Best Portable Charger Reviews 2023

If you find your phone dying on the go, then you might want to consider investing in a portable charger. These little wonders can give your phone a full charge, or even multiple charges while you are out and about. To help you find the portable charger that best meets your needs, we’ve put together a list of the 5 best brands for portable charging. We’ve also featured one high-quality charger from each brand, but you can also find others of differing sizes and capacities from these same great brands.
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Our Top Choice
Anker PowerCore+ Portable Charger
The Anker PowerCore+ Mini is the size of a tube of lipstick, so you can take it just about anywhere. The charging capacity for the size is one of the best on the market.
Ultraportable design with enough capacity to charge an iPhone. High-quality components, including Panasonic lithium-ion battery. Fast charging. Great price for what you get.
Charging of the portable charger itself takes a while.
Lipstick-sized, Ultraportable
3.7” x 0.9” x 0.9”, 2.7 oz.
3350 mAh
Black, Blue, Pink, Silver, Golden
Best Value
RAVPower Deluxe Dual USB Portable Charger
This portable charger from RAVPower is one of the most powerful options available. With its huge capacity, you can charge an iPhone more than 5 times.
Stylish design and quality components. Reliable lithium battery stands up to over 500 charge cycles. iSmart technology lets you charge faster and smarter.
Bulky – about the size of a smartphone and a little thicker.
Portable Powerbank
6.5” x 2.76” x 0.94”, 14.35 oz.
16750 mAh
Black, White
New Trent Dual Ports 2A Portable Battery
If you need an ultra-durable, high capacity portable charger that’s built to last, you may want to look at the New Trent Dual-Port Portable Battery.
Durable design should stand up to years of use. 12000mAh capacity lets you charge your devices multiple times.
Pretty pricey, and on the large/heavy side.
External Battery/Powerbank
3.9” x 3.6” x 1.1”, 13.6 oz.
12000 mAh
EC Technology 22400mAh Deluxe Charger
This handy portable charger from EC Technology has stunning capacity, fast charging, and multiple USB ports, all in an attractive package.
Very large 22400mAh capacity. Includes built-in LED flashlight. Able to charge up to 3 devices simultaneously.
Pretty big – larger than many phones.
High Capacity External Battery
6.2” x 3.1” x 0.8”, 1 lb.
22400 mAh
Black/Red, White/Black
Dulla 12000mAh Portable Power Bank
This portable charger from Dulla offers an excellent combination of capacity and portability. It gives you a slim, light design and still lets you charge your phone up to 5 times.
Slim and sleek. Available in your choice of 4 colors. Dual USB ports. Charges quickly and safely. Reasonably priced.
Slim and light for the capacity, but still too large to comfortably carry in a pocket.
Slim Portable Powerbank
6.1” x 3.1” x 0.5”, 9 oz.
12000 mAh
Black, Gold, Silver, Rose Gold

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What is the Best Portable Charger?

When purchasing a portable charger, you want to consider its capacity, size, durability, and price. Chargers that can deliver multiple full charges are often larger and more expensive than ones that will give you only a single charge, so you’ll have to find the right balance of portability and capacity. To help you evaluate your options, here’s a list of the 5 best brands for portable chargers, as well as one top product from each.
Our Top Choice
Anker is a leading manufacturer of chargers, including this portable, lipstick-sized model. It charges quickly and can go anywhere you do. However, if you want a super powerful charger that can charge an iPhone 6 seven times, then you need the PowerCore 20100 - Ultra High Capacity Power Bank.

Anker PowerCore+ Mini, 3350mAh Lipstick-Sized Portable Charger - 3rd Generation – Available in 5 Colors

Anker makes high-quality and reasonably priced tech accessories, including chargers, USB cables, earbuds, phone cases, and more. The people at Anker create great gear by thinking like consumers and trying to address every detail.

