Best Pop Up Tent Reviews 2022

Are you a hiker, camper, beach lover, or simply love being outdoors? If you’re a new buyer, finding the right pop up tent can be a nightmare, given the many brands on the market. Therefore, we’ve researched the best pop up tent brands on the market, showcasing one from each, to help you make an informed buying decision. Browse our other tent reviews if you’re looking for something different.
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Our Top Choice
Coleman 4-Person Cabin Pop Up Tent
Coleman was founded in 1900 to sell gasoline pressure lamps but today the company engages in the production of outdoor recreational products.
Weather proof. Has pockets for organization. Welded floors keep water out. Easy to set-up. Strong Steel poles.
The entrance is a bit cumbersome.
Cabin type
8 x 7 feet / 18 pounds
4 people
Weather tec / polyester / tarps
Best Value
WolfWise 2-3 Person Beach Pop Up Tent
WolfWise is a renowned company that manufactures and distributes highly innovative outdoor equipment.
Highly ventilated. Large entrance & windows. UV protection. Water proof & durable material. Galvanized steel frame.
Open design isn’t good for rains.
Canopy sun shelter tent
Beach tent
7.25 x 4.75 feet / 4.23 pounds
2-3 people
190T Polyester
CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent
Core Equipment is a brand committed to manufacturing various outdoor gear to make camping fun and easy for all.
Water-resistant & durable. Large windows & entrance. Gear loft and wall organizer with electric cord access port. Includes rain fly, tent stakes, and carry bag.
One window is below the rain fly.
Cabin type
Camping tent
11 x 9 feet / 22.8 pounds
6 people
Polyester H20 block technology
G4Free Large Pop Up Backpacking Tent
G4Free has been in business since 2014 and provides quality shooting, hunting and outdoor gear.
Sets up in seconds. Offers UV protection. Durable & opens on both sides. Has large windows. Offers mosquito protection. Water-resistant. Round fiberglass poles. Double zipper.
Folding the tent requires a bit of practice.
Backpacking tent
Summer Camping and beach tent
8 x 6 feet / 4.41 pounds
2-3 people
K-Oxford water resistant fabric
Survival Hax 2 Person Instant Pop Up Tent
Survival Hax is a company popular for manufacturing high-quality survival and self-defense products for outdoor use.
Pops up automatically. Hassle free set-up. Water-resistant material & floor. Large doors & lightweight. Durable & portable.
Lightweight material might hamper stability.
Cabin type
Camping tent
6.5 x 6.5 feet / 3.5 pounds
2-4 people
170T Taffeta

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What is the Best Pop Up Tent?

Choose a pop up tent with the capacity to accommodate the number of people you’re planning to take camping. Make sure it’s water-proof and stable to withstand strong winds. Find out if one of our recommended pop up tents is what you need.
Our Top Choice
The Coleman 4-Person Instant Cabin Pop Up Tent is designed for stability and use even in rough weather. If you’re looking for a different tent designed for more water resistance (33%) and available in green and navy color options to choose from, opt for the Coleman Sundome 4-Person Pop Up Tent.

Coleman 4-Person Instant Cabin Popup Tent with Pre-attached Steel Poles & WeatherTec System

Coleman was founded over a century ago when WC Coleman started selling pressurized gasoline lamps. The company has grown over the years to become one of the largest manufacturers of outdoor and recreational products. It boasts of a wide variety of products on its product portfolio. Among the products the company manufactures and distributes are tents, stoves, grills, sleeping bags, beds, lanterns, lights, coolers, water jugs and so much more.

The Coleman 4-Person Instant Cabin Pop Up Tent has a capacity of four people. It has enough space to allow you to camp with your family without having to carry many tents. It’s easy to set-up because the poles come pre-attached on the tent. What’s more, the set-up only takes three minutes. Designed to pop out in only 60 seconds, you won’t spend most of your time putting it up. Since the tent is made of water-proof WeatherTec material, it’ll protect you from rain.

