Best Pool Cue Rack Reviews 2023

Playing billiards can be satisfying and a great way to relax with friends of both sexes. However, enjoying pool games starts with having quality cues and good room organizers, such as cue racks. Now, picking the right cues and cue holders can be a daunting task even for experienced players. For this reason, in addition to our review of the best pool cues, we’ve searched far and wide for the best pool cue rack brands to see what cue holders they have.
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Our Top Choice
Iszy Billiards Billiard Stick & Ball Wall Rack
Iszy Billiards prides itself on providing customers with quality and affordable pool game equipment.
Solid wood construction for a natural, attractive look. Great space saver.
Its initial clock batteries and pool cues are sold separately.
Wall mount
8 cues
34.25” x 31" x 2.75"; 20 pounds
Solid wood
Mahogany or oak
Best Value
Cuestix Q-Claw 5 Pool Cue Holder
Cuestix International focuses on providing quality pool gaming equipment at an affordable price while upholding high standards of customer service.
Non-slip rubber for firm grip on cues. Comes in multiples colors to choose from.
It doesn’t come with any other functions, such as drink holders or storage for balls.
Cue claw
5 cues
7.5" X 3.75" X 1.5"; 1.5 pounds
Multiple colors available
Hathaway Classic Floor Billiard Pool Cue Rack
Hathaway products, which range from swimming aids to kayaks, are carefully built to achieve top-notch quality while giving you maximum benefits.
An attractive and scratch-resistant surface. Multiple uses, thus saving you money you’d spend on additional furniture.
Its cue rings tend to be slightly small.
Floor cue rack
10 cues
29” x 10.25” x 28.25”; 9 pounds
Solid hardwood
Mahogany or walnut
RAM Gameroom Metal Pool Cue Holder
RAM Gameroom is a Canadian company that specializes in billiards lighting, game room furniture, and other related accessories.
Sturdy and durable metallic construction. Comes at a pocket-friendly price.
24 inches is smaller than some people expect
Round floor cue holder
6 cues
24” x 11” x 11”; 13 pounds
Multiple colors available
Trademark Global 12-Cue Pool Cue Rack
Trademark Global is renowned for supplying online retailers with a wide variety of consumer products ranging from kitchen appliances to pet supplies.
Attractive, natural wood finish. Simple, cost-effective and durable design.
Its installation can be involved, as some drilling is required. Accompanying screws are short.
Wall mount
12 cues
39” x 4” x 2.5”; 4.5 pounds
Solid wood
Natural wood finish

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What is the Best Pool Cue Rack?

Now that you’re equipped with top-notch ideas on how to choose a pool cue rack, let’s consider the salient features of the selected cue holders and see how they relate to your needs. Think of your room décor, size, and other furniture. This will guide you in deciding which pool cue rack suits you.
Our Top Choice
The Iszy Billiards 8 Cue Pool Rack Only with Clock comes in a space-efficient design that’s wall-mountable. Working on a tight budget? Check out the Iszy Billiards 8 Pool Billiard Stick & Ball Floor Stand with Scorer. Its cues have rubber rings, and it’s also available in a variety of shades.

Iszy Billiards 8 Pool Billiard Stick & Ball Wall Rack with Clock – Available in Oak or Mahogany

Irrespective of your favorite game, it’s always a great idea to keep your play area neat and organized. This helps you find your playing equipment easily, as well as reducing accidents which may arise from tripping on items on the floor. It also helps preserve your equipment, hence increasing its length of service. For billiards-lovers, this is what Iszy Billiards pool cue racks do for your gaming room. The company works hard to make sure that you reap the maximum benefits from their products.

For instance, their 8 Cue Pool Rack Only with Clock comes with three shelves for balls and a lockable drawer. These give you added storage for your playing equipment and personal valuables. It also has a game counter that helps you track the number of games you’ve played. This wall-mountable rack comes with mounting hardware, saving you additional costs and time you’d otherwise spend searching for them. Its clock has a soft-feel backing that adds to its aesthetics. Moreover, it incorporates a solid wood construction that gives your room an attractive and natural look. It’s also available in multiple shades to allow you a variety of options to choose from.
Best Value
The Cuestix Q-Claw 5 Pool Cue Holder features a weighted design that gives it added stability on most pool tables. If you’re shopping for a higher-capacity cue holder, check out the Cuestix 10 Pool Cue Stained Wood Floor Rack. It comes in a corner design and has glass holders for drinks.

