Best Portable DVD Player Reviews 2020

Portable DVD Players are a great and affordable way to provide entertainment on the go. Many people think that with the popularization of laptops, smartphones and tablets, mobile DVD players are rendered obsolete. This is simply not true. Often much cheaper than laptops and tablets, portable DVD Players provide a great way to enjoy your movie collection or provide entertainment for your family while you are travelling. To help you choose the best portable DVD player, we did some digging and found five top brands that make this product. From the wide selection these brands each offer, we chose one from each for this review. Our selection will give you a good idea of what each brand offers. After looking through our selection, you may then decide which to go for or which brand’s range of products to investigate some more. This should drastically reduce the time you will spend searching for a portable DVD player.
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Our Top Choice
Sylvania - 13.3 Inch Portable DVD Player
With a large screen and a lightweight feel, the Sylvania 13.3 portable DVD player is great for the road.
Lightweight. Large swivel screen. Great display.
Battery life could be longer.
14.3 x 9.8 x 1.8"/ 2.9 lb
Rechargeable battery of 2 hours
Best Value
LG Super Multi Blue Portable with 3D Blu-ray Disc Playback
LG has always been a highly respected brand and the Super Multi Blue Portable 3D Blu-ray Disc Player is an excellent example of their technological prowess.
Plays silently. Jamless Play. Able to convert 2D to 3D. USB connection. Fast read and write speeds. M-Disc Support. Plays 3D discs.
Must be used with a laptop or PC computer - but this is by design.
6.14 x 0.84 x 6.5”/ 0.77 lbs
No battery
BDs, DVDs, M-DISC, CDs, Video CD
Azend Group Corp Maxmade Portable Blu-ray Disc Player BDP-M1061
Azend BDP-M1061 is a portable Blu-ray player that offers tremendous value for a great price.
Internet accessibility. Wide swivel screen. HD Display. Long battery life. Lightweight.
No car mount.
10.2”x 8.1” x 1.6”/3lb
Rechargeable battery of 4.5 hours
Sony Portable DVD Player with USB Port DVP-FX780
Sony is brand renowned for their long lasting products and they honor that with their Portable DVD Player DVP-FX780 which comes with a rechargeable battery and a car adaptor.
USB connectivity. Optimized audio. Long battery life. Connects to TV.
No remote control.
6 x 7.8 x 1.5”/2lb
Rechargeable battery of 4.5 hours
Xvid (MPEG-4)/AVI
Philips 9-Inch DVD Player - PD9000/37 Travel DVD Player
Philips is known for their quality products and they live up to their reputation with the Philips PD9000/37 Portable DVD player. This is a compact device with long battery life and easy-to-use interface.
Full resume on power loss. DivX support. Mass compatibility. Lightweight and easy to transport.
No USB port.
7 x 1.5 x 9.5/2.1lbs
Rechargeable battery of 5 hours
DVD(R/RW), Picture CD, VCD, Video CD, CD-R/RW

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What is the Best Portable DVD Player?

There are many types of portable DVD Players out there, so it can be somehow difficult to know which one to choose, especially if this is the first time you are buying one. There are a few key things to pay attention to when deciding which portable DVD player to choose such as weight, screen size, battery life, resolution, connectivity, Blu-ray capabilities, and so on. In this guide, we have explained a few of these key things to you so you can decide what is important to you. As we begin to review the products we have selected, look for those that possess the features that are important to you and go for them.
Our Top Choice
With the Sylvania 13.3 Portable DVD Player you won’t be bored to tears on long trips but rather fully entertained. If the 13.3” player is not to your liking then check out the Sylvania’s 9" Dual Screen Portable DVD Player which is sure to provide excellent entertainment during your travels.

