Best Power Grinder Reviews 2018

A power grinder is an essential tool in any workshop or auto body repair shop. Such devices help workers polish, sharpen, straighten and repair various metallic components in a matter of minutes. However, the market is full of such devices, making it difficult to know which ones are best. We have taken the guesswork out of the selection process by presenting five of the best power grinders in a range of price points from some of the best power tool brands. Take a look at these spinning gizmos and find out which one is most suitable for your application!
Our Top Choice
Makita 9564CV 41/2" SJS™ HighPower Angle Grinder
Makita is a prestigious manufacturer of high-quality construction and repairing tools. The 9564CV power grinder comes with a powerful electric motor, and it is easy to operate.
Top manufacturer. Spins at up to 10,800rpm. Solid, durable construction. 1-year warranty. Useful for multiple applications.
Isolated complaints about reliability. This item comes with warranty.
4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder
12.0 amp motor, up to 10,500 RPM
15.2 x 5.5 x 5.8 inches/7 lbs
Protection against dust, debris
1 Year
Best Value
Ingersoll Rand 3107G- 1/4" Heavy Duty Air Die Grinder
Ingersoll Rand has manufactured power tools for decades, and it has a great reputation. The 3107G- die grinder is made from tough materials, yet it remains compact and lightweight.
Portable and easy to use. Variable speed. Currently an Amazon Best Seller. Excellent for beginners as well as professionals.
The safety lock might require a bit of oiling, but that can be done in less than a minute.
1/4" Air Die Grinder
3.6 amp motor, 27,000 RPM
9.5 x 6.2 x 1.8 inches/2 lbs
Long-life ball bearing design
1 Year
Dewalt DW882 6" (150MM) Straight Grinder
Dewalt is a world-renowned manufacturer of tools and accessories. The DW882 straight grinder is more suitable for commercial applications and comes with a powerful motor.
3-year warranty and 1 year free service. Safe and durable. Built from tough materials. Powerful electric motor.
Quite heavy, so use carefully.
6-Inch Straight Grinder
13.0 amp motor, 5,700 RPM
30.5 x 10 x 5.5 inches/10 lbs
Rotating adjustable guard
3 Years
Wen 4276 6 Inch Bench Grinder with 2.1-Amp Motor
Wen is a popular and versatile company that makes a broad range of workshop-related tools. The 4276 bench grinder offers more stability while you polish various materials.
Compact, lightweight design. Excellent for many applications. Comes with worklight and eye guard. Stable and precise. Good value for money.
A few complaints that the spinning wheels wobble. Make sure you install this tool correctly and check the instruction manual.
6-Inch Bench Grinder
2.1-Amp motor, 3450 RPM
14 x 9.8 x 15 inches/4 lbs
Cast iron base, lightweight
2 Years
Porter-Cable PCE810 6.0 Amp 4-1/2" Small Angle Grinder
Porter-Cable is a reliable, trustworthy manufacturer of power tools. The PCE810 power grinder is currently an Amazon New Release, and it spins at almost 12,000 RPM.
Reasonably priced. Easy to operate. Powerful electric motor. Exceptional build quality. 3-year warranty.
Not particularly suitable for more complex grinding projects, but still good for day-to-day applications.
4-1/2" Small Angle Grinder
6.0 amp motor, 12,000 RPM
12 x 5 x 5 inches/5 lbs
Cast metal gear case
3 Years

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How Do I Choose the Best Power Grinder?

Power tools have been around for centuries, but one of the most versatile of these tools is the power grinder. It comes either as a handheld or benchtop tool, depending on the intended use. The versatility of a power grinder is due to the fact that the grinder’s wheel can be changed to perform many different functions. A power grinder is a lovely tool to have for DIY enthusiasts, carpenters, contractors, people in the construction industry, blacksmiths, forge masters, and people in so many other professions.

A Metal grinder can be used for sanding, grinding, sharpening tools, polishing, cutting, removing excess mortar and buffing up surfaces. The best power grinders on the market are those that offer power and safety features all in one. Power grinders such as angle grinders can be fueled in three different ways. The first is electricity, which means that the grinder is corded and should be connected to a power source all the time for it to work.

Another type is battery operated. They come with batteries you have to charge in order to operate your power grinder. These grinders allow you to work on projects in a place where electricity is not available. The last kind is those that are pneumatic, meaning they’re powered by compressed air. To ensure you enjoy the versatility that comes with owning a power grinder, you should ensure that you have the required grinding wheel for the job that you want to perform.

