Best Pressure Washer Reviews 2023

Owning a pressure washer can make life in and around your home easier. Pressurized water from these units blast the dirtiest and ugliest contaminations without much ado. They are available in electric and gas types with a variety of accessories and power capacities for home, semi-professional and professional chores. In order to help you choose the right power washer for your needs, our researchers scoured the internet and came up with 5 of the best pressure washer brands. We’ve picked a great product from each to give you a sampling of what these multi-purpose, versatile machines can do. Beautifying your living space was never this easy!
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Flow Rate
Power Type
Hose Length
Water Output
Our Top Choice
Generac 6922 2800PSI 2.4GPM Gas Pressure Washer
Highly reliable with maximum cleaning capabilities and ease of usage. Tough tires for rugged terrain and large shaft engine make this suitable for all kinds of cleaning chores.
Compact for storage. Ergonomic spray gun with comfy cushion grip. Easy to assemble. Nozzle tips easy to adjust and change. Easy maneuverability.
Does not come with a PSI regulator. Some reports that customer support is a little low on response.
2800 pounds per square inch
2.4 gallons per minute
Gas powered
25 feet high pressure hose
Cold water output (0º to 40º)
Best Value
Snow Joe/Sun Joe Pressure Joe SPX3000 Electric Pressure Washer
The CSA approved Pressure Joe is one of Amazon’s best sellers because of its performance, power and versatility.
Safety switch. Dual detergent tank system. Hose and cord holder. Powerful motor with trigger gun holder. Quiet.
No hose heel. Fragile hose connector may cause leaks. Pump cannot be adjusted for the water pressure.
2030 pounds per square inch
1.76 gallons per minute
Electric - 120V
20 feet high pressure hose
Cold water output (0º to 40º)
Simpson PowerShot Honda GX200 Gas Pressure Washer
Powerful, extremely compact, easy to set-up, load and transport. Perfect for professional grade contractors and serious DIY’ers. This model is available in 3 different power levels
High quality components for rigorous cleaning gigs in harsh environments. High pressure nozzle for greater impact. Easy to start. Durable cast iron cylinder. Available in 3800 and 4200 PSI versions.
Tested at factory, so may contain minimal residual fuel or odor. Some reports of low pressure performance at times.
3200 pounds per square inch
2.8 gallons per minute
Gas powered
25 feet very high pressure hose
Cold water output (0º to 40º)
Karcher K5 Premium Electric Pressure Washer
High power pressure washer, delivers maximum cleaning experience in minimal time. Water cooled induction motor with longer life.
Patented induction motor which is water cooled. Patented Dirtblaster spray wand ideal for most onerous cleaning chores. Onboard detergent tank. Ability to switch pressure without changing nozzles.
Cheaper options available with similar features.
2000 pounds per square inch
1.4 gallons per minute
Electric 120V
25 feet high pressure hose
Cold water output
AR North America AR118 Blue Clean Power Washer (Electric)
AR North America specializes in pressure washers. This model, from their B-line is extremely portable and provides a great value for the money.
Very capable for average residential purposes. Automatic safety valve at pump head with pressure shut off. Water filter adapter. Adjustable spray head.
Low pressure rate suitable for light duty cleaning.
1500 pounds per square inch
1.5 gallons per minute
Electric 120V
20 feet pressure hose
Cold water output

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What is the Best Pressure Washer?

Now that we have a good understanding of some of the important factors to look for when buying a pressure washer, it’s time to take a look at our five recommendations. Each one is from a brand that is know for quality, reliability and great performance.
Our Top Choice
The Generac 6922 pressure washer gives you utmost cleaning performance and maximized reliability. Conveniently located controls, powerful liquid flow and easy to assemble hose and accessory connections make it ideal for all kinds of cleaning chores. For those looking to make a professional statement, go for the Generac 3100PSI 2.8GPM, better suited for commercial usage.

Generac Portable Pressure Washer – Gas Powered, 2800 PS1, 2.4 GPM, Ergonomic Handle, On-board Detergent Tank

Generac specializes in outdoor power equipment. Their products serve a wide range of consumers – do-it-yourselfers and professionals alike. The Generac 6922 Gas Powered Pressure Washer comes with a powerful OHV horizontal shaft engine and easy to access axial cam pump. At $299.00 MSRP, you get maximum cleaning power, reliability and a compact unit ideal for undertaking cleaning everything including patios, decks and driveways. The user friendly design ensures that you are able to assemble, mobilize and connect hoses to clean longer and more stubborn surfaces.

