Best Porch Potty Reviews 2022

Few things thrill like a pet that behaves. That’s why it’s so vital to give all it takes to train your dog in the way it should go and the things it should do. The dog potty has been saving dog owners from the frustrating task of cleaning up after their dogs who make a mess around the house. As with all useful products such as these, though, there are almost too many options to look through when shopping for one. That won’t be a problem for you, however, since you’re a friend of ours. We’ve already done the work and have come up with 5 of the best dog potty brands. Just read on to find which option suits you the most, and if you’re in the mood for further sampling, these same trusted brands have other dog potties you might want to check out too.
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Our Top Choice
UGODOG Indoor Dog Potty
Driven by its love for dogs and a profound dedication to their welfare, UGODOG offers high-quality and innovatively designed products to keep dogs happy and well-nurtured.
It’s easy to use and clean. Comes with training instructions. Keeps dog urine away from its paws. Strong and durable.
Replacements for the plastic grates aren’t available.
2 smaller grates
Hard plastic
Best Value
Giantex Puppy Grass Turf Training Potty
Giantex offers top quality and superior performance products from diverse categories to ease everyday life.
Compact and lightweight. Easy to clean. Self-draining. Antimicrobial and non-toxic. Usable in different locations. Resists bad odors.
Dogs that like to chew might end up ripping it apart.
Non-toxic plastic
ModKat Shake Dog Potty Relief System
ModKat is passionate about designing superior quality, practical, and innovative products and accessories for dogs and cats everywhere.
Easy to clean. Shell and grates design. Easy to use. Removable grates. Water-tight seal on the base. Antimicrobial protection. Folds for travel convenience.
A bit heavy when it comes to shaking it clean.
ABS plastic
PetSafe Piddle Place™ Portable Pet Potty
PetSafe uses the expertise of animal specialists to design and manufacture its wide range of pet products so they can fully represent its Protect. Teach. Love” slogan.
Snap-on lid for traveling. Unique reservoir design. Easy to clean. Machine-washable grass mat. Comes with a Bio+ treatment.
Takes a while for the dog to get used to using it.
3-layer mat
Large; medium
Synthetic grass (PE)
DoggieLawn Disposable Grass Dog Potty
DoggieLawn is run by dog lovers that are passionate about pet welfare and create products that are eco-friendly and also safe for pets and their owners.
Easy to use. No cleaning needed. Real grass. No training required. Pets find it comfortable. Absorbs liquids and odors. Good for the environment.
The real grass and pee will attract bugs.
Real grass
Grass with lined soil

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What is the Best Porch Potty?

Now that you know about dog potties and have decided what you want from one, it’s time to take the next step. Read our review of brands/products while keeping your needs in mind. This method will make it easier for you to find the best dog potty for you, pardon us, for your dog.
Our Top Choice
It can be annoying having to clean up wet paw trails after your dog. With the UGODOG Indoor Dog Potty, the wee drains into a base container so your dog doesn’t make contact with it. If you have one of those really large dogs, you might be better off with the Double UGODOG Indoor Dog Potty, which is, surprise surprise, double the size of the original model.

UGODOG Indoor Mess-Free Eco-Friendly Dog Potty

Ugodog is so into dogs, it had to inculcate it into its brand name. With so much love and dedication to canines of all shapes, sizes, and pedigrees, it happily offers house training systems for every one of your ‘lovelies’. With its special touch, your dog will learn all sorts of manners that’ll impress you – and even the dog itself! It also makes available quality and innovative products to keep dogs comfortable and lively. With the Ugodog Potty, for instance, you won’t have to worry again about your dog getting inappropriate with its manners.

Dogs come in different sizes, and with the UGODOG Indoor Dog Potty, you don’t have to buy multiple sizes even if you have different sized dogs. The shell and grate design of this potty lets the dog’s pee drain straight into a container which doubles as the base while the poo stays on top. This makes it easy to pack and trash and your doggy’s paws won’t be smeared with its urine so you won’t have nasty tracks on your treasured carpet.

The beams on this pet-friendly potty are convex-shaped, which makes it safe on your pet’s paws and won’t hurt them. Porch potties are meant to be easily cleaned, and this Ugodog model meets that mark gallantly. To make cleaning even easier, you can put pee pads or newspapers in the pee drain to absorb it so you can later remove and dispose of it. This potty is built strong and durable and will hold the weight of larger dogs, and even the occasional biting and rough-handling.

