Best Power Inverter Reviews 2023

Power inverters are versatile for use in cars to charge mobile phones, outdoors in campsites or at home to power household electronics. With different models on the market, you can be spoilt for choice. We’ve researched five of the best power inverter brands on the market, showcasing a model from each, to help you with your buying decisions.
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USB Ports
Our Top Choice
BESTEK 300W Pure Sine Wave Inverter
Founded in 2007, BESTEK is a leading Chinese company with a base in North America that manufactures auto electronics, small appliances and power chargers.
Versatile application. Easy to use – just plug and play. Compact and convenient to use on the go. Smart charging support. Multiple protections against overloading.
This power inverter is noisy as the fan is always running.
2 AC outlets
6.3 x 4 x 2.3 inches; 1.4 pounds
2 USB ports
Auto shutdown; 40A fuse
Best Value
Tripp Lite 375W INT Series Ultra-Compact Power Inverter
Tripp Lite is a dynamic company that was founded in 1922 and manufactures cables and network-grade UPS systems, among over 3000 products.
Ultra-compact and lightweight for portability. Works at high frequency. Includes alarm, auto shutdown and overload protection features.
A bit bulkier than some alternative options.
1 AC outlet
27.3 x 22 x 6.4 inches; 0.9 pound
No USB port
40A input fuse & cooling fan
Power Bright 1100W Power Inverter
Power Bright is a leading manufacturer of power conversion equipment based on superior technology for exceptional reliability.
Durable design made with strong materials. Overload indicator and cooling fan protection from over-heating. Compact size. Two outlets.
No USB ports, so cannot charge phones and similar devices.
2 AC outlets
11.2 x 5.8 x 2.8 inches; 6 pounds
No USB port
Built-in cooling fan
Duracell Powerstrip Inverter
Duracell Power is a renowned company that manufactures various power solutions ranging from power inverters to dry cell batteries.
Has two AC outlets and two USB ports for charging up to four devices. Quiet operation. Affordable, durable and convenient.
Doesn’t power electronics with high power ratings such as refrigerators and microwaves.
2 AC outlets
7.4 x 2.3 x 1.8 inches; 0.7 pound
150W, 175W, 400W
2 USB ports
Cooling fan; overload protection
Energizer Ultra Compact Inverter
Energizer is a leading manufacturer of dynamic power solutions such as primary batteries, lanterns and portable flashlights.
Affordable, easy to use and requires no installation. Compact and supports USB charging of up to two phones.
Not ideal for charging electronics that draw in more power such as microwaves and refrigerators.
1 AC outlet
2.8 x 5.8 x 1.5 inches; 0.5 pound
2 USB ports
Ultra quiet thermal fan

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What is the Best Power Inverter?

Choose a power inverter with a power rating higher than the device to be charged or powered. Also, consider the right number of outlets for your intended area of application and available safety features. Find out if one of our recommended power inverters is what you need.
Our Top Choice
The BESTEK Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter can power computers, sensitive equipment, automobiles, televisions, and other electronics. It can charge up to four phones at the same time. If you want a more cost-effective power inverter with lower wattage, opt for the BESTEK 200W Car Power Inverter with a cigarette lighter socket. It’s rated two hundred watts and has two USB charging ports and two AC outlets.

BESTEK 300W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter with Dual Smart USB Ports & Car Adapter

BESTEK exploits creativity and innovation to design consumer-driven products. The company is dedicated to creating top quality products and offering exceptional customer experiences. BESTEK attributes its success to excellent product research and design, and a powerful global distribution network that’s seen its products retail in at least fifty countries across the world.

The BESTEK Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter is built with two AC outlets and two USB ports for convenient charging of your devices while on the road. Although it’s rated 300W, its peak surge power is 700W. It’s ideal for traveling, self-driving and outdoor activities. You can also use it indoors with a 12V DC battery to power your television, computer, sensitive equipment and other appliances that use less power.

