Best Poker Chips Set Reviews 2020

You love watching the Poker World Series, and you feel you can be a big shot player too. In that case, you’ll need a poker chips set to practice with. If you're reading this, you won’t need to go through the rigor of sifting through the many available options. This is because we have done that for you, and found five of the best poker chip sets available. All you need to do now is look at the products we featured and make a choice. If you don’t find one that suits you, just check out the other options these trusted brands have.
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Our Top Choice
Da Vinci Del Sol Poker Chips Set
Da Vinci is a major distributor of casino and gambling supplies, and is steadily expanding its line of products.
This set is large enough for six to eight players. It has a composite metal core, and the chips stack well.
The set is a little too heavy to carry around. That can be seen as proof of its quality, though.
0.03 lb. chip
Aluminum case
500 chips
$1, $5, $25, $100, $500/6 colors
3 dealer buttons and 2 cut cards
Best Value
Brybelly 500 Ace Casino Poker Chip Set
Since 2004, Brybelly has been offering top-notch products in the gaming, health, beauty, and toys category in a retail and wholesale capacity.
The clay poker chips feel heavy and are clearly marked, giving them the professional feel that brings the casino into your home.
There are complaints that the case the chips are stored in is quite flimsy.
25 x 5 x 11 in, 18.8 lbs.
Clay composite 100%
500 chips
$1, $5, $25, $100, $500, $1000
Free dealer button and 2 decks
Claysmith Gaming ‘The Mint’ Poker Chip Set
For years, Claysmith Gaming has been committed to bringing out the cool in poker by designing quality poker chips with vibrant visuals.
This set has a beautiful visual presentation, and each chip is well marked, making them easy to count.
The chips may be hard to shuffle because of the sharp edges.
0.03 lb. chips
Clay composite materials
500 chips
$1, $5, $25, $100, $500, $1000
Dealer button, 5 dice, 2 decks
Trademark Poker Dice Style Poker Chip Set
Trademark Poker is a popular distributor of durable poker and casino-related merchandise for private and commercial use.
This set is nicely weighted. The accessories it comes with are great add-ons and provide value for its affordable price, and the case can be locked.
The aluminum carrier that comes with the set is not strong.
0.03 lb. chips
Composite resin construction
500 chips
5 colors/not denominated
Dealer button, 2 blind buttons
Cardinal Industries Poker Chip Set
Cardinal Industries makes family-friendly and challenging games and puzzles that it offers at competitive prices.
This well-marked, affordable chips set is ideal for players of all ages. It comes with an instruction manual for new poker players.
The carrier case could have been better quality.
4.1 x 10.6 x 16.9 in, 9.8 lbs.
Sturdy aluminum case
300 chips
5 colors/not denominated
Dealer button

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What is the Best Poker Chips Set?

You now have detailed knowledge of poker chip sets and have decided which features will fill your needs. Now go ahead and read our review of individual brands and products, keeping those needs in mind. It is our hope that you will easily find the best poker chips set for you, at an affordable price.
Our Top Choice
The Da Vinci Del Sol Poker Chips Set has 500 pieces and comes in an aluminum case. It has two decks of playing cards and five dice for home gaming. If you would like a dice-style poker set, go for the Da Vinci 500 Piece Dice Style Poker Chip Set.

Da Vinci Set of 500 Professional 11.5gm Casino Del Sol Poker Chips with Case

Da Vinci is an Atlanta-based distributor of wholesale gambling and casino supply that was founded in 1984. It has become a leading supplier for major casinos all over the country. Due to its commitment to constant growth, it has introduced other products, such as yoga mats, backgammon, chess and other board games to its collection.

The Da Vinci Del Sol Poker Chips Set is a set of 500 Del Sol 11.5-gram full-color casino poker chips, covered in vinyl for labeling them with denominations. It has two decks of playing cards, two cut cards, three buttons (dealer, small blind, big blind), and five dice. The set is large enough for multiple players, and comes in a sturdy aluminum case.

Other poker sets made by Da Vinci include:
  • Da Vinci Premium Poker Set – 500 11.5-gram card-suited poker chips, two decks of playing cards, five dice, and six dealer buttons, all stored in a heavy-duty aluminum case
  • Da Vinci 200 Striped Poker Chip Set – 200 11.5-gram chips with five dice and playing card decks, in an aluminum case
  • Da Vinci Masterworks Poker Chip Sets – 500 11.5-gram chips featuring Da Vinci’s masterpiece paintings with denominations on them. It also has five dice, three buttons, and two cut cards
  • Da Vinci Acrylic Poker Chip Carrier – Made with heavy-duty acrylic and has a capacity of 1000 poker chips
Best Value
The Brybelly Ace Poker Chip Set is made with casino-grade clay composite. It has 500 14-gram poker chips with laser graphic design, and two decks of playing cards. If you would like a different design, try out the Brybelly 500 Count Eclipse Poker Chip Set, which also comes with a padded aluminum case.