Sylvania Mobile DVD Video Player w/ Swivel Screen, USB/SD Card Reader and Built in Rechargeable Battery

Sylvania is a well known brand that creates quality appliances and electronics for a wide range of uses. Their quality design and manufacturing is evident in all of their products, including the Sylvania 13.3” Portable DVD Player. With high resolution and clear picture and audio quality, you can entertain yourself, your friends and your family on any plane ride or road trip. It’s available for a retail price of $129.99.

Here is a list of its features:
  • Screen Size of 13.3”
  • Built in USB and SD Card Reader
  • Resolution 1280 x 800 (RGB)
  • AC and Car Adapter
  • Supports PAL/NTSC systems
  • Remote controlled
  • Swiveling screen
The Sylvania 13.3” Portable DVD Player is a part of Sylvania’s line up of DVD players, recorders, televisions and other electronics.
Best Value
The LG Super Multi Blue Portable 3D Blu-ray Disc Player and Burner impresses with 2D to 3D conversion and M-Disc support, however, if you’re looking for something simpler, lighter, less expensive and only for burning DVDs then check out the Ultra-Slim Portable DVD Burner from LG.

LG Super Multi Blue Portable DVD Player - 3D Blu-ray Disc Playback & M-DISC™ Support, Jamless Play

LG stands for Life’s Good and so it is. This brand is known around the world by consumers from different walks of life because of their technologically advanced products. From high end cell phones, appliances like refrigerators and television sets, desktop computers and more, LG is a not just a brand, for some people it is a lifestyle. Their products are not only well designed, but they perform exceptionally well, which is why they are so highly respected. We’ve chosen to feature their Super Multi Blue Portable 3D Blu-ray Disc Player because it is reasonably priced and jam-packed with features.

This product is different from the other mobile DVD players on this list as it doesn’t come with its own screen, but it can be connected to a computer and we genuinely think that this is truly wonderful product. Here are its features.
  • 6x Blu-ray Disc reading speed
  • 8x read/write speed for DVDs
  • 24x read/write speed for CDs
  • USB 2.0 connection
  • Supports 3D Blu-ray Disc playback
  • M-Disc Support which ensures data protection much better than average DVDs
  • Silent Play technology which reduces noise
  • Ability to convert 2D videos to 3D
  • Jamless play prevents the playback from in case of a damaged disc
The Super Multi Blue Portable 3D Blu-ray Disc Player is from LG’s line of drivers and burners that come with various speeds, features and are offered at different prices. In other words, LG successfully caters to the needs of most customers with its impressive line of DVD players, so you have complete freedom to pick the one which suits your lifestyle the best!
Enjoy Blu-rays on the go with the Maxmade Portable Blu-ray Disc Player BDP-M1061, a compact and lightweight device that will ensure your entertainment during long trips. Similarly, you can also get the Maxmade Envizen Quartet 9 which not only plays DVDs, but also doubles as a digital television and display photos.

Azend Group Corp Maxmade Portable DVD Player, Plays BluRay Discs, Wide Swivel Screen, 3 in 1 Card Reader

The Azend Group is based in the United States and specializes in manufacturing portable DVD and Blue-Ray Players. Their Maxmade Portable Blu-ray Disc Player BDP-M1061 is one of their finest products in the Maxmade lineup and it shines with tremendous value for its retail price of $208.90.

Check out some of the BDP-M1061’s features:
  • 1024x600 resolution
  • SD/MMC 3 in 1 card reader plus USB port
  • Has a carrying case and can fold like a tablet
  • 10.1” Wide Swivel Screen
  • LAN Port allows connection to BD Live for additional content
  • Remote controlled
  • AC and car adapter
The Maxmade line consists of portable DVD players designed and manufactured by the Azend Group. This line of DVD players strives to provide consumers with a quality viewing experience on the go.
The Sony DVP-FX780 is a great portable DVD player that not only allows you to play DVDs, but you can also enjoy optimized audio in either Dynamic, Dynamic surround, Dialogue or Standard. If you’re looking for a regular DVD player then check out Sony’s DVP-SR510H which is sure to be a great addition to your home entertainment system.

