problem of storage and organization space for their garden and other outdoor equipment. With interior dimensions of 90 W x 114 D x 70 - 94 H inches and storage capacity of 491.3 cubic feet, this walk-in storage shed is capable of housing different large and small tools and equipment such as wheelbarrows, lawnmowers, bikes, tillers, pumps, and hoses.

Lifetime 8 x 10 Foot Outdoor Storage Shed (Model 6405). | Lifetime Products

This is one heavy-duty shed that’s made from high-density polyethylene plastic (HDPE) and reinforced with steel for extra durability. It’s also fade- and crack-resistant due to its UV protection. The floor, which is also built from HDPE, is stain- and solvent-resistant, making spills easily cleaned. The assembly process may take up to 6 hours and it requires secure fastening with strong metal screws; also, before commencing assembly, a wooden or concrete flat level foundation must be constructed. This unit has a putty/brown color. Other amazing features of this plastic shed include:
  • Customized shelving – 2 corner and 3 rear shelves for additional storage
  • A highly pitched roof which allows rain and snow to drain quickly
  • 2 polyethylene doors that are steel-reinforced with a high door opening
  • Attractive and low-maintenance design – requires no painting and won’t rust
  • 3 sturdy steel trusses for an increase in the strength of the shed’s roof
  • 4 skylights and 1 shatter-proof window for natural illumination of the shed
  • 2 screened vents that are strategically positioned for ventilation purposes
  • Increased security via lockable doors with a mechanism that allows internal latching
  • A dual polyethylene wall with steel-reinforced panels to weather any storm
The Duramax DuraMate Plastic Shed with Foundation is an attractive, fire-retardant 8- by 8-inch maintenance-free outdoor shed that offers a storage capacity of 305 cubic feet for storing garden tools and equipment of different sizes. If you are considering between plastic and metal, you may want to consider the Duramax Palladium Galvanized Steel Storage Shed.

Duramax DuraMate Plastic Shed with Foundation

Duramax is an international brand that’s genuinely dedicated to manufacturing the highest-quality outdoor sheds that money can buy. Its products have a high reputation for being well-built, durable, and affordable. Sheds produced by Duramax are also known to be environmentally-friendly, strong, and have been described as practically maintenance-free by their users. With an intense focus on excellence, Duramax ensures that its sheds, whether greenhouse, metal, or vinyl, are built to have a long lifespan without any degradation in quality.

Quality is important when looking for plastic sheds to complete your yard and there are very few sheds that can be compared to the DuraMate Plastic Shed by Duramax when it comes to quality. Its walls are made of high-impact vinyl construction and reinforced with solid steel to make it stronger and more durable. Aesthetics is also not compromised as this shed is sandy beige-colored to fit perfectly in any yard. Measuring 8’ x 8’ with dimensions of 94.2 x 94.2 x 73 inches, this plastic shed offers a storage area of roughly 305 cubic feet. This means that there’s enough storage space for your lawnmowers, wheel barrows, and other garden equipment you may own.

Unlike metal and wooden sheds, this plastic shed won’t rot nor rust. It’s resistant to mildew too, and the vinyl construction ensures that it can withstand all forms of weather. It also doesn’t require painting or treating, making it nearly maintenance-free. To ensure the safety of the items stored, this shed is designed with fire retardants, to slow/stop the spread of fire in case of a fire breakout. Security is increased by the presence of 2 centrally-placed doors with handles that permit chain lock. The presence of 2 vents and 2 skylights mitigates the absence of a window and allows adequate natural lighting and ventilation. It also has a 15-year limited warranty.

Assembling the Duramax DuraMate Shed with Foundation is quite an easy process. It comes with an assembled foundation that provides you with a strong base for assembling the shed and certifying it remains square during assembly. All you’ve got to do is pour concrete into the galvanized metal foundation and allow to dry before proceeding with assembling the shed. However, assembly requires 2 adults and can be completed within 5-7 hours. When fully assembled, it can withstand wind of 115mph and 1000 pounds of snow on the roof.
The Rubbermaid Outdoor Vertical Storage Shed is a double-walled storage solution with a storage volume of 18 cubic feet which can be used for storing various outdoor items, including long-handled home and garden tools. If you require a larger horizontal storage solution that opens from the top, check out the Rubbermaid Outdoor Horizontal Storage Shed. It has a storage capacity of 32 cubic feet for your tools.

Rubbermaid Outdoor Vertical Storage Shed – Available in 2 Sizes

For close to 8 decades, Rubbermaid has been well-known for manufacturing innovative and high-quality household items that make life simpler. From its long-lasting housewares to storage and organization products, Rubbermaid has established its presence in nearly all parts of the home including the garage, basement, and garden. With durability and innovation as its benchmark, Rubbermaid ensures that its customers get only the best value for their money.

