Best Portable Bug Zapper Reviews 2022

If you're constantly pestered by flying bugs, having a solid stationary bug-zapping contraption will only do so much to stop the onslaught of these relentless creatures! We advise you to get a portable bug zapper! Having one of these mighty contraptions around can help you kill scores upon scores of unwelcome insects, and get some exercise for good measure! Check out our top five list of the best bug zappers currently on the market, and make a confident choice!
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Power Source
Run Time
Our Top Choice
ThermaCELL Scout Camp Lantern
Known for making top quality mosquito-repelling devices, ThermaCELL is an industry leader. This repeller lantern will give you the satisfaction of a bug-free experience.
Lightweight and portable. Adjustable lighting. Can last for two days with full light. Water-resistant construction for increased durability.
Consumables used for the refill add to the cost of the product.
Portable lantern
10.3 x 6 x 5 in; 2 lbs
20 hours
LED light
Best Value
AIWOTOWOW Electric Bug Zapper
Aiwotowow is known for producing functional and portable repellants. Enjoy an efficient and easy-to-use insect killer in this fly swatter.
4V rechargeable batteries that can be recharged up to 600 times. It does not emit toxic chemicals. Easy to use and convenient. 30-day 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.
It feels awkward to plug into wall sockets because the weight bears on the charger. It works better if plugged into an extension.
Portable racket
1.2 x 8.35 x 19.85 in; 0.4 lbs
Rechargeable battery
6 to 8 hours
2-step switch mechanism
Sunnytech® Solar Powered Bug Zapper
Who better to trust with solar-powered insect repelling gadgets than Sunnytech, based on its expertise? Enjoy an insect-free space with this top-of-the range bug killer/zapper.
Solar-powered. Safer and more durable with protective outer covering/high-impact construction. UV LED lamp with super-bright white light when used as lantern.
The cord attached to the solar panel is not long enough to allow for charging when unit is used indoors.
Portable lamp
8.8 x 8.3 x 8.3 in; 3.6 lbs
Solar + electricity charged
Over 50 hours
Dusk to dawn sensors
Great Value SG Wonder Zap Electric Bug Zapper
Great Value SG has achieved a unique balance between eco-friendliness and keeping your space pest-free. Get this environment-friendly bug zapper and enjoy an insect-free space.
ABS material makes it durable. Ultrasonic welding technology makes it sturdy. Residual voltage discharges within 10 seconds, making it safe.
Replaceable batteries will add to cost over time.
Portable racket
21.6 x 8.7 x 1.4 in; 0.69 lbs
6 to 8 hours
LED light
Bugkwikzap Hammer Bug Zapper
Bugkwikzap has years of experience making efficient and functional insect repellents, with many different types/models to choose from. This zapper does the job at a low price.
3-grid system that has a push button which ensures safety during usage. Environmentally safe electrostatic absorption technology.
Batteries run out fast, adding to cost of consumables.
Portable racket
22.5 x 10 x 2.2 in; 0.9 lbs
6 to 8 hours
LED light

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What is the Best Portable Bug Zapper?

Do you ever dream of a world where you could merge the noble and posh sport of tennis with the age-old art of killing lots of flies, mosquitoes, and other intrusive insects in a relatively short period of time? If the answer is an enthusiastic and resonant "yes," have we got a product for you! The portable bug zapper is perfectly capable of neutralizing swarms of annoying and possibly disease-carrying insects by virtue of technology and your swinging prowess! If you're unsure as to what model to get, check out our top five list of the best bug zappers, and pick up your weapon of choice in no time!
Our Top Choice
When you buy a product, you hope that it lives up to its promise. ThermaCELL insect repellants do. The ThermaCELL Mosquito Repeller Camp Lantern does a great job of repelling bugs that may want to ruin your outdoor time. However, if you prefer a model that doesn’t come with fire and light, you can go for the Repeller Device.

ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent Pest Control Outdoor and Camping Lantern – Three Color Options

ThermaCELL has a reputation for manufacturing quality insect repellants. Its products ensure bug-free outdoor experiences. ThermaCELL believes that nature should be enjoyed without the nuisance that mosquitoes and other insects can be. The Scout Mosquito Repeller Camp Lantern exemplifies this brand’s commitment to giving you a bug-free space.

It sells at a suggested retail price of $39.99, making it an affordable way to get rid of bugs. It is both a powerful mosquito repellent and a 300 lumen camp lantern. It is not a flame lantern; it is battery-powered, eliminating the risk of fire associated with open flames. Its other features include:
  • Light weight and portability at 3.1 pounds (making it easy to pack and carry along for your outdoor experience)
  • Limited 1-year warranty against manufacturer defects
  • 4 light settings of high, medium, low and SOS (adjustable depending on the quality and duration of lighting required)
  • LED runtime of 50 hrs when used on the high setting, so it can last for two days with full light
  • Hanging clip that makes it easy to use at various locations
  • Water-resistant construction for increased durability
It comes with one Scout Camp Lantern, one butane cartridge and one Max Life repeller mat.
Best Value
Aiwotowow understands the demands and expectations of people who engage in outdoor activities (along with their “power” challenges). This company has given you a device that ensures pest-free camping in the Electric Rechargeable Bug Zapper. If you prefer a repelling device you can charge with your PC, check out the USB version.

