Best Portable Ice Maker Reviews 2023

During the hot summer days, when your face is melting and the grass outside starts catching fire haphazardly, to find some relief, many people start considering methods of cooling down. Worry not, because our team of sharp Internet researchers and home-improvement experts have come to the rescue! They did their research, and together we collected five super-cool ice makers from the best ice maker brands out there. Remember, the brands we reviewed have more than the ones we have featured.
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Our Top Choice
EdgeStar Portable Ice Maker
Coming from a company producing various high-tech goods, this Portable Ice Maker may as well be one of the coolest ones yet - literally!
A modern company making products for modern, fast-moving people. A stylish design. Soft touch controls.
The full-sensor is a bit confusing with this model (it will often read to have more water than what is in the reservoir).
14.5 x 11.8 x 14.8 inches
218.5 Watts
10 minutes
Ice bin stores 2 1/2 pounds
23.6 lbs
Best Value
Ivation Portable High Capacity Icemaker
Being the product of a tough company who means business in the market leaves very little room for low-quality attributes or poor performance, and this Ivation Icemaker is the best example.
A tough, hard-working, customer-friendly company. A simple and stylish design. Large see-through window on top.
Some only lasted a few months.
14.1 x 12.9 x 9.5 inches
110 Watts
6 minutes
1.5 pounds of ice storage
21.3 pounds
NewAir Portable Ice Maker
Coming from a trustworthy company bound to cater to your every consumer need, this portable ice-maker boasts high reliability and performance as its most important selling points!
A reliable, customer-friendly company. A cheeky, retro design. 3 cube sizes. Side mounted drain.
A bit on the heavier side. Hard to transport and move around the house.
14.5 x 11.8 x 15 inches
218.5 Watts
6 minutes
Water capacity 176 ounces
24.3 pounds
Magic Chef Portable Ice Maker
Developed by the enthusiastic team of houseware-designing 'magic' chefs, the Portable Ice Maker is the fruit of years of experience and kitchen expertise!
A world-renowned kitchenware-developing company. A sleek, robotic design. Electronic controls. Silver Cabinet.
Ice not thick enough for some customers.
15.2 x 14.4 x 11.1 inches
218.5 Watts
7 minutes
Ice capacity 1.5 pounds
19.7 pounds
Avalon Bay Portable Ice Maker
Coming from a devoted family-run business, the Avalon Bay Ice Maker offers a reliable ice-dispenser at a reasonable price! It looks even looks like a space-ship loot crate for good measure!
Made by a company known for its reliable products. An attractive elegant design. Automatic overflow protection.
The freezing is not particularly deep, so the ice will melt rather quickly if left unattended.
11 x 14.8 x 14.7 inches
230 Watts
6 minutes
Ice capacity 1.5 pounds
20 pounds

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What is the Best Portable Ice Maker?

You’ve gotten acquainted with ice makers and are on your way to getting yours – don’t go too far, we have the five best ones right here. So “chill” and read our reviews.
Our Top Choice
If you need a fast 'n' good looking ice maker for your house or a restaurant, the Edgestar's Red Ice Maker can be your weapon of choice, as it looks as stylish as one of those Coca-Cola vending machines people buy for their houses. If you prefer a stainless steel model, or you want more capacity, check out this interesting solution from Edgestar instead.

EdgeStar Red Portable Ice Maker, Soft Touch Controls, No Drain Required

These two companies have been making refrigerating machines for quite some time. Regarding their line of products, if the company called EdgeStar brings edginess to the table, what would a product going under the rather video-game sounding name Koldfront bring to the mixture? You've guessed it right! It's the sleek design, durability! Oh, and freezing sub-zero temperatures too!

Attractive designs as well as solid technical aspects are the tenets of this company's each and every product, and this Red Ice Maker is no exception. In full operational mode, this ice dispenser is capable of producing up to 28 pounds of ice per day, which is more than enough to cover the needs of a smaller restaurant!

This model is also great if you need your ice quickly, as it starts producing it as soon as 10 minutes after you've added the water to the tank. Also, it is fairly lightweight and therefore easily portable, meaning you can take it with you wherever you go, and make some ice on the spot.
The features of the red ice maker itself:
  • Okay with either tap or bottled water
  • Sizeable ice bin stores up to 2.5 pounds of water
  • Easily operated with soft touch controls
  • Excellent for cabins, boats and similar environments
  • Fairly lightweight and easily transportable
All in all, whether you need some instant means of refreshment in your kitchen or aboard a boat, this compact model will perform beautifully wherever you choose to place it without taking up too much space. With the quick ice-making process and the fancy red finish, this model is a piece of eye-candy among the ice makers!
Best Value
This modestly-named 'Household' Icemaker is as tough and rugged as some of those industrially-sized full-blown refrigerators of advanced coolness! If you rather prefer pronounced compactness and kid-friendly appearance - so to speak - then this model from Ivation may pique your interest better!