The garage and basement are not designed to hold garden supplies, equipment, or other outdoor equipment. But most times, due to limited storage space, these areas of the home get converted to storage rooms. This can lead to unnecessary clutter and make the space look disorganized and untidy. To prevent such from happening, it’s advisable to get an outdoor storage solution. However, outdoor storages may pose more of a problem than a solution, especially if you have little or no yard space.

That’s where the Rubbermaid Outdoor Vertical Storage Shed comes in. Because of its vertical structure, it takes up little space while offering up to 18 cubic feet of storage space. It’s a double-walled outdoor storage shed that’s durable and assembly-ready. It has dimensions of 30 x 25 x 72 inches and can be used to hold long-handled garden tools and other outdoor items.

A storage shed that lets elements interfere with its content is as good as useless. With the Rubbermaid Vertical Storage Shed, there's no risk of that ever happening. It protects its contents from sun damage, moisture, and inclement weather. Since it’s made from heavy-duty plastic, this 69-pound shed will neither rot, dent, nor rust and it requires no form of maintenance such as painting or treatment.

Besides storing long-handled tools, this beige- and gray-colored shed can also accommodate up to 5 wooden shelves which can be used to hold smaller items that have no business being on the floor. The floor of this vertical shed is heavy-duty and resistant to impact. It can also store heavy equipment without getting damaged. For safety and security, it has 2 lockable doors that are well-reinforced for durability. However, the lock for the doors is not included.

Buying Guide: How to Choose a Plastic Shed for Storing Tools, Lawn Equipment and Garden Supplies

Most people have converted their basement and garage to some form of storage space for their garden tools, equipment, bike, patio furniture, and other outdoor items. While that may look like a quick fix, it has its disadvantages. The garage and basement look untidy and disorganized, smaller items may get lost, and/or eventually, the garage gets full and you may need to discard some of your things. If it’s your life that’s being described, you need a permanent fix—an outdoor storage shed.

There are 3 major types of storage sheds—wood, metal, and plastic—and while any of the 3 can serve as a space enhancer, a plastic shed would be much more suitable because of its advantage over the rest. These sheds are made of plastic or resin and are strong, attractive, and most importantly, occupy little space. They’re quicker to assemble, relatively less expensive, and are available in so many shapes and sizes. Unlike metal that rusts and wood which absorbs moisture, plastic sheds are rot- and moisture-resistant. They also require little or no form of maintenance. Yes, you read that correctly. This is one unit that doesn’t require painting or any form of treatment, and the best part is they’ll be around for a very long time.

So, next time, instead of littering your yard with the lawnmower, tractor, garden hose, rake, spade, or any other form of garden supplies and tools, why don’t you conveniently store and organize it in a plastic shed built specially for them? Remember, a garage is for storing vehicles and a basement is for storing utilities in the home.
The price of a plastic shed depends on many factors that aren’t limited to the storage capacity, style, and brand. The storage capacity of the shed will invariably affect how much it’s going to cost; a shed with a storage capacity of over 300 cubic feet will cost more than one with less than 100 cubic feet. But when it comes to the style or design of the plastic shed, the brand is the determining factor. The design of a plastic shed from a reputable and trusted brand will cost more than a plastic shed with the same design, but from a less reputable brand.

With much consideration to the factors stated above, it’s not uncommon to find plastic sheds between $200 and $1500. While this may be considered pricey, it’s important to note that the plastic sheds that fall in that price range are strong, attractive, and durable. You may be tempted by the attraction of cheap plastic sheds, but please note that we excluded them because of their poor quality and flimsy construction material.

Rubbermaid Big Max™ Outdoor Storage Shed

Easy to assemble with 325 cubic feet of storage capacity, this Rubbermaid outdoor storage shed compliments your home and>
There are many plastic sheds available on the market, from both substandard and quality brands. To be able to tell the difference, you should know the features a good plastic shed should possess. Below are some of the features that you should be on the lookout for:
  • Type and construction material
  • Design
  • Maintenance
  • Ease/speed of assembly
  • Storage capacity
  • Strength and aesthetics
Construction and Design
Obviously, plastic sheds are made from plastic, but what you may not know is that there are different forms of plastic. Before we talk about the forms of plastic that exist, you should know that irrespective of the form, plastics are generally strong, durable, and can be molded into different shapes and sizes. However, some plastics may be stronger or more durable than others. For example, high-density polyethylene has a higher tensile strength (also known ad HDPE) than polyethylene, propylene, and other resin-based plastic. It can also withstand higher temperatures and is more expensive when compared to the rest.

Like we stated earlier, plastics can be molded into different shapes and sizes, hence the numerous designs. For the sake of this review, we’re going to stick to the basic designs. They could be classified in 3 designs: horizontal, vertical, and walk-in. Before picking a design, it’s advisable to consider the storage space where the plastic shed would be placed. If you’ve got enough space, a walk-in plastic shed would be suitable. But if you’ve got limited space, a vertical or horizontal plastic shed would be more ideal.

