Best Pond Pump Reviews 2023

Peace and tranquility are the two benefits associated with water features such as ponds. We all need these two benefits, right? Just as the heart keeps the body alive, a water pump gives life to a pond’s aquatic ecosystem. But how do you know which pond pump will best suit your needs? Here, you will find products from five of the best pond pump brands that will help keep your water feature alive and well! Have a swimming pool instead? Top Products has also done a review for the best pool pumps – be sure to check it out!
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Flow rate
Cord Length
Our Top Choice
Alpine Cyclone Pump with 33’ Cord
Alpine is a reputable designer and manufacturer of a large selection of high-quality household and outdoor items.
Cost-saving pump; 8000 GPH high pumping speed; magnetic driven shaft; long-lasting, ceramic shaft
Vortex impeller may not last long
Submersible pump
8000 Gallons Per Hour
33 feet
8 x 5 x 6 in / 8.2 pounds
250 watts
Best Value
Tetra Pond Water Garden Pump
Virginia-based Tetra Pond is a company that provides you with installation and management solutions for your pond.
Sizeable cord length; filters large debris; energy-efficient operation; variety of sizes to choose from; can pump anywhere between 50 and 1500 GPH
Replacing its parts is quite expensive
Magnetic driven pump
4 sizes; 250/500/1000/1500 GPH
16 feet
8 x 6.2 x 8.9 in / 1 pound
80 watts
Little Giant Direct Drive Pond Pump
Little Giant has been in operation since 1941 and has consistently provided top-notch products that enhance outdoor living.
Intense flow pressure; doesn’t stall; adequate cord length; barely clogs; choose from three sizes; 170, 300 or 475 gallons per hour
Doesn’t have massive lifting capacity
Direct drive pump
3 sizes; 170/300/475 GPH
15 feet
7.8 x 5.8 x 5 in / 5 pounds
80 watts
Danner Pondmaster 700 GPH Drive Pump
Danner has operated for the last 75 years and has provided quality products to facilitate and improve fluid motion.
Sealed with quality parts; no leakages; quiet and continuous operation; fast pumping; 700 gallons per hour
Package doesn’t include the necessary adapters
Magnetic driven pump
700 Gallons Per Hour
18 feet
4.5 x 4 x 4.2 in / 6.3 pounds
60 watts
Kedsum Water Pump Fish Tank
Kedsum is a company that is consistently working to bring you innovative products that will add value to your household.
Super-quiet operation; doesn’t stall; minimal power consumption; dual water outlet
The insert needs a little modification
Submersible pump
3 sizes; 320/550/770 GPH
4.6 feet
6.7 x 4.7 x 3.3 in / 1.8 pounds
40 watts

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What is the Best Pond Pump?

From the flow rate of the pond pump to the construction of its impeller, there are important considerations to be made before settling on a particular product. Let’s explore more pointers to help you make an informed decision.
Our Top Choice
The Alpine Cyclone Pump is a cost-saving, submersible water pump that features a 33-foot cord and allows you to clean your pond at an incredible speed of up to 8000 gallons per hour. Too powerful for you? We believe that the Alpine Eco-Twist Powering Pond Pump is a good alternative since it saves you up to 70% energy.

Alpine 8000 GPH Cyclone Plastic Pond Pump with 33-Foot Cord

Alpine is a brand that has been producing award-winning products year after year since 1999 for your household, yard and garden. Their designs are fresh and give your space an enviable contemporary look. Whether you need a unique, solar-powered garden stake or a beautifully crafted bird feeder, Alpine has got you covered. The hands-on sourcing process of their raw materials ensures that their products are of the highest quality and meet all your décor expectations. Their fashion-forward products are also reasonably priced, giving you value for money.

Their Cyclone Pump with 33-foot Cord is one appliance that will impress you when it comes to your pond-pumping needs. It has a submersible design that can be used vertically or horizontally. It can also be used outside water, which adds to its many advantages. Due to this design, the pump is energy-efficient, which saves you a buck or two when the power bill comes.

Here are more features of this pond pump:
  • Ceramic shaft which is magnetic driven and doesn’t spill oil
  • Durable vortex impeller for extended service
  • Epoxy-protected parts that will serve you for a long time
  • Made of hard plastic that makes it light in weight but quite hardy
  • No tools are needed to disassemble the impeller
  • Can pump water up to speeds of 8000 gallons per hour
  • Impeller contains an oversized pre-filter
  • Comes with a three year warranty
Best Value
The Tetra Pond Water Garden Pump is an appliance with a 16-foot cord and a sizeable cage dedicated to filtering large pieces of debris so that your pump doesn’t clog. Are you in need of more power in a pond pump? We believe that you will love the Tetra Pond Debris Handling Pump, which pumps more gallons per hour.

Tetra Pond Magnetic Driven Water Pump – Available in Multiple Sizes

Tetra Pond is part of the Spectrum Corporation and specializes in the provision of installation and management solutions for your ponds, waterfalls and fountain heads. Nothing calms the mind like the sound of water, and Tetra Pond helps ensure that such calmness is not lost. By taking care of your backyard source of tranquility, the company has managed to command a faithful following of customers who love their dependable and affordable products.

