Best Pool Cue Reviews 2022

Playing a game or two of billiards every now and then is a gentlemanly and gentlewomanly activity that only gets better as you grow more and more intoxicated! That being said, so do many other sports, in all fairness. Anyway, if you'd like to improve your skills in this old game of merry companionship, we warmly recommend you get yourself your very own pool cue! To find out what are the best models for this purpose, check out our top 5 list of the best products currently on the market and learn more!
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Our Top Choice
Players Classic Series Pool Cue
Using a range of high-quality materials for their models, the folks behind the Players company have been responsible for some of the most impressive pieces of billiards equipment currently on the market.
It features a double-pressed Irish linen wrap. It’s easy to handle with its slip-free grip. There’s a lifetime warranty included.
There can sometimes be some bubbles towards the end of the cue. (a minor imperfection)
Bird's Eye Maple
18 - 21 ounces
20 x 4 x 4 inches
Lifetime Warranty
Best Value
Imperial Premier Cyclone Pool Cue
Producing pretty much every piece of equipment you may require to have a great game of billiards, the Imperial company delivers once again with this small but plucky beginner's pool companion.
The cue is two-piece so carrying it around is not a problem. It's made of strong maple. It's equipped with some glue on top for easier handling.
Not the best model for experienced players, though.
Hard Rock Maple
20-ounce model
42 inches
Glue on Tip
Cuetec Prestige Series Pool Cue
Boasting an impressive roster of billiards superstars as well as an equally attractive list of pool-related products, the Cuetec Company is a business that has quality ascribed to its name.
It features a patented power-bonded shaft. There is a Veltex Grip for easier handling. The weight bolt system is fully adjustable.
The quality of coloring seems to be a bit off in some instances.
Canadian Maple
19-ounce (weight adjustable)
58 inches
Multi Layer Tip
Viper Junior 48” Pool Cue
Selling a wide variety of table and board game products, the GLD company's been making a name for itself with its recent lines of products.
It comes with some lightweight ABS joints. This model is available in 16 different weights. Built from tough Canadian maple wood.
The visuals, although impressive, might not be suitable for all people.
Canadian Maple
16-ounce model
48 inches
Rubber Bumper
Iszy Billiards Canadian Maple Pool Cue
Iszy is a well-known brand that markets well and has speedy delivery. They have a knack for picking up tough 'n' plucky cues for future champions.
It's made from rugged Canadian maple. There's a convenient fiber ferrule (in white). The handle features an attractive black/red finish with some decorative motifs.
Perhaps not the best option for advanced players who like to work with more features (like added weights).
Canadian Maple
18- 21 ounces
58 inches
Irish Linen Wrap

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What is the Best Pool Cue?

Every bar-frequenting, genteel person who's ever attempted to play a game o' pool without an appropriate pool cue could tell you that this sporting and leisurely experience in a cue-less context simply isn’t as exciting when you've got a plucky and elaborately-designed pool cue by your side! If you're interested in obtaining one of these great sporting accessories but aren't sure what sort of model to go for, check out our top 5 list of products and learn more!
Our Top Choice
Featuring a tough build made of American maple, an Irish linen wrap and a French finishing wax coat, this Players C-960 cue is a sure and true product. For a few bucks more, you can also get the Player’s Technology Series Model - a top tier two-piece cue.

Players Classic Crimson Birds-Eye Maple with Triple Silver Rings Cue – Available in 7 Weights

Combining their expansive knowledge of billiards with the power of the Internet, two gentlemen called Jim Tong and Sid Kreis took the gaming world by storm with the introduction of their new company The fellowship originally had little in common, but soon realized they could help each other out by uniting their talents to bring pool cues to the world. Suffice it to say, the business took off well, and is nowadays one of the most successful online and offline pool cue retailers in operation.

When it comes to range of products, it includes pretty much everything billiards-related you can fit in a typical delivery van. On the online store, you can check out cues, shafts, chalks, racks and even some books covering the subject matter!