The 40-degree, 25-degree, 0-degree quick change and dedicated soap dispensing nozzle tips make the unit ideal to clean a majority of surfaces. The nozzles are easy to attach, reducing the downtime between different cleaning chores. The cushion grip and convenient to pull trigger also allow for imporved comfort and reduced fatigue while working.

The power washer comes with a 25 foot high pressure hose, connecting back of the spray gun. The gun is powered by Generac OHV horizontal shaft engine. The horizontal engine ensures that the pump is located well above the ground at the same level of the engine. This provides for easy hose connection. The pump and engine are balanced over the axle for maximised manoeuvrability.
Some other highlights of the unit include:
  • An integrated half inch gallon detergent storage tank
  • Ergonomic spray gun
  • Oversized 10” never flat tires for better mobility/li>
  • On, Off, Fuel Shutoff and Choke controls located in a single location
  • First engine oil supply is provided
  • 2 year limited warranty
Construction and Design
As a homeowner, there are times when you face some of those more difficult cleaning tasks when you might wonder whether would be better off investing in a higher priced commercial grade pressure washer – or simply pay a professional to do it. The Generac 280PSI pressure washer bridges this gap with its specially built overhead valve engines for your comfort.

The orientation of the engine is horizontal with a fuel capacity of 3L. There is a dedicated fuel shutdown switch which controls the fuel flow while the engine operates with fixed throttle control. The 2800PSI comes with a half gallon chemical tank for detergent solution which is dispensed separately from the soap dispensing nozzle. Apart from this, the unit also has 0-degree, 25-degree and 40-degree quick snap nozzles for easy assembling. The spray gun is ergonomic with an M22 gun to lance and gun to hose attachments.
Performance and Ease of Use
Built with the intention of comfort of usage, this residential pressure washer has user friendly design. The construction is a steady built with a steel frame, with never-flat 10” wheels for enhanced mobility, regardless of the terrain. The handle is fixed with a cushion grip for ease of use and an ergonomic spray gun. You can control the easy-to-pull trigger with minimum effort, reducing fatigue.
Best Value
Performance. Reliability. Power. Versatility. The Sun Joe SPX3000 electric pressure washer delivers all it takes for a best selling power unit to deliver. Looking for something high end? Go for Sun Joe SPX3001 which comes equipped with a hose heel as well.

Sun Joe Pressure Washer by Snow Joe - 14.5-Amp Electric, 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM, Quick-Connect Spray tips, Dual Detergent Tanks

Sun Joe and Snow Joe's specialty lies in innovative power tools and equipments for outdoors. Their expansive line includes manual, electric and cordless tools and equipment. The Pressure Joe Electric Pressure Washer, with its powerful 1800 watt motor, lets you undertake a variety of cleaning tasks. The unit generates up to 2030PSI of flow pressure for maximum cleaning capability.

It comes with dual detergent tanks, thus, helping you conveniently switch between different solutions to clean a variety of surfaces. The unit also has a 34 inch extension spray wand, in case you want clean taller or hard to access structures. The rear wheels offer for smooth maneuver and easy portability. The makers have also provided with five quick snap-on nozzles -- 0 degree, 15 degree, 25 degree, 40 degree and a soap dispensing nozzle.

Some additional features include:
  • Total Stop System (TSS) - A safety switch for automatic pump shut down when trigger is disengaged.
  • 20 feet long high pressure hose
  • Hose and Cord Holder
  • CSA Approved
  • 2 year warranty
Construction and Design
One of the many great benefits of Sun Joe SPX3000 is its lightweight design. Because of this, it is easy to maneuver around and gives you great portability.

The Wobble Plate Piston pump of the unit allows for an inlet pressure of 0.7MPa with a capability of up to 40 degree cold water. There is an automated safety switch which shuts the pump off whenever trigger is not connected. This saves energy and prolongs the pump life. The 2030PSI pressure washer comes with two 0.9L chemical tanks for detergent solutions dispensed separately from the soap dispensing nozzle. Apart from this, the unit also has 0-degree, 15-degree, 25-degree and 40-degree quick snap nozzles for easy assembling and taking on light, medium and heavy duty cleaning tasks.

