Best Professional Massage Chair Reviews 2022

Every masseuse understands that for you to experience utmost relaxation, you need an effective massage. That’s why they focus on critical pain points and structure a massage session to help relieve stress from those areas. However, for an effective massage experience, you need to find the right massage chair, and every spa owner, massage therapist, or physical therapy specialist can attest to that. But how do you choose the best massage chair brand for your business? We’ve ventured out and reviewed five of the best massage chair brands that have the most specialized massage recliners you can find on the market. Take a look!
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Our Top Choice
Kahuna Chair Zero Gravity Massage Chair
Kahuna Chair creates some of the most comfortable and functional chairs around. Its L-Track Full Body Massage Recliner offers unique modes of relaxation for faster stress relief.
Special L-Track support for full body comfort. Effective heat therapy. Computerized body scan. Dual foot rollers. 2 staged zero gravity recline
The chair might be noisy in some programs. Slightly heavy
Static, recliner
46x48x31 inches, 200 pounds
Up to 250 pounds
Leather, spandex
Air massage, yoga programs
Best Value
Master Massage Professional Massage Chair Pack
Master Massage is a well-known brand providing massage chairs for professional therapists. Its Portable Massage Chair is convenient, effective and pocket-friendly.
Lightweight. Oil and waterproof fabric. Strong and durable frame. Highly flexible face cradle
Wheels may have to be handled with extra care to avoid breakage
43x20x11 inches, 17.4 pounds
Up to 1000 pounds
Aircraft aluminum frame
Pouch, chest bolster
Inada’s Sogno DreamWave Massage Chair
Inada crafts some of the best Shiatsu massage chairs in the world. Its Sogno DreamWave Recliner is a great blend of Japanese engineering excellence & therapeutic expertise.
Adjusts to varying heights and weights. Air massage for neck and shoulders. Side press for complete stress relief for buttocks and pelvis
Slightly bulky. Lowest setting for back massage may not be very powerful
Static recliner
55x37x48 inches, 264.6 pounds
No weight limit
Synthetic top-grain leather
Youth sessions, stretch program
Earthlite Vortex Portable Spa Chair
One of the leading massage brands in the world, Earthlite just added another feather in its cap with the convenient and comfortable Vortex Portable Massage Chair
Easy to fold and store. Large weight capacity. Comfortable double-layered cushioning. Quick to set up
Might be a bit wobbly for overly heavy or tall clients
29x19x51 inches, 15 pounds
Up to 300 pounds
Aircraft aluminum frame
Soft case
Therapist’s Choice Therabuilt® Apex™ Massage Chair
Therapist’s Choice creates affordable and efficient physical therapy products. Its Therabuilt® Apex™ Chair is highly regarded by medical professionals and therapists.
Lightweight. Premium 3.5” foam chest rest. Minimal assembly required. Sleek look
Cushions may develop slight wrinkles after prolonged use
18.5 pounds
Up to 250 pounds
Metal, PU leather
Carrying case

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What is the Best Professional Massage Chair?

Plunging further into the world of soothing massages and physical therapies, we’ve come up with five of the best professional massage chairs out there. This list is brimming with terrific options—all you need to do is select the one that suits you and your business. There you go! With a list this handy, choosing the right massage chair should be no stress at all. So, what are you waiting for? Pick the one that you prefer and watch your business grow by leaps and bounds.
Our Top Choice
The innovate L-Track Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Recliner from Kahuna Chair provides professional and therapeutic massages focusing on the unique needs of your body. Despite the massive number of features, this chair does not take up much space. Looking for a more affordable option? Check out this compact alternative from Kahuna Chair.

Kahuna Chair Full Body Massage Chair with Zero Gravity Tilt and Heating Therapy

It is common knowledge that massages can relieve stress and pain. But, did you know there are premium recliners that can improve blood circulation, metabolism and overall wellness? Keeping up with its tradition of crafting some of the most elegant and practical chairs out there, Kahuna Chair brings you its Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Recliner.

It has quad rollers to efficiently massage the entire body right from the neck down to the buttocks; the tri-leveled, zero gravity tilts help spread your weight across the chair making you feel light as a feather, and its special yoga modes offer intense stretches with hip twists. What’s more? This smart massager intelligently scans your body to give you customized massages. All this and much more ─ read on to find out ─ priced at $2799.99, based on our latest study.