The built-in smart IC technology auto detects and charges at fast speeds of 2.4 amps per port or 4.2 amps at maximum charging speed. Available in a compact design, the power inverter is iphone-sized for easy transportation and storage in tight spaces. It can easily fit in your luggage, bag or purse. The 24-inch cigarette lighter cable is easy to use and can reach the backseat.

It's built with auto shutdown and a 40 amp fuse to offer protection from over-loading, over-heating, short-circuiting, and over-charging. The inverter comes with an eighteen-month warranty for protection from manufacturing faults and a user manual for guidance on proper installation and use.

Here are a few other BESTEK power inverters you might like:
  • BESTEK 1000W Power Inverter
  • BESTEK 400W Power Inverter
  • BESTEK 150WPower Inverter
This power inverter comes housed in a casing in red and black finish.
Best Value
The Tripp Lite INT Series Power Inverter is designed to power your small electrical appliances and devices such as phones, laptop computers and small power tools. Are you looking for a more cost-effective power inverter with a lower wattage and a USB port? Opt for the Tripp Lite 200W Car Power Inverter with two AC outlets and two USB ports and a cup holder.

Tripp Lite 375W INT Series Car Power Inverter with a Single 230V 50Hz Outlet

Tripp Lite has developed various hardware infrastructure solutions such as power distribution units, rack enclosures, network switches, cooling solutions, and cables to meet the evolving needs of data centers. The company gives customers the ability to customize their products with support for scalability as their needs grow.

It also offers ‘DCIM-ready’ software solutions such as network power management for next-generation management of data centers. The company’s goal is to power, organize, protect, manage, secure, cool and connect telecom and IT applications from computers to the data center.

The Tripp Lite 375W INT Series Power Inverter converts 12V DC to AC for use with 220-240V/50Hz electronics. It features a one-meter input DC cable that’s compatible with any 12V auto cigarette lighter jack. Rated 375W, this power inverter can handle various electronic loads at a peak surge power of 600W.

It comes with a universal outlet that accepts various international plug sets such as German, French and UK AC input connectors. The low-input voltage alarm goes off when the DC battery power hits 10.5V or less. The lighted power switch is a visual indicator of the battery’s power status. The user-replaceable auto fuse offers protection from over-loading and the built-in cooling fan prevents over-heating.

When the voltage is lower than 10V, it shuts off automatically to prevent the possibility of deep battery discharge.

Here are other Tripp Lite power inverters to consider:
  • Tripp Lite 400W Car Power Inverter
  • Tripp Lite 1800W Compact Power Inverter
  • Tripp Lite 700W Compact Power Inverter
This power inverter comes in a rugged all-metal casing and an attractive blue hue you’ll love.
The Power Bright Power Inverter converts 12V DC to AC current to power small appliances rated 110V. It has a digital LED display for viewing voltage DC input or wattage output. Do you want a power inverter with lower wattage to fit your tight budget? Opt for the Power Bright 400W Power Inverter with a USB charging port and in carbon fiber design.

Power Bright 1100W Car Power Inverter with Two Power Outlets & 3 Battery Cables

Power Bright manufactures pure sine wave and modified 12V and 24V DC power inverters, step-down and step-up 110V to 220V voltage transformers and other full-range power solutions. The company uses superior technology to manufacture eco-friendly, efficient, innovative and exceptionally reliable power solutions. It also offers outstanding customer service and competitive pricing on all its products.

The Power Bright Power Inverter features an anodized aluminum case for optimal heat dissipation and enhanced durability. The digital LED display indicates output wattage or input DC voltage. It uses three replaceable, external 30A spade-type fuses to offer over-load protection. It also comes with eight 12V three-feet AGW gauge wires for connection to the battery.

The built-in cooling fan protects the power inverter from over-heating and the overload indicators show when the inverter is experiencing an overload. The inverter has a peak load power rating of 2200W and it can power small fridges, gaming consoles, televisions, microwaves, laptops and other electronics with lower power ratings.

