Best Pool Float Tube Reviews 2023

Want to relax in style this summer? From the deepest oceans, to the laziest rivers and coolest pools, a float tube is key to keeping it cool while staying afloat. We understand how valuable fun is, and that’s why we’ve researched and brought to you 5 of the best pool float tube brands out there. We’ve put together some interesting buying advice for you to really enjoy your vacation - even if it’s just a short trip to the pool.

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Our Top Choice
Kelsyus Premium Floating Lounger
Kelsyus designs high-tech, high-performance products for active lifestyles and outdoor trips, including camping, floating, and outdoor sports.
The specially designed tube works for fast inflation and deflation - perfect for travel and storage.
Although designed for luxury, it's not meant for high-speed watersports.
PVC, Fabric Covering
Children and Adults
20 x 2 x 21 inches
Cupholder, Ottoman, Side Clips
Best Value
Intex Recreation Color Whirl Air Tube
Intex is a worldwide leader in inflatable technology and aquatic accessories. From beach balls to above-ground pools, it has you covered.
The PVC material and welded seams make this float functional and fun for the whole family.
Designed for children age 9 and up. Smaller children may not fit the center hole.
250 lbs. Children 9+ and Adults
48” Diameter
Handles Included
SwimWays Float Recliner with Canopy
SwimWays is made by water lovers, for water lovers. From professional swimming gear to recreational pool and watersports equipment, SwimWays is dedicated to water.
A cool mesh seat and shaded canopy make this a luxurious recliner perfect for warm weather.
The float is slightly less portable and harder to fold due to shape.
Full Recliner with Footrest
PVC, Mesh, and Fabric
Children and Adults
55.5 x 37.5 x 16 inches
Cupholder, Canopy, Ottoman
Swimline Inflatable U-Seat Chair Float
Swimline Watersports is a family-owned manufacturer of pool covers, liners, and water accessories, with over 40 years of history.
The U-Seat offers soft nylon fabric and support for your back, arms, and upper body.
Taller users may want a lounger with a footrest.
U-Seat Lounger
PVC and Nylon Fabric
Children and Adults
Airhead Hoopla 1 Person Swim Tube
Airhead is a leading worldwide retailer and manufacturer of all-season sports and outdoors equipment.
With its sturdy construction and quality materials, this tube is designed for demanding use on lakes, rivers, and pools.
While otherwise great for tubing, the Hoopla could benefit from handles.
Heavy-Gauge PVC
Children and Adults
42” (deflated) Diameter
Tested for Quality/Durability

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What is the Best Pool Float Tube?

The best float tube will be influenced by personal comfort, buoyancy, durability, and price. Some flotation devices will be appropriate for tubing and sporting, while others keep you completely dry while lounging in the sun and rocking to the waves. With this in mind, let’s check out our best picks and see if you’ll find the perfect one for you.
Our Top Choice
With a comfortable mesh seat, reclined backrest, footrest, beverage holder, and clips for tethering, the Kelsyus SwimWays Floating Lounger for Pool is for relaxing in luxury. Looking to lie back and take a nap? Check out the Kelsyus Water Hammock!

Kelsyus SwimWays Floating Lounger for Pool - Fabric-Covered Inflatable Floating Chair

Kelsyus makes a wide variety of outdoor gear for swimming, camping, hiking, backpacking, and even backyard sports. Its floating equipment includes party floats for multiple people, loungers, pong games, and even a floating cooler for beverages! For less than $35, the Kelsyus SwimWays Floating Lounger for Pool is comfortable, dependable, and perfect for warm weather.

The plastic body is covered in a smooth, soft fabric that reduces the risk of puncture and feels comfortable to the touch. The backrest is inclined for relaxation, with a mesh seat and ottoman to put your feet up. A patented inner spring is designed for stability while floating, and side clips allow tethering to boats, docks, or other Kelsyus float products. The jet valve allows quick inflation and deflation, which makes this float portable for travel and vacation use. The built-in cup holder is perfect for kids - and adults - and the lounger supports up to 250 pounds of weight.
Best Value
The Intex Recreation 48" Color Whirl Tube is a fun tube with a splash of color, great for kids and adults alike! Need a cooler for that float trip? Check out the Intex Mega Chill Cooler!

