Best Pre Seasoned Skillet Reviews 2022

‘A hungry man is an angry man’ so the old adage goes. The kitchen is one of the most frequented rooms in the house as people seek to get rid of their hunger pangs. For this reason the kitchen needs to be equipped with the right appliances, and among these there must also be a pre-seasoned skillet that allows for multi-functional cooking. Having gone through a wide range of products from some of the best pre-seasoned skillet brands, we narrowed our list down to 5 that’ll be of great interest to you.
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Our Top Choice
Universal Housewares Pre-Seasoned Skillet Set
Having prospered in the cast iron industry since 1842, Universal Housewares has edged a name for itself as a worthwhile manufacturer of all sorts of kitchen products.
Made of a material that retains heat and allows even cooking. It’s scratch-resistant and oven safe at any temperature. It doesn’t peel, warp or react.
These skillets are hard to clean.
Vegetable oil seasoning
2.8’’x 14’’ x 13.2’’; 10 pounds
Cast Iron
Handle & helper handles
Best Value
T-fal Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet
With a presence in over 120 countries, T-fal is among the leading manufacturers of non-stick cookware in the world.
Boasts of a pouring spout that allows for the easy emptying of contents. It’s not only oven safe up to 600 degrees but efficiently retains and conducts the heat.
Its wide surface may require you to use a little more oil when cooking.
Vegetable oil seasoning
19.7’’ x 13’’ x 2.5’’; 9 pounds
Cast Iron
Handle with thumb rest
King Kooker Cast Iron Pre-Seasoned Skillet
King Kooker is a reputable name in outdoor cooking appliances for over 30 years.
Has an insulated long handle with two side helpers for easy handling as you cook. Comes with a pouring spout on the side for easy transfer of contents.
Not ideal for cooking small amounts of food due to its huge size.
Ultra-heated seasoning
24’’x 3.1’’x 20.5’’; 25 pounds
Cast iron
5’’ Handle
Calphalon Cast Iron 12 Inch Pre-Seasoned Skillet
Since 1963, Calphalon has built a name for itself as the go-to kitchenware company with superb products that are designed to enhance your cooking experience.
Comes with large handles to help you lift it easily and safely. Has a nonstick pre-seasoned curved surface making cooking less cumbersome.
The surface is a little rough.
Vegetable oil seasoning
12.5’’x 2.5’’x 18’’; 6.8 pounds
Cast iron
Oversized Handle
Lodge Cast Iron Pre-Seasoned Skillet
Lodge is one of the oldest family owned cookware manufacturers in America with over 100 years experience in casting iron.
Firm handle and helper handle. Hole for hanging the skillet. Multi-functional: baking, sautéing, roasting, simmering, frying, etc.
It only has one helper handle.
Foundry Seasoning
7.8’’x 5.3’’x 1.8’’; 5.7 pounds
Cast iron
Firm Handle

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What is the Best Pre Seasoned Skillet?

Since you have an idea of what to look for when out shopping for an ideal pre-seasoned skillet, we believe you’re ready to make your pick. In this review you’ll find additional pointers to help you select the best pre-seasoned skillet for your culinary needs.
Our Top Choice
The Universal Housewares Cast Iron Pre-Seasoned Skillet Set includes three differently-sized skillets with non-stick surfaces. Are you looking for a skillet with a larger diameter and heavier casting than this? Then the Universal Housewares Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron 15 Inch Skillet is an ideal choice.

Universal Housewares Cast Iron 3 Piece Pre-Seasoned Skillet Set

Universal Housewares is one of the oldest names in the kitchenware business having provided the industry with quality precuts since 1942. They offer an incredible selection of meat choppers, food mills and much more cast iron cookware. Their aim is to help you bring those recipes to life by cooking tasty and well-cooked food. 15 years back, Universal Housewares made a worthwhile decision to add pre-seasoned cookware to its already impressive product line. Its products are known for their great value.

The Universal Housewares Cast Iron 3 Piece Skillet Set is pre-seasoned and coated with vegetable oil and baked at very high temperatures at the factory. Therefore, you’re assured of a natural and non-stick surface which is music to any cook or chef. The complete set, which comes in three pieces of varying diameters, is compatible with gas, electric as well as induction stoves.

The following are features of this product that’ll give you value for money:
  • Scratch, peel, warp as well as stain resistant
  • Round shaped which allows for even cooking
  • Has a solid construction of cast iron that is nonreactive
  • It can withstand temperatures of up to 500 Fahrenheit
  • Has cast iron helper handles that give you a firm grip
  • It’s oven safe thus can be used for baking and grilling
  • It’s PFOA and PTFE free
  • This skillet set comes with a one year limited warranty
Best Value
The T-fal Pre-Seasoned Nonstick Durable Cast Iron Skillet is available in 4 sizes and has an extra long handle and two helper side handles with a thumb rest making handling the pan a walk in the park Do you prefer a square shape rather than this round shaped skillet? Then you’ll love the E96440 Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Square Grill Pan, which measures an even 10 inches across.