As promised, here we are bringing you some more great features offered by this terrific massage chair-
  • Foot rollers for effective, acupuncture-like kneading
  • Expandable footrest
  • 3 levels of massage speed and air pressure
  • Choose from Shiatsu, kneading, rolling, tapping and tapping/kneading massage techniques
  • 36 air bags targeting the shoulders, hips, waist and arms
  • Heating options for calves and lower back
  • Adjustable duration for massage sessions
  • FDA-registered medical equipment
Best Value
The Professional Massage Chair Package from Master Massage is a portable spa chair that ensures ultimate comfort for clients and superior ease for masseuses. Don’t be deceived by its super compact structure; it can bear massive weights without creaking or wobbling. Need an equally great massage table? This Master Massage Table could be perfect.

Master Massage Portable Massage Chair with Wheeled Case

Master Massage has been crafting ergonomically designed massage equipment for a long time now. Its Professional Portable Spa Chair aptly exhibits technical expertise and customer-oriented focus. Being a professional physical therapist, you would understand that the right massages start with the right resting postures. Your clients need to feel at ease from the minute they sink into your massage chair. That’s why this unique chair from Master Massage has a padded surface and Small Cell™ cushioning technology for full body support and comfort. Its convenient, wheeled case makes carrying the chair from one client to another seem like a breeze. At less than $300, based on our latest study, this is one splendid deal!

Looking for more? You’ve got it-
  • Eco-friendly, powder coated finish
  • 6 different tilts for facial support
  • No-Mar™ finished frame for enhanced durability
  • Flexible cushioned surfaces
  • Elegant royal blue color
The Inada Sogno Massage Chair uses its proprietary DreamWave technology to simulate a gentle, figure 8-motioned professional quality Shiatsu massage. It is one of the broadest massaging recliners available today. Looking for a lower price range with just as much efficiency? This affordable massage chair from Inada could do the trick.

Inada Sogno DreamWave Massage Recliner with Zero Gravity Tilt and 3D Massage Options

There are days when you just want to put your feet up on the coffee table and sink into that warm sofa. What if we told you that you could have professional massages (yes, with all the right kneading and compression) right in the comfort of your home? You might want to thank Inada – the brand that’s synonymous with highly effective massage chairs. It now brings you the Sogno DreamWave Massage Recliner that’s got everything your regular spa has to offer: Comfortable cushioned seating, stretching for your hips, shoulders and back, as well as a special massage session designed for younger users aged 14 and above (remember how taxing homework could be?). If you are a professional massage therapist, your clients would certainly love feeling at home while being in the spa. Our latest research states that this incredibly powerful massage chair is priced under $8,000.

That’s not all. A massage chair this fantastic ought to come with more features, and it truly does. Read on to find out-
  • Infrared sensor to detect stress points
  • 20 air slots for supremely comfortable full arm massages
  • Foot rest for complete Shiatsu massages targeting your calves, soles, heels and insteps
  • 101 air massage cells for full body kneading
  • Expansive rollers that reach from head to toe
Afraid that red might stand out too brightly in your delicately toned spa? Once again, Inada refuses to disappoint – this power-packed massage recliner is also available in black and brown colors that are as calming as its massages.
The Vortex Massage Chair from Earthlite is a great buy for physical or sports therapists. Weighing just 15 pounds, this super comfy chair comes with abundantly cushioned surfaces and a cozy, removable face cradle. Looking for a bigger massage chair? This powerful spa chair from Earthlite could be absolutely perfect for larger spaces.

Earthlite Vortex Massage Chair with Sternum Pad and 6 Color Options

As noble as the profession is, being a physical therapist is never easy. Just as you are done helping someone get rid of that stubborn shoulder knot, in comes the next client with a severe back ache thanks to an uncomfortable office chair. The right equipment can spin magic for your business, your clients and their unique needs. That’s why one of the most trusted brands in physical therapy products – Earthlite ─ has introduced its convenient and power-packed Vortex Massage Chair. It is easy to assemble while its innovative, oval tubing makes the chair stronger and more durable. Furthermore, the soft, curvy design suits every body type. Need to rush for a home visit? Just fold the chair, slide it into the easy carry bag and off you go. If you think all this would come at a high price, our latest study begs to differ – we think $299 is quite a small (one-time) price to pay for your business.