Your purchase of this product is accompanied by training instructions to help your dog use this potty other than the way it’s used to. You also get the manufacturer’s contact information in case you need additional support to help your pet with this product. You’ll agree with us that there’s awesome customer support from Ugodog’s end.
Best Value
The Giantex Puppy Grass Turf Training Potty uses a 3-layer system that drains liquids to keep the surface and your dog’s paws dry, thereby saving you from cleaning up smeared floors. If you’d like a smaller variant from this brand, go for the Giantex Puppy Indoor Turf Patch which also uses the 3-layer system and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Giantex Pet Puppy Grass Turf Indoor Training Potty – Available in 2 Sizes

Giantex is truly a giant when it comes to the diversity of products it has to offer. From home care products to dollies, indoor and outdoor furniture, sports accessories, privacy screens and a whole lot more. Not only is this brand big on products, it also shows a strong commitment to customer satisfaction by selling only the best in quality, performance, and durability.

This is a great option for situations where you and your dog cannot go outside for it to ease itself. The Giantex Puppy Grass Turf Training Potty makes your dog feel just like it’s outside. It looks just like a foot mat, even sized as such, only that the surface is made of artificial turf. Treated to be anti-microbial and odor-resistant, it gives off an organic smell making it a bit more acceptable to your dog – as well as to anyone nearby. This also makes it easier to train your puppy.

This non-toxic synthetic grass potty adopts a three-layer system with two more layers of plastic under the turf surface to drain liquids. This spares your dog from smearing its paws with its own wee and spares you the stress of cleaning up after. This potty is sufficiently compact to use indoors, on patios, or balconies of high-rise apartments, this factor also makes it a lot more convenient for house breaking your dog.

The combination of the quality materials used for making this product and how easy it is to clean are just a few of the things that make this product awesome. All you have to do is rinse it out with soapy water and it’s back to freshness. It’s also lightweight, which makes it easy to move around as needed.

This potty comes recommended by professional breeders, and is available in two sizes: 30 by 20 inches or 25 by 20 inches.
Your doggie stays spick and span after having a go on the ModKat Shake Dog Potty Relief System as it is equipped with an ultra-fresh antimicrobial technology to keep your pet hygienic. If you’d like a litter box as well, check out the ModKat Flip Litter Box Kit, which includes a scoop and a reusable tarp liner.

ModKat Shake Dog Potty Relief System, Folds for Travel and Easy Cleaning

ModKat is one of those brands that started out of need, and we’re sure you’ve also noticed those are usually the most passionate brands. It all started when a designer by the name of Rich Williams needed to get his two cats a new litter box. He couldn’t find one that worked well and complemented his modern apartment. With a nudge from his wife, he decided to design one, and with the help of his friend and partner, ModKat was born. Since inception it’s been designing practical pet accessories packed full with features that are convenient for the pets and their owners.

The Shake Dog Potty Relief System is an ideal example of what ModKat products are all about. The first thing you’ll notice about this potty is its stylish design. You don’t have to bother anymore about those indoor potties that stick out like a sore thumb in your house since this one blends in with most kinds of interior design, especially when folded. Yes, it can fold halfway to reveal the glossy finish of the ABS plastic it’s made of. This potty is super functional, not just on the inside, but outside as well.

The following are some other nice features of the Shake Dog Potty:
  • Draining holes – It has octagon-shaped holes to drain pee and keep paws dry to avoid soiled paw trails
  • Removable grates – The grates easily detach from the base for easy cleaning
  • Reservoirs – There are extra containers in the base that capture liquids to avoid spilling when folding the Shake
  • Silicone rims – This potty is lined with on the sides to create a water-tight seal to prevent pee from sipping out
  • Compact design – It can fit many dog sizes but can still fold in half and stand upright for easy mobility and storage
  • Easy to clean – Add some water through the intake hole, ‘shake’ it, then release through the drain hole. Cincher!
  • Antimicrobial protection – It is treated to be hygienic, safe, odor and stain resistant so your dog stays fresh
  • 30-day money back guarantee – If you’re not satisfied, you can return it for a refund. But we doubt this will happen
If you want to move on from disposable pee pads, the PetSafe Piddle Place Pet Potty is a great alternative. It has a uniquely designed reservoir with drain sprout that makes disposal easy and efficient. To always keep the potty clean and hygienic, you can get the PetSafe Piddle Place Bio Plus Treatment Supply Pack which will last you for about 9 weeks.