The Tetra Pond Water Garden Pump is an ideal pump, especially when you are a beginner with backyard ponds. Its sizeable design is adequate for pumping water in your pond, waterfall or even fountain head. The appliance is fitted with a large cage, whose main purpose is to filter out large debris, thus preventing clogging. To further repel clogging, the pump can be fitted with a pre-filter or an in-pond skimmer, which is available separately.

Here’s more to this garden pump:
  • Magnetic driven operation that saves you energy
  • 16-foot chord for efficient operation
  • It includes an adapter for convenient operation
  • Can be attached to a submersible Flat Box Filter
  • Sturdily built impeller that runs efficiently
  • Comes with a 3 year warranty
  • Pumps 500 – 1000 gallons per hour
Is this pump capacity too much for you? You can choose a smaller size that pumps 50-250 gallons or 50-500 gallons per hour. Or, if you want more power, you can go for one that pumps 1000-1500 gallons.
The Little Giant Continuous Circulation Direct Drive Pump, once turned on, starts out with great force and builds up intense flow pressure, which keeps the momentum going, ensuring that your pump doesn’t stall. Do you need a more powerful pump than this? How about the Little Giant Waterfall and Stream Pump instead?

Little Giant Continuous Circulation Direct Drive Pond Pump – Available in Multiple Sizes

Since 1941, Little Giant has operated and provided outdoor-lovers with reliable products to maintain and run their ponds, waterfalls and streams. Through joint efforts with contractors, the brand has managed to successfully incorporate the latest technology into its products, ensuring that your water features remain in good condition. In their product range are water filters, pond lights and other pond maintenance products. The brand’s products, much-loved for their durability, may be small in size but their impact is gigantic.

One such product is the Little Giant Continuous Circulation Direct Drive Pump that is innovatively designed to start with great force then build up flow pressure. Such a design ensures that enormous momentum is maintained, which allows your pump to run continuously without stalling. Once it’s submerged, you can rest easy knowing that you don’t need to keep tapping it for continuous pumping.

What’s more? Here you go:
  • Can pump up to a height not exceeding 13 feet
  • Operates using a 15-foot cord
  • It discharges water through a ½ inch male pipe
  • Comes with a 3 year warranty
This pump is available in three sizes/power ratings. Opt for 36-watts for a 170 GPH pump rate. Alternatively, go for the 47-watts version for 300 GPH or 80-watts for 475 GPH.
The Danner Pondmaster Magnetic Drive Pump boasts epoxy-coated parts, which help seal the pump and prevent any leakages. Do you need a more powerful pump? We believe that the Danner Magnetic Drive Waterfall Pump will give you just that extra power!

Danner 700 GPH Epoxy Coated Pondmaster Magnetic Drive Pump

Danner burst onto the pump business scene in 1934, when they introduced the world to their air pump, which quickly gained popularity and praise. Since then, the brand has continued to provide consumers with innovative products geared towards providing solutions for fluid motion needs. Their magnetic driven and energy-efficient pumps are loved by water feature enthusiasts as well as other professionals.

The Danner Pondmaster Magnetic Drive Pump is made using quality components that are guaranteed to provide you with years of service. The various parts are covered with epoxy, which helps seal them and prevent any leakages. The only exposed part of this pump is its impeller, which is also covered with protective coating, allowing you to use this pump even in salty water without fear of corrosion.

Here are more features of this pump:
  • Energy-efficient magnetic driven operation that saves you money
  • Pumps at a rate of 700 gallons per hour
  • Comes with an 18-foot power cord
  • Runs quietly and continuously without any stoppages
  • Spots an elegant black finish
  • Works both when submerged or when in-line
  • Its volts and wattage are 1.3 amps and 60 watts, respectively
  • Comes with a five year limited warranty
The Kedsum Water Pump Fish Tank features a super-quiet design that will continuously pump water without stalling. Need less power for your aquarium? Then you will love the Kedsum Aquarium Water Pump, which pumps at a rate of 216 gallons per hour.

Kedsum Submersible Water Pump with Fish Tank Fountain Head – Available in Multiple Sizes

Kedsum is a company that has a passion for bringing innovative products to help you improve your home. With electrical products that are forward thinking and dependable, this brand is all about value. A top priority in this company is investing in research to incorporate the latest technology into their designs. By doing so, their products have managed to woo and wow many customers, leading to increased sales for the company.

The Kedsum Water Pump Fish Tank is designed to efficiently submerse into your aquarium, fountain, pond or any other water feature in your household or office. It has a small design, which makes it ideal for small water items; so compact is the size that you won’t even notice it’s there. But just because it’s small, don’t dismiss it as inferior. On the contrary, its 40 watts of power are just what your water feature needs!

Here are some more features:
  • Has a flow rate of 550 gallons per hour
  • Lifts water to a height of 2 meters/5 feet
  • Comes with a power cord measuring 1.4 meters/4.6 feet
  • Has two water outlets: a small one and a big one
  • Includes four gaskets and two outlet adapters
  • Uses a voltage of between 110 and 120 volts
  • Operates in a temperature range of between 0 to 35 degrees celsius
  • Made using a combination of strong steel and plastic

How Do I Choose the Best Pond Pump?

