Best Popcorn Maker Reviews 2023

These days, you don't have to make a trip to the movie theater when you're craving some warm, buttery popcorn. You can get the same movie theater quality in your own home (or better) with your very own popcorn machine! The best models are easy to set up and let you add your own flavors, so you can spice up your stay-at-home movie night. We've searched for and examined 5 top-rated appliances from some of the best popcorn maker brands out there to help you make the best purchase!
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Popping Time
Our Top Choice
West Bend 82306 Stir Crazy 6-Quart Electric Corn Popper
West Bend is the master when it comes to food & fun – which is just what you'll experience with the Stir Crazy Popper.
Motorized, stirring rod mixes and prevents burning. Built-in butter well. Non-stick coating. Glass cover doubles as a bowl. Uses less oil.
Requires some oil, but less than most other machines.
11" x 14.2" x 9.5", 4.2 lbs.
1 cup (yields 24 cups popcorn)
5 minutes
Motorized stirring rod, bowl
Best Value
Presto PopLite Hot Air Corn Popper
Presto combines simple designs and healthy options in their products such as the PopLite Popcorn Maker (a Best Seller on Amazon).
30% faster than competitors. Few unpopped kernels. No oil necessary. Built-in butter melter. Popcorn chute. Several color choices
Louder than many other popcorn makers.
7" x 10" x 11.6", 15 lbs.
½ cup (yields 18 cups)
Less than 2.5 minutes
Hot air
Butter melter, popcorn chute
Great Northern Theater Style Popcorn Machine
Great Northern brings the authentic, retro popcorn experience into your home with poppers like the Matinee Style Popcorn Machine.
Heavy duty construction. Retro Look. Switch-controlled light warmer, stirrer and pot heater. Unpopped kernel tray.
A bit small for large community events and parties.
14.4" x 13.6" x 22.8", 30 pounds
1 cup (yields 32-48 cups)
About 3 minutes
Hot kettle
Serving cups, popcorn scooper.
Wabash Valley Farms WhirleyPop Stovetop Popcorn Machine
Wabash Valley Farms makes popcorn the life of your party with fun products like the Whirley-Pop Popcorn Popper.
Burn-preventing crank mixer. Included theater popcorn kit. Simple, easy-to-clean design. Sturdy and safe aluminum base and lid. Different colors to choose from.
Requires manual cranking, but most users enjoy the experience.
8" x 17" x 10", 2 lbs.
½ cups, (yields 24 cups)
3 minutes
Patented stirring crank
Salbree Microwave Popcorn Popper – Air Popper
Salbree creates specialty kitchen tools like this Popcorn Popper to make your healthy lifestyle that much simpler.
Oil is optional. Inexpensive. Simple design. FDA approved. BPA free. Collapsible for easy storage.
Requires a microwave (but much healthier than store bought microwave popcorn)
2.25" x 8" x 8", 0.5 lbs.
½ cup capacity, yields 1 bowl
Depends on microwave
Healthier microwave popping

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What is the Best Popcorn Maker?

So far, you know that the capacity of the popcorn maker and the length of popping time are vital considerations before settling on a particular machine. This review gives you more features that you might want to consider as you decide on a maker to purchase.
Our Top Choice
The West Bend Stir Crazy Popcorn Maker features a stirring rod and butter tray to distribute butter and other flavors evenly, all while preventing burning ─ and with no work on your end! For more versatility, check out the Kettle Krazy Popcorn Popper and Nut Roaster, including some wild recipes to enjoy with the whole family.

West Bend Stir Crazy Popcorn Popper – Motorized Stirring Rod, Non-Stick, Glass Cover

West Bend combines fun in the kitchen with high-quality features you can depend on for the best results. They offer classic kitchen appliances like grills, toasters and bread makers, as well as specialty appliances like the highly-rated Stir Crazy Popcorn Popper. The whole family can enjoy watching the kernels fly around inside the glass bowl as the butter slowly melts and coats each crispy piece of popcorn.

Let's see what Stir Crazy has to offer:
  • The motorized stirring rod is the main feature, and it provides a significant benefit ─ the stirring rod evenly distributes butter and any other flavoring you choose, while the kernels are popping.
  • Another advantage you get with the stirring rod is burn-prevention ─ the popcorn stays in motion so it can fully cook without burning. This also means you can use less oil.
  • The non-stick coated surface is another way this popcorn machine helps you cut down on oil.
  • The machine-washable glass cover doubles as a full-sized popcorn bowl so you use less dishware and can get straight to snacking and movie time.
  • The top of the glass lid has a hidden butter compartment where you can place butter to melt slowly into your popcorn as it cooks.
Best Value
The Presto PopLite automatically pops popcorn straight into your snack bowl for easy snacking with fewer unpopped kernels than its competitors. If you're looking for something that can feed and entertain the entire family, the Presto Fountain Hot Air Popper creates large batches of popcorn ─ while evenly popping and coating each kernel in a spectacular "fountain of butter!”

