Best Pre Workout Drink Reviews 2023

When it comes to working out, you get what you put in. Some days, whether you're tired, stressed or just not feeling it, it's hard to get up the energy for a great workout. If this speaks to you, we have good news: a great pre-workout drink has the energizing power to send you into hyper drive so you can make the most of every workout session. Moreover, in order to help you find the right one, we've looked at 5 of the best pre-workout drink brands and chosen some of their products for a variety of workouts and lifestyles.

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Our Top Choice
Cellucor C4 Preworkout RTD
This pre-workout ready-to-drink supplement provides explosive energy and mental focus – no surprise coming from the maker of America's #1 pre-workout shakes.
Top pre-workout brand. Zero Sugar. Low calorie. 2g carbs. Amino acids for superior endurance. Great taste.
This pre-workout has a flavor some customers didn’t really care for.
RTD (ready to drink)
Beta Alanine & Arginine Nitrate
8 per serving
3 flavors
12 10-oz. bottles
Best Value
Evlution Nutrition ENGN Pre-workout Powder
Evlution specializes in innovative blends including the best energizing and recovery ingredients. This advanced formula of compounds and vitamins helps you to workout at your peak.
Complex blend including creatine, amino acids, caffeine, vitamin b12. Promotes weight loss.
Overuse can disrupt sleep patterns, but average users had no problems sleeping.
7 flavors
30 per container
Legion Pulse Pre-Workout Powder
Legion's commitment to the science behind fitness supplements comes through in this clinically proven and effective pre-workout powder.
Clinically proven energizing ingredients. All natural – no jitters or other side effects. Ideal for men and women.
Some users don't like the taste as much as our other choices.
Citrulline DL-Malate&Beta Alanine
5 per serving
4 flavors
21 per container
Cytomax Fast Twitch RTD Energy Drink
Cytomax specializes in athletic supplements to help athletes achieve their peak performance and physical condition. Fast twitch uses a powerful nitric oxide matrix to get you moving on the court and in the gym.
Powerful nitric oxide matrix. 200mg caffeine for wakeful energy. Can be used pre-workout or during.
Be cautious that this drink is quite high in caffeine.
RTD (ready to drink)
Nitric Oxide Matrix
3 flavors
12 16.9-oz bottles
CalNaturale Svelte Natural RTD Shake
CalNaturale is passionate about wholesome, organic health foods. The Svelte nutritional shake makes it easy to energize your workout while maintaining overall health and gaining muscle.
USDA Organic. High protein. Low sugar. 20% daily fiber. Organic carbohydrates for sustained energy. Vegan. Dairy free.
Not as much energizing power as non-organic alternatives.
RTD (ready to drink)
Organic Soymilk
180 per serving
5 flavors
8 11-oz. bottles

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What is the Best Pre Workout Drink?

The brands we've chosen are recognized for their excellence in health and fitness products. However, if you’re not impressed by our choices, these brands have a host of other products, and eventually you’ll definitely get what you’re looking for.
Our Top Choice
C4 on the Go mixes amino acids, caffeine and other compounds for a quick, explosive burst of energy to carry you through your most intense workouts. If you prefer a powder supplement, check out America's #1 pre-workout supplement, Cellucor C4.

Cellucor C4 On The Go Preworkout Drink – 12 Pack, Ready to Drink, 0 Sugar, 8 Calories

Cellucor is the maker of America's #1 pre-workout powder – C4. Their award-winning products combine proven results with well-rounded ingredient lists and satisfying flavors. C4 on the Go contains the same energizing compounds as the best-selling C4 powder but offers the convenience of a bottled drink you can take to the gym.

Let's see what's special about C4 on the Go.
  • This zero sugar, low-calorie drink lets you fuel your workout without overloading calories or bloating.
  • Amino acids keep your muscles strong through the most intense workouts so you can go the distance.
  • Arginine nitrate keeps blood moving to your muscles to empower your reps.
  • Caffeine gives you a wakeful mood and focused mind, so you're in the right mindset for an intense workout.
  • Cellucor is well known for delicious taste, as many users can attest.
Cellucor's C4 on the Go RTD comes in fruit punch, icy blue razz (raspberry) and watermelon flavors.
Best Value
This pre-workout powder features an extensive blend of advanced ingredients to get your blood pumping and maximize your workout. If you're looking to slim down, try Evlution Trans4orm powder, which is specially designed to burn off fat as you work out.