Whether you’re looking for a bench grinder or a handheld variation, we hope this guide will help you make an informed buying decision for the best power grinder for you.
Power grinders can cost anywhere from $30 upwards depending mostly on their power and performance. Cheap power grinders on the market can be tempting due to their low costs. However, they’re unreliable and made of poor-quality materials. This means your power grinder can fail to work when you need it the most. Despite your application area, you need a tool you can use when you need to get your work done.

When you invest in a good power grinder, you can be assured that you’ll have the convenience you require for any sort of project. Generally, a good power grinder will cost anything from $25 to $40. Expect to pay more for a top brand or a high-end model.
When looking for a power grinder, the most important feature to consider is its size and power rating. If you’re involved in large projects that require a powerful grinder with big discs, then you should opt for a bigger size than if you intend to work on smaller projects. You want a reliable tool that has been proven to pass the test of time, especially if you need to use it often. Also ensure that it has readily available parts for easy replacement if need be.

Here are some features to look out for in a power grinder:
  • Anti-vibration handle for ease of use
  • The voltage of the grinder
  • The wattage or power the grinder requires
  • Supported revolutions per minute
  • Adjustable disc guard and side handle
  • Brakes to stop wheel from running
  • Soft start to keep the power grinder steady
  • Safety clutch to prevent the grinder from jerking backward
  • Disc size compatible with the grinder
  • Weight of the grinder and ability to connect a vacuum
With the right power grinder, you’ll be able to finish your projects smoothly and rely on your tool each time you need it to deliver.
Construction and Design
Shopping for a power grinder? The following factors will help you in the selection process so you find one suitable for your projects:

Type – Power grinders are available in three types. The most commonly used is the angle grinder. This type has the rotating wheel at a right angle to the shaft of the tool. It is a handheld grinder and can fit many different wheels for versatility. The second type of power grinder is the straight grinder. In this grinder, the shaft and the wheel are aligned in a straight line. This kind of grinder is used as a rotary tool and is also handheld.

The last kind of power grinder you can get is the bench grinder. This one, as the name suggests, is not portable and is secured to the bench. Usually, this kind of grinder has two rotating wheels on either side. The choice here really depends on the kind of projects you have, but the angle grinder is more popular.

Power – Power consumption and power output are important considerations when buying a power grinder. Power determines how well the power grinder performs in the project you have. If you want a grinder that’ll help you cut through thick concrete or metals, you need one with better power output. You can check the power output of your grinder through its RPM and wattage.

RPM stands for revolutions per minute, which indicates how many times the wheel revolves every minute. A high RPM indicates a powerful motor. Power consumption is another important factor to consider. For this, you should check the wattage and voltage intake of your grinder. The voltage indicated should match the voltage output for your country, since not all countries have the same power rating. Some grinders require 240V, while others need as low as 110V.

Size – Size is also important because it determines how well suited your grinder is for the projects you have. If you want your tool to perform normal functions at home or in a workshop, opt for a handheld power grinder. If you need the grinder for more demanding and big projects, consider a bigger grinder that accommodates bigger discs and has more power output. Usually, handheld power grinders hold discs sized from 4 to 9 inches, while bigger variations take in wheels larger than 9 inches.

Design – Power grinders also come in many designs to enhance their safety and performance. The grinders should have adjustable disc guards so they can be rotated to where they’re required. The handle should be ergonomic and resistant to vibration. Make sure the design can also allow the motor to stay cool for optimal operation. Look out for design features that will enhance your user experience.

Warranty – A warranty is really important for your power grinder. A good brand will always stand behind its products and assure quality with a warranty. Although most companies offer limited service warranties, others give money-back guarantees on their products. You should always buy products that come with a warranty. Check the number of years the warranty lasts and what it covers.
Performance and Ease of Use
Before using a power grinder, ensure you have read all the safety instructions in the manual. If you have never used this kind of tool before, it’s important to ensure you can handle your chosen grinder. Safety is important when dealing with power grinders. Make sure you have the necessary safety clothing such as anti-vibration gloves, aprons and goggles on before you begin using your power tool.

A grinder should also be used at the right orientation to minimize or prevent injuries. Store them properly, away from weather elements to prevent damage and prolong their lifespan. Keep your grinder clean and free of debris or sludge so it keeps working properly. The power cable should not be damaged in any way. It’s also important to ensure that the grinding wheel is in good shape at all times.