The unit includes a 34-inch extension wand with a 20 feet high pressure hose along with garden hose adaptor, needle cleanout tool and a 35 feet power cord with GFCI protection.
Performance and Ease of Use
This residential electric pressure washer can be assembled quickly to become your very own dirt and grime fighter. The construction is solid with tough rear wheels to provide easy portability. The handle is non-foldable and hence, provides a firm grip for taking on taller structures and those hidden spaces.
The Simpson PowerShot Honda GX200 gas pressure washer has been designed for the modern cleaning professionals. Easy to assemble, load and transport with a compact design and a powerful engine, this professional grade power washer is perfect for heavy duty cleaning and restorations. A little too above the budget band? Go for the Simpson MegaShot 3100 PSI Honda GC190 gas pressure washer for utmost cleaning in minimal investment.

Simpson Pressure Washer Powered by HONDA with AAA Triplex Pump – Professional Grade, Choose from 3 Power Level Options

Simpson Cleaning is a well-known name amongst the cleaning professionals. The pressure washers engineered by them specialize in handling grueling dirt and grime. The PowerShot comes with a commercial series Honda GX overhead valve engine, especially designed for optimum performance in the most rugged terrains. These engines are powered with AAA industrial triplex plunger pumps, ensuring you undertake the arduous of cleaning tasks.

The unit comes with a 25 feet very high liquid pressure hose which is non-marring as well as resistant to abrasion and kinks. The hose is equipped with M22 connectors. The accompanying wand comes with 5 quick snap nozzles tips of 0-degree, 15-degree, 25-degree and 40-degree along with a soap dispensing nozzle. There is also a siphon tube for applying detergent easily.

Other noticeable features available in the model are as follows:
  • Oil alert system shuts down engine if the level of oil is insufficient.
  • Forged brass pump head for longevity.
  • On board accessory storage
  • PowerBoost Technology (patent pending) provides very high pressure at the nozzle
  • 3 year warranty for engine and 5 year commercial limited warranty for the pumps included
The model we are featuring is the PS3228 which boasts 3200 pounds of pressure at 2.8 gallons per minute. If you need more power, you can go for either the PS3835 3800 PSI (3.5 GPM) or the PS4240H 4200 PSI (4 GPM).
Construction and Design
The PS3228-S is engineered for the experienced professionals; hence, the design is technically advanced. The engine, a Honda GX200 overhead valve is a 196cc, 4 stroke beast and is highly reliable and efficient. The cylinder is made of cast iron for a longer life and meets the CARB and EPA emission standards.

The engine is paired with the AAA Triplex Pump for maximized efficiency. The PowerBoost technology gives pressure at the end of the nozzle for greater impact on the surface being cleaned. The high pressure is withheld with a forged brass head and ceramic pistons for longevity. The pump is prevented from getting overheated by Thermal Relief System.
Performance and Ease of Use
To support the unit, the components are heavy gauge frames with a welded steel construction and attached with a solid steel axle. For better mobility and maneuver, this commercial pressure washer has been given 10 inch pneumatic tires, ideal for scaling all terrains.
The Karcher K5 Premium electric pressure washer tackles the most demanding jobs in half the time. The patented induction motor for the pressure washerand DirtBlaster spray wand keep grime and dirt at bay. However, if you’re looking for a smaller unit from the same makers, we recommend Karcher K2 Plus 1600 PSI 1.25 GPM Electric Power Pressure Washer.

Karcher K5 Premium Pressure Washer – Corded Electric Professional Grade Pressure Washer, 2000 PSI 1.5 GPM

Karcher North America is among the leading manufacturers of consumer, commercial and industrial cleaning equipment. The Karcher K5 Premium electric pressure power washer is the highest power unit from Karcher and is super light and comfortable to work with.

When plugged via its corded electric power source, the water cooled induction motor fitted with the Karcher N-Cor pump is capable of delivering a liquid pressure of up to 2000PSI. The Vario spray band, allows switching between high and low pressures, doing away with the need to switch the nozzles. There is also an onboard detergent tank included with the unit.

Other features of the unit include:
  • Non-corrosive, durable and maintenance free N-COR pump
  • Pressurized hose reel for convenient protection of the hose
  • Trigger Gun and Spray Wand Holder
  • 35 feet electric cord with GFCI
  • 2 year limited warranty
Construction and Design
The Karcher K5 premium has been designed for tackling tough jobs on the residential front. The 120V patented engine is water cooled induction motor, having a life 5 times longer than its peers. The patented DirtBlaster nozzle has a 0 degree pencil jet, rotating at 360 degrees for maximum dirt elimination, effectively increasing the cleaning action. The Vario Power Spray Wand lets you adjust the pressure between liquid and detergent application.

