Best Portable Office Scanner Reviews 2018

Portable scanners not only help us go paperless; they also help us keep cherished memories and offer us the option to use them even on the go. Getting a good one can be a hassle because of the many options out there. But since you’ve come to us, it won’t be for you. We have scoured the market and come up with five of the best portable office scanners from five trusted brands. All you have to do is sit back and read our review. Keep in mind that these brands also have other scanners you can explore.
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Our Top Choice
Doxie Go Mobile Office Scanner
Doxie delivers smart portable scanning solutions for professionals. The Doxie Go Wi-Fi comes with a wireless connectivity and rechargeable batteries to keep you scanning anywhere!
Portable and easy to carry. Wi-Fi connectivity. On-board storage. Good quality scans.
Does not feed multiple documents of same size.
300 dpi, 600 dpi
Up to 8.5” x 15”
USB, SD card, Wi-Fi
15.4 ounces
10.5” x 2.2” x 1.7”
Best Value
Fujitsu ScanSnap Mobile Scanner
Fujitsu understands more than anyone what it means to make compact and powerful scanners. The ScanSnap weighs only 5.4 ounces and can handle 260 A4 scans at full charge.
Lightweight. Wi-Fi Direct and Wi-Fi compatibility. Can Scan with or without a PC.
Scans one side only.
600 dpi
Up to 8.5” x 34”
USB, Wi-Fi
14.1 ounces
12.4” x 5.5” x 2.9”
Canon imageFORMULA Mobile Document Scanner
Canon has been in the scanners business a long time, so it knows a lot about the category. The P-215II is designed as a portable model, but can also serve as a desktop scanner.
Portable. Two-sided scanning. Fast scanning. Automatic document feeder.
A bit heavy and big.
600 dpi
Up to 8.5” x 14”
2.2 ounces
1.6” x 3.7” x 11”
Epson WorkForce Portable Document Scanner
Epson has never disappointed when it comes to scanners. The WorkForce DS-30 is extremely light, small and affordable. It even scans to the Cloud.
Small and light. Affordable. Sends files to the Cloud services.
One-sided scan only. Manual document feeding.
600 dpi
Up to 8.5” x 14”
11.2 ounces
10.9” x 2” x 1.4”
Brother DSmobile Color Page Scanner
Brother is a trusted brand when it comes to computer peripherals. The DS-620 scans up to 8 pages per minute, in either black and white or color pages.
Affordable. Highly lightweight. Comes with a document management software. Built in OCR.
Not best quality for business cards.
600 dpi
Up to 8.5” x 32”
14.1 ounces
2.1” x 11.4” x 1.4”

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How Do I Choose the Best Portable Office Scanner?

Scanning doesn’t have to be confined to the office. It can be on the go, even without your computer or an electric cable around. Portable office scanners are made to be compact, lightweight and mobile, just like an electric stapler and laminator. All three will fit comfortably on an office desk without taking up too much space. This miniature device can be electric-powered, and some even have rechargeable batteries that can perform up to 300 scans per charge. This not only conserves power, but also comes in handy when you’re not close to an electric source but wish to have documents scanned.

Some portable office scanners are designed to have built-in Wi-Fi that automatically connects to your PC, scanning at high speeds, approximately 5.3 seconds. These scanners will comfortably handle your scanning duties and are made to be compatible with PCs, iPads, iPhones, and Android phones. Some even allow documents to be saved in multiple formats and in the cloud. Portable office scanners, though compact, are packed with lots of juicy features. With a memory space that saves up to 1500 documents and over 7000 pictures, and space for memory cards and card readers to meet your needs, the portable office scanner is a great deal.
The design and features packed in a portable office scanner affect the price. A portable office scanner with the regular features will cost about $100, while one with more advanced features and a wide range of connectivity can cost close to $250. Cheap portable office scanners abound, and it is important we draw your attention to them. If you want to enjoy hassle-free scanning, with document colors appearing the way they should, avoid them.
Choosing a portable office scanner will be simple if you know what to look out for. Here are the important features to keep in mind:
  • Type
  • Design
  • Size
  • Operation
  • Capacity
  • Compatibility
  • Extras
Keep reading to understand the importance of these features.
Construction and Design
Portable office scanners are a great way to scan your documents even on the go. These compact appliances can scan documents with or without an electric connection, because they can be dual powered. Some are powered by electricity via the AC adaptor or USB and have built-in rechargeable batteries. These batteries can scan up to 300 documents per charge. Other scanners are only electric powered using an AC adapter or a USB cord. Your choice should be the one that most suits your need.

The compact design of a portable office scanner makes it preferred. Some weigh less than one pound. They can be conveniently carried around, or take up little space on your work table. If you need to scan documents while on the go, or wish to go paperless, the portable office scanner is just right for you.
Performance and Ease of Use
Some portable scanners are designed to work with or without a computer. They scan documents, and with their built-in Wi-Fi, you can scan documents and send them directly to your mobile devices, or save them in the cloud. Some are designed to scan two small documents at the same time, while others can scan both the front and back of a document in a single pass, requiring less time in scanning.