One of the most important factors to consider before selecting a plastic shed is the storage capacity it offers. This capacity is usually measured in cubic feet and is based upon the dimensions of your shed. To calculate the cubic capacity of your shed, you multiply the height by the width by the depth (in feet) — or you can use a simple conversion calculator. For sheds with a pointed roof, you need to determine storage capacity by the height of the walls, not the peak of the roof.

A shed with a capacity of 300 cubic feet could store more items than one with 100 or 50 cubic feet of capacity. Before selecting a shed, consider the quantity of items you want to store to avoid too little space or too much space. Also, the design and the storage capacity are usually dependent on each other. Most walk-in plastic sheds have a larger storage capacity than the vertical or horizontal plastic sheds. But do keep in mind that unless you are filling the shed to the brim, the total cubic footage is not usable.

How to Organize a Storage Shed

Garden Shed Organization - 5 easy projects (Shelves, Tool Rack, Crates & other storage ideas). | Suj Menon DIY Builds
Performance and Ease of Use
The great thing about plastic sheds is that they usually arrive ready to assemble. Unlike wooden sheds, there’s no need to cut pieces for it. Most times, all you’ve got to do is read and follow the instructions while fitting the pieces together. Generally, they require a short time (5-10 hours) and no skill level. But most brands recommend installation be carried out by 2 adults, to reduce time and effort input. However, the design of the plastic shed implicated here is the walk-in shed. They usually come with several parts that require careful installation such as the door, window, roof, skylights, and vents. Also, these walk-in sheds require a foundation which will act as its base. The foundation could either be wooden or concrete. Some brands specify the type of foundation needed, while others may provide a foundation kit to speed up the process. However, the vertical and horizontal sheds are usually less complex and may be put up in less than one hour.

The major reason for the increase in demand of plastic sheds is simple—they’re maintenance-free. While wooden sheds may rot, decay, or require painting, plastic sheds do not. This is because they’re resistant to the weather elements. Unlike metal sheds, they also don’t dent or rust; this allows you to save on maintenance costs. The most they require is a wipe-down with a dry/wet cloth, if they become dusty or you spill something on them.

Plastic sheds also have the ability to keep their contents dry. Once assembled properly, they don’t let in moisture. Some of them are also wind-tested. This means that they can withstand a degree of wind and won’t be blown to pieces when it gets windy. So, if you live in a windy region, you may need to check for the wind test.

Lastly, security is essential. No one wants to store items in a container with no form of security. If your yard or storage area can be assessed by random people, it’s advisable you get a plastic shed with lockable doors. Most times, the locks are not included, but you can buy one for it. Also, some plastic sheds have steel-reinforced handles which can be locked with a chain and padlock. To avoid theft of your stored property, you need to ensure that these features are in place before purchasing it. In terms of strength too, look out for plastic sheds with steel-reinforced doors, walls, and roof. It adds to the durability of the shed and will definitely increase its lifespan.

Get the Best Plastic Shed of 2023!

Now that you’ve been armed with the necessary information to select the best plastic shed available, why don’t you go ahead and make that investment, knowing it’s the right choice? And in case you still haven’t quite found what you’re looking for, our featured brands have other products for you to look through as well.

Our Top Choice
Keter Outdoor Garden Storage Shed
Best Value
Suncast Glidetop Plastic Shed
Lifetime Outdoor Storage Shed
Duramax DuraMate Shed with Foundation
Rubbermaid Outdoor Vertical Storage Shed

Plastic Shed FAQs

What are the best plastic sheds?
Since plastic sheds come in all manner of styles and sizes, it may prove difficult picking an ideal one. The best plastic shed should be weatherproof and maintenance-free. Leading brands of plastic sheds include Keter and Suncast. Quality plastic storage sheds are readily available online. We've reviewed some of the best brands of plastic storage sheds to help you find one that's right for you.
How to clean stains on plastic sheds
Cleaning a plastic storage shed is easy. For quick cleaning, spraying water using a hose will get rid of the dirt. However, more stubborn stains may require the use of plastic cleaners mixed with water. Use some warm water in a bucket that has a little white vinegar and gently scrub away the stains.
Where to buy plastic sheds
You can buy plastic sheds on e-commerce sites such as amazon. Ensure that you read reviews of different storage sheds before you zero in on a particular one
How to recycle plastic sheds
You can take the plastic storage shed to your local waste recycling center. Don’t leave it lying at the curbside. You can also identify private companies that offer recycling programs for plastics. Plastic storage sheds are reusable.
Where do I place a plastic storage shed?
Depending on the size of your backyard, you can opt to place it at the corner. You need to find out whether your local council needs you to have a permit to put up a plastic shed. Ensure that it’s placed in an easy to access point and on level ground. Another thing to consider in terms of placement is the degree of waterproofness. If the shed is not airtight, then placing it under an awning or deck will help keep out some of the rain and snow.