Best Pneumatic Drill Reviews 2023

Power drills are great for heavy duty use and serious power, but sometimes you need something small and adaptable. A pneumatic drill could be just the thing you need. We’ve researched you a guide on how to choose the right product for you, and picked five great choices from top brands for your consideration.
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Our Top Choice
Ingersoll Rand 7807 Reversible Drill
Ingersoll Rand counts as one of the best suppliers of air-powered equipment on the global market nowadays, and has been a force in the tool industry for more than a hundred years.
Comfy lever throttle. Tough construction and stylish, powerful looks. Excellent power transfer. Rear exhaust. Grease point on head for easy maintenance.
Loud during operation.
Grease Point on Angle Head
Reversible Drill
2.3 x 9.1 x 4.6 Inches, 2.4 Pounds
1,800 RPM
Best Value
Campbell Hausfeld Keyless Chuck
Having started out in 1836, the Campbell Hausfeld company has come a long way from its humble wagon-producing beginnings to the top tier of industrial machinery producers.
Compact yet tough model. Rookie-friendly design. Durable keyless chuck system for changing bits. Easy reversible motor for removing screws.
Very loud in operation.
Keyless Chuck
Reversible Drill
7.8 x 2 x 6.1 Inches, 1.4 Pounds
Not specified
5.2 CFM
Chicago Pneumatic CP7300 Mini Air Drill
The Chicago Pneumatic company is one of the best-known businesses dealing in power tools, supplying industry and home users with everything they need to get the job done.
Durable materials and a long-life gearbox. Ergonomic handle for comfort. Teasing throttle and adjustable exhaust. Small size great for tight spaces.
Too small for heavy duty tasks.
Planetary Gear Drive
Mini Drill
9.6 x 5.8 x 2.4 Inches, 1.6 Pounds
2800 RPM
4.1 CFM
Central Pneumatic 3/8-Inch Air Angle Drill
The Central Pneumatic company has been one of the most prominent manufacturers of air compressors, pneumatic tools, and other accessories for a number of years now!
Featherweight aluminum body. Rear end exhaust. Includes a pair of leather gloves for good measure.
Does not come with a chuck key.
Planetary Gear Drive
Reversible Drill
9.7 x 4.9 x 2.3 Inches, 2.6 Pounds
1800 RPM
PowRyte Basic 3/8-Inch Reversible Air Drill
Powell Works - owner of the PowRyte brand – is an originally Chinese company with plenty of assets both in the US and overseas, and you can find their pneumatic products everywhere across the world.
Built-in silencer. Diffused handle exhaust for aiming debris away from you. Lightweight construction.
Trigger is a bit sensitive.
Diffused Handle Exhaust
Reversible Drill
7.4 x 5.9 x 1.6 Inches, 2.5 Pounds
2000 RPM

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What is the Best Pneumatic Drill?

A well-made pneumatic drill can be a great addition to your home tool cabinet. Now you’ve figured out what you’re looking for when you buy one, let’s go through five excellent options you may want to consider.
Our Top Choice
Featuring a construction that looks as though it was nicked from the Terminator's spare parts basement, this Ingersoll Rand Reversible Drill is perfect for an eager do-it-yourself aficionado! If you'd like something slightly different, check out their Pneumatic Drill with a Keyless Chuck!

Ingersoll Rand 7807 Reversible Drill, Standard Duty Air Angle, Jacobs Multi-Craft Chuck

Creating a range of products for several different markets, the Ingersoll Rand company is one of the most well-rounded tool and tech companies in the global market! Whether it's for transporting stuff, making buildings breathable or otherwise protecting the easily spoilable goods, Ingersoll Rand air-powered products have got you covered! You can read lots more about the company on its website, and even create an account if you’d like updates on products.

The 7807R 3/8 Reversible Drill is a rather rugged-looking model featuring a durable construction and some excellent power transfer capabilities! Also, you get a grease point on the angle head for easy maintenance!

The list of features for the Ingersoll Rand 7807R 3/8 Reversible Drill:
  • Multi-Craft Chuck
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Lever Throttle
  • Grease Point for Simple Maintenance
  • Great Power Transferability
  • Precision Machine Gearing
  • Rear Exhaust
  • Reversible Motor
  • 1-Year Warranty
With a futuristic appearance and a reversible motor, the Ingersoll Rand 7807R Pneumatic Drill is a great option for every handyman and handywoman with a drilling requirement. It's a simple as it gets, and therefore rookie-friendly. You've got to have one!
Best Value
With over 180 years of experience, the Campbell Hausfeld company delivers once again with their Reversible Keyless Chuck Air Drill model! For roughly double the price, you can get yourself the TL1006 3\/8-Inch Drill with Chuck model!

Campbell Hausfeld Reversible Keyless Chuck, Reliable Bit Replacement, Quick Reverse Lever

'Half the Noise- All the Power'- that's the official corporate motto of the Campbell Hausfeld company- a business producing all kinds of high-quality welders, air-powered machines, and other heavy-duty machinery! If you take a quick look at the products these people are responsible for, you’ll see they take tool production seriously!

