Best Portable Volleyball Net Reviews 2023

Choosing a suitable volleyball net set can be a scary task. There are so many questions to answer and so many factors to consider that it becomes immediately enormous without proper guidance. As is our custom, we have shown our commitment to easing the choosing and buying phase for you by narrowing the options out there down to five of the best volleyball net sets from trusted brands; we’ve also chosen a product from each brand for review. We must confess it was a challenging task as these brands have many wonderful products to offer. If you’re interested in getting only volleyball nets, kindly note that we already have a review for that which you can find here:
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Net Size(s)
Our Top Choice
Park & Sun Spectrum Portable Volleyball Net
Park and Sun has, for 30 years, been a major supplier of sports systems and accessories. It got here by being consistent with quality products and great customer support.
Quick and easy setup. Quality materials. Includes a carrier bag. Regulation standard. Durable.
No serious issues, you just need to handle with care.
32 x 3 feet
Adults; men; women, COED
Push button lock system
Aluminum; steel
Best Value
EastPoint Volleyball & Badminton Set
EastPoint offers a large collection of innovative and premium sports equipment and recreational games that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
Quick and easy setup. Steel badminton rackets. Telescopic poles. Height-adjustable net. Official net heights.
The poles are not steel, but the aluminum holds up quite well.
25 x 2 feet
Telescopic poles
Aluminum; polyester
Home Court Professional Volleyball Net
For over 30 years, Home Court has been a major supplier of professional-standard volleyball equipment which is so trusted it’s used for official tournaments.
Easy to install. Kevlar/Polyester net mesh. Professional standard. Olympic-sized. Indoor and outdoor use.
Would have been better if it had a carrying bag by default.
Indoor; outdoor
32 x 3.3 feet
X brace tension ropes
Polyester; vinyl; wood
Champion Sports Portable Volleyball Net
From humble beginnings through hard work and commitment, Champion Sports became a major supplier of top-quality sports and fitness products with an ever-growing customer base.
Quality materials. Height-adjustable net. Powder-coated rods. Can be adapted for three sports. Does not require digging. Includes a carrying bag.
The net is too low for professional volleyball, but works great for kids.
Indoor; outdoor
14 x 5 feet; 20 x 5 feet
Kids; adults
On the ground
Powder-coated steel; nylon
Dunlop Badminton & Volleyball Combo
For over a century, Dunlop has been manufacturing many different products at such high standards it is still a preferred brand on many counts.
Steel, telescopic poles. Height-adjustable net. Easy to set up. Volleyball and badminton combo set. Includes carry case.
Would have been great if the components were sturdier.
32 x 3 feet
Kids; teens; adults
Push button lock system
Vinyl; steel; PU leather

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What is the Best Portable Volleyball Net?

By now, you know there is no one-size-fits-all way of determining the best volleyball net set. It depends on you, where you will use it the most, your skill level, environmental factors, and many other points that are worthy of note. The great thing
is that you now know what you want and we suggest you keep that in mind as you read our review of individual brands/products. This will make it easier for you to choose the best volleyball net sets for you.
Our Top Choice
Demonstrate your spiking power with the Park & Sun Spectrum Classic: Portable Professional Outdoor Volleyball Net System which uses aircraft-grade aluminum poles and withstands even the most aggressive plays. If you’d like a set for both volleyball and badminton, go for the Park & Sun Sports Volley Sport Volleyball\/Badminton Combo Set which includes 4 rackets and a volleyball.

Park & Sun Sports Spectrum Classic: Portable Professional Outdoor Volleyball Net System – Available in 6 Colors

Park and Sun is one of the largest names in the supply of sports equipment and accessories. For over 30 years it has been making available sports systems, training items, and accessories for both indoor and outdoor sports. It’s so proficient at what it does that it has become the official supplier of nets in many tournaments and leagues. Using quality materials and its commitment to meeting required standards is what has helped it this far, and it’s not about to relent. The Spectrum outdoor volleyball system is one of its acclaimed products.

Get a professional feel of the game with the Park & Sun Spectrum™ Outdoor Volleyball Net. It comes equipped with all you need to get the game going (except the ball). It has a pre-measured boundary tape which is secured to the ground by its corner anchors to mark the game boundaries, and also has a boundary cord winder. The net is supported by a 5/16-inch guyline system with handles and 12-inch steel ground stake that secures it to the ground, offering stability. This is a net that will endure even the most aggressive play.

This net system has a 2-piece aircraft-grade aluminum pole which measures 2 inches in diameter to hold up the net. The poles feature a push-button lock and they are telescopic. This allows you to adjust the net to official heights for men (8 feet), women (7 feet 4 inches), and co-ed (7 feet 8 inches). This set also includes, of course, a 32 by 3 feet regulation size slip-on volleyball net taped top and bottom with reinforced corners. Its side sleeves ensure the net is evenly taut for an enjoyable “ball out of net play”.

