Best Powerdock Reviews 2023

Having a power dock is a great way of managing wire and cable clutter due to having several devices that need juicing up; but the problem is, how do you choose the best option from the numerous models out there? We’ve researched deep on some of the best power docks on the market that we’re sure will serve you and your devices well. Although we reviewed just one product from each brand, we’re happy to inform you that you can check out other functional power docks from our featured brands.
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Our Top Choice
Satechi 7-Port USB Charging Station Dock
Satechi believes in timeless and limitless technology to keep tab on the fast-paced lifestyle of the present time by providing efficient and classic products.
Charge and dock devices efficiently. Top-notch, clutter-free cable management. Balanced ports with different amperages. Surge-protected ports. Silicon-cushioned slots.
This product does not come with charging cables so you’ll need to buy those separately, preferably the short ones.
24 Watts
LED indicator; power button
7 ports
Tablets/music players/smartphones
3 x 2.4A; 4 x 1A
Best Value
Great Useful Stuff Multi-Device Charging Station
Great Useful Stuff manufactures different household and office items geared towards improving daily productivity while redefining the way we relax and outfit our living space.
Unique and sleek bamboo construction. Magnetic base for cable management. 4-port fast charge USB strip. Sturdy elastic band holds devices. 5 docking slots.
The cubbyhole through which the cables for phones pass through are somehow shallow and thus makes phones balance precariously.
20 Watts
5 ports
2 x 2.4A; 3 x 1A
Griffin Technology Multidock Station
Griffin Technology are makers of high-end products synonymous with quality and elegance, and built to last with top notch materials and innovative cutting-edge technologies.
ChargeSensor technology. Sliding, lockable door. Compact design with small footprint. Charge Quick Mode. Wide slots hold devices with casing. Charge up to 10 devices.
Once the door is slid into place, you cannot get your docked device on to a wireless connection.
10 Watts
. Box-shaped; quick-charge
10 ports
Tablets and smartphones
10 x 2.1A
Avantree Desktop USB Charging Station
Avantree specializes in the design of quality audio devices and accessories built with top notch wireless Bluetooth technology and makes their products accessible to all at affordable rates.
Charging and docking capacity. Customizable device slots. Space-saving design. 4.5A combined amperage output. Single smart USB port. Smart cable management.
The unit can only hold one tablet, which might pose a problem if you have more or maybe one tablet and a kindle reader.
22.5 Watts
Silicone top; Velcro system
4 ports
Tablets and smartphones
3 x 1A; 1x 1.5A
Emie Bento Smart Charging Station
Emie employs sophisticated and advanced technologies in crafting its products for a result-oriented, top quality and affordable finish that is hard to beat in the industry.
Streamline, compact and space-saving design. 4 fast-charge ports. Cable management design. Smartflow detection technology. Universal compatibility. Surge protection.
The power cord on this unit is a little bit loose and easily unplugs itself if moved around.
20 Watts
Heat dissipation hole panel
4 ports
Tablets and smartphones
Up to 2.4A

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What is the Best Powerdock?

So, you’ve read through our buying guide and we’re quite sure that you’ve been adequately armed with relevant information that will guide you towards making the right choice of a power dock. We have lined up for you some of the top-ranking power docks in our product review section. Do take your time to look through them and we assure you that you’ll find one that will suit your needs perfectly.
Our Top Choice
The Satechi 7-Port USB Charging Station Dock stylishly combines functionality and elegance with several fast charge ports designed to charge and dock your devices safely in silicone soft slots that prevent scratching. For a combined charging and data hub, check the Satechi 10 Port USB 3.0 Premium Aluminum Hub with 7 Data Ports and 3 Charging Ports (White Trim).

Satechi 7-Port USB Charging Station Dock for Certain iPhone, iPad, Samsung, HTC Models & More – Available in 2 Colors

Satechi was born on the wings of efficiency and passionate design and has evolved into a brand leader with its sleek, affordable and innovative tech products. It believes in a timeless and limitless technology to keep tab on an ever changing fast-paced lifestyle of our time. Its products are designed with durable and quality materials that make them functional and classic for the style-conscious individual. Being among the pioneer brands carrying Type-C Apple accessories, it’s become an industry heavyweight in the field and a brand to reckon with. Its products are result-oriented with user-friendly interface that is designed to suit the customer and with a personable support service, customers are assured of real people offering real solutions to enquiries and issues.