One of the models you can find featured on the website is the Players C-960 Classic Cue we’re describing here. It features a durable stainless steel joint collar and a tough and beautiful build using rock-hard maple for some extra rigidity. If that wasn’t enough, the whole cue’s also thoroughly treated with French wax, which makes it more durable and adds a smooth appearance.

The list of features for the Player’s C-960 Classic Cue:
  • Double-pressed Irish Linen.
  • Stainless Steel Joint Collar.
  • Slip-Free Grip.
  • Leather Tip.
  • Lifetime Warranty.
All in all, a tough little player’s cue you don’t want to miss out on! Its simple appearance and a durable build make it a perfect option for both rookies and professional players (not to mention every bar-frequenting gentleman and gentlewoman of leisure in between!).
Best Value
Intended for rookies and those who play only casually, this Premier Cyclone 2 pool cue is nevertheless a force to be reckoned with, even when put against some more expensive models. If you'd like an officially-licensed model instead, this Imperial NFL Cue might be an excellent solution for you.

Imperial Premier Cyclone Sneaky Pete 2-Piece Hard Rock Maple Billiard/Pool House Cue – Available in 3 Sizes

With a name evoking the Roman empire, Imperial International is a corporation specializing in the production of pool cues, tables and other accessories. It boasts over 60 years of experience, and judging from the cue model we're about to present to you, it’s been time well spent!

The company web page is a great place to explore what it’s been up to all these years. You can find all kinds of interesting things there, such as how to set up your brand new pool table and what size of a cue would suit your expertise level the best.

That being said, the Premier Cyclone 2 model we've decided to present here is a typical rookie's cue, which can be an excellent introductory prop for a young amateur. It features a hard maple construction and an ergonomic handle that can help you 'get to grips' with the discipline of the sport.

The Imperium Premier Cyclone 2- a list of features:
  • Tough Maple Construction.
  • Glue on Tip.
  • White Nylon Ferrule.
  • 4-Prong Design for Handle.
  • A Rubber Bumper.
All things considered, a plucky little beginner's cue that can serve its purpose well into future as it's made of tough maple and can take some damage before it breaks.
If you've been planning on acquiring a high-end billiards cue for an agreeable price, look no further than this Prestige Pool Cue. For a more 'natural' feel to your pool games, this Cuetec Natural Model might suit you better.

Cuetec Prestige Series 58" 2-Piece Canadian Maple Billiard/Pool Cue – Available in 4 Colors

In the year of 1989, a new company entered the waters of the international cue-manufacturing businesses. The Cuetec Company, as it was called, promised to produce high-quality cues to wow its rivals and win over the consumer market. Whether it achieved that aim is up for discussion, but Cuetec certainly made some solid cues along the way. The production process philosophy is quite straightforward: use the best available maple wood, model it in the shape of a cue, and then coat it in a layer of fiberglass for good measure.

In an effort to establish itself, Cuetec is also present in the world of professional billiards. Specifically, it’s sponsored a number of players to help spread the word.

When it comes to the Cuetec Prestige Pool Cue, it features a solid build as well as a multi-layered tip with Polycarbonate ferrule, guaranteeing you’ll not miss a potentially game-ruining shot because of the cue – only your quality of play!

A list of features for the Cuetec Prestige Pool Cue:
  • Patented S.S.T. Shaft.
  • Multi-Layer Tip.
  • Adjustable Weight Bolt System.
  • Veltex Grip.
  • Durable Rubber Bumper.
  • Tru-Glide Finish.
In conclusion, anyone in need of a simple and effective billiards utensil could benefit from one of these Cuetec Pool Cues. The multi-layered tip is great for perfecting your skill shots and can help you develop your own personal style of play. Definitely a model worth checking out!
Boasting a tough build and some quite impressive dragon visuals, the Viper Junior Cue is a product that can really become one's best pool accomplice. If you'd like an ominous bird-themed pool cue instead, check out the Viper Raven Model instead!