Evlution Nutrition Engine Pre-workout Mix – Available in Multiple Flavors

Evlution excels in results and value – they offer a wide range of proven supplements along with apparel and accessories for their passionate community of athletes. ENGN is specifically designed to increase focus and power so you can easily get into a challenging workout any time of the day or week.

The formula for Engine powder has three major groups of compounds and vitamins. Let's see what each group can do for your workout.
  • The first group of ingredients, including caffeine and huperzine A, make up the "mind-to-muscle complex". These ingredients boost concentration, support wakeful mental activity and let you achieve maximum performance.
  • The next group, which Evlution calls the "strength and endurance elements," includes beta alanine, creatine and betaine. This group reduces muscular fatigue, supports muscle energy, decreases recovery time and empowers quick-burst power.
  • The final group, called the vitamin complex, includes niacin, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. These essential vitamins help your body metabolize carbs to produce more energy.
ENGN powder comes in blue raz, watermelon, green apple, fruit punch, furious grape, orange dream and cherry limeade.
Legion Pulse is packed with ingredients that are individually, clinically proven to boost workout intensity and mental focus. If you need energy after your workout and want to recover faster, check out Legion's Recharge Post-workout supplement.

Legion Pulse Pre Workout – All Natural, Clinically Proven, Performance Boost

Legion uses real science to put powerful ingredients into effective products for extreme performance. Pulse is designed with caffeine and proven amino acids for greater energy boosts. Legion backs up its claims with sources from peer-reviewed articles, so you know they’ve done their homework.

Let's take a closer look at the science behind Pulse Pre-Workout.
  • 350mg of caffeine per serving is clinically proven to provide a wakeful state and increase ongoing endurance.
  • Along with the caffeine, 350mg of theanine – an amino acid found in tea – is proven to reduce stress, improve blood flow and increase focus & mood.
  • Next up is citrulline malate, another amino acid. This supplement relieves sore muscles and boosts aerobic performance.
  • The next two amino acids, ornithine and beta-alanine, reduce that tired feelings you get after (and sometimes during) your workout.
  • Finally, the commonly used amino acid betaine, found in plants, stimulates growth hormones and increases strength for seriously improved workouts.
  • Pulse uses no artificial sweeteners, flavors or fillers – everything is naturally made and naturally flavored.
Pulse Pre-workout comes in fruit punch, grape, green apple and watermelon flavors.
Cytomax Fast Twitch RTD is a convenient way to get your body and mind ready for an intense workout – featuring a powerful nitric oxide matrix and caffeine. For more control over what goes in your pre-workout, try Cytomax Fast Twitch Powder.

Cytomax Fast Twitch Pre-Workout Shake – Nitric Oxide, Caffeinated

Cytomax, partnered with top athletic brands like Muscle Milk, is dedicated to powerful performance enhancers to fuel your game or make the most of your workouts. Cytomax's Fast Twitch is specially designed to provide a quick and convenient boost to your energy levels so you can start your workout strong.

Let's take a closer look.
  • Fast Twitch features an innovative, power nitric oxide matrix for fast-acting energy boosting.
  • 200mg of caffeine wakes you up and gets you in the mood for an intense workout.
  • Convenient resealable sports bottle is ideal for taking on runs and to the gym.
  • Fast Twitch can be used as a pre-workout to get in the zone or to refuel during your workout like a sports drink.
Cytomax Fast Twitch comes in blue raspberry, fruit punch and grape flavors.
Svelte organic protein shakes offer all-around nutrition, organic carbohydrates and dense proteins so you can naturally achieve your greatest physique ever. Can't choose a single flavor? Try the Svelte Variety Pack and find your favorite flavor!

CalNaturale Svelte Organic Protein Shake – USDA Organic, Vegan, Dairy free

CalNaturale is passionate when it comes to wholesome health products, which is why they create organic alternatives for chemical workout supplements. Svelte provides essential daily nutrients along with natural body fuel like protein and fiber.

Let's take a closer look.
  • Svelte is USDA certified organic. That means you can be sure there's no mysterious chemicals entering your body – the ingredients are naturally full of necessary nutrients.
  • 11 grams of protein keeps your muscles fed and able to regrow stronger than before.
  • Svelte contains 20% of your daily fiber – necessary for all healthy lifestyles.
  • Organic carbohydrates provide long-lasting energy so you can tackle any challenges that lie ahead.
  • This creamy shake is vegan and dairy free so anyone can enjoy it.
These creamy wholesome shakes come in chocolate, French vanilla, cappuccino, spiced chai and banana crème.

How Do I Choose the Best Pre Workout Drink?