Intex Recreation 48" Color Whirl Tube – Inflatable Swim Tube, Other Designs, Styles and Sizes Available

Intex specializes in two things: inflatable technology and aquatic accessories. From airbeds to inflatable spas - and even full-sized above-ground pools - Intex has distinguished itself as a worldwide leader in over 100 countries. The Intex Recreation 48” Color Whirl Tube is affordable at $11.80, with options for different colors and patterns available.

If you’re looking for a simple, fun tube to lounge on water, this is your inner tube. If you’re looking for a tube to take on rivers, lakes, and ponds while tied to the back of a boat holding on for your life, this is also your inner tube. The sturdy PVC material has welded seams to withstand wear and tear for water safety. The jet tube is easily accessible, and the handles on both sides make the tube easy to hold on to at high speeds. With over 170 customer reviews, you can be sure that this tube is perfect for a lazy day floating or an exciting trip around a lake.
The SwimWays Float Recliner with Canopy is terrific for those relaxing floats on a hot summer day. No need for a canopy? Check out the SwimWays Spring Float Recliner!

SwimWays Spring Float Recliner - Fabric-Covered Floating Pool Chair with Removable Canopy Sun Shade

SwimWays has been helping children learn how to swim for over 40 years, and partners with charities to raise money from products sold. Its award-winning products include swim, snorkeling and SCUBA gear, inner tubes, pool decorations, pool games, and watersports toys - even officially licensed products by Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars.

The SwimWays Float Recliner with Canopy has a soft mesh seat, leisurely angled recliner, sun shading canopy, and ottoman for the ultimate in relaxation. Add on a beverage holder (for soda or something else), and you can make any trip into a vacation. Most parts of the recliner are covered in fabric for a smooth texture and puncture resistance, including the headrest and armrests. The spring-loaded design is comfortable even in waves, and the jet allows easy inflation and deflation.
The Swimline Inflatable U-Seat Chair Float keeps your upper body afloat and your beverage dry at an affordable price. If you’re looking for the ultimate cooler and couch combo on water, check out the Swimline Cooler Couch Pool Float!

Swimline Water Sports Inflatable Nylon Fabric Covered Swimming Pool U-Seat Chair Float

Swimline Watersports is a company located in New York that creates a wide variety of pool accessories and water sports equipment. With a HUGE selection of personal flotation devices, it makes everything from pizza-shaped floating beds to floating pong with beverage coolers. The Swimline Inflatable U-Seat Chair Float offers luxury living at an affordable $23.99.

The tubes of this U-shaped lounger are thick for maximum buoyancy and comfort. The black and blue nylon cover wraps around the comfortable backrest and thick armrests (with included cup holder). This lounger has high-quality materials, and is well-reviewed, with multiple comments applauding the durability and longevity of construction. Overall, the Swimline U-Seat is a perfect pool companion for a summer day.
The Airhead Hoopla 1 Person Swim Tube is a 42” inner tube with heavy PVC tubing and RF welded seams for maximum durability. Want to relax with full-body support? Take a look at the AIRHEAD Designer Series Hammock!

Airhead Hoopla 1 Person Pool/Water Float – Inflatable Single Person Lounge Float

Airhead is a multinational retailer of high-quality equipment for outdoor sports and activities. Snow equipment, surfboards, floating equipment, and water safety gear are only part of its large selection, and its prices are nearly impossible to beat. For less than $15, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an inner tube that can withstand as much as the Airhead Hoopla.

The Airhead Hoopla 1 Person Swim Tube is affordable, and slims down on features to invest in quality materials and workmanship at a great price. At 42” deflated, it seats most adults comfortably when fully inflated. The heavy-gauge K80 PVC has RF welded seams to prevent punctures and tearing. With its light, strong construction, it deflates for easy and portable storage and inflates easily for more action-packed fun.

How Do I Choose the Best Pool Float Tube?

Summers are load of fun. Whether you have a private pool or not, with a pool float tube, summers have never been better. Why relax on a bench when you can do so right on the pool after a warm swim on your classy lounger. Seriously, what’s more memorable than floating there while enjoying the magnificent wonders of Mother Nature?

You’d probably want to enjoy this wonderful moment at the comfort of your own yard, right? It’s definitely possible. Get yourself an above the ground pool and bring all the summer joy closer to home. You won’t have to worry about commuting to the public pool or even dealing with their tight open hours anymore. Enjoy your pool float tube till late in the evening, free of interruptions!