Presto PopLite Hot Air Popcorn Machine – No Oil, 30% Faster Popping, Several Color Options

Presto specializes in user-friendly products and provides easy, healthy recipes for you to use at home. They offer a range of instructional videos and recipes to help the average Joe create unique, healthy snacks in no time. Users agree that this best-selling popcorn machine meets expectations – it's fast, it's easy and it gives you more control over calorie and fat content.

Just how fast and easy is the PopLite Popper? Let's find out:
  • This little popcorn maker is one of the fastest you'll find, especially compared to microwave popcorn. It pops your kernels in under two and a half minutes.
  • Making popcorn is made even faster with the chute design, which automatically releases popped popcorn in your bowl for instant snacking.
  • The hot air method means you don't need oil to avoid burning. Simply add butter (if you want it) and enjoy a low-calorie treat.
  • If you do want to butter up your popcorn, just place it in the cup at the top of the machine – the cup doubles as a measuring cup to make it easy to add the perfect amount. Butter automatically melts into your popcorn as it pops.
  • On top of its speed and user-friendly design, this popcorn maker also leaves few unpopped kernels behind.
The Poplite Hot Air Popper comes in white/yellow, white/black, red/black and black.
The Great Northern Movie Theater Style Popcorn Machine takes movie night to a whole new level with retro, kettle popping fun and delicious crispy popcorn. If you're looking for a smaller version for your family or for small get-togethers, check out the Great Northern Pop Pup Retro Popcorn Popper.

Great Northern Antique Style Popcorn Popper – 8 Ounce, Heavy Duty, 3 Position Control Switch

Great Northern creates commercial-quality popcorn makers that are easily fit for movie theaters. Their machines come in a range of sizes so that families can enjoy movie-style popcorn right in their own homes. The 8 oz. antique-looking machine we've chosen is on the larger size for a home machine, producing 2-3 gallons of crispy popcorn in around 3 minutes.

Let's see what movie-quality gets you in your own home:
  • This heavy duty popcorn maker works simply with the flip of three main switches. The switches are conveniently located side-by-side at the front of the machine for easy operation.
  • The first switch turns on the spotlight/warming light so you can check on the popcorn and keep it mouth-wateringly warm.
  • Another switch controls the stirring mechanism, which lets you prevent burning while mixing together any flavors you choose to add.
  • The final switch controls the pot heater so you can easily let the popping begin.
  • Every popcorn popper from Great Northern comes with three plastic serving cups, 25 serving bags, measuring cups and a handy popcorn scooper.
  • The design is made with premium steel and the windows are made of tempered glass for long-lasting durability.
  • The built-in, pull-out tray collects unpopped kernels for easy clean up.
You can also get this popcorn maker with an attached cart so it stands on its own.
The Wabash Valley Farms WhirleyPop Popcorn Machine provides family fun along with evenly cooked, crispy popcorn. Want to turn up the fun factor? Check out the WhirleyPop Color Changing Popcorn Popper!

Wabash Valley Farms WhirleyPop Popcorn Popper – Old Fashioned Stovetop Popper, 6 Quarts, Patented Stirring Crank

Wabash Valley Farms has everything you need for a full popcorn experience ─ they specialize in popcorn and party supplies to bring a little fun to get-togethers, festivals, work events and movie nights. Their classic popcorn maker, the Whirley-Pop, is an experience all on its own ─ popping crispy and delicious popcorn while you mix in the flavors with the attached crank.

Let's see what makes this popcorn maker such a smash hit:
  • The patented hand crank is easy to use and prevents burning so you can use less oil for a healthier snack. It also helps to pop every last kernel.
  • Instructions are included so you can make a partial batch of popcorn, for when you want less popcorn.
  • The included real theater popcorn kit includes gourmet kernels, buttery topping and special coconut popping oil so you can conveniently enjoy quality popcorn in your home.
  • Built-in steam vents release moisture so that popcorn comes out crispy every time.
  • The stovetop design and simple crank make it super easy to use this fun popcorn maker so you can easily prepare for movie night anytime.
Choose from Original Silver, Stainless Steel or red, with or without theater popcorn kits.
The Salbree Microwave Popcorn Maker is a healthier and more cost-effective alternative to bagged microwave popcorn. Furthermore, to assist with easy meal prepping, Salbree offers tools such as their package of 2 Watermelon Slicers, Apple Corer and Orange Peeler.

Salbree Microwave Popcorn Maker – No Oil, Convenient Handles, Collapsible, BPA Free

Salbree is an innovator in simple kitchen solutions ─ they make it easy to cut down on waste, save money and eat healthier all at the same time. This microwave popcorn maker provides a far better alternative to bagged microwave popcorn.

