Best Portable Greenhouse Reviews 2023

If you love gardening activities and want to become self-sufficient in the future, getting your own portable greenhouse would be a great idea. A portable greenhouse is easy to install and maintain, and it gives you the ability to grow a wide variety of vegetables, legumes, plants and flowers. We picked five from some of the best portable greenhouse brands out there, and we are sure you will find your favorite among them!
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Our Top Choice
Flower House Planthouse
Flower House has introduced original product innovations for its clients. Its pop-up storage sheds, greenhouses and clear series are meant to brighten people’s houses.
Set-up and take-down are quick and easy. It's made of Gro-Tec material, which is UV-resistant and has rip stop protection.
There was one complaint that the zipper gets stuck sometimes.
Plant house
5 x 29.7 x 29.7 inches
Plastic and metallic frame
UV protection
Can be set up over existing trees
Best Value
Quictent 4 Tier Mini Greenhouse
Quictent has been providing customers with quality products and competitive prices since the early 2000s. Its top priority is to satisfy clients with its products and services.
This greenhouse doesn’t take up much space, and it has four removable shelves that you can adjust in height. It can be used with or without cover.
One complaint that it doesn’t hold much weight.
Mini green house
3.7 x 18.3 x 28.2 inches
Metallic frame, PVC cover
Indoor and outdoor use
Abba Patio Fully Enclosed Greenhouse
Abba Patio is a top designer and manufacturer of high-quality outdoor products. It believes in maintaining superior customer service.
This greenhouse has two zipper doors for easy access and better ventilation. It has six rolling-up windows with insect netting attached to protect your plants from pests.
One complaint that it is a little hard to zip up.
Enclosed green house
2 sizes available
PE cover
Includes 4 rolling up windows
Ogrow Hexagonal Flower Planthouse
OGrow has always provided customers with high-quality greenhouses and gardening tools. It's also proud of offering exceptional customer service.
Doesn’t occupy much space with its four vertical shelves. It doesn’t need any hardware to assemble, and it is very easy to set up.
One complaint that it is not stable on windy days.
Hexagonal plant house
5.4 x 17.9 x 40 inches
Heavy-duty plastic
No tools needed for assembly
Strong Camel New Greenhouse
Strong Camel provides tents for camping, backyard dining or weddings, and greenhouses that are ideal for extending the growing season.
Easy to assemble and has a zippered front door. Its frame is made of durable powder-coated steel to make it more stable.
One complaint that it is hard to water the plants placed in the back.
Garden house
72 x 60 x 36 inches
Steel frame
Waterproof and UV protection
Includes roll-up windows

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What is the Best Portable Greenhouse?

Picking a portable greenhouse is not that difficult, even if you don’t have gardening experience. All you have to do is decide how big you want it to be and pay close attention to its materials. Some greenhouses are even available in different colors if that's important to you. Let's take a look at our first contender!
Our Top Choice
The Flower House 5 Pop-Up Plant House is ideal for extending growing seasons and protecting plants. It is available in five different styles. If you want a more spacious greenhouse then we recommend the Flower House Conservatory Greenhouse which provides UV protection for your flowers and plants.

Flower House 5 Pop-Up Plant House, Available in 5 Styles, Quick and Easy Set Up

Flower House is glad to say that it has introduced original product innovations for its clients’ homes and gardens. It offers pop-up storage sheds, award-winning pop-up greenhouses, a new clear series and butterfly furniture. Its greenhouses feature unique assembly technology that makes them pop up quickly into set-up position. Lots of these products from Flower House are available on Amazon, so don’t hesitate to check them out.

If you want to extend your growing season and protect your plants, we recommend the Flower House 5 Pop-Up Plant House, which has an easy set-up design. It has screened vent openings that permit the optimum air circulation that plants need in order to be healthy. If you keep the vents closed, you will be able to maintain the high humidity levels necessary for a superior growing environment. During the day, the solar heat warms the greenhouse. During the night or in bad weather conditions, an electric heater is recommended.