Here are other Power Bright power inverters you might like:
  • Power Bright 2300W Power Inverter
  • Power Bright 3500W Power Inverter
  • Power Bright 6000W Power Inverter
This power inverter comes in a blue all-metal casing with black plastic parts.
The Duracell Powerstrip Power Inverter converts DC power to run small electronics with low wattage ratings such as computers and smartphones as you drive. If you want an even smaller, pocket-size power inverter with advanced safety features, opt for the Duracell 100W Pocket Power Inverter. It’s small in size, portable and powers gadgets rated 120V and below at peak power surge.

Duracell Powerstrip Power Inverter with USB Ports – Available in 3 Power Options

Duracell Power manufactures high quality, innovative power solutions for prolonged use. The company doesn’t just manufacture dry batteries, but also offer solutions to convert DC power to AC current for use with electronic devices. It has a large collection of power inverters to suit the varying needs of different consumers.

The Duracell Powerstrip Power Inverter is ideal for a family going on a road trip with the need to charge multiple devices at the same time. It comes with two built-in AC outlets and two 2.1A USB ports to charge additional devices. The three-foot power cord supports easy placement and use of the power inverter anywhere in your car.

Designed for quiet operation, this power inverter is safe and comes with a cooling fan to protect it from over-heating. It also plugs into any cigarette lighter in cars. It’s perfect for mobile offices, family recreation, daily commutes and long road trips. It’s also protected from DC input reverse, output overload, DC under and over voltage, short circuit and over-heating.

Here are a few other Duracell power inverters to consider:
  • Duracell 1800W Power Inverter
  • Duracell 600W Powerpack Power Inverter
  • Duracell 3000W Gas Powered Portable Power Inverter
This power inverter comes in a long design and black color with two other power options to choose from: 150W and 400W power ratings.
The Energizer Ultra Compact Power Inverter is convenient for use on the go as it’s portable and requires neither wires nor setup. Its pivoting head supports easy adjustability. Opt for the Energizer 500W Power Inverter if you want a more powerful DC/AC inverter to power your larger electronics. It comes with battery clips, a cigarette lighter, two AC outlets and two USB ports to charge your appliances.

Energizer 100W DC to AC Ultra Compact Power Inverter

Energizer manufactures lithium, alkaline, and advanced lithium charging systems and rechargeable batteries, power connectors, lanterns and portable flashlights among others. As a leading technology innovator, the company continuously redefines power solutions to meet people’s evolving needs and busy lifestyles. It integrates technology, energy and freedom to design consumer-driven products that keep people connected on the go.

The Energizer Ultra Compact Power Inverter is convenient and has a built-in copper heatsink which means the quiet cooling fan only comes on when really needed. The adjustable pivoting head enables comfortable positioning of the inverter in your car. With two years parts and labor warranty, the inverter is protected from manufacturing faults.

Approved and validated by ETL for performance and safety, this power inverter is 100W and runs at 200W at peak surging power. It converts 12V DC power to 110V to 120V output voltages. The dual 2.1A USB ports support simultaneous charging of two phones such as iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The thermal fan operates quietly and prevents over-heating.

Here are a few other Energizer power inverters:
  • Energizer 1100W Power Inverter
  • Energizer 3000W Power Inverter
  • Energizer 4000W Power Inverter
This power inverter comes in a black casing with two power options: 100W and 500W power ratings.

How Do I Choose the Best Power Inverter?

Power inverters plug into 12V cigarette lighter outlets to convert DC voltages to AC power. They can have AC outlets and USB ports to charge electronic devices, and amplify currents to power various devices such as cell phones, gaming consoles, and other power tools.

You can power your devices when camping, driving, traveling or working using power inverters for convenience. Apart from charging and powering your devices on the go, there are large inverters with high power ratings for use with solar systems or power backup systems at home or in industrial settings.

When shopping for a power inverter, first decide whether you need a single or multiple outlet models. Single outlet inverters are simple, small, compact and inexpensive, and they work just as great as your power strip. They feature one three-pronged AC outlet to power one device. Designed with power ratings ranging from 100 to 200 watts, single outlet power inverters are easy to store and rarely overload.

