Best Post Workout Drink Reviews 2022

When you finish a tough workout, your body is in desperate need of replenishing nutrients. If you want to make the most of your hard work in the gym, you need to give your body what it needs to rebuild and recharge. That way, you can get back to the gym faster and ready to take on even tougher challenges. Great post-workout drinks help you recover from the strain of a workout session and may provide the protein your body needs to rebuild stronger, larger muscles. We've searched for five of the best post-workout shake brands and came up with a selection of the best post-workout shakes to do just that.

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Our Top Choice
Progenex Recovery Post Workout Supplement
Progenex is passionate about fueling athletes and making the most out of every workout session. The Recovery post-workout supplements are a great source of whey protein – and taste good too!
Hydrolyzed proteins for rapid growth. Proven to build more muscle than whey isolate. Aids recovery and fights fatigue.
More expensive than lower-end protein powders, but well worth the price for serious athletes.
5 flavors
30 servings
Best Value
Natural Force Recovery Nectar Organic
Natural Force combines fitness with nutrient-dense organic superfoods so you can stay all-around healthy while you bulk up. Recovery Nectar repairs, rehydrates and provides joint and immunity support.
USDA certified Organic. Vegan. Certified Paleo-compatible. Improves hydration, muscle repair and joint support.
Lower protein than many post workout drinks. For best results, combine with another protein powder.
Coconut Water/No flavoring
20 servings
Vitargo S2 Muscle Fuel Post Workout Powder
Vitargo specializes in improving performance for athletes that exercise or perform frequently. The S2 formula lets you quickly recover and continue performing with full energy for longer.
Gluten and Sugar Free. Proven to increase energy levels faster than competitors. Can be mixed with small amounts of water to avoid bloating.
If you want protein, you'll have to get a separate powder or RTD.
4, plus Unflavored
25 servings
Cellucor Alpha Amino Post Workout Powder
Cellucor is passionate about innovating and making better workout supplements. Alpha Amino powder uses fast-acting amino acids to boost energy and hydration while aiding recovery.
Amino acids for quick muscle recovery. Zero calories. Increases endurance. Reduces soreness. Hydromax hydration.
No protein.
5 flavors
50 servings
Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy Drink
Optimum Nutrition is a standard in the fitness world because of their consistent high-quality products. This convenient post-workout RTD features amino acids and caffeine to boost your energy levels.
Amino acids and caffeine for double-barrel energizing. Ready-to-drink bottle for convenience at home or at the gym.
No protein.
RTD (ready to drink)
5 flavors
12 16 ounce bottles

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What is the Best Post Workout Drink?

Being an athlete involves a great deal of honesty. For you to realize notable gains, there is no substitute for hard work and dedication. It is in this framework of optimization that we examined the best post-workout shakes available to top athletes. These products are either in powder or ready-to-drink form. Despite their different forms, they both provide the body with the nutrients needed after a muscle-tearing session. Let’s proceed to our top products, hopeful that you will see one that meets your needs.
Our Top Choice
Progenex Recovery is made to repair your muscles after intense workouts to keep you going strong and building up to new heights in the next session. If you're specifically looking to make the most muscle gains possible, check out the Progenex More Muscle Protein Powder.

Progenex Recovery PostWorkout Powder – 30 Servings, Hydrolyzed Whey, Muscle Recovery

Progenex is the official sponsor of the CrossFit Games, and their products are made for serious athletes and regular exercisers alike. This specialized recovery blend makes it possible to push through frequent high-intensity workouts of increasing difficulty. The shake blend comes in peanut butter smash, loco mocha, Belgian chocolate, strawberry crème, and tropical vanilla.

Let's take a closer look at this simple and powerful recovery powder.
  • Hydrolyzed proteins are broken down so they're more easily digestible – they get into your muscles faster and begin repairing immediately for enhanced muscle building.
  • Mixes easily with water for any-time convenience. Users also recommend combining this mix with almond milk or coconut water for a delicious hydrating blend.
  • Specialized formula combats fatigue so you can get back to the gym faster.
  • High protein content also combats muscle soreness so you can feel good in the early stages of bulking up.
For athletes looking to improve their physique or take their performance to the next level, Progenex makes a great top choice.
Best Value
This recovery supplement is packed with nutrient-rich plant-based superfoods to recover lost energy and improve hydration, muscle repair and joint support. Looking for an organic way to boost your workouts? Try Iskiate Endurance to supercharge your workout's intensity.

Natural Force Recovery Nectar Post Workout Shake – Powder, Organic, Vegan, Paleo Compatible

Natural Force values high-quality ingredients you can trust. That's why they use wholesome natural ingredients, packed full of proteins and nutrients. Recovery Nectar uses plant-based ingredients like organic hemp protein, organic chia seeds and organic tart cherries for targeted and proven results.

