Best Protein Drink Reviews 2023

A good protein shake supercharges the muscle-building effects of each workout, letting you get the most out of every curl, squat, and press. The results can come extremely fast compared to the muscle-building you'd achieve on a regular diet. The extra dose of protein also helps you recover and prepare for your next workout so that things get easier the next time you hit the gym. We've looked at some of today's top workout supplement and selected 5 excellent protein drink brands you can rely on after a brutal workout.

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Our Top Choice
Muscle Milk® Genuine Protein Powder Shake Mix
Muscle Milk is committed to high-quality, all-around nutritional supplements to take any athlete's lifestyle to the next level. Genuine Muscle Building powder is high in protein and other essential nutrients.
High protein. 20 Vitamins & minerals. Gluten free. Works as a pre-workout, post-workout and pre-bedtime shake.
The 32g of protein in 2 scoops may be too high in calories for some users.
16 grams (1 scoop)
150 per serving
Chocolate & Vanilla
32 per container
Best Value
Pure Protein Ready to Drink Protein Shake
Pure Protein creates high protein shakes, powders and bars without overloading calories and sugars, so it's no surprise that this RTD shake is a mini protein powerhouse with a low-calorie count.
Amazon best seller. Very high protein. Low carb. Good source of calcium. Although not certified, does not contain obvious wheat/gluten ingredients.
Contains sucralose for sweetening, which some users found too strong – but most love the taste.
RTD (ready to drink)
35g per serving
170 per serving
5 flavors
12 11 ounce cans
BSN SYNTHA-6® Ultra-Premium Protein Powder for Building Muscle
BSN creates top-of-the-line body building supplements for rapid results. This highly rated mix features high protein and amino acids for optimal muscle growth and recovery.
High protein & amino acids. Good source of fiber. Creates a creamy, filling shake. Exceptional taste according to thousands of users.
More calories than some alternatives but still ideal for serious muscle gain. Contains wheat so not gluten free.
22g per serving
200 per serving
10+ flavors
48 per container
Cellucor Cor-Performance Whey Protein Powder
Respected in the fitness world, Cellucor creates supplements, such as the C4 pre-workout powder, that feature innovative nutrition. Cor-Performance is ideal for building lean muscle and replenishing nutrients.
High protein. Low carb. Low fat. Added digestive enzymes. Works as a post-workout, snack or meal replacement. Gluten-free.
Too sweet for some users. Takes a bit more mixing than other brands.
25g per serving
130 per serving
9 dessert-inspired flavors
26 per container
Orgain Organic Nutritional Protein Shake – Ready to Drink
Orgain has created holistic nutritional shakes to make it easy to build muscle and get healthy without chemicals and artificial ingredients. This shake is high in organic protein and full of wholesome nutrition.
High protein. Naturally sweetened. Gluten free. Non-GMO. Grass-fed protein. Low carb.
None – complaints about an old formula have been answered, and the new formula is reviewed positively by hundreds of users.
RTD (ready to drink)
25g per serving
150 per serving
4 flavors
12 11 ounce cartons

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What is the Best Protein Drink?

We looked for brands with proven results and high-quality ingredients and came up with 5 powerful protein shakes. We chose both protein powders and pre-mixed "ready-to-drink" (RTD) shakes since they work just fine when you're bulking up. Go for an RTD shake if you prefer convenience or a powder if you want to customize your shake with your own ingredients. Now that you understand a few factors to consider while looking for one, let's see what these brands have in store.
Our Top Choice
Muscle Milk Genuine Lean Muscle Protein Powder is slow digesting and high protein, making it easy to inject muscle-building proteins into any part of your day for faster recovery and faster results. Want to go organic? Try out the ready-to-drink Muscle Milk Organic Protein Shake for all the same benefits in a convenient and natural shake.

Muscle Milk® Genuine Muscle Building Protein Powder – Lean Muscle, 16g Protein per Scoop

Muscle Milk products are all about getting stronger every day – that's why Muscle Milk is known around the world for producing serious results. Genuine Protein Powder is no exception, packing in a serious amount of protein to promote growth and a healthy lifestyle. The powder comes in 2 flavors, chocolate and vanilla.

