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Price guns are a necessity for the forward-looking and business-savvy. But getting the best price gun to suit your labeling needs may not come easily, as there are lots of them on the market today. This shouldn’t be a cause for concern, as we’ve thoroughly researched the price gun brands. Here we present five top brands and a product from each. We hope you find your price gun here, but if you don’t, check out these brands as they’ve got more on offer.
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Label Line
Label Type
Our Top Choice
Monarch Pricemaker Label Gun
Monarch is wholly committed to making genius price guns that are both functional and delightful.
It is lightweight, and easy to load and use. It makes adjusting price and pricing labels easy. It’s well-built and withstands abuse from being dropped.
There may be an occasional sticker jamming.
12.2 x 9.7 x 3.2 inches; 1 lb
8 characters
1 line
7/16 x 7/8 inches
1-year limited warranty
Best Value
Garvey Impressa Labeler Price Gun
When it comes to supplying various industries with superior products, Garvey has proven itself to be a global leader.
Date coding your goods is easy with this budget-friendly price gun. What’s more, it’s lightweight and comes with a lanyard.
It doesn’t print date, only month and year.
11 x 6 x 3 inches; 0.85 lbs
6 characters
1 line
19 x 10 inches
Easy label loading
DayMark Band Layout Metal Price Gun
DayMark seeks to provide ways to label food that are not only efficient, but innovative and economical as well.
Improve productivity with this fast date labeling gun that works with most of DayMark’s labels, including those that stick to frozen food. It’s also well-built and durable.
It doesn’t print in alpha-numeric.
9.25 x 4 x 1.875 inches; 0.75 lbs
8 characters
1, 2 OR 3 lines available
DM3 metal date coder
Faster than writing by hand
Towa GS™ 275 Label Price Gun
Towa is a globally recognized labeling specialist that offers labeling solutions to meet the needs of various markets.
Ink rollers are easily replaced, and loading 1000-label-rolls is easy as pie with this price gun. Its print head is adjustable, and its waste blade is serrated.
Only one line.
9.8 x 5.2 x 2.5 inches; 0.95 lbs
8 characters
1 line
13/16 X 15/32 inches
Built with ease of use in mind
Metronic Labeler Price Tag Gun
Metronics is a supplier of forward-looking solutions and first-rate service to its esteemed customers worldwide.
This easy-to-use price gun comes with well-written instructions and has a sturdy body.
It lacks means of perforating labels for easy removal.
9.1 x 5.3 x 2.2 inches; 0.7 lbs
8 characters
1 line
21 mm x 12 mm
Smooth and accurate operation

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What is the Best Price Gun?

Finding the best price gun becomes more difficult when you already have labels in stock, as each gun is compatible with a specific label. This and other factors, which you'll see in our buying guide, are worthy of consideration as you look through the individual reviews.
Our Top Choice
The Monarch Label Gun is pre-loaded with Monarch’s patented inking system. It is a one-line labeler with a maximum of eight characters per line. Its labels have slits and detach easily. If you’d like more labeling space, the two-line, 16-character Monarch Price Gun is also available, and we suggest you check it out.

Monarch Pricemaker "Unit of Measure" 1 Line & 8 Characters Label Gun – Available in 2 Pack Sizes

Monarch is the ingenious manufacturer of all Monarch label guns. This California-based brand is a division of Image Supply, the company that has been responsible for sales of Monarch label guns and supplies since 1991. The goal of this company is to provide its customers with excellent service.

The Monarch Label Gun consistently prints with accuracy on 7/16 x 7/8 inch labels. It has a solid, well-built construction, which translates into long-term durable use. It comes with a pre-loaded patented ink roller system, and is covered by a one-year warranty. This price gun is a best seller, appearing in many reviews, and there are good reasons for that. Some of these reasons include overall design, durability and fast repair service. This gun offers users bigger label rolls, which translate into more individual labels on a roll than price guns from other brands offer.

The print head is designed to stay on the designated path, keeping print reliable and consistent. The label roll cavity is virtually fully enclosed. This helps to protect the stickers from the outer environment, ensuring the smooth, long-lasting operation of your price gun. What’s more, this price gun can be made to print just numeric or alpha-numeric.