The Campbell Hausfeld business takes pride in a long and productive history and humble agricultural roots. It all started way back in the year of 1836, when horse-drawn agricultural tools were in great demand. The founders of Campbell Hausfeld established themselves as a sought-after wagon-producing company.

Long story short, now they're here, still kicking, and still producing a range of top tier tools. For this review, we've picked the Reversible Keyless Chuck Air Drill, a simple air-powered drill that can easily take care of the majority of drilling tasks you may face. It's got a sturdy construction and an easy-to-use handling mechanism, which makes this model virtually foolproof!

Here’s a list of features:
  • Comes with a Quick Reverse Lever
  • Reliable Bit Replacement
  • Ideal for Wood and Metal
  • One-Handed Handling
  • Comes with a Comfortable Grip
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
All in all, a great effort on the part of the Campbell Hausfeld folk. It comes with a comfortable grip so you can easily wield it with one hand, and use the other to do something else that's also useful - like holding a bottle of water!
Coming from a company with a significant number of power tools to its name, the CP7300 Mini Air Drill can be a perfect petite companion for a person in need of a small but plucky drill! For a couple of bucks less, you can also get yourself the CP879 Reversible Angle Drill.

Chicago Pneumatic CP7300 Mini Air Drill, General Purpose, Ergonomic Grip

Owning a sizeable roster of both cordless and corded drilling devices the Chicago Pneumatic Store is a business that sure isn't going to close down anytime soon! Its products are characterized by longevity, ease of use and efficiency, of which the folk behind this company are well aware. More than anything, though, these devices can be easily recognized by their brand red 'n' black color scheme, as well as their compact construction. The Chicago Pneumatic Store also makes other power tools, such as grinders, impact wrenches, sanders, polishers.

If you're a tech geek and you like to spice up your tool arsenal every now and then with a new piece of kit, getting yourself one of the Chicago Pneumatic Store models can be a great way to go. In fact, each and every product this company puts out is neatly described and can be seen on their official Internet page, so feel free to head out over there and find the power tool of your dreams!

If you happen to be in need of an air drill, though, we've found just the thing. The Chicago Pneumatic CP7300 is a Mini Air Drill that can do one hell of a drilling job despite its miniature size. The handling is a piece of cake because the rubber grip of this model allows you to hold it comfortably in one hand.

The list of features for the Chicago Pneumatic CP7300 Mini Air Drill:
  • Compact Design
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic Rubber Grip
  • Brass Bushings
  • Adjustable Exhaust
  • Double-Bearing Spindle
  • Teasing Throttle
  • Durable Gearbox
All things considered, the Chicago Pneumatic CP7300 Mini Air Drill is a simplified take on the well-known air drill. It comes neatly packed up in a lightweight and compact housing meaning that you will be able to easily operate it using one hand. The rubber grip is there to ensure you don't get a sore hand after using it for a longer period of time.
The Central Pneumatic Reversible Air Angle Drill is an aluminum beast that packs plenty of power into a tiny package. For a couple of bucks less, you can get yourself the Central Pneumatic Mini Orbital Air Sander.

Central Pneumatic 3/8-Inch Reversible Air Angle Drill, Planetary Gear Drive, Rear Exhaust

The Central Pneumatic is a company that's been around the block, sold a bunch of air compressors at competitive prices and managed to grow exponentially over the years! Their story begins in 1982 when the first ever line of compressors and other pneumatic tools left the production grounds of the newly-founded company. The demand for these products was particularly high at the time, so the people running the Central Pneumatic business decided to assert themselves as a relevant force operating in the ever-expanding market.

Having sold a bunch of the aforementioned compressors, the people at Central Pneumatic ventured into the unknown and launched another line of products, this time concentrating on impact wrenches, grinders, sanders, and ratchets, which were also successful. If you're interested in their corporate policies and what they've been up to recently, you can check out their webpage and learn more about their cause.

The Central Pneumatic Reversible Air Angle Drill may look like an oversized faucet, but in reality, it can do some pretty decent (planned) damage to a surface of your choosing. It has a planetary gear drive so you can accommodate any drilling position. Also, it comes in an aluminum housing for increased performance.

The list of features for the Central Pneumatic Reversible Air Angle Drill:
  • Leather Work Gloves
  • Planetary Gear Drive
  • Rear Exhaust
  • Ball Bearing Construction
  • Low Profile Angle Head
  • Paddle Switch
  • 90-Day Limited Warranty
All things considered, the Central Pneumatic Reversible Air Angle Drill represents a featherweight contender in the world of air drills. With its small build made of aluminum, it nevertheless packs a powerful drilling punch with the maximum speed of 1800 RPM and the planetary gear drive.
Coming from a company that's been dealing with all kinds of pneumatic contraptions for a number of years now, the PowRyte Basic 3/8-Inch Reversible Air Drill has got plenty of interesting features! If you're more in the mood for a green 'n' black color combo, you can also get the PowRyte Elite Reversible Air Drill.