Sony Mobile DVD Player with USB Port– Optimized Audio & 7” Screen, 1 Year Warranty

Known throughout the world, Sony is a giant in the entertainment industry. A brand that is renowned and respected not only for their quality but also their innovation, Sony makes products that delight and amaze across a number of mediums. That innovation and wonder is evident in the design of the Sony DVP-FX780; this device is simple yet it achieves plenty, providing you with quality display and the ability to watch your favorite DVDs or other videos on the go. Currently at a retail price of $179.99, the Sony DVP-FX780 is sure to provide you with a pleasant viewing experience no matter where your travels take you.

Check out the DVP-FX780’s features:
  • Optimized audio – Dynamic, Dynamic surround, Dialogue and Standard
  • USB connected
  • 7” Screen
  • 480 x 234 resolution
  • 1 year limited warranty which will cover for potential defects or damaged components
  • Comes with Parental Control feature which is useful for people who have children
  • The device has a built-in headphone jack
With crisp display and long battery life, the Philips PD9000/37 Portable DVD Player is a great companion for any long trip because even after power loss,you can pick up right where you left off with the Full Resume feature. However if you’re looking for something more affordable without compromising on quality then check out the Philips PET741M\/37.

Philips Portable DVD Player– DivX Certified, PAL/NTSC Support & 9” Screen, Up to 5 Hours Playback Time

Philips is a global company dedicated to providing consumers and professionals with a wide range of high quality products from home entertainment to integrated health care. We’re including their PD9000/37 portable DVD Player in our list because it provides numerous features and it is a highly practical machine. With a 9” screen and up to 5 hours of battery life, this portable DVD player is great for long trips whether it be train, car or plane. It’s currently at a retail price of $129.99 and it is perfect if you love movies and travelling.

Let’s take a look at the PD9000/37’s features:
  • Full resume on power loss
  • Car mount pouch
  • Supports PAL/NTSC
  • 9” screen
  • 640 x 220 x 3 (RGB) resolution
  • JPEG images are viewable on a disc
  • DivX Certified for Standard DivX Video Playback
  • Compatible with most DVDs and CDs on the market

How Do I Choose the Best Portable DVD Player?

Sifting through some old stuff in the attic while trying to do some spring cleaning, he came across a box and wondered what was in it. Upon opening it, he found some old home videos on VCDs. These were family events from even before he was born. One was labeled “wedding anniversary” and another was labeled “grandpa’s birthday” …. Wow! He never got to meet his paternal grandpa as he had passed on before he was born. He could finally see him even if just in a video. He had heard so much about him. There were a lot more. This was practically a treasure trove.

Here’s another box, I wonder what is in this…. These look like old movies. Hey! This is the movie dad’s always talking about; his favorite movie as a kid. It will be a wonderful surprise to treat him to it sometime. As he searched for more hidden treasures, he found a device that looked like a cross between a laptop and a waffle maker. He picked it up and saw it was a portable DVD player. He found the mains power connection in the box, powered it up, and put in the first VCD. Spring cleaning suspended, he spent the next few hours reconnecting with family members he was never going to see physically again.

Today, we have a lot of devices that seem to have replaced the portable DVD player. In fact, the best DVD players will play anything a portable DVD player will play and more. We can watch all the movies we want on our tablet or smartphone thanks to video streaming sites. These are simple facts. However, given the cost of a DVD player when compared with some of these other devices, you may find yourself needing one for some specific reason. You could need them for your car, a vacation, a journey, the list goes on.

You can easily get a top-quality portable DVD player for less than a fifth of what an average laptop will cost. By using your portable DVD player for watching your DVDs, VCDs, and other media, you can give your laptop some rest, only using it for more important stuff so it can last longer.

If you’ve thought about it and you need a portable DVD player, this guide will help you find one that will suit you perfectly. If you are ready to find the best portable DVD player, join us as we look at how to go about making your choice.
So you want to get a portable DVD player, and you’re wondering how much you should budget for it. Well, with the increase in other media playing devices, the prices of portable DVD players have been on the low side. We found that with between $80 and $210, you can get a good portable DVD player.