PetSafe Piddle Place Indoor And Outdoor Dog Potty System

PetSafe is a subsidiary of Radio Systems Corporation, which is also a parent company to many other popular pet brands. From its inception in 1991, PetSafe has been all about “Protect. Teach. Love.” It employs the expertise of engineers, animal behaviorists, veterinary professionals, and other pet-loving personnel. With these, you can be rest assured the brand knows exactly what it’s doing as its products are designed and manufactured by people with direct experience with pets. Its rich range of products are safe, hygienic, and easy to use, as even the pets will testify.

Whether your pet is a dog, or a cat, or maybe both, the PetSafe Piddle Place Potty is an essential for them to ‘ease up’ indoors. This portable potty can be used by pets with weights of up to 100 pounds, which goes to show how sturdy this product is. As against most other porch potties, this one has a lid which makes it discreet and ideal for traveling. It also goes a long way towards keeping away odors.

If you’re tired of using those disposable pee pads, the piddle place is an ideal replacement. The synthetic grass mat on the surface is porous and drains your pet’s pee so its paws stay dry and not spread its stains all over the house. Below the grass mat is a grooved plastic base which directs liquids into the reservoir below. Once the reservoir is full, you can carry the potty, which is lightweight enough, and empty it through its quick-drain sprout. This makes for a quick and easy, non-messy disposal method.

This product includes a Bio+ enzyme concentrate for cleaning out the reservoir. The manufacturer recommends that, before use, you mix the concentrate with water and pour it into the reservoir for a long-lasting odor control. To make this potty even easier to clean, the synthetic grass mat is machine washable. You can even get the optional splash guard to protect floors and walls from the occasional pee splash. To ensure that odor isn’t an issue, it’s advised to keep some water in the reservoir to neutralize the waste and spray the turf often enough with disinfectant or any other spray of your choice.
Unlike other potties, the DoggieLawn Grass Dog Potty is disposable, saving you all the cleaning and disinfecting chores we know you’d prefer to skip. If you need a bigger patch for a bigger pet, go for the DoggieLawn X-LARGE Disposable Dog Potty, which is also disposable and made from real grass.

DoggieLawn Disposable Dog Potty - Made with Real Grass

DoggieLawn is a brand specializing in portable indoor dog convenience. It’s created by dog lovers who are passionate about the welfare of every dog and their owners. The brand wants dog owners to spend more time playing with their dog rather than cleaning up after them. It’s known for using real grass for its potties so dogs won’t have any issues with using it and also find it comfortable just like the lawn in the backyard. Its products are eco-friendly and are safe for your dogs and you the owner. It has a subscription you can pay for so fresh grass potty can be delivered on schedule.

We know you don’t enjoy cleaning up after your pet and also having to clean out their reusable potties, not to talk of enduring the stench. The DoggieLawn Grass Dog Potty saves you all that stress as it’s disposable. After a week or two, depending on how heavily it’s used, you don’t need to bother washing it or disinfecting, just throw it out and use a new one. If you’re wondering how it can go for a fortnight without causing an olfactory disaster, well, the secret is the grass. The grass is real! Yes, real grass, just like the one outside.

The natural grass absorbs your dog’s urine and the odor which gladly spares you from making any other effort. For solid waste, you just need to scoop it like you do when doggie let’s go outside. You don’t have to concern yourself about your dog not wanting to use it. That won’t happen unless your dog won’t normally do its thing outside on the grass. As this is real grass, it only feels natural for the dog to want to use it. It’s no different from the grass on the lawn outside, no training is required, your dog will just use it without thinking. Now you can say goodbye to taking your dog outside every time it needs to ‘go’.

Another great thing about this grass patch is how comfortable your dog will find relaxing on it. It’s the real thing, remember? It will just seem to it like it’s ‘chillin’ on the lawn in the backyard. Even cats have found this product a pleasure to use, whether to let go or just to lounge. If you need it for a bigger dog, you just need to combine two small ones or just order the bigger size. If you get a DoggieLawn subscription, your grass patch will always be delivered to you fast and fresh. The fresher the grass is when you start using it, the longer it’ll last before you need to dispose of it.

How Do I Choose the Best Porch Potty?

Now let’s get a bit personal. Remember how it was your childhood dream to have your own furry friend that you’ll lavish your love and attention on? Remember how you always swooned whenever you saw a furry dog in your neighbor’s compound or your friend’s house? How the only thing that kept you from cuddling or carting him away was the dog gate that barricaded it? Remember how it felt the first day you set eyes on Sparky? How you shrieked in delight at his aura of cuteness? How your imaginations consisted of traveling and vacationing together as you whisk your inseparable companion in a sturdily built dog crate?