The unit has a robust and compact design which is supported by 7.7” high impact wheels, accompanied with a 35 feet GFCI power cord for easy portability.
Performance and Ease of Use
At 32 pounds, the Kercher K5 Premium is extremely lightweight and easy to carry around. The high pressure hose is thermoplastic so overheating will be in control. All your accessories can be safely stored in the onboard detergent holder or can be set in the trigger gun and spray wand holder.
The AR118 is super convenient and easy to use. The pressure washer can be carried around in hand. Plus, it is quite effective for undertaking light cleaning chores in and around the house. Need a bit more power? The AR383 provides 1900PSI and comes with a spray gun and two nozzle wants.

AR Blue Clean Hand Carry Electric Pressure Washer - Cold Water , 1,500 PSI 1.5 GPM

AR North America is the world’s largest pressure washer pumps manufacturer. The Blue Clean Power Washer AR118 is an handy cold pressure washer which comes equipped with dozens of useful features. At a list price of $99.99, buying this is a steal – especially when you consider that we found it on sale for less at Amazon when we did our research. The unit comes with a triplex plunger pump around an axial wobble plate. The universal electric motor is capable of producing a pressure of 1500PSI and a liquid flow of 1.5GPM.

The pressure washer has a water filter adapter, dispenser for foam soap and an adjustable spray head which has special fan settings. Other features include:
  • Wall storage brackets
  • Quick snap garden hose adapter
  • Onboard accessory storage
  • Total Stop System for auto power cut-off
  • Light weight
Construction and Design
The AR118 packs power in a mini form. The 1500PSI and 1.5GPM ensure that your cleaning task actually gets done. This is further emphasized with the presence of a 3 axial piston wobble pump. Despite the size, the induction motor inside is built to last. The rotary nozzle included with the unit can be adjusted for increasing or decreasing the pressure of water flow, making it versatile for a variety of cleaning chores. The unit is quite compact and does not take up a lot of space.
Performance and Ease of Use
Needless to say, at nearly 12 pounds, this may be the most comfortable of all its competitors in terms of ease of usage. The AR118 is inexpensive, high quality given the nature of cleaning jobs it is meant to perform and reasonably compact, making it a perfect package for low maintenance tasks.

How Do I Choose the Best Pressure Washer?

In the summertime, when the weather is hot, You can stretch right up and touch the sky..!” Mungo Jerry’s lyrics are so much the reflection of what the summer has to offer. After the harsh, cold winters and gloomy days of fall, come the much awaited summer breezes. However, as much poetic and song-worthy as the summers seem, they bring the equally annoying pollen, mud, mildew, dried grass clippings and greasy air pollution films. It becomes an Achilles’ heel to achieve outdoor maintenance. The right solution – a pressure washer!

Pressure washers are especially designed to handle tough cleaning jobs such as those hard to eliminate flaking and ugly blistered paint remnants, without sending shivers of horror going down your spine. There are also ones that have reduced pressure settings so that you can even use them to clean your vehicle, freeing it from stubborn stuff like sap and dead bugs with ease, so all you need to do is grab your handy dandy car vac and your car will sparkle like new. You might even find yourself smiling, with your favorite songs of summer cranked up while you are cleaning.

While you can rent one for cleaning at your local hardware store, at, we’d like to add a gentle suggestion. Buy one of your own! The reason is quite simple. You may need to perform maintenance more than once, so not only is it more cost efficient in this case, but you might find that that with this powerful tool, you do more than the big jobs – because it makes tasks like cleaning your driveway or sidewalk easier too (with better results than using a garden hose. Instead of spending again and again on renting a used one, make a onetime investment and get new one of your own.