Cuestix Q-Claw 5-Pool Cue Holder- Available in Various Colors

When playing any pool game, you need your cues organized and within reach. One way of achieving this is by investing in a claw-type cue holder. However, such a tool needs to be built to hold the weight of your cues without tipping over. The Cuestix Company knows this, and that’s why it goes to great lengths to provide cue holders that increase your efficiency. This allows you to enjoy your game more and play more rounds as the time wasted in changing players is reduced.

The Cuestix Q-Claw 5 Pool Cue Holder is designed to sit at the edge of a pool table for easy accessibility. This gives you lots of flexibility while playing and ensures that you don’t tire quickly. It comes in a variety of colors, allowing you to pick one that suits your personal preference. You can also get a color that matches your pool table and room paint. This creates consistency in your décor and avoids color clashing. Moreover, its non-slip rubber construction gives added grip on cues for secure storage. It’s also small-sized, making it highly portable.
The Hathaway Classic Floor Billiard Pool Cue Rack is skillfully handcrafted from quality hardwood for assured durability. Need a smaller-sized billiard pool rack? Check out the Hathaway Premium Half Moon Wall Shelf. It comes with a capacity of four cues and is easy to assemble.

Hathaway Classic Floor Billiard Pool Cue Rack – Available in Multiple Finishes

When investing in a billiard cue rack, it’s important to consider its durability to determine whether you’ll get value for your money or not. Moreover, find out whether the rack you’re considering has multiple uses. Such racks are great space savers since they take the place of some furniture. The good news is that Hathaway products are carefully built to achieve top-notch quality while giving you maximum benefits.

A good example is the Hathaway Classic Floor Billiard Pool Cue Rack that holds up to 10 cues and a set of billiard balls. This gives you adequate storage for your cues and balls, thus preventing them from getting lost. This rack also comes with four drink holders, eliminating the need for a drink stand in your gaming room. Its scratch-resistant coat helps it maintain its shiny appearance, keeping your room attractive, and it has a hook that serves as hanging storage for ball racks. It also has lots of space for chalk and table brushes. What’s more, this cue rack comes with a 180-day limited warranty that guarantees you compensation in case of any defect in workmanship.
The RAM Gameroom Metal Pool Cue Holder comes in a sturdy, metallic construction with a heavy base that provides stability and prevents it from tipping over. If you prefer a wooden cue holder, check out the RAM Gameroom Floor Cue Rack. It holds ten pool cues, a set of pool balls and drinks.

RAM Gameroom Products 24-Inch Pool Cue Rack – Available in Many Colors

When shopping for pool cue holders, it’s important to consider their style and appearance. This is because the holders will form an integral part of your room’s décor. If you have other pieces of furniture or wall fittings in the room, you’ll need to consider a rack style that will blend in well with such. RAM Gameroom provides you with lots of cue holder styles, giving you the flexibility to choose items that suit your taste and preferences.

The RAM Gameroom Metal Pool Cue Holder holds up to six pool cues and acts as a stylish piece of furniture in your game room. This cue rack is built to fit into places with limited space, since it can be placed in a corner or in any other part of the playing area. Moreover, it comes with easy-to-follow assembly instructions, making its set-up hassle-free. For those who are keen on the color of the cue rack, there is no cause for alarm as this holder is available in a wide range of shades to choose from. It also comes at a very pocket-friendly price, yet it’s built to serve you for a long time.
The Trademark Global 12-Cue Wall-Mount Pool Cue Rack is made of solid wood with a smooth and natural finish. If you’re interested in a pool cue holder with lesser capacity, consider the Trademark Global U.S.A. Marine Corps Billiard Cue Rack. It has a capacity of eight cues and full-color logo on its mirror.

Trademark Global 12 Cue Wall-Mount Pool Cue Rack with Natural Wood Finish

When it comes to indoor gaming equipment, Trademark Global strives to provide customers with quality, affordable and reliable products. Its cue racks, for instance, are made of quality materials that guarantee long years of service. They also come in a simple, yet attractive and functional, design. These factors attract many consumers to the pool cue holders.