At the end of an enjoyable game, all the items that form the regulation standard volleyball net system fit into a bag. This is not just any flimsy bag, it’s a heavy-duty, 1800 denier polyester bag, zippered, and with convenient handles making the net set a breeze to carry around. On to the next game location!
Best Value
Are you a grand “spiker” or can you wield the racket like a Jedi? The EastPoint Sports Deluxe Volleyball and Badminton Set has all you need to set up a game of volleyball or badminton to show off your skills. If you’d prefer to get just a volleyball net, the EastPoint Sports Volleyball Net will be ideal for you. It measures 32 feet long and is made with 6-ply polythene mesh.

EastPoint Sports Deluxe Volleyball and Badminton Set

EastPoint Sports has a team of sports enthusiasts that pool together their passion to create quality home sports equipment and accessories. It also offers innovative and entertaining recreational games that can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors. Its expertise speaks for itself through the brand's official license from NHL for the manufacture of its line of premium air hockey tables.

Do you need ways to be entertained when you’re off camping, at the beach, or just at a get together at the park? We offer you two forms of entertainment in one with the EastPoint Sports Deluxe Volleyball and Badminton Set. It has all you need to set up a game of badminton or volleyball. This net system is so easy to put up and it includes everything you need so you will be ready to start playing in no time.

Get ready to spike down at your opponents and wield the racket like a sage warrior. Even though this net system is meant for recreation, it is official standard both in quality and performance. The net can adjust to three different heights: 5 feet for badminton, and 7 and 8 feet for volleyball. The net adjustment is done with the sturdy telescopic aluminum poles that hold it up, and the poles are fortified to resist rust so rain won’t stop your fun.

As we mentioned earlier, this net set comes with all the accessories you need to get your game underway. The badminton setup is equipped for four players at a time as it comes with four rackets with steel shafts, sponge cushion grips, and grommeted strings. It also has two shuttlecocks, one official-sized cloth-covered volleyball, hand-held air pump, four ground stakes, with included user-friendly game rules and instructions. All these fit into a heavy-duty carry bag which makes it all the more convenient to carry around.
Whether you love to play volleyball indoors or outdoors, the Home Court PRO4 Volleyball Top/Bottom Power Net Aircraft Cable will give you a professional feel as it’s made to standard and is even Olympic-sized. If you’d like a regular Kevlar cord net, go for the Home Court KNK Volleyball Top\/Bottom Power Net Kevlar Cord which is also Olympic-sized and available in 4 sizes.

Home Court PRO4 Volleyball Top/Bottom Power Net Aircraft Cable – Available in 3 Colors

Established in 1985 in Lombard, Illinois, this family-owned brand specializes in the supply of volleyball equipment and paraphernalia. Its rich range of products such as nets of all types and sizes, boundary tapes, courtside ball stops, etc., are all made in the USA which is assurance that they are top-quality. Home Court volleyball nets are used by official tournaments on both professional and amateur levels.

If you need a net suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the Home Court Professional Volleyball Net will be a good choice. This is the same type of net used by the AVP and some other professional tournament bodies. The net measures 32 by 3.25 feet and is made of knotted polyester mesh with wooden rods enclosed in each of the hanging sides. For form and rigidity, the net uses two X-Brace tension ropes looped around the enclosed wooden rods, keeping the net taut.

This volleyball net is bound on all sides by 4-inch-wide vinyl tapes to keep the net mesh in. The approximate size of this net is Olympic standard, so you’re assured you are buying a professional-level net both in design and quality. The manufacturer offers the net mesh as Kevlar/Polyester cord or as Steel wire. This product also comes with the option of adding a carrying bag or not. The standard net dimension is 32 feet, but if you want, you can get a custom dimension.

The following are some other top-notch products available from Home Court:
  • Home Court JCVRR100-M25Y Portable Volleyball Set – Has guy lines and comes with a carrying bag
  • Home Court Volleyball Recreational Net Steel Cable – Weather-treated polyester net with vinyl tapes on all sides
  • Home Court PNR Volleyball Power Net Rope – Olympic-sized with independent suspension
Enjoy tennis, badminton, and volleyball with the Champion Sports Portable Volleyball, Badminton & Tennis Net Set which has height-adjustable steel rods that easily transit from one game to another. If you’d prefer an all-out volleyball net system, go for the Champion Sports Outdoor Volleyball Set which is all-inclusive with everything you need to play volleyball outdoors.