The Satechi 7-Port USB Charging Station Dock is a masterpiece that effortlessly combines functionality with style and elegance. Its organizer-style is designed to safely hold your gadgets as they charge and can accommodate up to 7 smart phones and tablets of varying sizes. Here are some of its interesting features:
  • A well-balanced amperage with 3 2.4A USB ports designed to fast-charge heavy battery devices like tablets and 4 1.0A ports that efficiently charges smart phones and iPods
  • Clutter management organizer-style that lets you charge and store your devices neatly on the docking station even with their protective casings on
  • Compact and small footprint designed to take up as little table space as possible while fully loaded with charging devices
  • Plug-and-play design that allows you to simply plug in the dock in a wall socket and switch it on with a blue color LED indicator light that shows the unit is up and running
  • Individual Velcro straps for proper and out-of-the-way cable management for a sleek and clean look
  • Silicone protected slots provide cushioned hold for your device so you don’t have to worry about scratching up your devices in case they don’t have their casing on
  • Surge-protected ports ensures your devices are adequately protected while delivering optimal amperage needed to efficiently juice up the connected device
Best Value
The Great Useful Stuff Multi-Device Charging Station Dock features a unique and sleek bamboo construction that is guaranteed to bring elegance to your home or office while securely docking your devices as they charge. If you need a box-like secure powerdock with magnetic spindles, see the G.U.S. Cord Corral and Cable Organizer with 6-Magnetically Secured Cord Spindles - "Rustic Modern" Collection.

Great Useful Stuff Multi-Device Charging Station Dock & Organizer For Laptops, Tablets, and Phones – Available in 11 Colors

Great Useful Stuff is a brand that specializes in just about everything that can be used in the home to make life easier and more fun for people. Its products are geared towards simplifying the way we do things and bringing new dimensions to the way we play and relax. Its manufacturing materials are as widely varied as the products itself and range from eco-friendly natural woods and leather to high-class synthetic materials and metals of different types. With products that are designed to last for as long as you wish and affordable to boot, you cannot go wrong with this brand and when it comes to adding style and elegance to the home or office, it comes second to none. Its customer service team is always on standby to attend to customers’ requests and enquiries to ensure their satisfaction and continued patronage.

Jazz up your home and juice up your devices with this Great Useful Stuff Multi-Device Charging Station Dock with its 5-port organizer that lets you conveniently charge your smart phones, tablets and even laptops. It’s ergonomically crafted from a renewable bamboo resource that adds elegance and grace to your home or office. Some of its notable features include:
  • Smart charging design for your smart gadgets so you wouldn’t have to misplace or trip over cables lying across the living space
  • Strong elastic bands to individually and firmly hold each gadget in place while charging
  • Organizing slots for 1 laptop, 1 tablet and 3 smart phones which covers basically all personal devices you may own and be using
  • Magnetic base that securely holds all cables safely and neatly tucked away and out of sight for a pleasant aesthetic look
  • A 4-port fast charge USB strip that you put in the base and attach your devices to and then tether the USB strip to a power outlet to commence charging
  • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed for this item hence you can be sure of prompt response in case you experience any difficulty with the unit
  • A 100% eco-friendly, durable and highly polished bamboo body that makes for a sleek addition to any home or office
The Griffin Multidock - 10 Port USB Charge and Sync Station features a ChargeSensor technology to detect the requirements of a connected device and automatically configure the port to charge with corresponding amperage. For a powerdock with built-in power supply and cord management, see the Griffin PowerDock Pro–Multi-Charger Dock Charges 5 USB devices For iPad, iPhone, iPod.

Griffin Technology Multidock 10 Port USB Charge and Sync Station with Secure Lockable Storage for Multiple iPads, iPhones, Galaxy Tab & More

Griffin Technology is a globally recognized brand in the consumer electronics industry with its high performance and user-friendly accessories for high-end devices like Apple and Samsung products. Its products are synonymous with quality and elegance and built to last with top notch materials. Its engineers and developers are always researching on the latest cutting-edge technology to use for its innovative products to better improve performance and user-interface. Its products usually come in sleek designs guaranteed to suit your contemporary look and complement your home or office and with a personable customer service, you’re guaranteed of quality products and seamless service.