Brybelly 500 Ace Heavy Weighted 14 Gram Casino Poker Chip Set with Aluminum Case

Brybelly Holdings, Inc. has an emphasis on satisfying customers’ needs. It continuously adds new products to its offerings so it can reach more people and maintain competitive pricing. It offers a long list of products in retail and wholesale capacities, and provides drop-shipping services to its customers.

The Brybelly Ace Poker Chip Set is a set of 500 poker chips made with high-quality composite clay. The chips weigh 14 grams each. They have laser graphic design and are clearly marked. The chips come in varying counts of $1 to $1000 denominations. The set includes a free dealer button and two decks of playing cards, with everything neatly packed in an aluminum case.

The following are other products available from this trusted brand:
  • Brybelly Ultimate Poker Chip Set – Its locking aluminum case contains 500 casino-grade clay composite chips, five translucent dice, dealer, and blind buttons, and two decks of playing cards
  • Brybelly Monte Carlo 3-Tone Poker Chip Set – The chips are made with heavyweight composite clay with vibrant laser graphic design. The 500-piece set of chips and other accessories is stored in an aluminum case
  • Brybelly Pack of 50 Ultimate Heavyweight Chips – Made with high-quality clay composite with dazzling visuals. The chips come in denominations from $1 to $10,000
  • Brybelly Ying Yang Poker Chip Set – Comes with a whopping 1,000 13.5-gram chips, a dealer button, three decks of playing cards, and six dice
The Claysmith Gaming ‘The Mint’ Poker Chip Set has 500 clay composite chips, a free dealer button, five dice, and two decks of playing cards packed in a black aluminum case. If you would like a 1,000-piece 13.5-gram ‘The Mint’ Chip Set, try the Claysmith Gaming 'The Mint' Poker Chip Set. It's stored in a heavy-duty acrylic carrier.

Claysmith Gaming 500-Count ‘The Mint’ 13.5 Gram Poker Chip Set with Aluminum Case

Claysmith Gaming knows that not everybody gets the chance to play big on casino tables, and not everybody wants to visit a casino to try a game of poker. Due to this, it decided to bring poker, along with the casino feel, to homes and private places. This way, poker fans can enjoy their favorite game with friends and families with Claysmith’s high-quality poker chips.

The Claysmith Gaming ‘The Mint’ Poker Chip Set has 500 casino-grade composite clay poker chips with regal engraving and stick and triangle design on the edges, giving them an attractive look. These 13.5-gram chips are clearly marked with denominations ranging from $1 to $1,000. They're accompanied by a free dealer button, dice, and playing cards, all neatly packaged in a black aluminum case.

The following are other poker chip sets from the stables of Claysmith Gaming:
  • Claysmith Gaming Showdown Poker Chip Set – A 600-piece heavyweight casino-grade poker chips set with $5,000 denomination, all marked with bright colors and packed in a carrier case
  • Claysmith Gaming 750 Ct Showdown Poker Chip Set – Includes brightly colored heavyweight poker chips with regal sword and spade design, five red dice, and an aluminum case
  • Claysmith Gaming ‘The Mint’ Poker Chip Set – 300 heavyweight poker chips that are well marked and come with a carrier case
  • Claysmith Gaming 200ct Showdown Poker Chip Set – Brightly colored 13.5-gram chips with regal sword and spade inlay, packed in an acrylic case with lid
The Trademark Poker Dice Style Poker Chip Set has 500 casino-sized composite resin chips with detailed marking and accessories, packed in a lightweight aluminum case. If you would like a 300-piece dice-style set from this same brand, get the Trademark Poker Maverick 300 Dice Style Poker Chip Set. It also has a carrier case.

Trademark Poker Dice Style 11.5 Gram Poker Chip Set with Carrier Case

Trademark Poker is one of the leading distributors of poker chips and other casino gaming paraphernalia to home and private gamers and commercial markets. It has a large warehouse in the US, where it stores its wide selection of products in quantities that let it offer them to the market at competitive prices.

The Trademark Poker Dice Style Poker Chip Set has chips made of resin composite. These chips are casino-grade weight and diameter, which gives you the feeling of playing for the high stakes. The 500 chips are well-marked with dice and stripes, creating great visuals and making the chips easy to count.

This set comes with two decks of playing cards, a dealer button, and two blind buttons. The casino-grade dimensions of these poker chips make shuffling a breeze and give off that "clink" sound you hear in casinos. This poker set and accessories are packed in a black felt interior aluminum case.