Let's take a close look at this top brand:
  • 16 grams of protein (32 in 2 scoops) gives your body the ability to rebuild stronger and bigger muscles so next week's workout can be more intense.
  • 20 vitamins and minerals promote healthy nutrition, so you can drink more Muscle Milk without worrying about lost nutrition.
  • Gluten-free formula allows anyone with difficulty digesting gluten to safely use this product.
  • This powder can be used before bed to keep your body full of protein to quickly build muscle over time, or it can used right after your workouts. You can also use it as an everyday snack or pre-workout to supplement your active lifestyle.
For as post-workout protein supplement, this product is best used 30 to 60 minutes after a workout to help your body repair and recover.
Best Value
This protein shake packs an impressive 35 grams of protein into a single serving with only 1 gram of sugar, making it a great way to build lean muscle without sacrificing health. If you prefer a delicious protein-packed power bar, check out the Pure Protein Chocolate Peanut Caramel 50G Protein Bar Value Pack

Pure Protein RTD Shake – 35 Grams of Protein Per Serving, 5 Great Flavors

The mission of Pure Protein is simple – pack tons of protein into a small, healthy package to simplify lean muscle growth. That's why the Pure Protein shake comes in a convenient can with a whopping 35g of protein. Pure Protein also uses a similar formula for their high protein powders and protein bars.

Let's take a closer look:
  • Easy single-serving can is super convenient as a quick snack or post-workout protein supplement.
  • 35g of protein in such a small drink lets you really pack in the protein for faster muscle gains without extra bloating or calories.
  • Only 1 gram of sugar, 1 gram of fat and just 170 calories make it easy to build muscle while staying (or becoming) lean.
  • Users love the creamy taste and say it doesn't suffer from "chalkiness" like some other protein shakes.
  • This shake also incorporates 90% of your daily calcium, so you can strengthen your bones as you work towards a stronger physique.
Pure Protein Shakes come in frosty chocolate, cookies 'n crème, banana crème, strawberry crème and vanilla crème flavors.
With thousands of positive reviews, this premium protein powder produces real results in muscle building and recovery. If you're looking for the same tried-and-true premium quality in a weight loss mix, check out the BSN ISOBURN Fat Burning Protein Powder Matrix.

BSN SYNTHA-6 Premium Protein Shake Mix – Lean Muscle, 22g Protein, 10g Amino Acids

BSN is committed to creating powerful high-end supplements for their community of passionate users. Syntha-6 premium mix supports rapid muscle growth through proteins and amino acids and jumpstarts muscle recovery, making it ideal for both frequent and casual workouts.

Let's see what makes Syntha-6 stand out.
  • 22 grams of protein actively rebuilds your muscles between workouts.
  • Each serving contains 10 grams of essential amino acids.
  • This mix is also a good source of fiber to help round out your diet.
  • All-around nutritional ingredients, protein power and fatty acids make this mix ideal for a wide range of active and dieting lifestyles.
  • Thousands of users praise this shakes creamy texture and great taste.
You can find BSN premium workout supplements in a wide variety of flavors on Amazon.
Named "Breakout Supplement of the Year" in 2013, this high-performance whey protein powder features amino acids for fast-acting muscle recovery and larger muscle gains. To really get the most out of your workout, check out Cellucor's Alpha Amino caffeinated pre-workout supplement.

Cellucor Cor Performance Whey Protein Shake Mix – Post-Workout Powder, Fast-Acting, 25g Protein, Digestive Enzymes

Cellucor is a passionate maker of innovative workout supplements. They're primarily known for their high-octane pre-workout powder C4, but this whey protein gets the job done just as well.