The PowerCore+ Mini offers some of the very best charging capacity available in an ultraportable charger. It’s the size of a lipstick tube, and it can quickly charge an iPhone, with a little juice left to spare. A Samsung Galaxy gets almost a full charge. A premium Panasonic power cell powers this charger, and all the components are of high quality. And the charger has good weight – it feels solid and probably won’t get destroyed if you accidentally drop it. Charging the charger itself will take 3 hours or so, but charging your device on the go should be quick and painless.

Features of the PowerCore+ Mini include:
  • Power IQ intelligent high-speed charging
  • LED indicator light lets you know how much power is left
  • Available in multiple, stylish color options
  • MultiProtect safety system protects against short circuits
And the PowerCore+ Mini comes with an 18-month warranty and lifetime technical support.
Best Value
RAVPower makes this well-constructed, high-capacity portable charger for those who need multiple charges on the go. Alternatively, if you want to part with a few more bucks, you could get the 20100mAh Quick Charge Portable Charger which has 15% greater charging efficiency, charges up to 27% faster and reduces power consumption by up to 45%.

RAVPower 16750mAh 4.5A Dual USB Output Portable Charger External Battery Power Bank – Available in 2 Colors

The RAV in RAVPower stands for reliable, affordable, value. The company aims to produce portable chargers that meet all three of these criteria. And they sell direct to consumers to cut costs and deliver the best possible experience. It’s safe to say that when it comes to portable chargers, the people at RAVPower know their stuff.

We’ve selected the 16750mAh 4.5A Dual USB Output Portable Charger because it delivers an excellent combination of capacity, reliability, and extra features.16750mAh is enough to charge an iPhone 7 up to 5.5 times, or a Samsung Galaxy 3.5 times. Of course, such high capacity comes at a price (in terms of money, as well as in the size of the charger). This charger won’t slip easily into a pocket, but it’s perfect to carry in a purse or backpack, or to keep in your home or car for emergencies. The lithium-ion battery should stand up to about 500 charging cycles, so you can count on this working for quite a while.

You get RAVPower’s 12-month warranty with the purchase of this charger. Other features include:
  • 4.5A output – high output capable of charging 2 devices at once.
  • Dual USB ports allow you to plug 2 devices into the charger
  • iSmart technology automatically detects the right charging current for your device
  • LED indicator lights show how much power you have left.
  • Protects against short circuit and over-current by shutting down
  • Built-in flashlight
This is a perfect portable charger to keep around for emergencies or to take on long trips. If you need the high capacity it offers, it’s definitely worth the price.
The New Trent Dual-Port Portable Battery features durable construction, reliable, performance, and a high capacity. If you’re in need of more juice, try the higher capacity PowerPak Ultra 14000mAh Portable Dual USB Port External Battery Charger which is available in 2 colors to choose from.

New Trent External Battery, iCarrier 12000mAh Portable Dual USB Port External Battery Charger/Power Pack for Smartphones

New Trent is a California-based company that makes quality, durable tech accessories. Products include phone cases, screen protectors, cables, stylus pens, and more. We chose the rugged, high-performing Dual Port 2A Portable Battery to feature here.

Our featured charger is compatible with most of the widely-used phones and tablets on the market, including iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. Its impressive 12000mAh capacity is enough for multiple full charges, so if you’re carrying this in your backpack you don’t have to remember to take it out and recharge every time you return home. This is one of the pricier power banks out there, but with the high capacity and durable construction, it could be worth it. Maybe you want to just be able to toss this into your purse, or your backpack, or the trunk of your car, and not have to worry about it getting damaged. Then you might not mind shelling out a little more for a portable battery that can stand up to some abuse.

Other features include:
  • 2 USB output ports for charging multiple devices at the same time
  • Can be charged from any standard USB port
  • Should stand up to around 500 charge cycles
  • Fingerprint-resistant matte black finish
This New Trent portable battery comes with a 10-month warranty, but you can expect the device itself to last much longer.
The EC Technology 22400mAh Deluxe Charger has great value. You get a power bank with a huge capacity and the ability to charge multiple devices for a very reasonable price. If you don’t need a charger quite this powerful, and want to save a few bucks, try the 16000 mAh Power Bank instead.