Other awesome chip sets from Trademark Poker include:
  • Trademark Poker Welcome To Las Vegas Poker Chip Set – 300 15-gram color-coded denominated chips with two-inch diameter and an aluminum carry case
  • Trademark Poker Hold ‘em Poker Chip Set –1,000 11.5-gram 39-millimeter diameter poker chips, all neatly stacked in a padded aluminum case
  • Trademark Poker NextGen PRO Poker Set – 1,000 composite resin denominated chips, packed in a durable acrylic carrier case
The Cardinal Industries Poker Chip Set consists of 300 11.5-gram casino-style chips, one deck of playing cards, a dealer button, and an aluminum carrier case. If you want a smaller chips set, try out the Cardinal Industries 100 Ct. Poker Chips Set, which has a professional casino design.

Cardinal Industries 300 Piece 11.5 Gram Poker Chip Set with Aluminum Case

Cardinal Industries makes challenging, family-friendly games and puzzles that provide hours of mentally engaging fun. It specializes in making licensed products that are well-suited to its retailers' individual needs. The quality of its products and dedication to its customers are why it has become a trusted brand.

The Cardinal Industries Poker Chip Set is a set recommended for new poker players, although it is ideal for players of all ages. It has 300 11.5-gram, well-marked, professional standard poker chips. It also comes with a deck of poker cards and one dealer button. It has an instruction manual for new players, and an aluminum carrier case.

The following are other chip sets from Cardinal Industries for your consideration:
  • Cardinal Industries 200pc Poker Set – 200 dual-toned chips, a deck of poker cards, dealer and blind buttons, and a complete instruction manual for Texas Hold’em
  • Cardinal Industries Texas Hold’em Professional Poker Portfolio – A tournament game set with 200 poker chips and two decks of poker cards, packed in a zippered case
  • Cardinal Industries Deluxe Texas Hold’em set –200 professional weight chips with deck of playing cards, dealer felt and dealer button, stored in a decorative tin carrier
  • Cardinal Industries Deluxe Revolving Poker Rack – The heavyweight, clearly marked poker chips are arranged in a cylindrical wheel that is accented with a gold handle

How Do I Choose the Best Poker Chips Set?

Weekends are for fun, whether you want to spend time in front of the TV, hone your skills on the skateboard, or just go play football. One great way of spending the weekends is attending a poker party, whether you’re hosting it, or going to play in a friend’s kitchen or your local clubhouse. It's safer to play poker with chips than with money, for obvious reasons. Poker chips used to be found only in casinos, but as the game becomes more popular, poker chips sets are fast becoming household items.

The best poker chips sets are made with high-quality materials that give you the feel of playing in a casino. They are designed in vibrant colors and are well marked. Most chip sets come with a carrier case, which is usually made of wood or aluminum. These sets come in varying counts, and the quantity you get will depend on the number of people that will be playing. Read further to know more about poker chip sets and suggestions on how to choose the best one for you.
Many brands offer poker chips sets of varying designs, quantities, and prices. The materials used for making the chips, the designs on the chips, and the number of chips are the main factors that affect poker chips set pricing. The high-count, ceramic and top-notch graphic-designed chips set will cost close to $300, if not more, depending on the brand.

The less expensive options, which are also of good quality but have fewer chips, are usually priced at a little over $40. There are cheap poker chips sets, but they are mostly made with inferior materials and will not last long at all. They don’t have the look or feel of the casino-grade chips that make poker worth playing.
Poker has become a popular game and is still amassing more fans all over the world. The game used to be restricted to the casino, but nowadays it is being played in homes, bars, and clubhouses. There is an increasing demand for poker chips. If you’re looking to get yours, here are some important things to look for:
  • Material
  • Number of chips
  • Design
  • Carrier case
  • Size and weight
  • Accessories
Since you already know how you will be using a poker set, this list will help you decide which features are necessary for your ideal chips set.
Construction and Design
The first thing to do when planning to buy a poker chips set is to decide how you'll be using the set. If you will be playing only once in a while, you can go for a rather inexpensive set that will handle light usage. But if you intend to host poker night out every weekend, you will be better off getting one of the high-quality sets that will bring the casino feel into your home. That will also give you some prestige among your guests.