T-fal E83407 Pre-Seasoned Nonstick Durable Cast Iron Skillet/Fry Pan – Available in 4 Sizes and 2 Styles

T-fal prides itself with producing world class innovations that are custom made to address the diverse needs of consumers. It’s a leading manufacturer of pressure cookers, food and beverage appliances as well as electrical appliances. Since the T-fal management realize that the kitchen is one of the favorite rooms in the house, they provide recipes and the tools to carry them out.

The T-fal E83407 Pre-Seasoned Nonstick Durable Cast Iron Skillet is a great frying pan with a long handle as well as two side handlers that have a thumb rest making it easy to handle. With a one of a kind pouring spout, you won’t have a hard time emptying contents from it.

Some of the fantastic features that you will get with pre-seasoned skillet are:
  • Has superb heat retention as well as heat distribution
  • Is oven safe and heat up to 600 F
  • Is PFOA and Cadmium free
  • When grilling, it dresses up your steak or fish with fancy restaurant stripes
  • Has a sturdy construction to ensure the pan doesn’t warp or scratch
  • It’s compatible with various stove tops, ovens and even outdoor grills
  • Has seasoning that allows for easy release of contents
  • It’s durable cast iron surface is perfect for searing steak as well as chicken
The King Kooker Pre-Seasoned 20 Inch Cast Iron Skillet has a huge surface that’s sturdily constructed to allow for even distribution of heat without any cold spots. Are you looking for a pre-seasoned skillet that can comfortably fry smaller amounts of food? Then you’ll love the King Kooker CIFP15S Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet, which measures a more reasonable 15 inches.

King Kooker 20-inch Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

For over 30 years King Kooker has provided a wide range of dependable outdoor cooking appliances which are of remarkable quality. Its aim is to reign supreme in the world of outdoor cooking through its highly functional appliances. Whether you want to boil seafood or smoke a ham or even deep fry a turkey, King Kooker has you covered.

The King Kooker Pre-Seasoned 20 Inch Cast Iron Skillet comes with a 5-inch handle and two side helpers which allows you easy handling of the pan as you cook. The insulated handle protects your hand as you cook while the pouring sprout allows you to pour your food or cooking oil without spilling.

Below are some great features that come with this appliance:
  • Has a hole in the handle to allow you to hang it after use
  • Made of cast iron that evenly distributes heat
  • Comes ready for cooking
  • Its 3-inch depth allows for deep frying
  • Comes pre-seasoned and ready for use
The Calphalon Cast Iron 12 Inch Pre-Seasoned Skillet is built for traditional slow cooking methods with its wide surface that holds heat and keeps food warm even when serving. Do you prefer slow cooking on a flat appliance? We believe you’ll love the Calphalon Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Grill\/Griddle Combo. Get it now!

Calphalon 12-Inch Cast Iron Pre-Seasoned Skillet with Lifetime Warranty

Calphalon has risen from a small metal spinning company to one of the most sought after producers of quality kitchenware. With a wide range of cookware and bakeware, it seeks to transform your kitchen into an awesome culinary experience. Most recently they added a full line of state of the art cutlery with self-sharpening technology. Isn’t that just amazing?

The Calphalon Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron 12 Inch Skillet is made with the traditional slower cooking techniques in mind since it holds heat for a long time. With an oversized handle and little metal tabs for holding on to, this skillet is easy and safe to lift.

Below are some features that’ll give you value for money:
  • Has a pre-seasoned surface thus food does not stick
  • Can be used on gas, induction stove tops as well as on electric rings
  • It’s curved surface allows food to move around easily
  • Made of long lasting lightweight cast iron
  • Is oven as well as broiler safe
  • Comes with the trademark Calphalon Lifetime warranty
  • It’s easy to clean since nothing gets stuck on its curved edges
  • Has an excellent seasoned finish
  • Has a solid construction without any hot or cold spots
  • The surface is even and smooth allowing easy cooking
The Lodge 10.25-inch Cast Iron Skillet allows for even cooking and has superior heat retention so that your food is served hot. Prefer a square shaped grill with a ribbed bottom to allow for low fat cooking? Have a look at the Lodge Cast Iron Square Grill Pan, which is also pre-seasoned and measures at 10 inches across.

Lodge Cast Iron Pre-Seasoned Skillet – Available in 8 Sizes and 3 Styles

Founded by Joseph Lodge over a century ago, Lodge has continuously provided the market with remarkable products that adhere to high standards of quality. With an eco-friendly business model that’s propelled it to one of the best manufacturing companies in America, Lodge has bagged numerous awards for its professionalism and innovation. Its products are made of cast iron, enamel, stone or carbon steel. Lodge also provides the market with both outdoor and indoor accessories.

The Lodge 10.25-inch Cast Iron Skillet is foundry seasoned giving it an easy release surface and comes ready for you to use. This multi-functional cookware allows you to bake, sauté, simmer, roast and even fry your food to your heart’s content. It’s made of cast iron thus has good heat retention and distributes heat evenly.