EC Technology 22400mAh Ultra High Capacity External Battery Pack with 3 USB Outputs & LED Flashlight – Available in 3 Colors

EC Technology seeks to make cutting-edge devices that combine function and form. To make their products to suit customer needs, they collect customer feedback and use that feedback to modify their designs. This Texas-based company makes a range of products, including Bluetooth speakers and keyboards, cases, USB hubs, chargers, and more.

The 22400mAh Deluxe Charger delivers one of the best combinations of charging capacity, features, and style for the price. When portable chargers were first developed, they were expensive and didn’t hold that much juice. But the price has quickly come down, and manufacturers keep figuring out ways to squeeze more and more power into these things. This charger in particular demonstrates these advances. If there’s a downside to all that power, it’s the size of the charger. It can barely be considered portable because it is so large and heavy. However, if you don’t mind the extra weight, you could carry it in a purse or backpack. This is also a good option for emergency backup power in the home or car.

Backed by a 12-month warranty, this power bank gives you the following features:
  • A+ lithium battery, which should still hold 80% of original capacity after 24 months of use
  • 3 USB ports, each designed for optimal performance when the corresponding device is plugged in
  • A port for iPhone, a port for Samsung, and a port for iPad
  • Ports are also compatible with just about any smart device with an input of DC5V
  • Built-in 3-mode LED flashlight
  • 3 color options available
If you don’t mind the size, this is one of the highest capacity chargers you can get for the price.
This 12000mAh power bank from Dulla packs a lot of power into a slim package. It uses the polymer battery, which is smaller, lighter, and safer than lithium batteries. If you’re looking for more power, you can get the Dulla 15000mAh Portable Power Bank for a similar price. It’s only available in black though!

Dulla 12000mAh External Battery Charger, Ultra Slim Design with 2 USB Ports – Available in 4 Colors

Dulla makes power banks and battery cases featuring polymer batteries, which are light and safe. Their products, which deliver efficiency and style at reasonable prices, can be found on Amazon. Add Dulla’s 18-month warranty into the equation, and you’ll be getting quite a deal.

The Dulla 12000mAh Portable Power Bank features ultra-thin, light design and good looks while making use of polymer batteries, which are both safer and smaller than regular lithium batteries. Charging is up to 75 percent faster than with a standard charger, and there are 2 USB ports, allowing you to charge multiple devices simultaneously and quickly. While it is still a little big to carry in a pocket, it is overall more portable than most other power banks of the same capacity.

There are 4 different colors to choose from – black gold, silver, and rose gold. No matter which you choose, you’ll get the following features:
  • 4 LED indicators show the battery percentage and charging status
  • Compatible with most smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, and portable game consoles, MP3 and MP4 players
  • Intelligent power manage IC protects your devices
  • Built-in flashlight
If 12000mAh meets your on-the-go charging needs, you likely won’t find a better combination of capacity and portability for the price.

How Do I Choose the Best Portable Charger?

Picture this – you’re on the go with your smartphone, and using it like the humble workhorse it is by updating social network statuses, pushing out tweets, and replying to emails, when you notice something truly disheartening! Your device is clinging on to its last bar of battery juice, and then, the inevitable happens – it gives up the ghost! If you’ve ever been in this situation or would like to avoid it, a portable battery charger, aka battery pack, is a wise investment.