Are you hitting the gym and can’t see any significant results? Or are you the type of person that really wants to hit the gym but feels too weak to do so? Whichever category you fall into, you’re either lacking in critical nutrients, or you don’t have the required energy to push and work your body. That’s why you need to get yourself a pre-workout drink.

These drinks give you the necessary nutrients to help you lose fat and gain muscle. You got that right. Use them for a month, and you’ll be looking forward to picking up your gym bag every morning to enhance your new look. With a pre-workout drink you also gain the energy that’ll motivate you to start an exercise routine. Just don’t get too excited and start lifting weights that are beyond your capabilities. Instead, simply get yourself a knowledgeable, experienced trainer and a pair of good exercise gloves and you won’t regret a thing.

Now get one of these amazing drinks and start your workout program. Just don’t forget to carry a sports water bottle with you. Work-outs are no joke! You’re guaranteed to lose lots of water, so make sure you replenish your fluids pronto!
Looking to stay healthy and turn heads with your looks? If your answer is yes, as it most probably is, then the price of a pre-workout drink shouldn’t really be an issue. But to make your shopping easier, just know that they sell from between $10 and $55. Quite affordable, right? But you’re still probably wondering, what is it that you get from a more expensive pre-workout drink that’s not available in the cheaper options?

Well, for starters, cheap pre-workout drinks have a lower blend of nutrients. That’s why it’s advisable to go for a pricier one as the nutritional value you get in one drink compensates for the extra dollars spent. The pricier ones also have a higher energy concentration, which actually makes them cheaper in the long run because you drink less and yet get a very high energy level.

Make the right choice and go for one that best serves your needs, while giving you value for your dollars.
We understand that it’s the drive to gain muscle and workout energy that’s driving your need to purchase a pre-workout drink. But that’s not all there is to it.

Below are some of other important features that you might want to put into consideration before you make the purchase.
  • Type – They come in either powder form or packaged as ready to drink
  • Ingredients – Depending on the nutrients you’re looking for, they come in a variety of nutrients from caffeine to creatine
  • Calories – They have varying calorie levels per serving, though there are also those that contain no calories
  • Flavors – They come in different flavors, but most range between 3 and 7 flavors
  • Servings – The servings are different, but they mainly range between 8 and 30
Construction and Design
Depending on how much time you have before beginning your exercise routine, you may either go for a powder pre-workout drink, or for a ready-to-drink one. If you work out just before going to work, when time is limited, then the ready-to-drink one may best serve your needs. However, if you intend to hit the gym after work or other free times such as weekends, then you may go for the powder one. This way, you get to enjoy the excitement of mixing the powder that’ll soon become the most valuable commodity of your workout routine.

Something else you may want to look out for is the ingredients of the pre-workout drink. Your choice should be driven by your health as well as the objectives you want to achieve in the gym. We especially advise you to pay attention to the ingredients because there are people who may react negatively to some of those in certain pre-workout drinks. For instance, if you’re diabetic, you may want to stay away from one that contains caffeine as an ingredient. On the same note, if you wish to gain body mass, then choosing one that has creatine as an ingredient wouldn’t be a bad idea at all.

The same concept applies to the calorie levels available in a pre-workout drink. If you’re looking to build body mass, then you may want to go for one that has a higher calorie level. However, if you’re overweight, then it’s wise to go for one that has minimal calories, otherwise your exercise routine won’t achieve much.
Performance and Ease of Use
We all have different tastes when it comes to the flavors of the things we consume. Coming in a range of between 3 to 7 flavors, pre-workout drinks give you the leeway to make a choice that best suits you. Whichever flavor you choose is fully dependent on what soothes your tongue, and that’s something that a surprising number of these drinks provides!

One more thing to consider is the number of servings you get from a pre-workout drink. This is dependent on your weight, as you may need bigger servings if you’re a bigger person, and the extremity of your workouts. If you’re a massive power-builder, for example, naturally you may need to imbibe more than if you’re merely going for a light run.

Get the Best Pre Workout Drink of 2023!

Different ingredients work differently for different people, so choosing a pre-workout mix is definitely a matter of preference. Still, the best and most positively reputed pre-workout drinks are much likelier to offer effective ways of boosting your exercise. These brands are experts with years of experience and tested results – you can't go wrong by trying one.

Our Top Choice
Cellucor C4 Preworkout RTD
Best Value
Evlution Nutrition ENGN Pre-workout Powder
Legion Pulse Pre-Workout Powder
Cytomax Fast Twitch RTD Energy Drink
CalNaturale Svelte Natural RTD Shake