Champion Sports Portable Volleyball, Badminton & Tennis Net Set – Available in 2 Sizes

Champion Sports was found in Bronx, New York in 1961 by Bernard and Dolores Meller. A leather boxing rope, which was their first product, was hand-crafted in their basement. With commitment and hard work, Champion Sports now owns a 150,000-square-foot facility where it creates a wide selection of durable and top-performance products. Some of its products include fitness, sports, and physical education equipment and accessories. With an ever-increasing customer base, you can rest assured this brand is doing something right. Its portable volleyball net system is a good example of its commitment to quality.

When you talk of triple threat, look no further than the Champion Sports Portable Volleyball Net. It’s designed to morph from a tennis net to a badminton net, and can also be adjusted to a volleyball net. Only a few products can be that versatile and still be excellent on all counts. It has a 14-foot net with nylon web and an adjustable strap to make sure there is adequate net tension, even in high winds.

This net system is held up by steel rods that are powder-coated against rust so you can feel free to play in the rain all you want. Though it’s not a professional standard size, it does not take anything from how much fun you can have using this system. It’s easy to assemble and to transform depending on whether you want to play tennis, volleyball, or badminton; all you need to do is adjust the steel rods to achieve the desired height.

Due to its compact dimensions and the fact that it does not require any digging to install, this net system might be adaptable for indoor use. This throws its application wide open. The beach, at the park, backyard, camping, anywhere at all, as long as you have enough space to erect the net, fun is a go. The manufacturer knows how versatile its product is and that it will be moved around a lot. It was thoughtful enough to throw in a carrying bag for that extra convenience.
If you love volleyball or badminton, or maybe even both, you will totally love the Dunlop Badminton & Volleyball Set Combo which includes everything you need to enjoy the games. If you want to keep it at just volleyball, check out the Dunlop Outdoor Sports Volleyball Set which includes the ball and an air pump.

Dunlop Professional Volleyball Badminton Games: Classic Outdoor Lawn Game Set with Carrying Bag

Dunlop is a huge and successful brand popularly known for its tires. It was founded by John Boyd Dunlop in 1890 in Birmingham, England. For over a century since its existence, it has been designing and manufacturing tires and other rubber products at the highest standards. Steadily and intentionally, Dunlop has in many ways been a part of the development of transportation and other sectors. Nowadays, the brand manufactures many different products that make our lives easier and more enjoyable. One of its numerous quality products is the professional volleyball net set series from which we are featuring.

It’s always fun to play outdoors, and one way you extend the fun is with the Dunlop Badminton & Volleyball Set Combo. Whether it’s on the beach sands, at the park, or just right there in your backyard, this combo set is ready to give you all the fun you can handle. This combo set comes with 2 sets of 3-piece telescopic pipes that are height-adjustable from 6.17 feet to 7.17 feet, and finally to 8.17 feet. This lets you set the net height to your convenience and also switch from volleyball net height to badminton.

The poles are made of steel and have a push-button lock to secure them in place and make it easy when transitioning the height. The net is 32 by 3 feet and is made of vinyl, taped on all sides with slip-on holes to slide onto the poles. This net set also comes with hooks, lines, and pins to further secure the poles to the ground and keep the net taut. With so many parts, it’s amazing how easy it is to set up this net system. It was designed that way so you can quickly put it up and get the games started immediately.

There’s hardly a limit to how you can use this combo net system, especially since everything you need is already included in the package. This set comes with 4 steel badminton rackets, 2 shuttlecocks, 1 volleyball and an air pump, boundary tapes, and 4 sand support discs. All these items are put together in a carry case and the whole setup is beautifully themed in black and lemon green so your fun can be fancy. While it’s not the most professional-grade set you’ll find on the market, it’s convenience otherwise makes up for it!

How Do I Choose the Best Portable Volleyball Net?

There’s an article on how too much focus can lead to poor decision-making, reduced collaboration efforts, and reduced energy levels, and that isn’t even surprising. There’s a way we get overwhelmed by too much information, too much knowledge, and too much of anything indeed! If you’re interested in getting a portable volleyball net set, this is a feeling you may get considering all the things you have to put in place to make a right choice. But you have us, and that automatically makes it easy for you.

Our creed is to make it possible for you to pick the best choice of any product on the market. Oftentimes, we succeed at saving you time to go through various options. But sometimes, it’s not so easy to narrow the options down to the top five, simply because other brands provide incontestable value and deserve your attention. There are two such brands that are worthy of honorable mentioning besides our regular top five:

The Pop-up Volleyball Net Set by Hammacher Schlemmer features a free-standing base which makes it easy to set up, has a half-width standard net, and is suitable for kids 6 years and above. It also comes with a ball and can be set up on the grass, in a driveway, or on the beach.