Monarch’s collection of price guns also includes:
  • The Monarch 1138 Price Gun: With band 2 layout, which prints prices and letters that are big and bold in five positions. It prints on 0.78 x 0647 inch labels
  • The Monarch 1131-04 Label Gun “Freshness Coding”: Prints date and time labels on one line with eight characters
  • The Monarch 1131-02 Label Gun “Year/Date”: Has two positions with underscored numbers; includes position for an abbreviated month and year
  • The Monarch 1136-AA Label Gun “Alpha/Numeric Top and Alpha Bottom”: With a maximum of eight characters per line
Best Value
The Garvey Impressa Labeler is an easy label loading gun, with an ink roller that pops out easily. It produces clear prints with a smooth trigger action and has a sturdy, reinforced casing. For a self-correcting, jam-free operation in a one-line, seven-character price gun, have a look at the Garvey Model 22-7 Pricemarker Kit.

Garvey Impressa 1 Line & 6 Characters Digit Price Marking Gun Date Code Labeler

From the introduction of its first price marking labeler, more than 45 years ago, Garvey has gone on to become the brand with the widest range of labelers on the market today. The nearly century-old company is a comprehensive purveyor of Electronic Article Surveillance products, handheld labelers, handheld tagging apparatus, custom labels, shopping baskets and carts, safety box cutters and various other retail supplies. It offers labeling solutions that are creative and innovative, and products and customer service of superior quality and competitive pricing.

The Garvey Impressa Labeler is a one-line labeler of six characters. It is a date code label you can use to clearly label a product by date of purchase or production. When its smooth operating trigger is pulled, it gives prints that are crisp and clear on 19 x 10 labels. This is a new design with a reinforced ABS body featuring steel components. This means that in the event of accidental drops, it will not break easily. Other features in this price gun are the quick change ink roller (a new design that allows for fast and easy change of ink rolls) and easy drop-in loading.

It is affordable and its features compare favorably with higher-pricedones. The price gun has a self-align label feed mechanism, so you won’t have to get into the hassle of adjusting the print. It offers a jam-resistant operation, thus reducing downtime involved in product labeling. It is quite easy to use and handle as it is lightweight. It even comes with a lanyard so that you can hang it comfortably on your wrist during use.

Garvey’s vast price gun selection also includes:
  • The bestselling Garvey Labeler, Model 18-6: With one-line and six-character labeling. It is compatible with 1812 labels and features a five-year limited warranty
  • The Garvey Labeler, Model 22-66: A two-line labeller with over seven characters. It uses 2216 labels and has built-in instructions, a lanyard and a free ink roller
  • The Garvey Labeler, Model 25-5: A one-line labeller with eight characters. It is compatible with 2516 labels, and comes with a lanyard, a free ink roller and a five-year limited warranty
DayMark’s DM3 SpeedyMark 3 Metal Date Coder is a one-line, eight-character labeler. It has a long-lasting, lightweight aluminum alloy body and labels by date and time. For a one-line label gun that loads as many as 1000 labels and works quickly, take a look at the DayMark DM3 SpeedyMark Express 10.

DayMark Safety Band Layout SpeedyMark 3 Metal Date Coder – Available in 3 Sizes & 9 Styles

DayMark Safety Systems was founded in 1989 and is a vanguard player in food, personal and facility safety systems. Its goal is to provide cutting-edge ways to label that are efficient and economical, yet in compliance with the regulatory codes. It also makes products and services that are for the safety of the food service industry. Understanding and supporting the end user is one way this company contributes to the growth and success of its customers and food service providers in general. With the introduction of its Dissolve-A-Way labels, Dissolve-A-Tape, MoveMark Removable, ReMark Repositionable labels and more, DayMark has become an innovator in its field.

DayMark’s DM3 SpeedyMark 3 Metal Date Coder is a metal price gun that prints a single line of information at a time. It can be used to increase productivity, as it quickly marks date and time on products as they are being offloaded or divided into portions for storage. This means time that would have been lost to manually labeling each product is saved, and the efficiency of your service improved. It is compatible with replacement ink cartridge 110713 and many of the labels from its manufacturer, which are available in a variety of colors, materials and adhesives.

