Best Projection Screen Reviews 2023

Whether you are looking for a projection screen for your home theater, meeting room, or classroom, you will certainly come across numerous models, making your purchase process more confusing. Since you’re here, say bye to your confusion, as we have looked into most of the available models. After much analysis, we came up with five of the best projection screens. Now, all you have to do is read our review to make your selection. Do note, however, that these brands we featured have different variants you can also check out to get more options.
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Screen size
Aspect Ratio
Our Top Choice
Silver Ticket Home Projection Screen
Silver Ticket Products live up to its name when it comes to producing powerful projection screens. Their 150” projector screen offers full HD amongst its many great features.
Exceptionally wide angle for viewing. No resolutions loss. Impeccable image quality.
Assembly can be difficult for novice users.
Wall Mounted
150 inches
Full HD
135.5 x 1.2 x 78.2” / 43 pounds
Best Value
Camp Chef Portable Home Projection Screen
Camp Chef is a giant in the world of projection screens. This portable projection screen is the latest addition to their many quality models, and it’s already taking the market by storm!
Curved screen. Super light. Carrying bag for portability. Affordable.
Could be hard to set up for new users.
120 inches
Full HD
104 W x 59 H inches/ 34 pounds
Elite Screens Electric Series Projector Screen
Elites Screens is a great choice for people looking for high-end projection screens. The Elite Electric180H provides a professional effect, framing your projected image expertly.
Large screen. 180-degree viewing angle. Mildew resistant. Easy to clean.
Screen is a bit thin. A bit pricey because of the features.
Wall Mounted
180 inches
Full HD
100.7"H x 168.3"W/68.3 pounds
FAVI Pull-Down Video Projection Screen
Favi Entertainment offers the perfect solutions for home theater projection screens. This model incorporates slide-lock technology for convenience and excellent picture quality.
Perfect for home and businesses. Easy to wall-mount. Control pads and two remote controls.
Can be hard to assembly without a manual. Fairly slow motor.
Wall Mounted
120 inches
105 W x 60 H inches/ 32 pounds
Loch TS 100 Portable Projection Screen
When it comes to portable projection screens, Loch is certainly a brand you can trust. The TS 100 is a great option for backyard theaters and mobile presentations.
Extremely portable. Maximum viewing area. Vivid image clarity. Easy adjustment.
A bit small for a big audience.
100 inches
79.90 W x 60.24 H inches/ 23.2lbs
4:3 and 16:9

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What is the Best Projection Screen?

With your new-found knowledge of projection screens and a clear picture of what you want in them, it’s time to take the next step. Go ahead and read our review of individual brands and products, keeping the features you need in mind. This approach will make it easy for you to choose the best projection screen for your purpose.
Our Top Choice
The STR-169150-S Silver Ticket does not come with a sheet like most projection screens in the market today – it comes with real projection screen materials to ensure you enjoy top-notch images. Although it is available with a 150” screen for a fair price, you can go for the STR-169120-G Silver Ticket, which is available with a smaller display size of 120”, and for a more affordable rate.

Silver Ticket 150" Diagonal 16:9 4K Ultra HD Ready Projector Screen

When talking about big projection screen brands in this technologically advanced era, you cannot miss mentioning Silver Ticket Products. They have been in business for years, making quality projection screens to suit different budgets and needs. The STR-169150-S Silver Ticket Home Projection Screen is exclusively designed to maintain impressive picture quality, even in rooms that have moderate ambient lighting. Retailing at just $599.98, you can enjoy durability and reliability in one package!

Here are the features of this home theater projection screen-
  • Secure bottom and top mounting brackets allow you to adjust the screen horizontally
  • The screen surface allows for wide angle viewing of up to 160 degrees and 1.1 gain, without any resolution loss
  • It comes with a tensioning rod system to ensure that your assembly is made easier so that you enjoy cinema-quality entertainment within a few minutes
  • It has two 3/8-inch heavy duty aluminum frames that are wrapped in a beautiful light-absorbing velvet material for a crisp viewing image. You can enjoy crystal clear games, pictures and movies in Active 3D and full HD
This projection screen comes in white material, however Silver Ticket Products does have other options out there, should that tickle your fancy. Also, although we are featuring the largest 150 inch screen size you can get this same projection screen in sizes ranging from 92 inches, and with different aspect ratios.
Best Value
The Outdoor Entertainment OS120LC projection screen is the newest addition to Camp Chef’s lightweight, indoor/outdoor, portable projection screen line. It comes with an impressive 120-inch curved screen! If you are looking for a great movie projection screen by the same brand, one with a smaller screen and more affordable, you won't go wrong with the Outdoor Entertainment Gear Big Screen 92.

Camp Chef Outdoor Entertainment Gear Curved 120” Portable Movie Projection Screen

Camp Chef is renowned for making quality outdoor products to enhance outdoor entertainment. It has certainly done a great job with the Outdoor Entertainment OS120LC projection screen. This model comes with a HDTV standard aspect ratio of 16:9, and a large curved screen of 120 inches to make viewing of movies or games even more memorable. You could use it inside your home, your backyard or any other area your imagination can come up with.