There’s more in store for you when you buy this fabulous spa chair-
  • Varied ways to adjust the armrest and seat
  • High-quality Pro-Lite™ cushion technology for enhanced comfort without slippage
  • Natursoft™ upholstery for a plush surface
This handy massage chair also comes in amethyst, black, Marie’s beige, mystic blue and teal shades…and you thought spa equipment could not look trendy.
The Therabuilt® Apex™ Massage Chair from Therapist’s Choice skillfully combines medical & technical expertise with convenience. This portable and light chair is double cushioned for ultimate comfort. Need to complete your professional massage set? Check out this neat spa table warmer from Therapist’s Choice.

Therapist’s Choice Therabuilt® Apex™ Spa Chair with Thick Foam Cushioning for Superior Comfort

Starting off in the world of massages and physical therapies could be daunting (not everyone can be Phoebe Buffay). In addition to the vast knowledge and intricate skill required, you must have the all right equipment at hand. One of the most reputed brands known for its medically-sound, practical and affordable massage and therapy tools, Therapist’s Choice has introduced the Therabuilt® Apex™ Massage Chair. This portable chair is great for both amateur and experienced masseuses. It has a sturdy, metal build and a massive weight bearing capacity. The twin-layered cushions offer greater comfort to your clients. It is perfectly suitable for all body types and heights. As if that wasn’t awesome enough, this powerful massage chair also comes with an easy carrying case. Based on our latest report, you can have all this at just $99.99 (yes, the decimal point is at the right place)!

Here’s what more you stand to gain with the remarkable Therabuilt® Apex™ Massage Chair-
  • Deluxe cushion for enhanced facial support and comfort
  • Flexible face cradle
  • Conveniently located knob for height adjustment
  • Easily foldable body

How Do I Choose the Best Professional Massage Chair?

Whether it's a hand massage during a manicure, a decent stroke with a body massager, or a back rub by your partner, a nice rubdown can be a timely godsend. But it’s not just the nice feeling; research indicates that getting an effective massage actually improves your health. You probably wouldn’t want to argue with science, and rightly so! Keep that in mind the next time you go for a massage.

Now, massage chairs came into existence in the 80s and the intention was to imitate professional physiotherapists who apply massage techniques to relieve muscle aches, back pain, stress, tension, and general pain. Interest in massage chairs has greatly grown and the equipment is now extremely fashionable.

There are numerous types of massage chairs on the market, with each model having unique styles, features, and designs. So, choosing the right one for your business or personal use can be a huge challenge. Regardless of what features you’re looking for, we’ve done an expert review of the top-rated massage chairs for you to check out before you pick one. If you’re running a spa, you probably want to get a decent massage table as well.

As you shop for a massage chair that best suits your needs, you may want to consider several factors, including your budget, the size, construction materials, and of course, the brand. Many clients already associate with certain reputable brands and they’ll feel that they’re getting quality services by recognizing those brands in your facility. The same applies to other spa equipment such as electric foot massagers which can be quite rewarding after a long day’s work.

Let’s go through the consideration factors, and then you can jump straight to our picks.
The price of a massage chair will be of great importance to you, especially if you’re buying for commercial purposes. You can find cheap massage chairs for as little as $51, but they probably won’t last long as the construction may be of poor quality materials. More expensive products tend to have superior quality construction and can last much longer. Our picks are still widely spaced with the least expensive costing $90 and the most expensive one costing $8,000.

Now, you can’t hook a price tag on relaxation and good health, can you? Whether your goal is relaxation, relief from muscular injuries, or recovery from an active workout, massage is a necessary component of life. So, you’re probably interested in something that performs the task without breaking the bank, or the best massage chair money can buy.