If you need to charge multiple devices at the same time, the same way a charging station works, multiple outlet power inverters come in handy. Unlike single outlet power inverters, multi-outlet inverters are more expensive and larger. Built with two to three AC outlets, multi-outlet inverters run for shorter periods to charge more than one device.

Also, decide whether you want USB port power inverters to charge devices such as phones and laptops with USB ports. This is a mixed review of the three types of power inverters. We hope that this guide can help you make an informed buying decision.
The smaller the size of a power inverter and the lower its power wattage, the less expensive it is. The converse is also true. This makes it easy to buy an inverter with the capability to suit your requirements. Single outlet power inverters with low wattages from 100 to 200 watts can cost anything from $5 to $20. Mid-range inverters cost anything from $10 to $200 or more, depending on the features they come with.

High-end power inverters with wattage ratings in the thousands can cost $2000 or more. Whether you need a small or large power inverter, make sure you only go for a high quality product you can use for years before having it replaced. We did encounter cheap power inverters during research, but poor quality and assurance made them a false economy and not value for money, so we did not include them in our review.
Power inverters come in various sizes and power ratings to handle different loads. Whereas some are pocket-sized to charge one phone at a time, others are so large, they can power refrigerators or even create backup power systems. Similarly, power inverters are built with different features to support use in various applications and to power different electronics with different power needs.

Here are some important features to look for in a power inverter:
  • Single or multiple outlet power inverter
  • Pure sine or quasi-sine wave power inverter
  • Maximum continuous current capacity higher than your device’s rating
  • Safety features to prevent overloading, over-heating, etc.
  • Right number of outlets
  • Small, compact and portable size
  • Warranty for protection from manufacturing faults
With the right power inverter, you can charge your phones on the go, play music when you go camping or even back up your power system at home or in an industrial setting.
Construction and Design
When looking for the right power inverter, consider the following features:

Outlets - Decide whether you want a single or multiple outlet power inverter. In the latter case, determine the number of outlets you want on your inverter. You also need to decide if you want USB ports, standard AC outlets, or both.

Type - Choose between quasi-sine (modified) and pure sine wave power inverters. Whereas quasi-sine inverters are cost-effective, pure sine wave inverters usually cost more and deliver high-quality output AC power.

Power Rating - Buy a power inverter with both maximum continuous and peak current capacities. Make sure the wattage of the device or electronic you intend to power or charge with the inverter is lower than its maximum continuous current capacity for optimal performance.

Safety Features - Mid-range and high-end power inverters come with many safety features. Whereas some power inverters shut down before the car DC battery dies completely, others go off when a certain voltage or temperature is reached to prevent extensive damages.

The former case ensures you don't get stranded in the middle of anywhere with a dead car battery if you were using your power inverter on the go. Also look out for surge protectors, cooling fans and fuses.
Performance and Ease of Use
Buy a power inverter with a continuous current wattage higher than your device’s power rating for optimal performance. It should be easy to setup and use; look out for user manuals on proper installation use. Choose an inverter with the right number of outlets to charge your family members’ phones when going camping or on a road trip.

Also ensure your preferred power inverter is backed with a parts warranty for protection from manufacturing fault. For optimal performance, the inverter should handle your devices’ load. If you’re planning to use your inverter in the car or on the go, make sure you pick a compact, small and lightweight product that supports portability.

Get the Best Power Inverter of 2023!

Whether you need a portable power inverter to use on the go or one to use with your solar system to create power backup, there’s one out there to meet your unique needs. We hope our sample of five of the top power inverters on the market will help you make an informed decision. Otherwise, you can check other power inverters by the same brands.

Our Top Choice
BESTEK 300W Pure Sine Wave Inverter
Best Value
Tripp Lite 375W INT Series Ultra-Compact Power Inverter
Power Bright 1100W Power Inverter
Duracell Powerstrip Inverter
Energizer Ultra Compact Inverter