A good example is the Trademark Global 12-Cue Wall-Mount Pool Cue Rack that features a two-piece design. The upper piece is fitted with cue holders, while the lower piece has corresponding resting positions that are engraved on its top surface. Its cue holders are specially built to allow you to slide in the cues effortlessly. In addition, they are built to fit a wide range of pool cue sizes. The combination of these features gives you an attractive cue holder that brings a sense of class to your playing room. Moreover, the ends of this two-piece rack are stylishly crafted for added beauty. It’s also worth mentioning that this cue rack costs a fraction of most racks in the market, yet it helps keep your billiard playing room organized.

How Do I Choose the Best Pool Cue Rack?

Pocket billiards is probably one of the most-played indoor games across the world. While most people indulge in this game for fun, others, like Efren Reyes and Ron Dooley, have hewn careers out of the game. Now, whether you’re playing billiards for fun or money, it’s important to invest in quality equipment such as a pool table and cues. This helps you enjoy pool games more while adding a touch of professionalism, which is critical in honing one’s shooting skills.

You also need to take care of this equipment to make sure that it serves you well and lasts a long time. This is where pool cue racks come in. They provide quality storage space for your pool sticks and pool balls. This ensures that you don’t waste time searching for your cues every time you want to play. It also helps you organize your playing room and keep it neat. By so doing, you prevent common accidents such as tripping. Moreover, if you have your sticks lying on the ground, they may not last long, as someone can easily step on them and cause them to break.

Pool cue holders come in various types, which include wall mounts, claw-styled cues, and floor cue racks. This classification depends on where the racks are designed to be kept. For instance, wall mount racks are fixed to the wall while the floor types are built to stand alone on the floor. On the other hand, the claw-styled cue holders are attached to the side of the pool table. Irrespective of the style, it’s important to consider the features of the cue rack before buying it. This helps you get a rack that suits your needs.
The price of a pool cue rack depends on the construction material used and other design features such as capacity. For instance, a rubber-claw cue holder with a capacity of five sticks can cost about $20. On the other hand, the price of a 10-cue floor rack made of solid hardwood and with additional storage for pool balls can go up to $210. Additional features such as drink holders and game counters can also cause the price of a cue rack to increase. This doesn’t mean that you won’t come across cheap cue holders in the market. However, you’ll need to be vigilant as they are likely to trade off quality for cost. But you don’t need to be alarmed, as we haven’t included such products in our review.
When buying a cue rack, you need to see how it blends in with the décor of your room and other fittings, such as wall hangings. This ensures that the features in your game room don’t clash, and that guests feel comfortable. To achieve this, you need to consider the key features of the cue holder.

Here are some of the important aspects to look out for:
  • Type – This refers to the type of pool cue rack e.g., wall mount, cue claw, floor, etc.
  • Capacity – The number of cue sticks it can hold
  • Size – This refers to its dimensions and weight
  • Materials – What is the cue rack made of?
  • Finish – This refers to the finish or color of the cue holder
  • Extras – Other features that come with the cue holder, such as drink holders, game counters, etc.
These features will help you pick a pool cue rack that not only meets your needs but is within your budget.
Construction and Design
Some of the materials commonly used for manufacturing pool cue racks include metal, rubber, and wood. These materials are shaped in various forms to produce different types of cue holders. For example, wooden floor cue racks often feature three or four legs for added stability. The lower shelf is designed to provide additional storage space for pool balls, while the upper can hold drinks. Moreover, manufacturers commonly incorporate multiple product colors and pool cue capacities in their production process. This allows you the flexibility of picking a product that suits your needs.
Performance and Ease of Use
Pool cue racks that are made of quality materials serve you for a long time, thus, giving you value for your money. They also maintain their sheen while keeping your playing room organized and presentable. Racks that come with glass holders allow you to enjoy a drink while you play. This eliminates the need for buying an additional drink stand for your playing room, saving you money. Pool cue holders that come in multiple finishes give you the flexibility of picking a color that best suits your taste and preferences. As you shop for a pool stick rack, make sure you go for an option that will give you the most benefits.

Get the Best Pool Cue Rack of 2023!

We appreciate that you’ve taken the time to read our review on the best pool cue racks. It’s our hope that you’ve found one that suits your needs. If you still want to sample more options from these leading brands, click the links on this review page for more awesome picks.

Our Top Choice
Iszy Billiards Billiard Stick & Ball Wall Rack
Best Value
Cuestix Q-Claw 5 Pool Cue Holder
Hathaway Classic Floor Billiard Pool Cue Rack
RAM Gameroom Metal Pool Cue Holder
Trademark Global 12-Cue Pool Cue Rack