Here's how this popcorn popper lowers popcorn cost, prevents burning and lets you control calorie and fat content.
  • This silicone popcorn maker evenly distributes heat automatically so you never have to add oil. That means you can control the taste and calorie count of your popcorn every time you make it.
  • The silicone material is BPA free and FDA approved, so you can feel safe putting it in the microwave and munching straight out of the bowl while you watch a movie.
  • The bowl is collapsible, so you can adjust the size to fit more popcorn, or shrink it before storing it away.
  • The simple bowl design and lid are extremely easy to clean compared with complicated popcorn machines.
  • You can save a ton by giving up more expensive, bagged microwave popcorn and opting for stand-alone kernels.
  • Additionally, you can help out the environment by cutting down on trash from bagged microwave popcorn.
  • Convenient measurement lines show you where the 50-gram and 100-gram marks are, so you can easily dump kernels for the desired amount.

How Do I Choose the Best Popcorn Maker?

Are you tired of the mess that comes with making popcorn using your microwave oven? Do you love munching on some buttery popcorn as you watch a movie on your fancy curved TV? Are you tired of always having to get your popcorn from your neighborhood theatre every time the craving strikes? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then it’s about time you bought a popcorn maker.

Popcorn makers allow you to enjoy theatre-like popcorn in a short amount of time. Knowing the reasons why you want a popcorn maker is essential to finding your ideal one. For commercial purposes, the best popcorn maker is one with a large-sized kettle that allows you to pop a large quantity.

For home purposes, you may opt for an air popper or a professional popper, which come in a sizeable countertop design and are easy to use. The size of the popcorn maker is essential since you don’t want it taking up all the space in your kitchen. The speed of the popcorn maker is another point to consider, and the most ideal speed is one that pops fast and leaves few or no unpopped kernels.

So grab your universal TV remote, sit back and enjoy your movie as you munch on some freshly made buttery popcorn.
You don’t need to rob a bank in order to enjoy buttery popcorn in the comfort of your home. For about $15, you can get a decent popcorn maker that’s suitable for the very occasional popcorn eater. For $150, you can get a popcorn maker that sports all the essential features plus a few extras! The prices vary depending on the capacity of the maker, so if you want to make more popcorn in one sitting, you’ll have to part with more of your cash. If you want a theatre-style machine, be prepared to shell out some big bucks!

Even if you’re strapped for cash, try to avoid getting a cheap popcorn maker. We recommend avoiding cheaper models because they tend to be very noisy, the popcorn comes out oily and you’ll have a lot of unpopped, lonely kernels.
So what features do you need to consider before you add that popcorn maker to your cart? Here they are:
  • Capacity – How many cups of popcorn can the machine produce? Your choice depends on how much popcorn you want made in one go.
  • Popping time –The shorter the popping time, the more ideal the machine is (and the faster you can begin shoveling delicious popcorn into your mouth).
  • Size - The size depends on how much space you have available as well as how compact the design is.
  • Method – Does the machine use a motorized spinner or a hand held spinner? Do the kernels need to be oiled in order for them to pop?.
  • Efficiency– Does it require a lot of power to function? What’s the quantity of unpopped kernels?.
Construction and Design
There are numerous types of popcorn makers with different methods of making popcorn. Air poppers produce healthy popcorns since they don’t require any oil. For those that love traditionally greasy popcorn, you may want to go for oil poppers that need some oil to make the kernels explode.

The professional poppers allow you to make theatre-like popcorn and are designed to look like the machines at the movies. They have a kettle where the popcorn pops and come with a lamp to keep your popcorn warm. They also allow you to make up to 3 gallons of popcorn each time.

A popcorn maker with a motorized rod for stirring the popcorn is ideal since it prevents the kernels from burning. Non-stick coating inside the kettle is another good feature because it prevents the popcorn from sticking as it pops.
Performance and Ease of Use
The speed of the popping machine greatly affects its performance. The faster the popcorn pops, the healthier it is for you. However, just because a popcorn maker gives you your snack in record time, it still shouldn’t leave behind too many unpopped kernels.

Air poppers are much easier to clean since all you do is wipe down the base. Some machines come with dishwasher safe parts to further simplify cleaning. Most popcorn makers come with a manual with easy-to-understand instructions on how to use the machine as well as how to properly maintain it so it lasts for years.

Get the Best Popcorn Maker of 2023!

We know this review added to your knowledge about what to look for when shopping for a popcorn maker! We really hope that you’ve spotted an appliance on our list that’s ideal for you. If that’s not the case, our recommended brands have a lot of other appliances that will definitely get you popping!

Our Top Choice
West Bend 82306 Stir Crazy 6-Quart Electric Corn Popper
Best Value
Presto PopLite Hot Air Corn Popper
Great Northern Theater Style Popcorn Machine
Wabash Valley Farms WhirleyPop Stovetop Popcorn Machine
Salbree Microwave Popcorn Popper – Air Popper