Perhaps you’re not as sentimental about your dog as I have described. Nevertheless, when you decided to get him from the pet store, you most likely didn’t imagine pungent porches and soiled carpets. In fact, you probably focused merely on how cute and friendly he is. Now you have to pay attention to how your dog does its business and ensure it doesn’t stretch your nerves. Truth be told, your hygiene depends on it, and that of the dog as well. What you also may have noticed is that getting the best dog potty for Sparky turned out to be trickier than when you got him the dog house he runs to whenever he messes up.

With so many options to choose from, you can put your mind at ease so that you and Sparky will enjoy the choice you make. You can choose a disposable potty so you won’t have to worry about cleaning it or go for one that has real grass so you don’t worry whether your dog will use it or not. There’s also the synthetic option that doesn’t require routine replacements. The best dog potty can be used both indoors and outdoors. There are various sizes of potties for different dog sizes and you can choose one based on how much space you have to spare for the potty. Some potties are foldable and can easily make your travel luggage if you want to go anywhere with your dog for a longer period.

There are different things you can do to show that you want the best care for your pet, but you’ll be doing it a world of good if you get it a suitable potty. As you read on, you’ll find information that’ll help you select the best dog potty for your canine friend.
Manufacturers have different high points when they create and design dog potties. As such, they vary in construction, materials, design and other features and these directly affect the price of each product. A basic dog potty that’ll work conveniently for your dog to do her business can go for about $18 while the sophisticated version with a patented design that allows for mess-free cleaning might cost around $80. The way it often goes is that the more features you want, the more money it’ll cost. However, you must completely steer clear of cheap dog potties as they often create an unnatural smell that’s unhealthy for the environment and even harmful to your pet and yourself.
Not all dog potties are created equal and if we face the facts, some seem to exist to make it easier for your dog to commit accidents than to help it retain its potty culture. You can be sure that this guide exists to handle that challenge since you know your dog best and you know which of these features will be best on a dog potty:
  • Type
  • Size
  • Design
  • Color
  • Material
Read on to understand why these features matter to deliver a functional dog potty.
Construction and Design
It’s not easy to train a dog to use a potty, but with the right choice of potty, you can make the new challenge more of an adventure than a torture for your furry friend. Potties are necessary if you don’t spend a lot of time at home with your dog or if he doesn’t have access to the outside world. This is certainly the case with people who live in high-rise buildings.


Dog potties come in different types. The disposable potty with real grass is a great option simply because the grass is real. It feels just like ‘outside’ to your dog and you won’t need any training for your dog to use it since it didn’t need training to go outside. Their solid waste needs to be picked just like you do when it does its thing at the park. Their pee just sinks in and the natural grass helps neutralize odors. Cleaning, which we know you hate, isn’t required as you can dispose of it after about 2 weeks (depending on how often it’s used). The best part of this type is that when your dog doesn’t need to go, it’ll love to just lounge and relax on it.

Some potties use synthetic grass with some sort of container at the bottom that collects pee. This design is quite useful in the sense that your dog won’t come in contact with its urine and stain your carpet with its soiled paws. This is essentially the same design with other disposable do potties. Since you’ll be saving a lot of money by not having to buy replacements every now and then, you have to endure washing the potty every so often.


Dog potties are mostly made of plastic and other synthetic materials, except for the natural grass disposable types. The materials are fashioned into different shapes and sizes. Plastic is mostly preferred because it’s easier to clean and you’ll be doing a lot of that. As dogs come in different sizes, so do potties. Some potties are designed so that 2 units can be joined to create a bigger potty.
Performance and Ease of Use
The reason you need a dog potty is so your dog can have a ‘go’ with no issues when going outside isn’t a viable option. A lot of manufacturers adopt different designs to make their potty stand out and serve its purpose in cool ways. Some designs make it super easy for the dog to use, some make cleaning something you can actually look forward to while still others do both. You’ll come across many different designs as you look around, but the one to settle for has everything to do with what you want from it. No matter how cool it is, if it’s not meeting you and your dog’s requirements, it’s a waste of your time and money.

We hope this information will help you in your venture to select the best dog potty for your favorite pet.

Get the Best Porch Potty of 2022!

Getting this far for your dog is quite admirable. Kudos! We hope you have enough information to choose the best dog potty. If so, just make that purchase already!

Our Top Choice
UGODOG Indoor Dog Potty
Best Value
Giantex Puppy Grass Turf Training Potty
ModKat Shake Dog Potty Relief System
PetSafe Piddle Place™ Portable Pet Potty
DoggieLawn Disposable Grass Dog Potty