Built with inverted seams, the tent seeps no water when it rains. The floor of the tent is welded to keep it dry and protected as it doesn’t allow water in despite the intensity of rain. The stability of a tent is essential, especially if you intend to use it in an area prone to harsh weather conditions. The Coleman tent comes with ropes and pegs you can use to secure it firmly to the ground. Rated 100kph to withstand strong winds, the tent can be used even in the most windy conditions.

The tent folds up pretty easily and fits neatly in an expandable carry bag. This makes it easy to carry and store the tent until your next camping expedition. With the built-in pockets on the tent, you can organize your every-day camping essentials for ease of access. The interior of the tent is spacious enough to accommodate a queen-sized air bed. This means you have enough leg room at your disposal to rest easy.

The tent is also well-ventilated; during hot weather, you can easily open one of the windows to keep the air inside the tent cool. It’s also built with ventilation holes to allow air circulation inside the tent. Designed with an integrated rainfly, you’ll get extra airflow inside the tent without having to engage in additional installation. As a result, you’ll be able to camp with a lot of comfort. The tent measures 4 feet and 10 inches high with a footprint of 8 by 7 feet.

Here are some other Coleman pop up tents you might be interested in:
  • Coleman 5 Person Instant Dome Tent – 5 people capacity, dome design
  • Coleman 2 Person Pop Up Tent – for two people
  • Coleman Junniper Lake 4 Person Instant Tent – with annex
Best Value
The WolfWise 2-3 Person Beach Pop Up Tent requires no assembly making set-up and use a breeze. Looking for an ultralight backpacking pop up tent in five color options for your family? Opt for the WolfWise Ultralight Outdoor Backpacking Family Pop Up Tent.

WolfWise 2-3 Person Beach Pop Up Tent with 360 Degrees Ventilation & Full Door Entrance

WolfWise is a popular company committed to designing, manufacturing and distributing high quality and innovative outdoor equipment and gear. The company has grown over the years to have a wide array of products included in its portfolio. With products such as tents, hammocks, sleeping bags, gymnastic mats and backpacks in its portfolio, WolfWise serves a large consumer base spread across the globe.

A day at the beach can be exhausting if you’re exposed to the glaring sun the entire time. The WolfWise 2-3 Person Beach Pop Up Tent offers you protection from the sun. It doesn’t just provide you shade, but also protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun. This is because the tent is made of a material that’s UPF 50+ rated. The tent is also waterproof to ensure you’re safe if the weather changes abruptly.

Designed for pole-free use, the tent’s setup is easy and quick. It’s made using galvanized steel for durable use. Galvanizing protects the frame from rusting due to the wet conditions at the beach. The tent doesn’t require any assembly since the frame is inbuilt. It’s easy to just pull it out of the bag and pop it up in just a minute. Furthermore, putting it back in the bag is just as easy as the frame folds down easily.

The two pockets built into the tent support neat organization of your personal belongings. Constructed with 190T polyester material, the tent doesn’t tear easily, hence is durable. Due to the high temperatures typical of beaches, tent ventilation is important. It comes with two doors, rear and front, that completely open up to give you 360 degrees of ventilation. The windows of the tent are also large to give you a good view of the beach while facilitating proper ventilation.

With this tent, you can stay fresh and free of sweat and body odor. Stability is also important because of the high speed winds at the beach. Four corner sand pockets are featured on the tent to be filled with sand to stabilize it. Besides the pockets, the tent comes with four wind ropes and eight stakes to hold it securely on the ground. The fact that it’s lightweight makes it a beach must-have accessory. The tent folds into a bag for easy storage and carriage to the beach and back home.

You won’t need anyone with you to set it up because it’s not bulky hence you can put it up on your own in just a minute. The tent is available in two shades of blue to choose from: mad sand 102A and light sand 101A.