From the price range above, you should know that the difference in price represents a difference in features and quality. Some of the factors that can affect the price you pay for a portable DVD player include the screen size, the battery life, the formats supported, and more. A seven inch screen player that supports only two formats and has a battery life of four hours is not likely to cost the same as an 11 inch player that supports five formats, plays Blu Ray, and has a seven hour battery life. If you need more features, it’s only normal that you should pay more.

You surely can get something good on a budget. Whatever you do though, be sure to stay away from cheap portable DVD players if you do not want to waste your money on poor quality products that will not offer you any value.
When you want to choose a portable DVD player, you will first need to decide what you need before you can then choose the player that meets those needs. To help you decide what you need, we will look at some factors you will need to consider. Some of these factors include:
  • Screen Size
  • Screen Resolution
  • Discs Supported
  • Formats Supported
  • Connectivity
  • Battery Power
Let’s now try to expound on these.
Construction and Design
So you’ve decided to get a portable DVD player. What should you consider first? Well, since there is no hard and fast rule to this, we can start with the screen size. In this age when many people are accustomed to watching movies on very large screens, most people will also like to get a portable DVD player with as large a screen as possible. On average, screen sizes are between 7 and 10 inches with some bigger or smaller. While choosing the screen size, remember that the bigger the screen, the bigger the player will be.

Aside from the screen size, you may also want to consider the screen resolution. It is not likely that you will have too many options here, but you will at least have some options to choose from. The rule of thumb in choosing screen resolutions is this: the higher the number, the higher the resolution. Screens with higher resolutions are generally sharper with clearer pictures. You will find the screen resolutions written as 480 x 234, 1024x600, 1280 x 800, and more. Remember, the higher the numbers, the higher the resolution.

When you are picking out a portable DVD player, you want to look at the type of Disc it supports. Even if you will be playing only DVDs, it will not hurt to have one that can play other types of discs like CDs, VCDs, and Blu-rays. One of the beauties of owning a portable DVD player is the ability to play some of your classic favorites which may be in older formats like VCDs. Though the ability to play every kind of disc may slightly increase the cost, it will be worth it for some.

Aside from disc compatibility, you also need to check for format support. Once again, you will be better off with one that supports mostly video and audio formats. The average portable DVD supports MPEG4 and MP3s with others supporting other formats like H.264, VC1, MPEG1, MPEG2, and DivX. The more formats the model you choose supports, the more likely it is that it will be able to play anything you put in it.
Performance and Ease of Use
People get portable DVD players for different reasons, but, whatever the reason, having good connectivity options is always a great thing. More than just watching on the player’s screen, you may want to connect it to your home’s large screen or home theater system. You may want to connect it in your car or you may want to watch a movie, play some songs, or see some pictures from a USB drive. The ability to do all these with ease will be dependent on the types of connection options it provides. Even if you don’t think you will need some of the options, it is still better to have more options.

Finally, the whole point of portability is the ability to take it with you wherever you want. This means even to places you cannot plug it into a mains socket. You, therefore, need a portable DVD player with a very good battery life. The longer the battery life, the better your usage experience will be.

Now these are a few things you will need to consider so as to help you get the right portable DVD player for your needs.

Get the Best Portable DVD Player of 2020!

As you can see, there are mobile DVD players out there for all budgets and preferences. Pick one from our list today and you will definitely be entertained next time you are traveling!

Our Top Choice
Sylvania - 13.3 Inch Portable DVD Player
Best Value
LG Super Multi Blue Portable with 3D Blu-ray Disc Playback
Azend Group Corp Maxmade Portable Blu-ray Disc Player BDP-M1061
Sony Portable DVD Player with USB Port DVP-FX780
Philips 9-Inch DVD Player - PD9000/37 Travel DVD Player