Here's what you get from this USDA Certified Organic, Certified Paleo, GMO-free plant-based superfood.
  • Rehydrate during or after an intense workout with organic coconut water.
  • Rebuild muscles and grow strong with organic help protein.
  • Regain energy and boost your recovery with organic chia seeds.
  • Maintain endurance in all your workouts with organic maca – a nutrient-rich cousin of the potato.
  • Strengthen your bones with the high-calcium, high-protein and vitamin-dense microalgae known as spirulina.
  • "oil" your joints with organic tart cherry and devil's claw (a cousin of sesame).
  • This super blend even reduces stress with organic maitake mushrooms.
On top of all these benefits, you'll be exposed to many nutritional vitamins and minerals as you bulk up with Recovery Nectar. Because it is made from plants, with no dairy, it’s vegan-friendly too.
This energizing powder is pumped full of carbohydrates that supercharge recovery and keep you going at full intensity throughout each workout. The flavored varieties are available in 4.2 pound containers but you can get the unflavored in a bulk sized 66 serving bucket.

Vitargo S2 Muscle Fuel Post Workout Powder, Good for Pre, During and Post Workouts - Available in 5 Flavors

Vitargo creates versatile workout supplements designed for the most intense training and competitive sport. The S2 series muscle fuel uses innovative sugar-free carbohydrates to give you a significant boost of speed and energy. It can be used before and during your training or performance to push you past the extra mile, or it can be used after training to decrease recovery time.

Flavors include natural grape, natural juicy orange, natural tropical fruit and unflavored (which comes in a 66 serving tub). All of the flavors are both sugar free and gluten free. Let's see what makes this muscle fuel stand out.
  • S2 Muscle Fuel produces twice the blood sugar rise than competitors do to get you moving right away.
  • Promotes 1.7 times faster performance recovery so you can train more often for the big game or get in more reps per week when bulking up.
  • S2 can be mixed easily with a small amount of water, letting you get more carbohydrates without over-drinking and bloating.
  • This powder can be used before, during or after a workout to keep you mentally focused and ready to recover for the next workout.
  • This powder can be mixed into a drink or gel and can be frozen for later. You can safely mix this powder with other low or zero-carb workout mixes – try mixing with an energizing preworkout or extra protein supplement for increased results.
Vitargo is also committed to the science of athletic performance – they believe in "proof before promises."
This post-workout powder quickly increases performance with a boost to your energy, hydration and muscle maintenance. If you're purely looking to supercharge your workout, check out C4 Preworkout powder.

Cellucor Alpha Amino Recovery Shake– Now with Hydromax, Zero Calories

Cellucor is a best-selling innovator in the fitness world, having created some of the most widely-used supplements in America. They specialize in innovative mixes that offer explosive energy. Alpha Amino Recovery Mix uses fast-acting amino acids and an advanced hydration formula to give your body a complete boost.

Alpha Amino comes in blue raspberry, lemon lime, watermelon, fruit punch and mixed berry. Let’s take a look at what this workout recovery supplement has to offer.
  • 14 amino acids rapidly support long-lasting endurance and muscle recovery.
  • Unlike other amino powders, Alpha Amino increases the body's ability to fuel muscles and retain more protein.
  • Chia seed, raw coconut concentrate and Cellucor's innovative ingredient "Hydromax" come together to refill and balance the body’s necessary fluids for sustained performance.
Get into your workout no matter how you're feeling with this ultra-convenient ready-to-drink supplement featuring energizing amino acids and caffeine. For a well-known, high-quality way to boost overall health and muscle growth, check out the Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard.

Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy Strength and Recovery RTD - Available in Five Flavors

Optimum Nutrition is known for high quality and consistency across their protein, recovery and general wellness products. Their Amino Energy RTD makes it easy to get into your workout and push through the pain with fast-acting amino acids and caffeine.

Here's what Amino Energy RTD brings to the table:
  • 100 mg of caffeine makes this RTD great as a morning pick-me-up when you're on your way to the gym. Any time you don't quite feel like hitting the gym – after work or in the middle of a busy day – this quick drink is the answer.
  • Fast-acting amino acids for sustained energy throughout your workout.
  • This RTD makes an ideal post-workout drink, since the amino acids also promote muscle recovery so you can sustain an active lifestyle without crashing.
Flavors include blueberry lemonade, fruit punch, orange blast, strawberry cooler and watermelon wave.

How Do I Choose the Best Post Workout Drink?