Here are some other WolfWise pop up tents that you might be interested in:
  • Wolfwise 2 Person 3 Season Outdoor Pop Up Tent – backpack design, front and rear doors
  • Wolfwise 4 Person Camping Family Pop Up Tent – for camping, aluminum poles
  • WolfWise Lightweight 2-Person Camping Backpacking Tent – lightweight, camping tent
The CORE Equipment 6 Person Instant Cabin Pop Up Tent is spacious and high to comfortably accommodate a family of six people. Do you prefer a canopy tent in a different design for versatile use for festivals, camping, tailgating or simply outdoors in your backyard? Opt for the CORE Equipment Instant Shelter Canopy Pop Up Tent that measures 10 by 10 feet.

CORE Equipment 6 Person Adjustable Instant Ground Cabin Tent with Gear Loft

CORE Equipment is a company that provides camping enthusiasts with equipment aimed at making their camping endeavors fun and manageable. The company is committed to creating products meant to enhance outdoor adventures, be it in your backyard or out in the mountains. Some of the products in CORE’s portfolio include chairs, tents, lights, sleeping bags and shelters. It uses premium materials to manufacture durable products that last a lifetime.

The CORE Equipment 6 Person Instant Cabin Pop Up Tent is spacious and can fit two queen sized air beds. This makes it comfortable and a perfect fit for a family of six or less people. Built with a large wall organizer, you’ll have access to enough space for storing and organizing your personal items, keeping them off the floor. The material used in making the tent is water-proof to keep you dry even during serious downpours.

Setting up this tent, as big as it is, isn’t a hassle at all. It comes with pre-attached poles you can easily pull out until they click in place and that’s it. Made of steel, the poles aren’t just strong, but also durable. Setting up the tent will take you just a couple of minutes. Camping isn’t complete if you can’t have great views of the outside while using your tent. That’s why the tent is built with two large windows to enable outside views. You’ll easily enter and exit the tent through its large door.

Standing at 1.82m high, the tent is comfortable as you’ll be able to stand upright it. Zippered privacy panels on the door and windows are meant to give you the added privacy you need at night, especially if using the tent with your spouse. The adjustable ground vent allows cool air to come into the tent for proper ventilation. The tent’s ceiling is also meshed to allow hot air to escape, keeping you cool.

With the electrical cord access, you can completely close the tent when you don’t need it. A lantern hook is included at the center of the tent to allow the hanging of your lighting there. The tent measures 11 feet by 9 feet.

Here are a few other CORE Equipment pop up tents to consider:
  • CORE 12 Person Instant Cabin Pop Up Tent – holds 12 people, with room dividers
  • CORE Party of Two Kit – includes tent, chairs and lantern
  • CORE 11 Person Cabin Pop UpTent with Screen Room – sleeps 11 people, has a screen room
The G4Free Large Pop Up Backpacking Tent automatically pops itself up, requiring no assembly at all. If you need a large tent for sport fishing and beach use instead, atop sheltering you from the sun, opt for the G4Free Large Pop Up Beach Tent.

G4Free Large Pop Up Backpacking Tent with No Assembly Needed - Available in 3 Colors

G4Free was established in 2014 to manufacture and distribute products that enhance shooting, hunting and other outdoor activities. The company has set very high standards for its businesses and products, offering customers unparalleled customer service. Some of its range of products includes chairs, archery quivers, binoculars, tents, hammocks, waist packs and backpacks. The products are made from durable materials to last years of use.

The G4Free Large Pop Up Backpacking Tent takes away the hassle of setting up a tent. You don’t need to set up any poles whatsoever. The tent just requires you to open up the storage bag, pull a latch, throw it in the air and viola, the tent is ready for use. This takes up just ten seconds of your time and it’s all set. Built with two large windows, the tent gives a good view of the beach or wherever you are camping at.

It’s also built with front and rear doors to enhance access and foster ventilation. The windows also have a mesh to prevent mosquitoes and other small insects from gaining access to your tent. You’re guaranteed protection from harsh UV rays as the tent is 50+ UV protection rated. Its floor is made of a water-resistant tarp material that’s easy to clean. Use the tent’s built-in pockets to store and organize your personal items.