Ivation Portable Ice Maker with Easy-Touch Buttons for Digital Operation - Available in 4 Colors

Through the years of dedicated work and efforts directed towards making the toughest and most durable ice machines the world has ever seen, the Ivation folks have developed two quintessential aspects to all of their top-notch products: 1) the strong dislike for big fancy jargon used in the description of tech products; and consequently 2) a great customer support that knows how to get to the bottom of a problem quickly!

This inclination towards simplicity and quality is what launched them into the market in the first place, as well as what would make them successful and widely beloved among their customers later on. The same principle is applied in the design processes for their new products, of which an excellent example is this Household Icemaker.

The machine's appearance is sleek and performance-oriented and - to give you insight in the works of a proper ice-maker - the designers have included a see-through window. It can get mesmerizing to watch! The ice cubes come in two sizes, and you can alternate between them via the easy-push touch buttons found at the top of the box.
Here are the features of an Ivation Household ice maker:
  • Capable of producing up to 26-pounds of ice per day
  • Light indicator informs you about the coldness levels of your ice
  • See-through window for peeking in every once in awhile just for the sake of it
  • Digitally controlled easy-push button
  • Removable tray for the easy handling of the accumulated ice
  • 2 selectable cube sizes
Offering a simple design and an ice-making philosophy that is as plucky and hard-working as a possible, this machine will never leave you without a refreshing solution.
Producing your ice in three different cube sizes, this New Air Ice Maker answers all of your cooling needs, from enhancing your drinks, to treating an aching burn injury. If you like the idea, but need even more ice on a daily basis, this bulkier model may answer to your needs better!

NewAir Portable Ice Maker, 28lbs Ice Per Day, Convenient Side Drain - Available in 5 Colors

According to the New Air folks themselves, their company operates and plans its future products based on four different integral elements: Loyalty, Honesty, Trust and Big Chunks of Ice! A simple enough philosophy indeed, and they should be very proud of following through with it, especially when it comes to this portable ice maker in particular!

While the first three components of their four-part long-term goal can be connected to their idyllic relationship with their largely satisfied customers, the fourth part is where their top-notch innovative technical solutions step in. Thanks to its bulky build, this ice maker is perhaps a bit on the heavier side for the typical weight scale for these types of products, but this enables it to produce up to 28 pounds of ice per day.

Also, the fine settings - include the choice of three different cube sizes - can be performed using the simple push-button controls. To let you know when the cooling process has been completed, there are a special set of visual indicators.
The list of features for this ice maker goes as follows:
  • Can make up to 28 pounds of ice every day
  • Features three different cube sizes
  • Includes an built-in side drain
  • Environmentally friendly with its R-134A refrigerant
  • Indicator lights for informing you about the progress of your cooling process
In conclusion, featuring a bulky build and an interesting retro finish, this ice maker will definitely earn respect among your other kitchen appliances once you install it. Its great capacity and relatively silent working mode are features you will appreciate when the need for ice arises!
Sporting a cool futuristic look and a mini command desk on the top for managing your ice-making parameters, this Magic Chef's take on ice-dispensers covers pretty much every aspect of a small-scale ice cube-production! If you like the properties of this model, but would like to see it in a stainless steel finish, then the Magic Chef Ice Maker - the stainless steel edition may suit you better.

Magic Chef Portable Countertop Ice Maker - Up to 27 lbs of Ice

Dedicated and always focused on improvement, the team working under the roof of the Magic Chef corporation has been expanding its knowledge and influence with speed for years now with results observable in every new product they come up with.

Their products boast certain essential features such as durability, reliability and a fair customer service coverage should something go wrong. The Ice Maker we're presenting to you on this list is one of the models to possess all of the aforementioned merits and a couple of new ones as well!

Namely, the efficient cooling system makes it possible for this machine to make high-quality, nicely-shaped ice cubes in a mere 7 minutes, with a maximum output amount of 27 pounds of ice per day - more than enough to run your own slushy business! The ice cubes themselves come in two sizes and you can switch between them using the electronic controls on the top lid.
The Magic Chef Ice Maker’s comprehensible list of features:
  • Ice cubes can be small or large, depending on your preference
  • The machine produces 9 ice-cubes per every 7 minute cycle
  • Electronic control panel with indicator lights
  • Comes with an ice scooper
  • Contains a convenient removable ice basket
  • The top has a small see-through window for checking the cooling process
With its attractive futuristic look and unparalleled performance in the ice-making department, this Magic Chef’s kitchen utensil will produce ice vigorously and look awesome throughout the process. It won't make too much noise, either. All in all, a durable and reliable solution for anyone in need of a cooling apparatus!
Compact and mean-looking, this little ice dispenser will fit snugly in whichever corner of the kitchen you choose to place it. You'd think that its appearance alone cools the ice - it's so good-looking! If you want a red variant of this model, you can get it for roughly the same price.