The Griffin Multidock - 10 Port USB Charge and Sync Station seamlessly combines style with top functionality in a way that you can only imagine. Its USB ports allow you to charge and sync up to 10 compatible devices at once and what’s more, you can expand the capacity up to 30 devices if you so wish…neat, right? Some features that make this item stand out include:
  • An exclusive and patented ChargeSensor technology that smartly senses the exact charge requirements of each connected device and tunes the docking station to push out the corresponding amount of amperage needed to complete the charging within the shortest possible time
  • Quick Charge Mode that is activated once a device with Apple’s Lightning charge connector is plugged in for a faster charging session even while syncing so you have your device fully juiced up and good to go when you are
  • 1.25-inch-wide slot docks that are arguably the widest available and makes it relatively easy to dock and charge your devices even when they’re encased in their protective casing
  • A sliding door that that locks firmly in place to keep your precious devices safely locked away and slides right up out of the way when you need to access your device
  • A well-designed compact fit that has a small footprint, just a mite bigger than a laptop computer and yet able to accommodate lots of devices comfortably
  • Securing hardware that allows you secure the docking station to a table or desk
The Avantree Desktop USB Charging Station seamlessly combines charging and docking functions in a compact unit that is built for efficiency and safe storage. It’s designed to simultaneously charge 3 phones and a tablet. If you’d prefer a powerdock with SmartID and foldable plugs, check the Avantree 48W 9.6A 5-Port USB Charger with SmartID Technology, Foldable Wall Plug.

Avantree Desktop 4 Port 4.5A Fast Charger USB Charging Station with Cable Management for iPhone, iPad & Tablets – Available in 3 Colors

Avantree is committed to providing exceptional and ergonomic audio systems, devices and accessories to people all over the world. It strongly believes in the notion that quality audio should be a way of life for all, regardless of social status or location. Its products are a testimony to its continuous striving to ensure quality audio devices are made accessible to all and at affordable rates. Designed with the latest wireless Bluetooth accessories and adapters, the products deliver unequalled service and freedom whether indoors or outdoors and to top it off, they’re all built with durability in mind. And don’t worry about the looks, each and every one of its products is a perfect combination of sleek and razor-edge tech.

The Avantree Desktop USB Charging Station is an ergonomically designed high-end powerdock with a low-end price tag. Its compact, no-frills and low-cost nature makes it a fast-selling unit among its peers and, coupled with a sturdy design that is durable, you cannot go wrong with this powerdock. Some notable features of this item are:
  • A portable design that takes up little space on your counter or table top and can take four devices including phones and tablets comfortably
  • Well-built docking slots act as safe storage spaces for your smart devices whether they’re plugged in to charge or not
  • Smart cable management system that lets you keep your USB cables well and truly out of the way and out of sight for a clutter-free look and better aesthetics
  • A powerful 4.5 amperage output that pushes out enough power for fast charging of your devices and at required amperages according to the type of device plugged in
  • One unique, smart USB port that identifies and fast-charges any device with special charging or lightning-fast charging requirements
  • An award winning, sleek and space-saving slot design with removable, soft silicone bumpers that allow you customize the spaces for your devices
  • Customizable bumper slots that can hold devices in cases but for a more secured hold, its recommended to remove bulky casings before docking and charging your device
  • Exceptional compatibility with almost all smart devices, including iPhone 6 and Samsung galaxy models
  • A reassuring and confidence-boosting 2-year product warranty that assures of the manufacturer’s trust in the item
The Emie Bento Smart Charging Station features a streamlined and elegantly Nordic design that fits unobtrusively on an office desk or at home with suction pads that keep it from moving around randomly on the surface. If you’re looking for a cartoon-themed power bank, check the Emie Cute Portable Power Bank, 5200mAh Samo Dog External Battery, 2.1A Fast Charging Cartoon Compact USB Charger.