Here are features of this indoor/outdoor projection screen:
  • Large screen size of 120 inches (10 feet diagonal)
  • 16:9 aspect ratio for wide screen
  • Screen viewing dimensions of 104 W X 59 H
  • Attractive curved design to allow for a dynamic viewing experience
  • Weighs only 34 pounds, which is 10 pounds lighter compared to most projection screens in the market
  • Kit comes with carry bag for portability, guy lines for stabilizing/anchoring frame and stakes
  • Designed with an easy clip screen to allow for easy set up
The Outdoor Entertainment OS120LC projection screen is not the only model by Camp Chef. In fact, it is the latest addition to a wide range of other great projection screens. You can get indoor options as well with different screen sizes and aspect ratios to suit your needs.
The Elite Screens Electric180H Spectrum Series projection screen incorporates some high-end features for enhanced appearance and added durability. It comes with a large screen of 180 inches, and a casing made of solid steel. If your budget does not allow you to get this model, you can go for the Elite Screens Electric142X Spectrum Series Projector Screen, which comes with a 142-inch screen, and similar quality.

Elite Screens Spectrum 180” 16:9, 4K Home Theater Motorized Drop Down Projection Screen

Just as the name “Elite Screens” suggests, the brand does indeed manufacture great projection screens and live to its promises. The Elite Screens Electric180H Spectrum Series projection screen is perfect for people looking for a high-quality projection screen that delivers excellent picture clarity, color reproduction and durable materials. Currently going for $1,515.00, there’s no doubt this home theater screen is worth every penny.

Here are features for this high-end projection screen.
  • Large screen display of 180 inches diagonal
  • 16:9 aspect ratio and 180 degree viewing angle
  • Fully backed front with a textured surface for better image quality and durability
  • GreeenGuard Gold and GreenGuard certified
  • Mildew resistant. You can easily clean the screen with water and soap
  • Comes with a durable casing
  • Includes infrared remote, 12V trigger cable and 3-way wall switch that can be detached
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty of 2 years
  • The Elite Screens Electric180H home projection screen is part of a series where other high-end projection screens are sharing almost similar features. The major difference is the aspect ratio and screen size. Basically, there are options with 16:10 aspect ratios, and others with 106-inch, 128-inch, 100-inch and 150-inch screens. The prices also differ depending on the particular model and its display size.

    Other series you can check out by Elite Screens include the Spectrum Series: White Case, Spectrum Sound Transparent Series, Spectrum Tab-Tension Series and the Spectrum Sound Transparent Ultra HD Series.
    FAVI Pull-Down Projector Screen Series Video Projection Screen is known for impeccable image quality and affordability. If you still yearn to get a quality home projection screen with the same great features, but with a smaller screen size of 100 inches, you can go for the FAVI Fixed Frame Screen Series FF3-HD-100 and still enjoy quality, home entertainment.

    FAVI DIY Series 120-inch (16:9) Electric Video Projection Screen

    Favi entertainment has mastered the art of making projection screens. They use quality materials to make all their models so that they stand out in the market. Retailing at just $299.99, the FAVI Pull-Down Projector Screen Series incorporates modern technology, allowing you to pull down the screen when in use and pull it up when not in use. It uses matte material for optimal display solution.

    Let’s a look at the features of this home projection screen by Favi Entertainment:
    • 120-inch projection screen display size is a perfect solution for home entertainment
    • Comes with L brackets to allow for easy wall and ceiling mounting
    • Extremely quiet electric motor
    • Package comes with one of two remotes (RF and IR) and a control pad
    • Easy to adjust both up and down stop limits
    • 1-year warranty by manufacturer, which fully includes the parts
    FAVI Pull-Down Projector Screen Series Video Projection Screen is part of a series with one other great projection screen. While both share almost similar features, you will find the major difference being the screen size and the price. The other option comes with a 100-inch screen and goes for a few dollars less than this model.
    The TS 100 is a highly portable projection screen designed with a tripod screen to allow for mobile presentation. The 100-inch screen display size is large enough for most presentations and home theater movies. If this model is too big for your needs, you can consider a smaller projection screen with an 84-inch display.

    Loch Matte White 100 inch Portable Home Video Projector Screen

    Loch has been very instrumental in the world of audiovisual equipment, delivering quality products to its esteemed clients. This time, it introduces the TS 100, a projection screen that can be used anywhere. For just $97.73, you will enjoy excellent image quality, not to mention convenience. You can literally use it in the classroom and take it home with you to watch a good movie.