Here are some more great features of this pre-seasoned skillet:
  • Can be used on a variety of heat sources such as gas, induction stoves as well as on a grill
  • Has two large handles for easy lifting
  • Comes with two side lips for easy pouring of contents
  • Has a large non-stick surface
  • Available in 8 sizes and 3 different styles
  • Comes with a stylish black look that is well finished
  • Made in an eco-friendly way thus does not have dangerous fumes
  • Can withstand high temperatures when cooking
  • Its handle has a hole for hanging after use
  • Its smooth surface is easy to clean without much scrubbing

How Do I Choose the Best Pre Seasoned Skillet?

Your parents in law are in town for a friend’s wedding and they inform you that they’ll first stop over your place for brunch. You decide to wow them with a simple meal of omelets, grilled salmon and a bowl of mixed veggies. You pull out that old frying pan and get busy. Two hours later, with burnt fingers and a long face, you serve burnt cold eggs and half-cooked salmon to your starving parents in law. If only you had bought a pre-seasoned skillet the last time you went shopping!

Your modern day kitchen may have the latest self sharpening chef knife or even a state of the art gas oven but without a pre-seasoned skillet, it’s incomplete. Skillets that are pre-seasoned pass through intense temperatures during manufacturing, which not only gives them a nice finish but also ensures that they allow for even distribution of heat when cooking.

Some of the factors to have in mind in order to get the best pre-seasoned skillet out there are: the material used in construction of the skillet as well as the type of handles on the skillet. Go for a pre-seasoned skillet made of a material that heats up fast and evenly distributes the heat. Ensure that the skillet has a firm, long handle and it wouldn’t hurt if it also had a side helper or two for that matter.

Once you get yourself a pre-seasoned skillet, you can be sure your guests will leave nothing untouched on the fine dining dinnerware you laid in front of them.
You don’t have to break the bank to get yourself this essential kitchen appliance. With between $25 and $85, you’ll be in a prime position to secure an ideal pre-seasoned skillet that’s made of quality material a nice smooth finish. Depending on the size of the skillet, you may find those that have a large non-stick surface a bit costly. Pre-seasoned skillets that allow for heat retention are pricier than those that get cold once you switch off the heat source.

If you’re shopping on tight budget, you can get a cheap pre-seasoned skillet that’s made of cast iron but may lack helpful features such as a pouring spout as well as side handles to help lift the skillet easily and safely. All in all, adding a pre-seasoned skillet to your kitchen will be worth every penny.
So, what should you look out for when shopping for a pre-seasoned skillet? Here are some important features to consider:
  • Type – To season skillets can either be subjected to intense heat or coated using vegetable oil. Is the seasoning used chemical-free?
  • Dimensions –What is the diameter of the skillet surface? How deep is the skillet? Is the depth ideal for deep or shallow frying?.
  • Material - Most pre-seasoned skillets are made of cast iron due to even heating capacity as well as its heat distribution capability.
  • Handles– The handles should be firm and of good length to allow for easy handling. Does the skillet have side handle helpers to further aid its safe handling of the skillet?
  • Shape– A curved shape is better because it allows you to easily move food as you cook. Such a shape is also easier to clean than sharp-edged shapes.
Construction and Design
Most pre-seasoned skillets have a round shape allowing for the distribution of heat from the middle point through the base surface towards the sidewalls. The bottom of the pan has a flat surface which in some skillets is seasoned to make it non-stick so that it’s easy to push or slide the food around.

The pre-seasoned skillets come with handles whose length varies between brands, with some having a 5-inch handle. Side helper handles are common in skillets to help you easily and safely handle the pan. An extra feature in some designs is the pouring spout, which allows you to easily pour out your contents.

Using cast iron to make skillets not only gives them a solid construction but also makes them resistant to scratching, peeling, warping or even staining. Some skillets may feature a red button at the button that lights up when to indicate how hot the skillet is.
Performance and Ease of Use
The performance of your skillet greatly depends on the craftsmanship of the cast iron. Skillets whose cast iron has been subjected to very high temperatures not only have a nice finish but also a sturdy build. Allowing for heat retention as well as even heat distribution makes a skillet perform better.

Pre-seasoned skillets come ready to use and don’t require you to season them any further. Some skillets continue to season the more you continue to use them. Skillets are easy to clean due to their smooth surface and don’t require much scrubbing. Some skillets have a hole in their handles to allow you to hang them to dry when they’re not in use.

Get the Best Pre Seasoned Skillet of 2022!

It is our hope that you found this review of the 5 best pre-seasoned skillets insightful, and better yet that you zeroed in on a particular product that meets your requirements. In case you’re not fully satisfied with these products, check out the many other pre-seasoned skillets from these reputable brands.

Our Top Choice
Universal Housewares Pre-Seasoned Skillet Set
Best Value
T-fal Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet
King Kooker Cast Iron Pre-Seasoned Skillet
Calphalon Cast Iron 12 Inch Pre-Seasoned Skillet
Lodge Cast Iron Pre-Seasoned Skillet