The material of a poker chips set can affect the feel of the game. The following are the most common materials used:
  • Plastic Chips:This is ideal if your budget is limited and you'll be using poker chips infrequently. These chips generally weigh five to nine grams. You will easily find these poker chips sets in local department stores or supermarkets.
  • Clay Chips: These types are the most expensive poker sets you can get for home games. Clay chips sets feel more like casino poker chips, but without the security features. Clay poker chips are not always made purely with clay. In most cases, they have high clay content mixed with a resin material, so they can be more durable. The higher the clay content, the more expensive the poker chips set will be. This mixture of clay and resin makes clay composite poker chips. The typical weight for clay chips is between 9 and 13.5 grams.
  • Composite Chips:Composite chips sets are made from a high-quality resin with a metal core, to give them the weight and feel of casino-grade chips. These chips are arguably the most durable of poker chips sets. They are said to last a lifetime. This is a great option for home players who are looking for durable chips that will give them the "clink" of casino-grade chips, but don’t want to spend too much for top-of-the-line sets. These chips often weigh nine grams or 11.5 grams.
  • Ceramic Chips: These are the chips used in casinos. These chips are made of a high-density ceramic. The production process is less labor-intensive than the full clay chips, so they cost less. Ceramic poker chips do not have a metal insert. They come in different weights. These chips also have casino feel and sound and can sport high-quality graphics. This quality lets these types of chips have dazzling appearances, making them a great choice for home and commercial usage.

There is no standard weight for poker chips, but casino chips weigh between 8.5 grams to 10 grams. Another misconception in the poker world is that the heavier chips are better quality. Even though the light chips are inexpensive, there is no significant difference in quality when compared to heavier ones. The diameter of poker chips is 39 millimeters, which is the same across most chip brands, with the exception of low-end sets which are generally 40 millimeters. The size difference isn’t much of a problem, if any, with the game, but it is when stacking them for storage.

Most poker chip sets come with carrier cases. These cases are usually made with aluminum or polished wood. They offer great value for money as they make your chips set portable, carrying the chips and other accessories that come with it. The wooden cases are usually made of mahogany, walnut, or oak. They are available in various capacities ranging from 100 to 750. Some poker sets are stored in aluminum cases that provide extra protection against bumps and impact. Most aluminum cases have combination locks or key locks to keep your chips protected. They have foam padding that keeps the chips in place during transit and protects them from scratches. Some cases have areas for storing decks of cards and dice. Be sure your carrier case is sturdy, as you don’t want it to break and have your chips flying all over the place. There are poker chips sets that come in metal case holders, acrylic and plastic cases, just like the ones you see in casinos.
Performance and Ease of Use
Poker chips sets come in all sorts of designs. Laser graphics, vinyl, and paint are used to mark, color-code, and beautify chips sets. Two-tone and tri-color chips are common, but you will also find solid colored chips. There are three main designs for home poker chip sets. The Dice Poker Chip Set has each face of a dice around the outer edge of the chip. The Suits Poker Chip Set has the four shapes of playing card on the outer edge, and the Diamonds Poker Chip Set has a diamond shape around the outside edge of the chip. As you move up the design ladder of poker chips, you will find more elaborate and vibrant designs of high-quality graphics on the chip faces. Generally, the more dazzling the design and quality of the graphic used, the more expensive the set.

The colors and denominations of poker chips should not exceed four, following casino-style gaming. Most of the chips should be of the middle and lower values, in accordance with the popular four-color poker chips bankroll. On sets that are not visually denominated, red chips are for five units and white chips are for one unit. Green chips are equivalent to 25 units, while the black ones are worth 100 units.

The chip count is another thing to look for, considering how many players would be gaming at once. It's better to have more than enough chips to play with, than to not have enough. Who knows, poker games at your place might become so cool, more friends will want to join in. In such cases, you'd better be prepared. One generally accepted rule is to have between 50 and 100 chips per player. You should consider the following in deciding the chip count:
  • 300 chips for 3-4 players
  • 500 chips for 5-7 players
  • 700 chips for 8-10 players
  • 1000 chips for 10 or more players
This is just a guideline. What you decide ultimately comes down to what you want, and how you and your friends and family prefer to play poker.

Most poker chips sets come with some accessories that complement the game, such as sets of dice, decks of playing cards, dealer and blind buttons, cut cards, and stackable trays. These items usually have spaces in the cases that come with your purchase. Depending on which brand you’re buying from and what chip count you’re buying, the accessories will vary.

Get the Best Poker Chips Set of 2020!

Now that you've reached the end of our review, we hope you have been well informed and now have enough confidence to purchase the poker chips set of your choice. Just go ahead, make the buy and let the games begin.

Our Top Choice
Da Vinci Del Sol Poker Chips Set
Best Value
Brybelly 500 Ace Casino Poker Chip Set
Claysmith Gaming ‘The Mint’ Poker Chip Set
Trademark Poker Dice Style Poker Chip Set
Cardinal Industries Poker Chip Set