We mentioned earlier that the portable office scanner has a sizeable memory, and some even have space for SD cards and card readers. Look for one that gives you the storage capacity that meets your need. The ease of use is another thing to pay attention to. Most scanners are designed with few buttons for easy operation. Finally, before choosing a portable office scanner, be sure it's compatible with the device you want to use it with. If a portable scanner offers other extra features, check them out as well.

What is the Best Portable Office Scanner?

You have been provided with information that will help you determine the things you want in a portable office scanner. Go ahead and read our review on individual products to choose the best portable office scanner for you.
Our Top Choice
Doxie Go Wi-Fi allows you to scan just about every paper in your home – from photos and business cards, to receipts and bills. It can connect via Wi-Fi to make your scanning even simpler. Want a scanner in the Doxie Line for a much affordable price? We recommend the Original Doxie Go. There’s no Wi-Fi connection, but it still has great quality scans!
Doxie Go Wi-Fi Office Scanner with Rechargeable Battery and Software

Doxie Portable Office Scanner DX250

Doxie is purely a line of mobile document scanners that are lightweight and easily portable. They incorporate an interesting technology, where you scan and store your images in your computer or the Cloud services. Better yet, if you want, you could also sync your scans with your PC using the companion software. Organizing and sharing documents has never been simpler with Doxie!

Measuring just less than one foot in length and less than 2 ½ inches wide and tall, the Doxie Go Wi-Fi is reasonably small and light, weighing only 15.4 ounces. It has been made to be used anywhere, even when you do not have access to a computer. The onboard storage allows you to scan around 300 pages at 300dpi, or 600dpi and save them. If you need more space, then you can utilize the SD card slot.

The center of attention of the Doxie Go Wi-Fi is the built-in Wi-Fi, which is activated by pressing a button. It acts as its own hotspot, making a direct connection to your PC or Mac software.

Here are features that make this unit a favorite to many professionals:
  • Built in rechargeable batteries for longer scanning
  • Integrated Wi-Fi for easy connection
  • Doxie’s included apps for iPad, iPhone, PC and Mac
  • Easy to use. You just insert your documents and initiate full color page scans and they will be done in 10 seconds at 600dpi
  • ABBYY OCR technology that recognizes all the texts in a document
  • Internal memory to allow you to save your documents (Up to 1,800 pages or 7,200 photos). Expandable storage through SD card also available
  • Also available as Doxie Go, Doxie Go Plus
We featured the Doxie Go Wi-Fi simply because it comes with an extra feature, which is the Wi-Fi compatibility. If this doesn’t interest you, you could go ahead and get the Doxie Go and Doxie Go Plus for much cheaper price tags.
Best Value
The Fujitsu ScanSnap iX100 offers you the opportunity to go paperless without necessarily using a computer. It is light to carry anywhere and can handle a color paper in about 5.2 seconds. Looking for a model that can handle even plastic ID cards and letter size pages? Check out the ScanSnap S1100i. Although a bit pricier, it is worth every penny thanks to the quality scans it delivers!
Fujitsu ScanSnap iX100 Wireless Image Scanner

Fujitsu Portable Office Scanner PA03688-B005

Fujitsu offers a number of scanners in its ScanSnap line to suit different home and office users. Its range of document scanners are compact, pack high resolution, and utilize the innovative one-touch technology. Whether you want a flat bed or a portable scanner, you can count on Fujitsu.

The ScanSnap iX100 packs lots of features into a small package, like the size of a tube. Slick and very easy to use, this scanner beats other portable models out there, earning itself a place in our picks. You can scan your documents without necessarily connecting it to your PC and send the images to your tablet or smartphone over Wi-Fi via the ScanSnap app. You get these and more features at a competitive price of $195.99.

Here are the features of Fujitsu ScanSnap iX100:
  • Quick menu to increase productivity
  • Allows you to search your PDFs at the touch of a button
  • Can scan two small-sized documents at a go
  • Able to scan a color document in only 5.2 seconds
  • Wi-Fi connectivity to allow you to scan anywhere, even without a computer
  • Battery powered
  • Scans Wirelessly to Android and iOS devices
  • An advanced built-in microprocessor
Fujitsu offers two main scanners in its ScanSnap iX line – the featured one and the iX500. While our pick is a portable scanner, the iX500 is a flatbed scanner that receives praise for its impeccable quality. Other scanners you could be interested in under the ScanSnap Series include S1300i, S1100i and SV600.
The P-215II document scanner helps meet your document capture needs, whether you are a road warrior or a stationary user. Still want a bigger model that can accommodate options like business cards and larger pages? We suggest that you get the imageFORMULA DR-C225. It’s best suited for small workgroups that yearn for modernized paperless scanners.
Canon imageFORMULA P-215II Image Portable Document Scanner

Canon Portable Office Scanner P-215II

Canon offers a line of scanners for office and home use, including workgroup, large format, network-ready, personal, and portable scanners. The manufacturer has been in business for long enough to understand a thing or two when it comes to peripherals. It is a reliable and trusted company, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t join the many satisfied customers and own one of their top-of-the-line scanners.