The motor carbon brushes need to be replaced when they wear out, usually after 50 hours of use for an angled grinder. This means your chosen power grinder brand should have readily available parts for replacement.

What is the Best Power Grinder?

In this review, we aimed to provide power grinders that come at different prices, so regardless of your budget, we've got you covered. Before buying such a device, decide what applications you are going to use it for, and then start shopping. Ultimately, you want a durable, reliable, efficient and powerful power grinder, and our five contenders check all these boxes. Let's start with the first one!
Our Top Choice
The Makita 9564CV tool is a powerful angle grinder that can improve your productivity and offer better results when you are polishing various metal parts or repairing car components. This tool comes with a 12-amp motor and is very easy to use. If your budget is smaller, go for the Makita GA4530 power grinder instead.
Makita 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder with Super Joint System Technology, 12.0 AMP Motor and Soft Start Feature

Makita Power Grinder 9564CV

Makita was founded more than 100 years ago. It specializes in producing high-quality tools, accessories, battery packs, flashlights and many other devices useful in a repair shop or a construction site. This brand sells its products in more than 40 countries worldwide, and it is an innovation leader, always striving to make better and more efficient products.

We chose the Makita 9564CV tool for our review because it offers excellent value for money. Here are the features of this power grinder:
  • Super Joint System technology that prevents damage to the gears and prolongs the grinder's lifespan.
  • Clever construction that protects the vital parts of the grinder (such as the motor) from dust and debris.
  • The electric motor has a power of 12 amps, and it can get the job done quickly and efficiently. This tool will save you time every day and improve productivity.
  • The grinder can spin up to almost 11,000rpm, and the user can adjust the speed depending on the application or project.
  • Your Makita power grinder comes with a warranty period of 1 year, and each tool is carefully inspected before leaving the factory.
Makita has almost a century of experience in producing construction devices and tools. If you ever need to buy a circular saw, lithium-ion battery pack or cordless job site radio, this is the company to go to.
Best Value
The Ingersoll Rand 3107G die grinder is a compact and lightweight power grinder that comes with a 1/3-horsepower motor and a self-locking throttle. This tool is currently an Amazon Best Seller! If you prefer a more sophisticated tool, check out the Ingersoll Rand 301B angle grinder.
Ingersoll Rand 1/4" Air Die Grinder with Long-Life Ball Bearing Construction and Ergonomic Grips

Ingersoll Rand Power Grinder 3107G

The century-old Ingersoll Rand company is currently a leader in the compressed air systems industry. This brand sells its products worldwide, and they are highly appreciated by the general public. Ingersoll Rand specializes in cordless tools, pneumatic devices, air sanders, and, of course, power grinders.

Let's take a look at some of the features of the 3107G air die grinder and find out why it occupies our Best Value spot:
  • This tool comes with a rear exhaust and an ergonomic grip, so it is safe and easy to use, even in the hands of a beginner.
  • It comes with a warranty period of 1 year, which will cover for deterioration or defects.
  • The 1/3-horsepower motor might be quite small, but it can spin at almost 27,000rpm, which is extremely fast, given the size of this tool.
  • You can use this device to cut, grind or polish various components or materials in your garage, workshop or construction site.
  • The composite housing is specially designed to enhance durability and improve stability while you use the grinder.
If you ever need to buy an air ratchet, a cordless tool or impact tools, then you can confidently rely on one of the products from Ingersoll Rand. This brand has decades of experience in making construction tools, and its products are reasonably priced.
The Dewalt DW882 straight grinder is one of the most powerful power tools out there, boasting a 13-amp motor that spins at almost 6,000 rpm. If you prefer a smaller tool, then look at the Dewalt DWE4887 die grinder, which has a 4.2 amp motor.
Dewalt 6-Inch Straight Power Grinder with 13 Amp Electric Motor, 5.700 RPM and Adjustable Guard

Dewalt Power Grinder DW882

Dewalt is one of the most popular and appreciated manufacturers of tools and construction accessories in the world. It currently has 7 manufacturing facilities in the United States. In 2014 alone, Dewalt crafted no less than 62 million individual products and sold them to its customers. When it comes to construction tools and items you would usually find in a repair shop, workshop or manufacturing plant, Dewalt is an important name.