    Features of the TS 100 are-
    • Very portable projection screen thanks to the tripod design
    • Maximum viewing area of 79.90 x 60.24 for an enhanced viewing experience
    • Screen can be adjusted either up or down to accommodate your preferred room height. It can be adapted from the aspect ratio 4::3 to 16:9, ideal for video and data content
    • 178-degree viewing angle for vivid clarity. This makes every seat a perfect seat when viewing
    • Equipped with keystone eliminator feature, which allows the screen to deliver proportional projected image. This eliminator hides for easy transport when not in use
    Loch offers a good number of portable projection screens to suit different needs and budgets. These projection screens come with different diagonal screen display sizes and formats. Some of the models include TS75 (75”, 4:3), TS84 (84” 4:3) and TSQ84 (84” 1:1)

    How Do I Choose the Best Projection Screen?

    Screens have always been a great way to deliver messages. Whether for entertainment, business, or education, screens have always done a remarkable job of getting the required messages across. Projection screens are fast becoming possible alternatives to regular television. They are ideal for large-scale viewing, as it is easier and less expensive to set up large projection screens instead of electronic screens.

    Projection screens have some unique features. Some can be wall-mounted for permanent use, such as those at the movies. Others are more portable and easily moved around. Some screens come with high-end features to suit businesses and home needs alike. It is becoming popular for homes to have private movie rooms. This is often done with a projection screen and of course, a decent home theater projector that's capable of projecting movies at high quality.

    The best projector screens are capable of relaying images at the same quality as what is projected on them. They can work with any type of projector, including the mini projectors used in schools, or the portable ones that can fit into a business folder and are used for presentations. Projection screens come in different sizes; some are as large as 180 inches across. Some are also retractable, so you can easily carry them around and pull down the screen when needed. Whatever you need a projection screen for, you will surely find one that will suit your needs just fine.
    The size and type of projection screens are the main factors that affect the price of the screen. A wall-mounted screen 180 inches in size can go for about $1000. A smaller size of 100 inches or less, which is also good quality, can cost around $300. Beware of the cheap projection screens which are often poor at reflecting light, thereby producing poor picture quality. Don’t waste your money on those.
    Bring the cinema experience to your home with projection screens. The quality of the picture you get from a projector is also heavily dependent on the screen you use. To maximize your home cinema experience, here are some features to consider when choosing a projection screen:
    • Type
    • Size
    • Aspect ratio
    • Screen type
    • Accessories
    As you read on, you will have a better understanding of how these features come into play, affecting how you make a choice of projection screens.
    Construction and Design
    Projection screens are designed to reflect light to produce crisp and clear pictures. The type of fabric used affects the gain and viewing angle of the screen. The gain of a projector screen is a measure of its reflectivity of light. The gain is optimized by coating the screen with a reflective coating. The fabric of the screen may also be made from materials that reflect light. The gain ratings are expressed in numbers, such as 1.0, 1.3, or 1.5. A lower rating indicates that light is reflected more from the center to the edges. As the gain rating is increased, the picture brightness intensifies, and then drops significantly when viewed from the sides.

    Screens with higher gains create image qualities similar to mirrors, but they can also give off a hotspot of blurry reflections from the projector’s lens. Consider the sitting position of the viewers before choosing a projector screen. A projection screen with a viewing angle rate of 100 degrees means the image can be viewed properly at 50 degrees on either side and at the center. A high gain screen is more suitable for viewing in a long narrow room. Matte screens are better for contrasts, while white screens display better life-like images.

    There are different projection screen types. Some are designed such that the projector is placed at the back of the screen. This displays a crisper and cleaner screen than the front alternative, since viewers cannot accidentally come between the projector’s lens and the screen. One thing about the rear screen is that the space between the projector and the back of the screen has to be dark for the images to be visible. There are permanent screens that are mounted or built on the wall, just like the ones at the movies. An alternative to this is the retractable type, where you can pull down the screen when it is needed. One obvious advantage of this type is the portability.

    The size of the screen has a lot to do with the picture quality. It is important to determine where and how the screen will be used to get a suitable size. Ideally, the projection screen should be at least 30 degrees of the field of view of the audience. The width of the projection screen should be at least approximately half of the distance that separates the screen and the front row viewers.
    Performance and Ease of Use
    Projection screens, like TVs, have standard dimensions called aspect ratio. This is the ratio of the height of the screen to the width of it. 4:3 used to be the standard and only aspect ratio for TV viewing, but the advent of high-definition television introduced the widescreen 16:9 or HDTV format. There are also wider formats, such as letterbox and anamorphic screens, but they are harder to come by. The ideal aspect ratio for projection screens is the 16:9, but with a little adjustment, you can still view the 4:3 format on the same screen.

    There are accessories that can make projection screen viewing more adaptive. There are screens you can mount on a tripod for more versatile positioning. There are mounting brackets you can use for hooking your screen up to the wall or the ceiling. You can even get projection screens that are bundled with some accessories.

    Get the Best Projection Screen of 2023!

    We hope you now have all the information you need to decide on the best projection screen for you. In that case, don’t waste any more time. Go ahead and make that purchase.

    Our Top Choice
    Silver Ticket Home Projection Screen
    Best Value
    Camp Chef Portable Home Projection Screen
    Elite Screens Electric Series Projector Screen
    FAVI Pull-Down Video Projection Screen
    Loch TS 100 Portable Projection Screen