Emie Bento Smart Charging Station - Creative Minimalist 4 Port Desktop USB Charger

Established in China in 2011, Emie is dedicated to changing the perception of Chinese electronic products in the outside world by using some of the sophisticated and advanced technologies available to design and develop its products. Its innovative, solution-oriented and beautiful products cut across a wide range of consumer electronics line and are currently making waves in the Chinese electronics market and beyond. If you’re on a journey of self-discovery or re-discovery, you can as well make the journey as stress-free as possible by settling with your desired game-changing item from this brand. And the affordability of its products is stunning, coupled with the durability and seamless functionality inherent in them.

Smarten up your desk or nightstand with this minimalist and space-saving Emie Bento Smart Charging Station powerdock created for simplicity and streamlined charging of multiple devices at a go. It’s a great little powerdock with a combination of almost all the most sought-after qualities of an ideal powerdock which fits in neatly either at home or in the office. Here are some features that might interest you in this item:
  • A classically Nordic design that is perfectly streamlined with no frills for a minimal and unobtrusive fit on your office desk or nightstand at home
  • Four properly aligned fast-charging ports that ensure your devices are completely charged within the shortest possible time
  • An efficient cable management construction that reduces cable clutter on the surface so you don’t have to deal with annoying cables getting in the way all the time
  • A maximum amperage of 2.4A per USB port with a Smartflow technology that automatically detects the charging needs of your device and ensures that each port has the capacity to fast-charge any device, no matter the battery size
  • In-built surge protection on every port that guards against overheating, power surges and over charging for a steady and safe charging of your devices with an even amperage
  • A long power cable compatible with input voltage ranging from AC 100 to 240V which is an internationally accepted voltage range
  • Heat dissipating vents or holes and bottom fitted suction pads that ensures the powerdock stay firmly in place on the table or counter top
  • Universal compatibility with all smart phones and tablets from Apple, Nexus, LG, Samsung, HTC and other brands

How Do I Choose the Best Powerdock?

In this age and time when technology is going nuclear and science is bridging the gap between man and the universe at breakneck speed, it wouldn’t be a wonder if we are able to draw electricity right out of thin air to charge up our devices. But until then, we’d still have to rely on good old AC and power outlets to get the charging job done. Granted, you may have a solar powered mobile charger but they’re mostly limited to charging at most a couple of devices at once and they also come with the option of recharging via an electrical outlet.

Let’s face it, more often than not we need an electrical power outlet to juice up our devices.

Now that we’ve established that fact, how best do you manage charging your devices? A person can have up to 4 active devices that will need constant charging so you can stay connected to the world and your work. Now, taking that to the home front, an average family can have up to 10 fully functional devices at one time and each comes with a power cable. These power cables and adapters can become an unsightly clutter on the table and may pose a veritable source of frustration when you’re racing against time trying to sort out the right cable for your device to get it plugged up before it powers down.

What to do? Get a power dock. Simple.

A power dock makes charging up your devices a lot simpler and organized, you wouldn’t have to go through the stress of trying to sort through tangled cords just to get your smart phone, smartwatch or tablet plugged in and charging. A typical power dock comes with multiple USB charging ports and a couple or more of AC sockets for easy and convenient connection of devices. Some of them are even totally wireless. Imagine the joy of wirelessly docking your compatible device on a power dock without the hassles of cords and cables. And if you’re so much after the organization of your table surface, an organizer-style power dock will not only efficiently charge your device, but will also safely hold them in place so you can have more room on the table.

You may wonder if a normal power strip cannot perform the same function as the power dock, seeing as both will allow you plug in and charge your device. Well, a power strip can be used to plug in lots of other household appliances apart from mobile and communication devices and as such, will present even a more confusing and annoying tangle of cables to sort through. Besides, a power dock looks sleeker and in most cases, are quite portable so you can take them anywhere with you.

Before you make your choice of a power dock though, there are some factors that you should carefully consider and take note of. Things like the UL certification, number of ports and form factor are vital factors that you should carefully check out. Others include the port amperage and the price of the desired power dock. We’ll be looking at these features shortly so just stay with us.
As with all electrical gadgets, how secure, or safe the gadget is should be of paramount importance when shopping for the right one. In the case of a power dock, its UL certification indicates whether the power dock is safe or not and you’d just as soon pay more for a safe product than risking it with some of the cheap power docks with no UL certification that may end up destroying your device or your home.