For our review, we chose the Dewalt DW882 straight grinder, because it is a higher-end, more sophisticated industrial grinder used by professionals. Here are several features of this product:
  • It's useful for 6-inch grinding applications, and it will get the job done quickly, as it comes with a 13-amp motor that spins at almost 6,000rpm.
  • It comes with an external brush cap, which eases servicing in the future.
  • Warranty period of 3 years with 1 year free service.
  • You can also adjust the protecting guard to improve visibility while grinding.
  • The aluminum gear housing is durable and will protect the internal components from dust, debris or damage.
Dewalt makes multiple useful tools and equipment, such as complete screwdriver sets, wet/dry vacuum cleaners, pocket knives and more. Get a product from this brand if you are looking for tools that offer high quality and efficiency.
The Wen 4276 6 Inch Bench Grinder is excellent for day-to-day applications in your workshop, such as sharpening blades or cleaning objects. It also comes with a powerful flashlight so you can see what you are doing. If you prefer an angle grinder instead, go for the Wen 944 7-Amp model.
Wen 6" Bench Power Grinder with Flexible Work Light, 3450 RPM and 2 Years Warranty

Wen Power Grinder 4276

Wen was founded in 1951, and it is a popular manufacturer of woodworking, gardening and automotive tools. This brand has revolutionized the design of numerous devices, including the electric engraver, orbital polisher and more. Wen produces top-quality sanders and grinders that are top sellers on Amazon. We wanted to include a bench grinder in our review too, and we think that the Wen 4276 model is an excellent one!

Here are the highlights of this tool:
  • It can be bought as a 6-inch device that spins at regular speed, or as an 8-inch device that spins more slowly. Choose according to your preferences and application.
  • This tool is compact and lightweight, weighing just 16 lbs. Thanks to its design, you can take it with you during your business trips.
  • The worklight on top of the grinder is flexible and will enhance precision and productivity.
  • The package includes 2 grit wheels, and an eye guard, which is essential when you work with such a device.
  • This tool is equipped with a cast iron base that enhances stability and precision, giving you more peace of mind.
Wen is the go-to company if you need to buy workshop-related tools and devices such as generators, drill presses, log splitters, woodworking tools and more. Some of these products are or have been Amazon Best Sellers, which speaks about their quality and efficiency.
The Porter-Cable PCE810 is a relatively small power grinder, but it has a lot of power. It's capable of spinning at up to 12,000 RPM, thanks to a 6-amp motor. If you prefer a polisher with a variable speed instead, try the 7424XP model from Porter-Cable.
Porter-Cable 4-1/2 Inches Small Power Grinder with 6 Amp Electric Motor and 12,000 RPM Speed

Porter-Cable Power Grinder PCE810

Porter-Cable has made "Quality Tools Since 1906," according to the slogan on its website. This brand specializes in making efficient and durable power tools necessary for woodworkers, mechanics and engineers. The last product in our review is a reasonably priced, yet powerful angle grinder that is suitable for most workshop applications.

Here are more details about the PCE810 power grinder from Porter-Cable:
  • This tool features a cast metal case which not only improves durability, but also prevents the accumulation of dust and debris on the grinder's internal components.
  • You can store wrenches on a separate side compartment on the power grinder.
  • Your Porter-Cable tool comes with a warranty period of 3 years.
  • The grinding guard is easily adjustable for improving visibility during various grinding applications.
  • Although this tool is quite compact and lightweight, its 6-amp motor spins at almost 12,000 rpm, making it ideal for a range of workshop projects.
Porter-Cable also makes other useful power tools, such as drilling devices, oscillating tools, LED flashlights and more. Check out its products if you are looking for good-quality tools at affordable prices.

Get the Best Power Grinder of 2018!

There you have it: five different types of power grinders that can be used for a wide variety of applications. Which one do you need the most? Make sure that you decide quickly, as they sell almost instantly on Amazon and you definitely don’t want to be left out!

Our Top Choice
Makita 9564CV 41/2" SJS™ HighPower Angle Grinder
Best Value
Ingersoll Rand 3107G- 1/4" Heavy Duty Air Die Grinder
Dewalt DW882 6" (150MM) Straight Grinder
Wen 4276 6 Inch Bench Grinder with 2.1-Amp Motor
Porter-Cable PCE810 6.0 Amp 4-1/2" Small Angle Grinder