Check out its other characteristics:
  • Quick and easy set-up on soil or hard surfaces
  • Gro-Tec material, which is UV-resistant and is constructed with rip stop protection
  • Open floor allows it to be set up over existing plants
  • Folds up easily into a compact storage bag for transport
  • Includes shade cover, stakes and free storage bag
Best Value
The Quictent Hot 4 Tier Mini Portable GreenHouse is vertical and is ideal for small gardens. It can be used indoors or outdoors, depending on your needs. If you have a big garden and lots of plants to grow, we recommend the Quictent Zipper Doors Greenhouse which can accommodate more plants and flowers.

Quictent Hot 4 Tier Mini Portable GreenHouse for Indoor and Outdoor Use with Shelves

Quictent started its business in the early 2000s. It supplies its customers with quality pop-up canopies, party tents, greenhouses, grow tents, camping tents, portable garages and much more. Customers’ satisfaction is its number one priority, and it offers quality and the most competitive prices. Quictent has almost 300 products available on Amazon.

The Quictent Hot 4 Tier Mini Portable GreenHouse is a solution for small gardens that don’t have the space for a normal greenhouse. It has four tiers that are very easy to set up. Its frame is made of powder-coated steel, and it has a transparent PVC cover with zips to offer easy access and better ventilation.

Find out more about it:
  • Removable shelves that you can adjust in height
  • Waterproof because of the strong PVC cover
  • Overlong cover that makes it more secure and airtight
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Double zippered front door
The Abba Patio Fully Enclosed Lawn and Garden Greenhouse is ideal for protecting your plants. It is available in two sizes. However, if you prefer a smaller greenhouse which also comes at a lower price, we recommend the Abba Patio Portable Hexagonal Walk-in Greenhouse which is available in 2 sizes.

Abba Patio 10 x 20-Feet Large Walk In Fully Enclosed Lawn and Garden Greenhouse with Windows

Abba Patio is a top designer and manufacturer of quality outdoor products, including umbrellas, canopies, awnings and garden furniture sets. The experienced staff is eager to maintain superior customer service. Abba Patio products are available on Amazon.

The Abba Patio Fully Enclosed Lawn and Garden Greenhouse is ideal for protecting your plants during bad weather conditions. It has a beautiful design, and a transparent cover that is UV-resistant and also waterproof. It provides enhanced illumination to help your plants grow. This portable greenhouse is also available in two different sizes: 6 x 8 feet and 8 x 10 feet.

Other features of this product include:
  • Two zipper doors for easy access and great ventilation
  • Durable transparent PE cover
  • Heavy powder-coated steel frame
  • Six rolling-up windows equipped with insect netting
  • Big foot plates and pegs for extra stability
The Ogrow 4 Tier Hexagonal Flower Planthouse has a beautiful design and doesn’t take much of your space, offering your plants the ideal environment to grow. If you want something similar, but in a different shape, check out the Ogrow 4 Tier Portable Bloomhouse which has a durable clear cover and sturdy shelves.

Ogrow Ultra-Deluxe 4 Tier Hexagonal Flower Planthouse, Plastic Connectors, Easy to Assemble

OGrow is a greenhouse manufacturer that makes every effort to provide its clients with the largest selection of greenhouses and accessories. It responds promptly to customer calls and gives them full attention in order to fulfill their requests. A small number of its greenhouses and gardening tools are available for sale on Amazon.

OGrow's Ultra-Deluxe 4 Tier Hexagonal Flower Planthouse has a hexagonal shape and contains four shelves in order to save space and yet provide you enough space for growth. It is quick and easy to assemble, and is made of strong and durable powder-coated shelves that are able to hold heavy plants off the ground.

Check out its other specifications:
  • No hardware needed for assembly; it comes with high-quality plastic connectors
  • Heavy-duty sturdy steel frame
  • Durable clear cover ideal for displaying plants in full sun
  • Roll-up cover for easy access and better ventilation
The Strong Camel Hot Greenhouse is great for your backyard and super-easy to assemble. Its cover allows high humidity levels to permit accelerated growth. On the other hand, if you require an even larger greenhouse then we suggest going for the Strong Camel Walk In Greenhouse which offers UV protection and it is made from Polyethylene.

Strong Camel Hot Garden House with Powder Coated Stainless Steel Frame, Fully Enclosed

Strong Camel offers tents for people who are either camping, dining in the backyard or hosting a wedding reception. It also manufactures greenhouses that make it possible to extend the growing season right in your backyard. Its greenhouses are ideal for growing plants quickly, or for keeping them safe when the weather is not in their favor. They are stable and easy to set up. Strong Camel offers around 300 products on Amazon.