Most power docks fall within the price range of $25 to $60 and some high-end ones are known to cost as much as $660. Our featured products are chosen to give you and your devices the best performance at prices that are affordable. Chosen from reliable brands, we ensured that you can get a quality power dock no matter your budget so you don’t end up with a mediocre item. So, just sit back and read on, while we unveil what we have for you.
There are several factors that should be on your checklist once you’re out shopping for a power dock and once you’ve had these factors checked out and ticked, you’re sure to be on your way to picking out the perfect power dock for your devices.
These factors include:
  • Form factor of the power dock
  • Number of ports
  • UL certification
  • Port amperage
  • Additional features
Construction and Design
As earlier stated, the safety feature or safe usage of any electrical gadget or appliance is a paramount consideration when shopping for such items. You wouldn’t want to risk a fire outbreak due to a faulty or substandard electrical product and when such electrical gadget is to be used with some of your really high-end and expensive devices, you’d want to be extremely careful when checking out its safety.

In the case of a power dock, the UL (Underwriters Laboratory) certification is the standard of safety. Any power dock without UL certification is not worth the time or trouble of looking it over. For a power dock to be certified, it must have met with the required manufacturing standard, safety checks and measures put into place by the appropriate bodies to safeguard consumers. It also ensures the power dock is energy-efficient both in consumption and output.

The form factor refers to the type in which the power dock manufacturers present or design their power docks. There are basically 3 design forms of a power dock – corded hubs, wall chargers and organizers.

Corded hubs are the most preferred form because of its flexibility in terms of placement. A corded hub has an extension cable that tethers the power dock to the power outlet thus making it possible to place the dock itself on a table or any other preferred surface within easy reach.

A wall charger on the other hand, is like a big transformer that plugs straight into a wall socket and then lets you plug in your devices on the available ports. It has no extension cable which means less flexibility and even less number of cords to deal with. The organizer-style chargers are often bulkier, with spaces or racks where your devices can rest while they charge. This type can accommodate devices of different sizes and types and can also be used as a file holder.

The next factor to consider, which perhaps is the most obvious of all, is the number of ports that is available on the power dock. Here also, you should consider the number of, if any, AC sockets that are available. Power docks are known to have multiple ports but the number varies depending on the manufacturer. Whatever be the case, it’s always advisable to go for the power dock with a few more ports than your current need. This is to make provisions for future additions to your device collection so you don’t end up having to look for a supplementary power dock down the line.
Performance and Ease of Use
Just like many products in its category, the power dock has a plug-and-play design that does not require any setting up or pre-charging before using. Once you plug in the power dock into a power outlet, you can then start connecting your devices. Using the power dock is quite easy, some of them even have light indicators to show when a device is properly connected and charging and also to indicate if there’s a malfunction somewhere.

Different ports on a power dock have varying amperage (power) outputs that determine how quick your device gets charged. Standard port amperages range from 1A to 2.1A and up to 2.4A and although most smart devices can comfortably charge on a low amperage port, devices with high battery requirements like new tablets will take long to charge fully on a low amperage port. This means that you’ll have to check the amperage on the power dock ports to ensure you have a mix of both high and low amperages so you can efficiently charge your tablets and smartphones.

Some power docks are designed to charge some specific devices like having a micro USB port for micro USB chargers of high-end apple products while a good number of power docks on the other hand, feature the universal USB ports that is compatible with most devices.

You should be careful in choosing your power dock so you get one with ports that are compatible with the devices that you have, otherwise you may end up with a product that you cannot use.

Some power docks may feature ports with special fast charge circuits designed to leverage on several fast charge technologies currently available to enable you charge up your device in no time. Others have a wireless docking feature in addition to the ports and adapter sockets to let you connect your wireless-charge enabled device on it.

Get the Best Powerdock of 2023!

Now that you’ve come to the end of this review, we hope you’ll take the final step and place an order for the best power dock that will be most suitable for you. Thanks for reading.

Our Top Choice
Satechi 7-Port USB Charging Station Dock
Best Value
Great Useful Stuff Multi-Device Charging Station
Griffin Technology Multidock Station
Avantree Desktop USB Charging Station
Emie Bento Smart Charging Station