Street Tennis Club has a Badminton, Volleyball and Tennis Net Stand which makes it a highly versatile system for sporting activities. It’s easy to set up as its various parts are connected by a flexible string. It also has a durable net stand that can be set up indoors or outdoors. The net is held up by a rust-resistant, painted steel rod and all of these can be packed into the included carry bag.

Now, let’s go back to some of the features of volleyball net sets. If you’ve ever watched a game of volleyball or badminton, you’ll notice that the height difference of their nets isn’t so much. Little wonder many manufacturers of the best volleyball net sets make it easy to adjust to suit a game of badminton. Further, some of these sets are all-inclusive, so you don’t need to buy anything else, not even a badminton racket. A typical all-inclusive volleyball net set often comes with up to 4 of them.
There are a few factors that affect the pricing of volleyball net sets, but the most salient one is the number of accessories bundled with the package. A basic set that contains just the net, poles, and other hardware to set it up will cost less than $100. An all-inclusive set with regulation-standard volleyball and steel-shaft badminton rackets might cost close to $500.
You will also come across the cheap volleyball net sets, but you shouldn’t even spare a second glance as they are often made with inferior materials and aren’t built to last.
The right volleyball net set depends on who wants to use it and why. If you need a set for professional games, your pick would be different than that of someone who just wants to set up for an average of 2 to 4 players. Nevertheless, these important features should be common to any option you select:
  • Type
  • Contents
  • Design
  • Use
  • Materials
Read the following sections to have a better understanding of how these features affect volleyball net sets.
Construction and Design

There are many important factors to consider when you want to make a choice of a volleyball net set. One important question that will narrow your options is: where do you want to use it? Some nets are suitable for indoor use only, some for outdoor use, and some for both. While many people would prefer traditional volleyball nets, it requires space which only a few people can spare. Some are portable and allow for use in different locations while others are in-ground and are set up once and for all. Most portable net sets come with a carrying bag that makes for easy packaging and mobility.


Beyond where you set up your net set is the actual content of the set. For some (those that are designed for both volleyball and badminton), you should look out for the rackets and other setup accessories. Other sets may include a volleyball, net and pole systems, and an air pump. Normally, you should know the contents of your preferred choice as stated by the manufacturer.


There is more to making the most of your volleyball set than the contents contained therein. Most net sets and poles are adjustable so you can set the height for either volleyball or badminton. However, some net sets can be brought to the ground level so you can play tennis with them. The poles that support the nets are often designed to be telescopic to make the height adjustments a cincher; the poles are often made of steel, while some are aluminum. Whichever material is used, be sure the poles are sturdy enough and are coated to prevent rust.


Just because you have everything ready does not mean anyone can play volleyball or badminton on your set. For example, it would be inappropriate for kids to play on a professional net set. As such, one of the factors you should consider is the kind of people that will be playing. Ensure you buy a net that corresponds to the skill levels and ages of the intended users. That way the users will derive maximum pleasure from using it.


The material a volleyball net set is made of doesn’t directly affect its weight until its gauge is considered. The gauge is a measure of how thick the net’s twine is. For a lightweight net set, choose one with a thinner gauge. Volleyball nets often come in #18 and #36 gauges, but #36 is heavy-duty and mainly suitable for long-term use in harsh weather conditions. If you want a net set that you can easily carry around with you on vacation, to the beach, or on family outings, you should choose a lightweight material such as nylon. The basic difference between nylon and poly is that nylon is more expensive and durable, while poly is weatherproof and less expensive.
Performance and Ease of Use

Another thing to pay attention to when it comes to making the best use of your volleyball net set is the accessories that come with it. While some sets come with a ball, you may have to get it separately. You’ll also need a pump for the ball if the set doesn’t come with one already—especially if people with different skill levels will be using the set. Some of these accessories can be customized separately and you should know the difference before making your purchase. Some net sets allow for net adjustments while some only make room to adjust the pole heights. In some cases, you can choose different colors for some accessories. Know which applies to the option you want and if it suits your preferences.

Intended User

While there are different factors to consider when it comes to optimizing your net set, it is fundamental that you have a clear picture of who wants to use the set and how. For example, a professional player would need poles that can withstand a lot of aggression, while a recreational player can simply opt for aircraft aluminum telescopic poles.

Get the Best Portable Volleyball Net of 2023!

Great job getting to the end of our review. We hope we’ve been helpful with the information we have provided to help you make a choice with some assurance. Now go ahead and buy that selection you considered the best volleyball net set for you and start having fun. If you want more options still, these brands have more net sets you can check out too.

Our Top Choice
Park & Sun Spectrum Portable Volleyball Net
Best Value
EastPoint Volleyball & Badminton Set
Home Court Professional Volleyball Net
Champion Sports Portable Volleyball Net
Dunlop Badminton & Volleyball Combo