Our experts understand that ergonomic health is important and take reviewing seriously, so we won’t encourage you to pick any old, nasty, and cheap massage chair you’ll find on the market. With that said, pick a model that suits your specific needs within your planned budget.
Choosing the right massage chair has never been a walk in the park, even for experienced massage parlor owners. There are many features that come into play, and you must find a balance to find a chair that will serve its purpose at a reasonable price. Apart from going with a reputable brand that your customers relate to, here are some critical features to look out for:
  • Size - Massage chairs come in various sizes. Different construction materials can, however, keep the chair lightweight even with large sizes that fit taller clients. On the other hand, if you have limited storage space or transportation room, it makes sense to consider smaller models that can fit into your trunk.
  • Weight - If you’re a massage therapist, you may want to carry your massage chair to offer on-site services, which is where the weight of your portable massage chair comes into play. Consider chairs made from lightweight materials to improve portability. However, be careful to check the chair’s capacity to support working and static weight. If you’re looking for a long-term investment in a massage chair, go for a chair with a higher weight capacity.
  • Range of adjustments - A massage chair comes with a wide range of control functionalities such as armrests, leg support, face cradle, chest pad, and much more. Ensure that the massage chair has the basic range of adjustment you desire, but going overboard may mean spending a few more bucks.
  • Initial Comfort - Before you even think of picking a massage chair, what’s the first feeling you get when you sit on it? Many massage therapists will attest to the fact that when you first try a massage chair and you feel comfortable on it, your clients will love it too. If that first reaction isn’t good, then the massage chair is off to a wrong start. Simply try out the next model.
  • Range of Motion - How much can you customize various aspects of the massage chair? For instance, some models will incorporate adjustable heights, chest pads, head placement sizes, and leg holds. The best massage chair should accommodate the full range of people, from the shortest to the tallest.
  • Assembly - How simple is the massage chair assembly? Can you fold it into narrow spaces or does it require full expert installation? Getting an easily deployable massage chair saves you time and space, as every minute counts in a massage parlor.
  • Zero Gravity - This is a new feature for massage chairs that allows users to lie in an astronaut’s position, giving a distinctive sensation. When you lie in a reclined position, pressure is distributed evenly and safely across your body. Massaging under this condition allows for a deeper and more intense massage. Additionally, it takes stress away from your body, improves circulation, and can also prevent varicose veins.
Construction and Design
In this day and age, you’ll find massage chairs that provide a human-like massage, but behind that relaxing touch, there lies a very complex mechanism. If you choose to go with a basic massage chair, you’ll probably get a decent chair to sit on as a simple vibrator works on your back.

Regardless of the level of technology incorporated in a massage chair, the bottom line is to deliver a relaxing and energizing massage experience. Let’s look at different design approaches massage chair manufacturers take:
  • Mechanical Massage Chairs - Many massage chairs use the mechanical approach to carry out the massage, while other models use water or airbags to improve blood circulation. You’ll also find more advanced models incorporating the two approaches, and the user can pick which feature to use at any given time.
  • Vibrating Mechanisms - Manufacturers integrate various vibrating mechanisms on massage chairs to provide that great relaxing feeling. The mechanism may include motors, rollers, gears, and a weighted wheel to turn around your body by mimicking the movement of a human hand.
  • Complex Models - Simple massage chairs are made from plain materials with no electronic or vibrating features. More elaborate massage chairs incorporate rollers within a mechanical arm that moves vertically to create a human-like massaging sensation. The motion can be designed to make vertical, horizontal, and circular movements. The overall movement and timing of the massage is controlled by a microprocessor, where the manufacturer programs the massage patterns.
Performance and Ease of Use
Now, massage chairs make the work of every massage therapist simple and hassle-free. The complex ones with motor powered rollers even eliminate the need for a professional massage therapist altogether. Let’s look at some parameters that affect the performance and ease of use of massage chairs:
  • Adjusting the Intensity - High-quality massage chairs should allow adjusting of intensity. However, other low-end models require the user to manually change the massage chair length to adjust how far the rollers move away from the frame, or to mount the frame on a pivot in the backrest and choose an option that allows the frame to come closer or move further from your back.
  • Operating Position - Some chairs use an electrical mechanism to change the position of the massage chair, while others operate in various positions (such as reclining) by simply pressing a button. However, more mechanical models use a hand level that you can release before pushing back the backrest manually.
  • Computer Assisted Adjustability - A number of massage chair models are designed with computer-operated mechanisms to automatically adjust to body weight, height, width, and so on. The chairs measure the pressure on the seatback and automatically adjust various parameters to suit the user or pain position.
  • Massaging Techniques - You can choose a massage chair model that provides a wide range of massaging techniques all in one chair. The techniques may include kneading, tapping, rolling, shiatsu, and gripping.

Get the Best Professional Massage Chair of 2022!

A decent massage is no longer a luxury reserved for the rich, but a critical part of an overall wellness plan. Getting the right massage chair is the first step towards achieving this goal. We hope that our review helped you find your ideal massage chair, but if you didn’t, consider other alternatives from these brands based on your budget and preferences.

Our Top Choice
Kahuna Chair Zero Gravity Massage Chair
Best Value
Master Massage Professional Massage Chair Pack
Inada’s Sogno DreamWave Massage Chair
Earthlite Vortex Portable Spa Chair
Therapist’s Choice Therabuilt® Apex™ Massage Chair