What comes to mind when you see a picture of white, sandy beaches, aqua blue ocean waves and endless rows of coconut trees? Peace, harmony and tranquillity, right? According to Wallace J. Nichols, a marine biologist and author of the book Blue Mind, the sight and sound of water calms the mind and harmonizes body functions. He recommends that we should spend at least an hour in the hot tub weekly or buy a house in a coastal town! Well, since not everyone can afford to buy a front-row beach cottage, you can enjoy the therapeutic effects of water by having a pond, fountain or even a swimming pool in your backyard.

Just as the body needs the heart to function, a pond needs a pump to “stay alive.” A pump is what circulates water and keeps your pond oxygenated; it’s what creates the fluid motion which gives your pond authenticity. That said, to get the best pond pump for your water feature, you have to consider the size of the pond in order to figure out the most efficient pumping rate.

Another important consideration is the design of the pump. Is the pump quiet? Is it submersible or external? How many outlets does it have? The ability of the pump to filter debris and other impurities is also important – clogging can make your pump stall!

After you’ve chosen and installed your pump, get a book, lie on your framed hammock and let the gentle waves of your pond take you to a magical, tranquil world!
Peace of mind is priceless, and so is that calming effect of water gently flowing in your backyard pond. That said, you don’t have to sweat a gallon to enable you to purchase a pond pump to keep water circulating and oxygenated in your pond. Within a range of about $15 to $140, you can find a well-built water pump that will take care of your pond in the best way possible. At these prices, you will have various options to choose from, depending on the size of your pond and the amount of power you are willing to dedicate to the pump. Above this range are pumps whose pumping rate per hour is high – so is the power consumption.

Are there cheap pond pumps in the market? Yes. Would we recommend them? No. Here’s why: such pumps mostly use oil, which may leak into your pond, causing pollution. Moreover, the parts may not have a protective coating to prevent rusting and corrosion in case the pump is operating in salty water.
Just as there are different designs of ponds with different creatures living in them, there are various designs of pond pumps. There are some key features that you need to look for when in the market for an ideal pond pump, such as:
  • Type -Pond pumps can either be submersible or operate externally. Submersible pumps operate from under the water while the external ones remain outside and use an inlet that draws water into your pond.
  • Flow Rate -The pumping rate is measured in gallons/liters per hour and depends on the size of the pump. To determine this rate, you have to identify the maximum water level since, as the level increases, the pressure reduces.
  • Size -How big or small a pump you need depends on the size of your pond, your desired filter capacity as well as the general outlay of your pond.
  • Filtration -Keeping your pond pump free from debris is critical, since a buildup of such will result in clogging. You need to identify the type of filtration mechanism present in the pump.
  • Power -An energy-efficient pump will save you money, so go for a pump that doesn’t consume too much power but still gets the job done well.
Construction and Design
There are three basic elements to the design of a pond pump: the water inlet, the electrical construction that runs the pump and the discharge output. The inlet serves as the water’s entry point and must have a pre-filter that keeps debris out to prevent your pump from clogging. Some brands include a pre-filter or a filter cage in their package, while for others you have to purchase it separately.

Once water is in the pump, it reaches an impeller and shaft, which is the heart of your appliance. These need to be covered in a protective coating such as epoxy, rather than oil, which may cause water pollution. Sufficient electricity is needed to give the impeller enough power to pump water. You may find ceramic impellers, which further enhance the durability of the pump. Finally, the outlet has a discharge pipe to facilitate water outflow.

The two most common types of pond pumps are submersible and external pumps. Submersible pumps operate when completely under water and usually go unnoticed. The external ones operate from outside, but have an inlet pipe that directs water into your pond. Both types need to have a quiet design – nothing like a noisy pump to distract rather than calm your mind!
Performance and Ease of Use
The performance of your pump really depends on your ability to identify the ideal pump for your needs. To do so, you must determine the size of your water feature and the maximum height you need the water lifted. To sufficiently sustain the aquatic life inside your pond, you have to ensure that the pump can efficiently circulate water to all parts of the pond – no fish/plant should be deprived of oxygen through lack of water.

Installing a water pump is pretty easy, and most manufacturers provide you with a guideline on how to do it. In terms of maintenance, it’s important to note that you should never switch on your pump without a running water source. Doing so could destroy its motor, which basically runs your pump. Remember to always remove any debris sieved by the filter/cage so that your pump doesn’t clog.

Get the Best Pond Pump of 2023!

Kudos! You’ve made it to the end of this review and it’s our hope that you are better informed. Didn’t find the best pond pump to suit your needs? Worry not since these brands have more options for you to choose from.

Our Top Choice
Alpine Cyclone Pump with 33’ Cord
Best Value
Tetra Pond Water Garden Pump
Little Giant Direct Drive Pond Pump
Danner Pondmaster 700 GPH Drive Pump
Kedsum Water Pump Fish Tank