AIWOTOWOW 2 Pin Plug Electric Rechargeable Bug Zapper Mosquito Insect Fly Swatter Racket – Two Color Options

Spending time outdoors should not be scary (those insect bites can make you sick). It should be fun. The different products offered by AIWOTOWOW ensure that. Safety from bugs is essential whether you are indoors or outdoors, and with AIWOTOWOW products, it is as easy as plugging them in.

The 2 Pin Plug Electric Rechargeable Bug Zapper Mosquito Insect Fly Swatter Racket (selling for $22.31) is one of many insect repellants offered by this brand. Unlike other rackets that may require multiple swings, this device zaps bugs in one swing and kills them within seconds. It is ideal for outdoor and indoor use and also features:
  • 4V rechargeable batteries that can be recharged up to 600 times
  • Eco-friendly design (it does not emit toxic chemicals), making it ideal for outdoor grills and barbeques
  • Easy to use and convenient
  • 30-day 100% satisfaction money back guarantee
  • Limited 1-year warranty on batteries
There is nothing more reassuring than buying a product from a company with lots of experience in its field. Sunnytech has built solar panels for 10 years with multiple positive reviews. You can trust the quality of this solar-powered bug zapper lantern. Do you prefer a fixed lamp post instead? This Garden Yard LED Bug Zapper could be what you need.

Sunnytech® Solar Powered Insect Killer Zapper Trap With 16 LED Lamp Light Function And Indoor Charging Function

Sunnytech® has a number of pest control tools and devices to its credit. It has products that are ideal for either outdoor or indoor use. It provides an affordable and safe way to get rid of bugs with its wide range of products. This is one reason it is a recognized brand in insect repellants and pest control.

The Sunnytech® Solar Powered Mosquito Bug Killer sells for $49.99 and serves a dual function: providing light when it is dark, and attracting insects, which are zapped and killed. Other features that make this bug killer awesome include:
  • Protective outer covering and a high-impact construction, making it safer and more durable
  • UV LED lamp with super-bright white light so it is efficient when used as a lantern
  • Solar panel of 2.5W/6V so you can run it without electricity, making it great for outdoor use
  • Easy switch from lighting to bug zapper functions, making it more convenient to use
  • Rechargeable battery of 5400mA
  • Indoor charging function and 16 LED lamp light function
  • Fast and easy installation for frustration-free use
Great Value SG, an eco-friendly brand, makes insect repelling devices that keep insects away without harming the environment. Keep mosquitoes and other insects out of your space with the battery-powered Wonder Zap. If you need your zapper in a different color, give the lavender blue version a try.

Great Value SG Wonder Zap Electric Bug Zapper With LED Handheld Tennis Racket Shaped (Lavender Purple) – Two Color Options

Great Value SG has shown that it is a nature-centric and eco-friendly company, with products that consistently fit into this category. Whether it is a deodorizer bag or electric zapper, its products are top quality and environmentally friendly.

The Wonder Zap Electric Bug Zapper Purple is an example of such a product (selling for $25.60 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price). It is great for outdoor and indoor use at home, in the office or for barbeque and other outdoor activities. This bug zapper is effective against a wide range of bugs and insects like mosquitoes, wasps, gnats, cockroaches, flies and spiders. It is:
  • Made from premium ABS material, which makes it durable
  • Manufactured with ultrasonic welding technology, which makes it very sturdy
  • Designed to discharge super-high voltage (up to 3000V) which is so potent that it kills bugs in a flash
  • Built with discharge mechanism that makes it possible for residual voltage to be discharged within 10 seconds, making it safe
  • Designed with a power switch that locks in OFF mode, preventing it from being activated mistakenly
  • Portable, easy to use and clean
  • Beautifully designed with an easy swing handle
Bugkwikzap understands bug zappers and reduces the cost of acquiring an effective unit. The 2PK Electric Bug Zapper Racket gives you all you need in an efficient low-cost insect repellent. If you do not like the button and would prefer a pinwheel, choose this pinwheel version with higher electric power.

Bugkwikzap 2PK - Electric Bug Zapper Racket and Fly Swatter Mosquito Killer With Safe-For-Humans Electrostatic Absorption Technology

Bugkwikzap is a brand that is all about keeping those pesky bugs out of your space. From its hammer to its pinwheel, Bugkwikzap’s products are manufactured with durable and quality materials. This is how its customers are assured of long-lasting bug control.