These compact and highly portable devices can give your smartphone, USB chargeable tablet, or Mp3 player that extra glass of juice to keep it up and running, at least for the next few hours. With so many different choices available, buying the best portable charger can be a tricky affair if you don’t know what to look for. However, our portable charger buying guide will give you the lowdown on the different features available in order to buy the best battery pack.
The price of portable chargers varies considerably, and depends for the most part on the power you need. The bigger numbers generally mean more charges, or the ability to charge several devices in one go without any hiccups. But for the benefits they provide, most options are highly affordable and can be had starting at $25 for a device with one USB charging port, to more than $100 for a model with all the bells and whistles. Before you head out shopping for a new unit, it is best to determine how you will be using the device so that you don’t get lost in the plethora of options available and bring an incompatible device home.
Portable chargers are available in several different shapes, features, and colors. But, the one you choose must be able to satisfy your charging needs. For example, if you’re going to be charging the 10,307 mAh battery of a 12.9-inch iPad Pro, you should buy a bigger capacity portable charger to ensure it gets one full charge.

That said, here are a few important features to consider when in the market for a portable charger:
  • Power/capacity – capacity/power is measured in Milliampere-hours (mAh), and the greater that number, the more devices you will be able to charge or the longer it will charge a single device
  • Form factor – choose a design that suits how you will be carrying it along. If you’re going to be carrying it in your pocket at all times, choose a slimmer battery pack
  • Durability – battery packs are generally available in two finishes – plastic and brushed aluminum. The former is a good choice if you’re going to be keeping it somewhere safe, such as your work desk, and the latter makes sense if you’re going to be taking it on extreme adventures
  • Connections – be sure to check and confirm that they are compatible with the portable charger, or else you will not be able to use the device. Most, if not all, portable chargers are fitted with a standard USB output, so you may need to buy a special cable for your cell phone if it doesn’t match, such as a USB-to-lightning cable for iPhones
  • Indicator lights – although most portable chargers have them, some bare bones models don’t, which is why it’s worth mentioning – indicator lights eradicate the guesswork of how much juice the portable charger is able to provide before it runs out
Construction and Design
When in the market for a portable battery charger, know that it is nearly impossible to get the best of both worlds; i.e., large capacity and portability. More power always means larger batteries, so while it’s a good idea to buy a monster-size battery pack to charge your 12-inch iPad, it will not be small enough to tuck away in your purse or pocket. So if you hit the road often and need to keep your tablet and other devices alive for several more hours, buy a large-capacity battery pack.

Contrarily, if you just need to keep your Bluetooth speaker or low-capacity smartphone going until you reach a wall-charging outlet, then small-capacity portable chargers should do the trick. Portable battery chargers for the most part are similar in design, which is mostly due to the limited shapes batteries come in. Yet, manufacturers try hard to differentiate their products from the crowd by either outfitting them with multiple LED’s or with an integrated LED flashlight. But, take note that it is the quality of batteries under the hood that helps a respective portable charger deliver sheer performance.
Performance and Ease of Use
One of the biggest questions consumers ask in regards to portable chargers has to do with units that are labeled “Fast Charging”. Battery chargers with this capability are designed for devices that offer fast charging as well, such as many top-of-the-line devices released in the last year. So, although a fast charging battery charger will charge any normal device, the device being charged needs to open the doors to let more power in. Simply put, both devices must have quick charging capabilities in order to take advantage of the boost. Hence, if you’ve got an older device or one that does not offer quick charging capabilities, a quick charging battery pack will not charge it any faster. However, they will pre-charge or trickle charge your device when its battery is totally dead to prevent it from overloading.

Get the Best Portable Charger of 2023!

Whether you want a portable charger for days out, an emergency power bank to keep in your car, or a high-capacity backup for a long trip, you should now be ready to select the ideal product for your needs and budget. You can choose one of the portable chargers we’ve featured here, or you can look at what else our top 5 brands have to offer.

Our Top Choice
Anker PowerCore+ Portable Charger
Best Value
RAVPower Deluxe Dual USB Portable Charger
New Trent Dual Ports 2A Portable Battery
EC Technology 22400mAh Deluxe Charger
Dulla 12000mAh Portable Power Bank