There are more price guns available from DayMark, including:
  • DayMark IT110776, Band Layout A DM4 2 Line Marker: Prints information in two lines
  • DayMark IT110797, Band Layout A DM4.5 Prep/Use by Marker: Can print prep or use by dates in black and red ink
  • DayMark IT110795, Band Layout A DM XL Pro
The Towa Label Price Gun has an adjustable print head and was designed with convenience in mind. It’s a rugged, lightweight tool that doesn’t require any maintenance. It prints one-line, six-character labels. For a one-line, eight-character printing gun, have a look at the Towa GS18 Price Marking Label Gun.

Towa GS™ 275 1 Line & 6 Characters Price Marking Label Gun with Adjustable Print Head

Towa is a Japan-based manufacturer of handheld labeling tools. Its products are reliable tools that have passed through several quality checks before they are shipped off. In 2006, its major product, a hand labeler, had a defective ratio of an impressive 0.008%. Towa is hard at work to ensure that number comes to, and stays at, 0. Its tools are uniquely designed with the expertise it has acquired over the years, and it diligently applies the feedback it receives from its customers.

The Towa Label Price Gun works with 13/16 x 15/32 inch labels. At only 15.2 ounces, it is a lightweight price gun with a lanyard attached, so it can be suspended from the wrist while working. It features Towa’s patented Mech-Sensor that detects label heights from 18 to 60 millimeters without any adjustment. All you have to do is load the labels and operate. It is built from aluminum and stainless steel for long-lasting ruggedness. This price gun has an adjustable print head and a serrated waste blade, for added convenience during use.

Towa’s other price gun offerings include:
  • The Towa APN-60 Label Applicator: With easy grip handle, adjustable carriage, waste tear blade and patented label edge sensor. It works with labels that measure 1 to 2.33 inches
  • The Towa APF-60 Label Applicator (Adjustable Sensor): An accurate dispensing gun with adjustable carriage and patented label edge sensor
  • The Towa APF-100 Label Applicator (Adjustable Sensor): Measures labels that are between one to four inches wide and four inches across
  • The Towa GH Label Price Gun: A three-line (10 characters on the top and middle and eight characters on the bottom) pricing gun. It uses 1 3/16 x 21/32 inch labels that come in 750 labels per roll
The Metronic Mx5500 Labeler Price Gun prints one line of eight characters at a time. It works with labels of 21mm x 12mm and has a smooth operation. It’s quite light and prints accurately. If this design doesn’t sit well with you and red isn’t your color, the Metronic Mx5500 Yellow Price Gun is also available to check it out.

Metronic 8 Digits Labeler Price Tag Gun with Labels & Ink Refill – Available in 3 Styles

Metronic creates superior quality labeling and tagging solutions for the business-savvy individual. It believes that the organization of your goods or products does not hamper your business growth, but should rather promote it. This has been one of its goals – contributing positively to the growth of its customers. Its collection of handheld price guns and tagging devices are designed to save you time and resources that would have gone into manual labor.

The Metronic Mx5500 Labeler Price Tag Gun is available in red, yellow and blue. It has a high-impact plastic body and can withstand drops. It can be used to apply price labels, date labels and batch numbers to your products, food and anything else you want to label. It is simple to use, and you can change the characters by a simple roll of the adjustment knob. This gun is compatible with 21 x 12 mm labels and has an ink roller pre-loaded in it. It also includes an ink refill.

How Do I Choose the Best Price Gun?

Improving every sphere of life is a laudable goal and there is no end to the tools with which to achieve it, from the humble paper shredder to the sky-cruising airplane. Another example of such tools is the price gun. A price gun is a handheld device store owners use to attach prices to products. It's also called a label gun, and its applications are diverse. There are price guns that are designed to label goods by date, which increases organization, as you are able to find the oldest stock in your inventory.

Price guns can print in one, two or three lines, with six to 10 characters. The one-line price guns can be used to print prices, inventory control or date coding (with the correct band set-up). The two-line options can contain two different information, such as date at the top line and price at the bottom line. The three-line options are usually the most expensive, and they give you an additional line for more information.

A price gun is a more economical and efficient labeling solution than the labor-intensive way of writing prices by hand and using glue to attach them to the products. They are small, portable and only take up a small amount of space; they can even be carried in a tool belt. They are somewhat label-specific. A particular price gun is usually compatible with only one type of label (and ink roller too), so you should be careful when shopping for these. There are numerous types of labels, and picking the wrong one isn’t an impossibility.