Before the fitness industry became a multi-billion-dollar industry, there was very little knowledge available to athletes on how to manage their bodies for peak performance. Often, people would over-train and then cool off with just a glass of water. However, they would struggle to maintain that routine as fatigue would creep in. Lack of fuel for the muscles after the workouts was the culprit. Research findings in sports science have proven that post-workout shakes are crucial to achieving peak performances consistently. Some post-workout supplements come in powder form to give you the option to blend them with another healthy item such as carrots or raw eggs. If this is your case, a bullet blender will serve you well.

With its energy-boosting and recovery qualities, a post-workout shake will be a welcome addition to your kitchen. Add its bone-strengthening attributes to the above and you realize why bodybuilders consider a post-workout shake to be as crucial to their muscle development as protein powder.

It’s important to mention that the post-workout drink is not limited to high-performance athletes. It can also serve you if you’re trying to lose weight. Just remember that nutrition is as important as pumping iron in the gym. It means that in order to yield the best results, you have to replace that hard-to-refuse soda with a low-calorie weight loss drink.

Ultimately, as an athlete, you want to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’re at the top of your game and, therefore, ready for any challenge. By considering our selection of post-workout shakes, you can rest assured that you will never miss a day of training because of fatigue.
If you’re looking to boost your recovery after a workout, price should not be a hindrance as the affordable post-workout shakes on our list will do the job. The price of post-workout shakes ranges from around $15 to $75, with the difference in price being accounted for by the brand and ingredients.

For example, a Progenex post-workout shake will cost you more than other brands because the company enjoys the good reputation of being a sponsor of the high-energy CrossFit Games. Similarly, a post-workout shake that contains exotic ingredients such as Belgian chocolate will cost you more than one with only an amino acid complex.

All of this said, you may still be tempted to go for a cheap post-workout shake. However, we discourage you from going for such because they are not as fast-acting and long-lasting as the more expensive products.
The main purpose of a post-workout shake is to revitalize you after a draining exercise. It replenishes your glycogen, enhances protein synthesis, and reduces protein breakdown. Apart from these attributes, let’s look at others that determine the effectiveness of a post-workout shake:
  • Amino Acid - The higher the content, the faster your muscles recover after a workout.
  • Flavors - Some post-workout shakes are delicious owing to their flavors.
  • Caffeine Content - Does the post-workout shake favor early birds?
  • Gluten Content - Some athletes react badly to anything that has gluten in it.
  • Solubility - How well does the product mix with water?
  • Storage - A post-workout shake that is easy to store increases its ease of use.
  • Hydrolyzed Protein - It has a high absorption rate and, therefore, enhances muscle repair.
Construction and Design
While all post-workout shakes contain amino acids, the manner in which they are absorbed and processed varies widely. For maximum efficiency, we suggest that you go for the products with a high content. This is because there is a positive correlation between the recovery speed and the amount of amino acids in your shake.

Taste is also a big thing when it comes to post-workout shakes. After a workout, you need something to serenade your taste buds after pushing yourself to the limit. Some of our selected products are fortified with exotic flavors such as Belgian chocolate, fruit punch, blueberry, and strawberry, making them very tasty.

If you have a 9–5 job and have to wake up super early to work out, you may need a pick-me-up right after the exercise. Some of our selected products contain caffeine that will stimulate your mind and ready you for a busy day.

Finally, while many consider gluten intolerance to be a myth, it is no secret that some people are so sensitive to it that they come down with celiac disease. We are aware of this risk and have a selection of products that are gluten-free.
Performance and Ease of Use
Since some of our products are in powder form, it’s important to examine how well they mix in water. While some require a significant amount of water to dissolve, others only need a small amount. We recommend that you select the latter as it is less likely to leave you bloated.

While some post-workout shakes can only be stored in their original form, others can be mixed into a drink and frozen for later consumption. If you like your shake chilled, this is the product to go for. At the end of the day, a chill athlete needs a chill shake.

Finally, the speed with which the muscles repair depends on the rate of protein absorption. If you’re looking for instant action, we suggest that you go for a post-workout shake that contains hydrolyzed protein.

Get the Best Post Workout Drink of 2022!

One thing that athletes agree on is that at the top level, optimization is the name of the game. Our selected products from five reputable brands offer a range of options and flavors for recovery and muscle-building, ensuring you will always have the best post-workout shake that fits your strict training regime. But if you haven’t yet found that perfect shake, keep in mind that these brands have other options available that you can take a look at.

Our Top Choice
Progenex Recovery Post Workout Supplement
Best Value
Natural Force Recovery Nectar Organic
Vitargo S2 Muscle Fuel Post Workout Powder
Cellucor Alpha Amino Post Workout Powder
Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy Drink