The Strong Camel New Greenhouse extends the growing season in your garden. It is ideal for somebody who loves plants, offering them the chance to keep the crops alive for as long as possible, and to grow them faster and healthier than ever.

Its characteristics include:
  • UV-protected cover to maintain high humidity levels
  • Zippered front door
  • Portable and easy to set up
  • Powder-coated steel frame and middle rails

How Do I Choose the Best Portable Greenhouse?

Portable greenhouses can be ordered in a wide range of sizes, so the most important thing to do is determine the amount of space you have to accommodate one. Speaking of space, you should set the greenhouse in a location that receives optimal sunlight, especially if you plan on growing vegetables. There are several different types of portable greenhouses to choose from, most commonly mini, enclosed, plant, hexagonal and garden houses, and the one you choose truly depends on your needs.

Just like buying other accessories for your backyard, such as patio chairs, an indoor herb garden or even a flexible garden hose, you should ensure the respective portable greenhouse will stand the test of time, so look for one that is made of heavy-duty plastic and preferably one that is waterproof and shields against harmful UV rays. And lastly, choose a portable greenhouse that’s easy to install and can be taken apart easily when not in use.
The price of portable greenhouses varies and depends on several factors, most notably its size and the material it is made of. Just like most other things, the market is flooded with cheap portable greenhouses, but the chances are that they will probably disappoint you when it comes to service life, owing to their poor craftsmanship.

The features of a portable greenhouse could also spike up its price, such as removable shelves and removable cover. To give you an idea of the prices you can expect to see when on the shopping trail, portable greenhouses can cost anywhere from $40 for a small-size setup to $400+ for a full-size version that comes with several bells and whistles, including four roll-up windows.
Portable greenhouses are a great addition to both big and small homes, and the one you choose should match your growing needs perfectly.

That said, here are a few important features to look for when wading through the array of options.
  • Size – Usually measured in inches, this is the overall size of the greenhouse.
  • Material – Common materials used in the construction of portable greenhouses include plastic and PVC, with or without a metal frame.
  • Type – Knowing what you plan on growing will help you choose the right ones from the options available, such as enclosed, plant and garden houses.
  • Protection – If you’re going to be using the portable greenhouse in inclement weather, look for one that offers both waterproof and UV protection.
  • Enclosures – Depending on the type of portable greenhouse, zippers are generally used to secure them shut.
Construction and Design
Most portable greenhouses are constructed to be heavy duty and used indoors and outdoors. Further, some high-quality setups feature UV ray protection thanks to Gro-Tec material, waterproof protection, or both to protect your crops against exterior wear and tear. The plastic or PVC cover of certain greenhouses is supported by a robust steel or metal frame and can be set up over existing trees.

Sizes of portable greenhouses can vary greatly, where small ones are roughly 3 x 18 x 28 inches, and massive garden houses can be 72 x 60 x 36 inches or more. In order to select the right size, take accurate measurements of your area, whether indoors or outdoors, so that it fits right in and doesn’t look out of place.
Performance and Ease of Use
The features of a respective portable greenhouse determine its performance and how easy it is to use. For example, a greenhouse that’s fitted with windows and doors offers better ventilation for the shrubs inside and can be easily adjusted to match the desirable airflow. Opening and closing these doors and windows should be easy via the zippered enclosures, where some of them are even fixed with a layer of insect netting to protect your plants from pesky bugs.

Most portable greenhouses are easy to install with the included instructions and some offer tool-free installation, making it easier and quicker to get started building your nursery.

Get the Best Portable Greenhouse of 2023!

Having a portable greenhouse offers you multiple benefits. You will be able to eat natural, healthy vegetables and legumes that don’t contain chemicals or additives. You can even start a small business if you grow rare flowers or something similar. What are you waiting for? Get your own portable greenhouse and start gardening today!

Our Top Choice
Flower House Planthouse
Best Value
Quictent 4 Tier Mini Greenhouse
Abba Patio Fully Enclosed Greenhouse
Ogrow Hexagonal Flower Planthouse
Strong Camel New Greenhouse