Viper Junior 48" 2-Piece Billiard/Pool Cue, 16 Ounce – Available in 6 Designs

In the world of pub-based games and board or table-bound leisure, the GLD Company holds a rather special place, equipping a wide customer base of sports enthusiasts with nothing but the best equipment necessary to make their nights out and sporty activities just a little bit better. On the web site, you can find a variety of sporting requisites suitable for everything from darts to billiards and even foosball tables!

As a part of customer engagement, the GLD company enables anyone to make an account on its page so they can get updated catalogues of products and keep appraised of recent developments.

When it comes to the Viper model featured here, it's been constructed from tough maple wood capable of withstanding prolonged use. What's more, players who appreciate the Asian-style dragon visuals can really enjoy playing with one of these in their hands!

GLD Products Viper Cue - a list of properties:
  • Made of Tough Maple Wood.
  • Tattoo Style Dragon Graphics.
  • Features a Two-Piece Build.
  • Easy Transportation and Storage.
  • Lightweight ABS Joints.
  • Rubber Bumper.
  • Available in Different Weights.
Beat your friends in a game of pool using this tough, cool-looking billiards gear.
Selling every possible piece of billiards-related ware, Iszy strikes once again with the 58-inch Hardwood Pool Cue! For a few bucks more, you can also treat yourself to a fiberglass-coated 58-inch Cue Fiberglass Version!

Iszy Billiards 58-Inch Hardwood Canadian Maple Pool Cue Billiard Stick with Irish Wrap – Available in 4 Weigths

At Iszy Billiards, the mission is a clear and simple one: deliver the best possible products to the customer and make sure their feedback is heard and properly integrated into future designs. Iszy is all about adaptability and convenience – accepting orders in every way imaginable. Once you've sealed the deal, goods are delivered within a reasonable deadline (often the same business day!) – something of which the business is quite proud.

The catalogue includes pretty much everything you might need to equip yourself with some serious, high-quality pool equipment and additional wares. These include pool cues, table brushes, table cushions - you name it! You can pay for it any way you see fit, be it via Mastercard, Visa, or even through Paypal.

The Iszy Billiards Maple Pool Cue is one of the finest models to date. It's been made from tough Canadian Maple and features an Irish linen wrap for a comfortable, anti-sweat grip! Also, the tip's been equipped with a certain amount of glue so it reacts better with the balls you’re hitting. Truly, a regular player's cue for all intents and purposes!

The list of features for the Iszy Billiards Pool Cue:
  • Hardwood Canadian Maple.
  • Features a Reinforced Steel Joint.
  • There's a bit of Glue on Top for Good Measure.
  • Comes in Red and Black Colors.
  • Comes with White Fiber Ferrule.
All things considered, a great starter's cue for a future pool champion! All in all, a solidly made, affordable cue. What's not to love?

How Do I Choose the Best Pool Cue?

Obtaining a brand new pool cue is a rather serious process that requires some sweaty and nail-biting deliberation over the matters of style and efficiency, and if you've ever considered getting one of these exquisite sporting props, you know all about how tough the decision-making deal can be! Worry not, however, as our mighty TopProducts team of Internet browsers is once again here for ya! That's right – in this section of our buying guide, we'll present to you the ins and outs of the category of pool cues, so if you're already stocked up on pool tables, playing balls, and possibly a suitable cue rack or two, read on, and complete your billiards arsenal with a model of your choice!

First and foremost, the material of the cue is an important aspect to look into as it determines its toughness and longevity. To ensure that one of these magnificent sports props will be able to endure even the most vigorous of your shots, many manufacturers opt for some sort of hardwood, typically a variety of maple. This particular kind of wood offers great reliability and 'reacts' pretty well to a refined setting, so you can expect the cues made out of this material to come with all kinds of decorative perks, such as metal rings and elaborate engravings!