The tent folds down to a 31-inch diameter circle for increased portability. This means you’ll be able to bring your tent to all your outdoor adventures. Since the top of the tent is meshed, you can watch the skies when summer camping at night. The tent is made using lightweight fabric and has a fiberglass frame for portability and durable use. Use the stakes included to enhance the stability of your tent by running it into the ground, securing it in place. Choose from lake blue and green if you don’t like the featured blue option.

Here are some other pop up tents by G4Free you might be interested in:
  • G4Free Large Pop Up Cabana Beach Tent – for beach use, 8 sand bags
  • G4Free Instant 2-3-4 Person Dome Tent – dome, separable rainfly
  • G4Free Portable Beach Tent – for beach use
The Survival Hax 2 Person Instant Pop Up Tent is a self-pitching tent made from 190D Oxford material to protect you from various weather elements. Opt for the Survival Hax Mummy Sleeping Bag if you want one to use in your pop up tent. It’s durable, comfortable and water-proof for warm nights at your campsite.

Survival Hax 2 Person Instant Pop Up Camping Tent with Front & Back Doors

Survival Hax is a favorite of many hikers, campers, wilderness bikers and generally all outdoor enthusiasts. The brand aims at producing high-quality survival and self-defense equipment using materials that can stand the test of time. The company also provides education on outdoor survival, for instance, on weapon creation in case something goes wrong while in the middle of nowhere.

The Survival Hax 2 Person Instant Pop Up Tent doesn’t require any assembly. After removing it from the storage bag, you only need to undo the straps and throw your tent into the air. When it lands on the ground, the flexible frame opens up and the tent is set for use. All you’ll have to do is drive the stakes on the ground for increased stability. Repacking the tent back into the bag is also easy as it takes just a few steps.

The material used in the construction and the fiberglass frame makes the tent lightweight for easy carriage on the go. This makes it portable and an ideal accessory for all your camping and hiking adventures. The two large doors on the front and rear render the tent easily accessible. The doors also have a mesh so mosquitoes and other insects are kept away from the tent.

The 170T Taffeta material used to make the tent is water-resistant and durable. It ensures the tent keeps you dry during rainy days on your campsite. With the 190D Waterproof Oxford material also used on the floor, water won’t seep into your tent. You’re also guaranteed breathtaking views and proper ventilation through the tent’s two large doors.

How Do I Choose the Best Pop Up Tent?

Setting up a tent can be a demanding process for many, especially if you’ve got to do it in the dark or in windy situations when camping or on the beach. This is where pop up tents come in handy. A pop up tent is easy to set up because most of them come with pre-attached poles or a frame that folds and opens up easily to set up the tent. The best pop up tents can be set up in just a couple of minutes, be it a family tent or camping tent.

Some pop up tents can be set up in just seconds because they only require you to get them out of their storage bags and throw them in the air. Repacking the tent back after you’re done is also usually easy. Pop up tents are also lightweight and easy to carry around. Most of them can be folded down to fit into a hiking backpack or bag that can easily be carried by one person or two people depending on the size of the tent. When going camping, look for a pop up tent that can fit your sleeping bag or camping pad.

Most of the pop up tents are waterproof and anti UV, meaning you have protection from harsh weather elements whether you’re visiting the beach or out camping. With a pop up tent, you can set up your tent easily on your own for those solo adventures. Pop up tents don’t come with so many separate parts needed to assemble your tent. They have minimum hardware, reducing the chance of losing some of the things you need.
Pop up tents are priced differently based on the size and features of the tent meant to enhance your outdoor experience. In shopping for a tent, your needs are your primary guide before you consider the best price. Cheap pop up tents available on the market can be tempting but might not protect you from harsh weather elements. They might also not last long, meaning you’d have to spend more in the long-term especially if you’re a regular camper.