PowRyte Basic 3/8-Inch Reversible Air Drill, Forward/Reverse Switch, Diffused Handle Exhaust

Powell Works is a relatively new but significant force in the tools industry. In less than 20 years, it’s become a significant supplier of all things pneumatic to industry both in its native China and increasingly around the world, as well as selling direct to consumers via the internet.

The PowRyte Reversible Air Drill can be wielded in a single hand despite its rather bulky construction. There's an ergonomic handle so you can use it for extended periods without fear of getting blisters and a diffused handle exhaust that angles debris away from the user. Best of all, it’s got a built in silencer so it won’t deafen you like some of its competition.

The list of properties of the PowRyte 3/8-Inch Reversible Air Drill:
  • Forward/Reverse Switch
  • Built-In Silencer
  • Rear End Exhaust
  • Diffused Handle Exhaust
  • Ergonomic Handle Design
  • Protective Rubber Grip
  • Comes with 2 Collet Wrenches
The PowRyte Reversible Air Drill is a proper beauty among the power tools. It's a great al-rounder, so you can rely on it for whatever type of drilling job you've got at hand.

How Do I Choose the Best Pneumatic Drill?

A a pneumatic drill lets you make holes without the risk of splinters and sparks you get from a power drill. They use air as the pushing force that moves all the little clogs that make up the rotating mechanism beneath the hood. In this, they work similar to air hammers and using a good air hose can make a big difference.

This means the upper torque limit can be extended beyond that of an electric motor, as mechanical wear is significantly reduced. For a variety of purposes and difficult angles, a pneumatic drill can be the perfect weapon of choice for a handyman or woman dealing in different kinds of building tasks. Pneumatic drills are usually made small and light, meaning they’re ideal for working in cramped or awkward spaces, and without requiring brute force.

One small side effect of a pneumatic drill – as opposed to an electric cordless one – is the need for an exhaust port for debris. Some models, for example, feature a rear exhaust while others possess an adjustable alternative which you can set according to your personal taste or the type of task at hand.

As a means of wrapping up this section, let's reiterate the pros of owning a pneumatic drill: 1) lightweight, 2) easy to handle, 3) does not use electricity. What's not to love?
Pneumatic drills vary in price based on several key factors. As they are designed to be lightweight, durable materials are required to also have enough strength and maintain the gear mechanisms properly. More expensive models will have aluminum bodies with brass internal fixtures and may include oiling apertures to you can maintain them with minimal effort.

Depending on where you’ll need to use it, you may also want to pay a little more for an adjustable exhaust so you can angle it away from both yourself and anything sensitive near the area of work.

Whilst it’s possible to buy a very cheap pneumatic drill, the ones we found were made from poor quality materials and may break easily, meaning they represent a false economy. All the models featured in our recommendations below are good value for money, regardless of their cost.
Pneumatic drills are a type of air-powered tool that can bore a hole in a variety of surfaces without producing any sparks, which is great for a wide variety of tasks. Since these tools can get quite complex, we've devised a list of properties to investigate before you buy one.

The list of features to consider:
  • Lightweight Build
  • Reversible Drill
  • Ball Bearing Construction
  • Paddle Switch
  • Rear Exhaust
  • Ergonomic Handle Design
  • Built-In Silencer
  • Planetary Gear Drive
  • Warranty
A model with a great 'n' fancy ergonomic handle can be a major asset to anyone who will be using it for an extended period of time.
Construction and Design
Pneumatic drills are meant to be easy for use, and small enough to be comfortably wielded in just one hand. Therefore, the majority of these tools have a lightweight construction combined with an ergonomic grip for best possible handling. Also, many of them have a reversible motor which helps when drill bits get stuck or you need to remove screws.
Performance and Ease of Use
Once you've got a hold of your beautiful new pneumatic drill, you can rest assured using it will be a piece of cake. Since the vast majority of the models we've encountered feature a simple construction and an ergonomic handle, you can easily wield it with only one hand, and won't have any problems reaching tough angles. Just make sure the air hose you're using doesn't get tangled up during use and you should be A-ok. Also, if you want to know how to obtain spare parts in case something or the other malfunctions, acquaint yourself with the warranty that comes with the product of your choice, clean the drill thoroughly every now and then, and Bob's your uncle!

Get the Best Pneumatic Drill of 2023!

In conclusion, owning a pneumatic drill can be a massive asset when you have to fix or build something around your house. They're small, tough and provide one hell of a drilling punch! If you haven't already, choose your pneumatic drill and rest assured you’re getting a quality product.

Our Top Choice
Ingersoll Rand 7807 Reversible Drill
Best Value
Campbell Hausfeld Keyless Chuck
Chicago Pneumatic CP7300 Mini Air Drill
Central Pneumatic 3/8-Inch Air Angle Drill
PowRyte Basic 3/8-Inch Reversible Air Drill