Avalon Bay Portable Ice Maker, Automatic Overflow Protection - Available in 3 Colors

Taking great pride in their elaborate and well-organized customer support, the Avalon Bay crew seems to do everything in their power to make their products in such a way that you never feel like contacting them back with complaints. Durability and a quality build are the most important aspects of their developing process, which earned them a rather resounding name on the home-improvement market.

The portable ice maker we're talking about here is one of the best products they came with recently, boasting a sturdy build and a quick ice-producing process of only a couple of minutes. If you leave it working the entire day, it will make about 26 pounds of high-quality ice you can use straight away.
The uses for these frosty end-products can be various, since this machine's programming offers two different cube sizes, which can be great for both drinks and food as well as with other cooling-required situations.
The list of features in its entirety:
  • Features an automatic overflow protection
  • 2 ice cube sizes to choose from
  • Light indicators for letting you know when to empty the ice trays and add water
  • Ice-producing cycle is finished in mere 6 minutes
  • Easy button controls
Getting your share of ice in your drink or using it to preserve food is a daily chore that more or less must be performed one way or the other. So, rather than buying bags upon bags of ice over and over again, or struggling to make the right kind of it in your fridge, get yourself one of these Avalon Bay ice makers and don't worry about running out of ice ever again!

How Do I Choose the Best Portable Ice Maker?

The temperature of our environment greatly affects our productivity. It is, therefore, no surprise that an ice maker is a very important appliance you would want in your home. Just as you would, no doubt, need a smart thermostat during the cold months, you’ll need an ice maker to beat the heat.

Sometimes we want to have fun outside in the summer, under the warmth of the sun, but the scorching heat discourages us a lot. Things like outdoor fans become greatly in demand in such situations and, while those work quite the magic, they don’t cool your drinks. On hot days, you want something that can cool your drinks fast, faster than your average refrigerator – get an ice maker!

Also, we often want to have fun and play, go out and dive into the pool, but sometimes our outdoor fun results in sprains. Not to worry though, with these ice makers the pain won’t last long, because they’ll make enough ice to soothe the area.
Because ice makers are in high demand, and because they provide such a great alternative for cooling, they are quite expensive, although still relatively affordable, ranging from about $150 to about $1250. The more expensive ones are for large commercial use, so if you want something for residential use, look for an ice maker in the affordable $200 range, which works just as well, but will come in lower storage capacities. Some brands offer cheap ice makers that are poorly designed, and sometimes use toxic chemicals – don’t go close to such products.
These are the features that ultimately determine what is good and what is great in an ice maker:
  • Machine Types
  • Ice Types
  • Storage Capacity
  • Speed
  • Extras
Construction and Design
When it comes to ice makers, you need to take note of the machine type. They often come as either of these three machine types: portable, under-counter, and commercial.

A portable ice machine, as the name implies, is built for its mobility. It is lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry around. They are the most popular because they require no installation and, basically, no prior knowledge of handling ice-making machines – you need this one if you want something you can take with you wherever you go.

Under-counter ice makers are installed under countertops, and are usually used in big houses, or small businesses like small restaurants or cafés. They easily fit under countertops that are at least 40 inches high. It requires a permanent electricity source, water, and an optional drainage outlet.

Commercial ice makers are quite a bit more expensive than their counterparts, due to the fact that they are more sophisticated. While the others make a certain type of ice, these make multiple types with just a quick setting change. They are larger, and as such, come with a larger storage capacity, brilliant for any restaurant or bar.

The storage capacity often correlates to the machine types. However, in some cases, two ice makers of the same type may feature different storage capacities. So, the storage capacity for any ice maker you want to buy should reflect what you intend to use it for.

There is also the talk about ice types; there are generally three types of ice produced by ice makers: cube, nugget, and flake.
  • Cube: Clear, slow melting, and the most common
  • Nugget: Slow melting, easy to chew, crisp look, great for smoothies and beverages
  • Flake: Low production cost, used in displays of various seafood, cools rapidly
Performance and Ease of Use
When it comes to performance, the speed of an ice maker is the most-searched feature. The speed of production can be described in two ways: cycle duration or daily produce.

The cycle duration determines the maximum amount of time it takes to produce the first batch of ice from the moment the device is turned on. This, most times, relates to portable ice makers.

Daily produce is calculated by the amount of ice produced in a specified period, usually one day. This is, most times, used for commercial machines, as it is easier to estimate than the time for yielding each batch.

Extras. Of course, some brands do us well by adding more features to their products, just to give us a better feeling during use; some of these extras in ice machines include:
  • Water Recycling – If the ice melts, it is recycled and frozen again.
  • Auto Timer – For when you know the time the machine should start production
  • Bottom Drain – To drain the machine completely
  • Reduced Noise – A quieter version of normal ice makers

Get the Best Portable Ice Maker of 2023!

You’ve now completed the whole process; all that remains is for you to make that purchase. Go on now!

Our Top Choice
EdgeStar Portable Ice Maker
Best Value
Ivation Portable High Capacity Icemaker
NewAir Portable Ice Maker
Magic Chef Portable Ice Maker
Avalon Bay Portable Ice Maker