You know what your budget for a price gun is, and you know what you want it for. Ultimately, the choice for the best price gun for you is yours to make; we only intend to shed some light on the process.
Price guns cost anywhere in the neighborhood of $7 to $300 per unit. The price of a price gun is basically determined by the brand and features. Price guns that print three lines are usually much more expensive than those that print one line, and they are usually for more specialized operations than the one- or two-line options.

There are brands that have become synonymous with good quality price guns and seem to appear on every list. Such brands naturally have more expensive price guns than others, and have maintained standards to keep their price guns in demand. There are cheap price guns, but such guns may not live up to expectations and may leave you in a labeling rut.
You'll want to look for a price gun that loads labels easily, and doesn’t jam during pricing operations. You wouldn’t want to be fiddling with the thing when you’re trying to save time – which is why you bought it in the first place. A solid, durable construction is also necessary, as these are handheld devices and are prone to inevitable drops, which may lead to damage.
Other features you should also consider include:
  • Size: the label dimensions
  • Characters: how many characters per line?
  • Lines: number of lines printed at a time
  • Construction: how well it is built
  • Extras: warranty, user guides, etc.
Construction and Design
One thing that determines how well your price gun will serve you is the label you use with it. There are a vast variety of labels, and getting the wrong one for your price gun is a problem. Before buying labels, check the make and number, so that you’ll get the recommended one for your price gun. The same applies to ink rollers. Some price guns will come with ink rollers, while they may have to be purchased separately for others. Special ink rollers are available for labeling goods that will be placed outdoors, as standard inks will fade with sunlight exposure.

Pairing your price gun with the correct label size requires knowing if your gun prints one line, two lines, or three lines of characters. Then, take the first number your price gun model starts with, and find the label size that begins with the same number. For example, a 22-8 gun uses a 2212 label, which means the label size is 22 x 12 millimeters.

Price guns are designed to print one, two, or three lines on labels. There isn’t one that is able to do more than one of these – at least not yet. The bands and characters on a price gun determine its function. Each band has a number of signs, alphabets or symbols it can make. A band can have numbers 0-9 and a blank spot, and all the bands in the gun may carry only numerals. Such a gun is best suited for batch numbering, date coding and similar operations. Some other guns come with symbols such as $ or %, alphabets and numerals, and can be used for pricing and other labeling applications.

The mechanism for loading labels should be easy as well so that the entire process, from start to finish, will be fast, thus increasing productivity. The process for loading ink should be as easy as popping it out and snapping it back in. No one wants ink-stained hands before they’re able to use any tool, especially as you’ll be handling packages to be labeled.
Performance and Ease of Use
A price gun is supposed to be a lightweight, handheld tool, so it shouldn’t weigh so much that it becomes a pain to carry around. Its handles should be ergonomically designed to promote its ease of use. When looking at price guns, take note of how they were intended to label things. Does it label dates, prices, sell by dates, or prep time? This is usually displayed by the manufacturer to help you with your purchase decision.

Another thing to note is the adhesives you’ll be needing for your labels. Depending on your purpose, you can choose from Permanent, Removable, Freezer, Outdoor KP (waterproof and slug-proof) and Outdoor KCP (waterproof). Depending on what you’ll be labeling with your price gun, you should consider the number of bands you’ll need. For example, a price gun with nine bands will print up to $11111.11, while one with six bands will print up to $123.4.

Check to see if the price gun you have your eyes on is covered by a good warranty. Some manufacturers offer free replacement of defective parts, but only under certain conditions. There are also brands that will rebuild your old price guns at a small fee. Manufacturers who have confidence in their products show that by the warranty on their products.

Consider also the availability of instruction manuals. These should be well-written or illustrated so they're easily understood. There are also price guns that have instruction engraved on their bodies.

Get the Best Price Gun of 2022!

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Our Top Choice
Monarch Pricemaker Label Gun
Best Value
Garvey Impressa Labeler Price Gun
DayMark Band Layout Metal Price Gun
Towa GS™ 275 Label Price Gun
Metronic Labeler Price Tag Gun