The 2PK Electric Bug Zapper Racket from Bugkwikzap is a reflection of this philosophy. With a suggested retail price of $11.50, it is an affordable way to get rid of bugs and insects. Its features include:
  • 3-grid system with a push button that ensures safety during usage
  • Discharges up to 3000V, making it efficient in killing bugs fast
  • Environmentally safe electrostatic absorption technology that does not involve the use of harsh chemicals, making it also safe for humans
  • Odor and poison-free insect killing technology
  • Bright LED light on its handle that helps in attracting insects, improving its efficacy

How Do I Choose the Best Portable Bug Zapper?

If you live in an area abundant with rich foliage in blossom and vivid scenery galore, you may have to deal with a surprise attack of swarms of hateful insects that seem hell-bent on ruining the peaceful evening you had planned! Luckily, a solution to this annoying problem has already been devised by folks who have had enough of this nuisance, and its very name carries a certain aggressiveness and battle-ready spirit: the bug zapper! That being said, there are times when you feel like doing some insect killing of your own, and that's a department where these immobile zapping contraptions fall short.

Well, not anymore, they don't! The portable bug zapper is a new, mobile take on the well-known and beloved insect-annihilating device! These innovative utensils are as interesting as they sound, and in this section, we'll mention the most important properties that make them so powerful. No matter how brilliant a design a portable bug zapper possesses, it can only go as far as its battery allows it. Therefore, a mighty and durable battery is absolutely essential to a great bug-zapping device. More often than not, manufacturers go for compact 6V batteries capable of delivering incredible single 3000V discharges, which is more than enough to neutralize even the toughest of insects!

It's important to note that portable bug zappers usually come in two distinct shapes. They may be made to resemble lanterns, so you can carry one with you when you go out in the dark, or on a camping trip. These useful bug-neutralizing devices may also assume the shape of tennis rackets. When you're wielding one of these bad boys, you can light up the surrounding area, and then proceed to mutilate every bug in sight with a couple of swings. The aspect that distinguishes these bug zappers from other animal-deterring devices, such as cat repellents or animal traps, is that they use electricity to directly attack and dispose of the insects in question! Of course, there are different approaches to the problem of animal intrusion. Lest we at TopProducts come across as too militant, we'll note that many animal traps are not lethal, and that you can also reach a middle ground with some less aggressive species via means of butterfly houses!
When it comes to the pricing of portable bug-zapping utensils, there are a couple of factors to consider before you buy one. While it's easy to find cheap portable bug zappers, they do have some potentially expensive technical parts. Most notably, pay attention to the power of the battery and its longevity, as well as the type of LED light and how much power it wields. These properties, along with standard ones such as the popularity of the brand in question and the size of the model, typically decide the end price, which for this category ranges from about $30 to $70.
If you're absolutely sure that you want a brand new bug-zapping contraption to get rid of annoying insects, but aren't really in the know about what model to get, check out the list of the most prominent properties of these items and learn more about which one to purchase!

The list of the most important features to pay attention to when buying a portable bug-zapping contraption includes:
  • Type of device (lantern, lamp, or racket)
  • Battery power
  • Power of the LED light
  • Daylight sensors
  • Solar or grid-charged
  • Water resistance
  • Hanging clip
  • Warranty
Having a watertight portable zapper can be a great asset if the areas you're frequenting tend to be damp or have a lot of rainfall!
Construction and Design
Design-wise, portable bug zappers come in two (and a half) main shapes: lantern (or lamp), and tennis racket. The main difference between the two is that you use the latter, tennis-savvy category to actually swing at the blasted insects yourself, while the first two models can be carried around or set in place. Both categories are fairly efficient in their job, but if you like to take the initiative in your ongoing battle with pesky flying and crawling creatures, the racket variant may be the perfect option for you! For more laid-back people, a lantern will do just fine.
Performance and Ease of Use
The performance of bug zappers depends on the power of their batteries. Some zapping devices are capable of delivering up to 3000V of zapping power at a time, which is more than enough to annihilate anything in its path! In this respect, both the racket-shaped ones and those modeled after lanterns and lamps boast roughly the same amount of power, so you needn't worry about picking the wrong model if your main concern is insect-killing capacity. Other than that, make sure to clean your device of choice regularly, and you should be able to use it for years on end!

Get the Best Portable Bug Zapper of 2022!

Take no prisoners! Show no mercy towards pesky insects emitting horrible sounds and buzzes from hell and beyond! Equip yourself with a portable bug zapper, and enter the scuffle armed with a new contraption that combines the power of your own muscles with some high-tech stuff that attracts flying bugs and sends them right to their doom! We at hope you liked our top five picks, and wish you a merry, hassle-free purchase. Have a good one and cheers!

Our Top Choice
ThermaCELL Scout Camp Lantern
Best Value
AIWOTOWOW Electric Bug Zapper
Sunnytech® Solar Powered Bug Zapper
Great Value SG Wonder Zap Electric Bug Zapper
Bugkwikzap Hammer Bug Zapper