Why not boost the fun by making it a family gathering? All you need is a collection of interesting pool toys. Now you can put your kids’ energy to the test. Pick a variety of these and you’ll be surprised at just how fun summer can get. Trust us, you’ll probably want to record with your camera as you enjoy the comfiness of your float tube. And, if you have younger kids, don’t let them miss out on the moment either. You can get a stylish kid’s pool out there to brighten their holiday as well.
When it comes to good moments in life, price should be the least of your worries. We discovered you really don’t have to worry about price because most pool float tube don’t cost much. You’re sure to find one in the price range of $5 to $60.

You might find some really cheap pool float tubes out there. We advise you to stay away from these because they aren’t worth the investment. Instead, we recommend you buy one on the higher side and spend your summer in style. For instance, going for one with a sun shading canopy will give you extra comfort, something that very cheap ones can’t offer.
A pool float tube is a summer essential. It lets you enjoy your holiday in style. This isn’t all they have to offer though. Here are some other features for you to look out for while shopping for one.
  • Type - There are several types of pool float tubes. You can choose a recliner, a tube, a full recliner with footrest, or a U-Seat Lounger depending on your preference
  • Material - Most are made of PVC designed for durability, while others are made of fabric or mesh coated for a soft feel
  • Capacity - Most pool float tubes are designed to carry both children and adults
  • Portability - Pool float tubes are light and deflate easily for portability
  • Extras - Some pool float pipes come with other benefits such as ottomans, side clips, cup holders, and canopies
Construction and Design
If you’re worried your pool float tube will give in and cut the fun short, relax – it’s not happening anytime soon. You’ll have a lounger strongly designed to carry your weight and stay free of common wear and tear. The PVC material to thank for this. This is your ticket for a durable tube that gives you a run for your money.

On the same note, you wouldn’t have to worry of any abuse the tube gets from you kids because the material is handy enough to withstand it. Let them have fun (of course under supervision) even in demanding places like rivers. The sturdy construction makes it perfect for a situation like this.

Imagine sipping your favorite drink, lying on your float tube while gently stroking the water. What about majestically raising your feet while your back is perfectly inclined for ultimate comfort? Going for a float tube with extras lets you enjoy these features and more. And don’t forget, when the sun gets too scorchy, you don’t have to feel the burn. Simply open the sun shading canopy on your float tube to keep your summer fun!

If you want to take your fun a little higher, use the side clips on your float tube. Tether these to a boat and get ferried through the waters while recording the best moments of your life!
Performance and Ease of Use
Pool float tubes are different from conventional ones. The soft feel soothes the skin and takes relaxation to another level. That is why most of these pool float tubes have a fabric covering to give you that ultimate relaxation. As an added advantage, this covering protects your tube from punctures so nothing interferes with your comfort.

Depending on what you want it for, you’ll find a float tube type that fits your adventure. If you’re the kind who loves kicking it out in rough waters, go for one with side clips to tether to a boat and handles to hold on at high speeds. However, if you’re the type who wants to calmly relax as you sip a glass of juice afloat, buy one with a mesh seat and ottoman for a perfect resting position.

Whether you want one for your kid or for you, most pool float tubes can hold both children and adults. You don’t have to worry about sharing. In any case, it’s what makes it even more fun!

When going out for fun, no one likes bulk items. We all want to be as light as possible for flexibility. You wouldn’t want you to miss the comfort of your floater by leaving it behind, and that’s why most of them are easily deflatable for portability. You can simply throw it in your backpack and you won’t even realize it’s there until you need it.

Get the Best Pool Float Tube of 2023!

Hopefully you’ve found a pool tube or flotation device that you love just in time for the sun of spring and summer. Remember that each of these brands also makes a variety of watersports equipment in case you didn’t find the exact model you were looking for. With a large selection of shapes, sizes, and special features, we know there’s a tube out there just for you!

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Our Top Choice
Kelsyus Premium Floating Lounger
Best Value
Intex Recreation Color Whirl Air Tube
SwimWays Float Recliner with Canopy
Swimline Inflatable U-Seat Chair Float
Airhead Hoopla 1 Person Swim Tube