The quality of a pop up tent and materials used to make it can also influence its price. Also expect to pay more for a tent that’s sold with extras you might need on your campsite such as lanterns. You’ll find a good pop up tent in the price range of $40 to $250 depending on the capacity you want. The higher the capacity, the more you should expect to spend.
The most important features to look out for in pop up tents are the space or capacity you’ll need and the capability of the tent to keep you protected from the sun and rain water. There’s also the need for a stable tent you can pin on the ground to withstand strong winds. You also want a tent you can set up in minutes and repack after use without any hassle for easy storage or transportation.

Here are some of the features to look out for in a pop up tent:
  • Tent capacity in terms of the number of people it can accommodate
  • The materials used to build the tent
  • Easy setup and repacking of the tent
  • Lightweight for increased portability
  • Spaciousness & a durable frame
  • Pockets to organize your personal items
  • A color of your liking
  • Tent stability against strong winds
With the right pop up tent, you won’t just enjoy peaceful sleep each night you go camping, but also keep water and insects away from your camping or beach tent.
Construction and Design

There are many designs of pop up tents available on the market. The designs are inspired by the needs a tent is meant to cater to. There are cabin type tents, dome-shaped tents, backpacking tents and self expanding tents. The choice depends on the needs you have. Cabin tents are usually made in such a way that they have a peak at the center.

The dome-shaped tents don’t have such a peak at the center of the cabin. The backpacking types can be reduced to fit into a backpack for easy portability. The self expanding tents, on the other hand, are those that pop up automatically after being removed from their carrier bags.


Tents are made in different designs all meant to cater to different purposes. For instance, a fishing tent is made with a high peak to cater to a seated person and also with a door that opens completely all the way up. A camping tent might not necessarily have to open up all the way. Beach tents are made with UV protection and high ventilation to allow you to stay cool and protected all day long.

There are pop up tents made for beach use, 3 seasons camping, summer camping and so many more. Some of the tents can be used for more than one purpose.


It’s important to check on the size of the tent to ensure that it’s roomy enough. Based on size, you can also tell how high a tent is when set up and how much it weighs when packed. You can use this information to determine if a tent can serve the purpose you want. If you want a tent you can stand in, get a cabin tent with a high peak. The weight of a tent when packed determines its portability.


The capacity of a tent determines how many people it can accommodate. There are tents that can hold two, three, four or six people, all the way up to twelve at once. Some of the big models also come with room dividers and other screen rooms. They also have multiple pockets to keep your personal things organized.


Most tents are made using polyester and other water-resistant materials to ensure you’re protected from leakage when it rains. The materials used also allow for UV protection, especially for beach tents. Find a tent that’s made using water resistant and UV protection rated materials. The frames and poles are either made of aluminum, steel or fiberglass materials for durable and lightweight use.
Performance and Ease of Use
Pop up tents are designed to make set up easy and a breeze for users. The materials used in the construction of a tent make it easy to clean, keeping it looking great. They’re also able to resist fading to ensure the tent is always looking sharp. The floor of a pop up tent is also made using water-resistant materials to ensure there’s no water leaking into the tent.

The rain fly, which is like a small tent that goes over the tent, helps to keep rain water away from the tent and run it down quickly. The seams on the tents are also sealed to keep water at bay. Maintenance of pop up tents only includes cleaning the tent and storing it safely when packed.

Get the Best Pop Up Tent of 2022!

Whether you’re looking for a backpacking pop up tent, a beach tent, a camping tent or a versatile tent, there’s one out there for you. We hope this guide was helpful and you were able to find the best pop up tent for you. In case you need something different, check out our other camping tent review.

Our Top Choice
Coleman 4-Person Cabin Pop Up Tent
Best Value
WolfWise 2-3 Person Beach Pop Up Tent
CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent
G4Free Large Pop Up Backpacking Tent
Survival Hax 2 Person Instant Pop Up Tent