If you are looking for a portable scanner that does not take up much space in your office, but one that can handle most scans a desktop document scanner would, then we suggest that you grab the imageFORMULA P-215II today! Retailing at around $229, this particular unit delivers what most portable scanners cannot: it has an automatic document feeder, able to scan two sides of a document on a single pass. And if that wasn’t enough, it also improves on the scan speed, delivering 15 pages per minute.

Still not convinced? Here are more reasons to have this scanner in your office that you cannot ignore:
  • Designed to help improve efficiency and productivity in home offices, small start-ups and classrooms
  • Flexible and productive with a one-year warranty included
  • Compact and convenient, measuring about 1.6 x 11 x 3.7 inches and weighing 2.2 pounds
  • Built in ADF and card reader for more functionality
  • Designed with environment in mind. The scanner meets various guidelines, including Energy Star, EU WEEE
  • You can scan your photos and documents directly to the Cloud services in multiple file formats
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows
Canon offers plenty of scanners within the imageFORMULA series. Some are made just for the photos and slides, others are flatbed models, and others are made to suit workgroups. Depending on what you want, you can find a wonderful fit and get organized today!
The WorkForce DS-30 is an extremely lightweight scanner that delivers full-function flexibility every time you are on the go. You can scan up to A4 page size and send your scans directly to the Cloud. Want a wireless model for fairly the same price? We recommend the Epson WorkForce DS-40 Color Portable Scanner. It gives amazing quality for an affordable price tag!
Epson WorkForce Portable Image and Document Scanner

Epson Portable Office Scanner B11B206201

Do you know that Epson created the first mini-printer in the word in 1968? That’s right. This manufacturer has been around for many decades and is among the scanning industry’s leaders in technology and innovation. There’s no reason you shouldn’t trust the brand!

The Epson WorkForce DS-30 is the new kid on the block, taking on other affordable scanners by already established names. It takes the first advantage with its attractive look, featuring a glossy black textured coating that gives it character in a sea full of lookalikes. Although it is limited to manual document feeding, it’s got a punch when it comes to size and weight.

Although the WorkForce DS-30 retails at around $149.99, we have seen it costing a lot cheaper on Amazon. Get it today and enjoy the following features:
  • Offers a resolution of 600dpi, which is good enough for quality scans
  • Comes with a powerful Epson Document Capture Pro software
  • You can scan your documents and send them directly to the Cloud services with just a touch of a button
  • Compatible with both Mac and Windows, making it ideal for most business setups
  • Scans documents measuring 8.5 x 14 inches, including plastic ID cards and business cards
  • Document management suite and OCR helps create searchable PDFs and editable text
  • USB powered. All you need to do is connect it to your PC and it lights up
  • Its light weight makes it travel-friendly for work on the go
The DS-620 document scanner gives you an opportunity to scan at speeds of 8ppm, which is decent for a scanner of its caliber. It is compact and lightweight, so you can carry it in your backpack to work and back home. Thinking about getting a model with Wi-Fi scanning capabilities? Spend a couple more dollars and you can get the DS mobile® 820W.
Brother Mobile Color Image Scanner DS-620

Brother Portable Office Scanner DS-620

Brother is a household Icon when it comes to scanners and other peripherals. The brand focuses mostly on quality and speed, which is one of the reasons it has managed to remain relevant in the scanners market.

The DS-620 document scanner is a great basic scanner for people who are not much interested in the automatic document feeder. This model measures only 14 x 11.4 x 2.1 inches and weighs 14.1 ounces, making it significantly lighter and smaller compared to most models in our review. If your intentions are to handle smaller documents and not anything longer than a few pages, this is a great budget model to settle for.

Here are the features you will enjoy with the DS-620 document scanner:
  • Fast scan speeds reaching up to 8ppm
  • High precision scanning with a maximum optical resolution of 600dpi
  • Lightweight and compact compared to most portable scanners in the market
  • Designed to scan photos, documents, receipts, plastic IDs and business cards. The maximum size of documents is 8.5 x 32 inches
  • Comes with a versatile software that includes business card management, OCR and desktop document management programs
  • Offers a refurbished option that goes for $63.74
  • No wall outlet needed; the unit is powered using a USB cable
  • Supports Linux, Mac and Windows
  • One-year limited warranty, with a bonus of free phone support by the manufacturer
Brother offers four main scanners in its DSmobile line, with the differences being scan speed, type of scan (duplex or simplex) and of course the budget. If the featured one is not what you are looking for, go ahead and see the other options.

Get the Best Portable Office Scanner of 2018!

You have read all we have to offer. You can now confidently decide on the best office scanner for your particular need. So what else are you waiting for? Go make that purchase.

Our Top Choice
Doxie Go Mobile Office Scanner
Best Value
Fujitsu ScanSnap Mobile Scanner
Canon imageFORMULA Mobile Document Scanner
Epson WorkForce Portable Document Scanner
Brother DSmobile Color Page Scanner