Another rather interesting factor to take into consideration when buying a pool cue would be its ability to change weight! Since utmost concentration is required for a player to make a perfect shot, having a cue that has just the right weight so that you can maneuver with it comfortably can truly be a great asset for your game. Therefore, you may want to find a cue that has an adjustable weight system, allowing you to control its weight by adding or removing a bunch of small metal pieces specifically designed for this purpose! Also, the kind of handle-covering material in use contributes to the overall handling as well, but more about that in the following sections.
More often than not, sports that are routinely played in official tournaments as well as in your local pub tend to be pretty inexpensive when it comes to the equipment they require (think darts or any card game). In this respect, billiards is no exception, and pool cues can be found at quite an agreeable price indeed. For example, a well-designed and sturdy model will only cost you some 20 bucks, but if you're after a more elaborate beast of a cue with adjustable weight and fancy visuals, you may be expected to pay as much as 140 of your hard-earned dollars! All in all, it's pretty safe to say that whatever your budget, you'll be able to find a model that suits your needs just fine!
A pool cue represents a distinguished instrument of leisure that speaks volumes about its owner's playing style and also possibly his fashion sense! If you'd like to get yourself one of these illustrious sports props and start playing this game at a new level, check out the list below, and see what features a cue can possess!

The list of features to pay attention to before you buy your very own pool cue:
  • The Material for the Cue
  • The Material for the Joint Collar
  • Slip-Free Grip
  • The Color of the Cue
  • The Material for the Tip
  • Rubber Bumper
  • Adjustable Weight System
  • The Visuals
  • Warranty
Some manufacturers issue hefty lifetime warranties for their cues, so if reliability and longevity are among your priorities when it comes to obtaining a new cue, buying a model with one of these warranties can be a great solution in the long run!
Construction and Design
Since they feature a rather strict set o' rules when it comes to their official dimensions, pool cues aren't really a sports prop with too much variation in this field, in all fairness. However, what they lack in the department of their general shape and size, they more than make up for with their aesthetic and ergonomic properties, so to speak! Depending on your personal preference, you can pick up cues with elaborate engravings, metal rings, adjustable weight systems, and specialized handles that can massively improve your grip.

As for the material of the cue itself, maple tends to be the best and most reliable kind of wood for the job. There are different kinds of maple, however, which include Canadian maple, bird’s eye maple, hard rock maple, and more. All of these will be sturdy, shapely, and perfect for the task at hand; choosing between them mostly comes down to which looks better!

Grand stuff indeed, and don't forget that some models even allow you to fold them in half when you're not using them, for purposes of space preservation!
Performance and Ease of Use
Considering the rather touchy nature of all sports that involve a cue, it's safe to say that no matter how well a pool cue is built, the bulk of its accuracy and efficiency will still depend on your skill level. That being said, obtaining a model with an adjustable weight system and a well-protected handle enabling you a tight and secure grip can help you increase your chances of scoring!

Maintenance-wise, make sure to always treat your cue tip with care, and keep it away from moist areas and children (meaning the entire cue, not just the tip). Other than that, clean it up every now and then and that would be about it!

Get the Best Pool Cue of 2022!

Handling a delicately-made pool cue is a matter of precision and finesse, as the goal of the glorious game of pool is to hit the designated balls with just enough force to make them go to their target (unlike with baseball or cricket, where the main thing is to swing the bat as hard as possible in hope of launching the ball into outer space). Thus, pool cues are usually built so that they can both deliver the lightest touch and some serious power behind each and every shot! We hope you liked our top 5 products as well as our buying guide, and we wish you a merry and hassle-free purchase!

Our Top Choice
Players Classic Series Pool Cue
Best Value
Imperial Premier Cyclone Pool Cue
Cuetec Prestige Series Pool Cue
Viper Junior 48” Pool Cue
Iszy Billiards Canadian Maple Pool Cue