When choosing a power washer, the first thing you need to do is to decide between the two main types of pressure washers, namely electric and gas models. Your maintenance and cleaning goals will pave the way for buying the right machine.
  • Electric Pressure Washers: These are excellent for light tasks such as cleaning vehicles, patio furniture and sidewalks, as well as the exterior of your home without damaging the paint. They are light-weight and less noisy than the gas models. Most electric power washers are fully automatic, which means that you can turn them on with a flip of a switch.
  • Gas Pressure Washers: These are ideal for bigger and much stubborn tasks of cleaning patios, whole exteriors and decks. Since you do not need to plug in a gas pressure washer into a power outlet, these offer better mobility as well. Most models have a manual crank for starting but some feature an electric starter as well.
Once you have determined which type is the best power washer for you, you will need to find a model with the features that you need, and that’s within your budget. Here are some things you need to consider when making your selecton.
Your purchase of a Pressure Washer solely depends on the kind of work you need to get done. Are you a novice looking to renovate your home and surroundings in your spare time or are you looking for something more professional? For these tasks, an electric pressure washer might be just right for you. But for that sore-in-the-eye dirty deck, you will need a gas pressure washer for the best results.

An affordable pressure washer can be easily procured for around $200. A professional grade one, on the other hand; will cost you over $1000. In our review, we are going to focus on pressure washers that are suited for around the house maintenance rather than commercial models, with a mix of both electric and gas powered pressure washers.
While reviewing a variety of pressure washers, we came across a number of features that could be the deciding factor for your purchase option. The first thing you need to consider is Liquid Handling Capability which is the extent to which a pressure washer will clean a surface. This depends upon a number of factors including:
  • Water Pressure: This is measured in Pounds per Square Inch (PSI). Water pressure needs to be higher for tougher surfaces.
  • Water Flow: This is measured in Gallons per Minute (GPM). The higher the water flow, the more impact it will have on the surface which needs to be cleaned.
  • Cleaning Units: The Cleaning Unit is the net product of Water Pressure times the Water Flow (PSIxGPM). The higher the value, the faster cleaning will occur.
As mentioned earlier, the type of pressure washer for you depends on the kind of work that you want to do. This means that you will need to take into consideration both the size of the machine as well as your level of use.
  • Home Level: The pressure washers in this category are quite economical, and are usually for the Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts. The best choice in this category is the electric pressure washer with a PSI of around 1300-1900. These are equipped with a consumer grade engine and pump.
  • Semi-Professional: The semi-pro pressure washers are an ideal choice for most consumers. They bridge the gap between home and professional level washers, and are equipped with professional grade pumps and consumer engines or vice-a-versa. Gas Pressure Washers having a PSI of 2000-3100 are likely to fall in this category.
  • Professional: These are for taking on more than pesky chores. They are especially designed for frequent usage on a regular basis. The professional Pressure Washers usually have a PSI of about 3200-4200.
Another thing you want to watch for is attachments. Many pressure washers come loaded with accessories to help you clean better including things such as brushes, extension wands, spray tips, angled wands, and some even come with the cleaning chemicals included.
Depending upon your budget, the pressure washer you may end up buying may not have al the bells and whistles, but it should still have features that will meet your needs.
Construction and Design
The design and construction of pressure washers differ on the nature of work they have are intended to do.
  • For Residential usage, the washers are compact, light-weight and have a variety of nozzles attached. The hose is flexible with high liquid pressure. Some of the other features include professional style steel wands, storage for spray gun and detergent tanks.
  • For Semi-Pro applications, a pressure washer with a premium overhead cam or valve engine will do just fine. To handle higher pressures, the axial pumps are fitted with brass or aluminum heads. These washers are heavy duty and have large wheels with high pressure hoses, along with various spray tips.
  • For Professional use, the pressure washers are designed with commercial series engine. The frame is heavy gauge, welded steel mated with a solid steel axle. The hose is steel braided to facilitate the high pressure.
Performance and Ease of Use
As we have already mentioned, your choice of pressure washer depends on the kind of task that you want to get done, but there are definitely things that can make using it a lot easier. Around the house, the electric powered, low-maintenance and automated electric pressure washers are an ideal choice. For tougher tasks, a combination of both engine and pump may be the answer.

Get the Best Pressure Washer of 2023!

We hope that our diligent research helped you make the decision for what power washer to purchase. Depending upon your needs, you can choose either an electric pressure washer which is quieter, automated, quite convenient for light chores or a gas pressure washer -- ideal for bigger, more complicated maintenance and increased mobility. Either way, with on of these 5 pressure washers, spring cleaning goals – check!

Our Top Choice
Generac 6922 2800PSI 2.4GPM Gas Pressure Washer
Best Value
Snow Joe/Sun Joe Pressure Joe SPX3000 Electric Pressure Washer
Simpson PowerShot Honda GX200 Gas Pressure Washer
Karcher K5 Premium Electric Pressure Washer
AR North America AR118 Blue Clean Power Washer (Electric)