Let's see what Cellucor has in store:
  • 25 grams of protein is on the high end for a single serving, making it easy to build muscles with this whey powder.
  • The wide range of flavors are inspired by desserts to keep you satisfied after a workout.
  • Added digestive enzymes help your body digest proteins at any time of day for fast acting, versatile muscle building.
  • Can be used as a snack, a meal replacement or an ingredient in your favorite recipes.
  • Low carb and low-fat formula lets you stay lean while you bulk up.
Cellucor may focus on results but they definitely don't forget about taste. Their dessert-inspired flavors include chocolate chip cookie dough, chocolate peanut butter, strawberry milkshake, cookies 'n cream, peanut butter marshmallow, cinnamon swirl, whipped vanilla, molten chocolate and red velvet. Yum.
This natural shake is packed with wholesome organic protein and densely nutritious fruits and veggies so you can build muscle and an all-around healthy you. Orgain also sells a wide range of nutrient-packed organic drinks and snacks like the Orgain Organic Superfoods Powder.

Orgain Nutritional RTD Protein Shake – 16g protein, USDA Certified Organic, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, 4 Flavors

Orgain has created a natural way to get healthy, and they've made it as easy as possible with a range of organic powders, shakes and bars. Orgain’s founder was inspired when he was able to overcome illness with natural foods and nutrition. The Orgain organic protein shake is a way to gain muscle without non-organic ingredients – the ingredients are simple, wholesome and effective.

Let's take a closer look:
  • 16 grams of organic protein are more than enough to build muscles the natural way.
  • Provides organic complex carbohydrates from brown rice - an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, especially when you want to bulk up.
  • The shake also includes a range of organic fruits and veggies like bananas, various berries, kale, beets, spinach, carrots and tomatoes along with 23 vitamins and minerals.
  • Organic sweetener made from brown rice syrup and cane juice lightly sweetens this shake for naturally good taste.
  • Finally, this shake is gluten, soy, and GMO-free so nearly anyone can enjoy it.
This organic super-shake comes in creamy chocolate fudge, iced café mocha, strawberries and cream and sweet vanilla bean.

How Do I Choose the Best Protein Drink?

When we hit the gym, we all have our goals – building muscles, losing weight, or simply keeping fit. Whether your workout is casual or professional, choosing the right protein drink will make all the difference for you. Even with all the supplements out there, we all agree that protein shakes are a monster when it comes to giving you the performance boost you’re looking for.

However, don’t just drink and expect to get those 21-inch biceps or well cut-out abs without some sacrifice. You know it doesn’t work that way. You have to get into the mood, grab your nice gym bag, throw in your sports gloves, and get going. Oh, and don’t forget to include your sports water bottle. You know how gyms are, you’ll definitely need to stay hydrated.

As you prepare to hit the gym, you should keep in mind that your body needs enough energy to get you through the strenuous exercises. Otherwise, it’ll give in before you barely hit your goal. That’s why you should consider taking a pre-workout drink to give you the energy you need.

If you’re as serious as we think you are, you’ll want to know if your protein drink is going to waste. That’s why you need to check out our best fitness tracker review so you can benefit from its usefulness as well. Go now, and let’s get in shape!
Wondering how much it’ll cost you to buy this great workout drink? All you need to know is that though their prices vary, these differences are due to several factors. The amount of protein in a protein drink is one of the major factors that determines price. Therefore, a protein drink with 35g per serving will probably cost you more.

You’ll also find the type of protein drink will significantly influence the price. For instance, powder protein drinks have a longer shelf-life, making them more expensive than ones that can’t last as long. Yes, through our research we found several really cheap protein drinks. However, if you want to get the best out of your drink, we recommend you buy the expensive ones because the cheap ones may not give you the results you’re looking for.
Protein drinks give you that extra boost you need to crush your workout. Here are some factors to consider before purchasing one.
  • Servings - Protein drinks come in different serving amounts convenient for your use
  • Protein - They come in various levels of protein depending on the amount you need for your workout
  • Calories - Protein drinks come in a variety of calorie amounts so you can stay within your desired caloric range
  • Type- You’ll find that protein drinks are either in ready to drink bottles or powdered form
  • Flavors - Protein drinks come in assorted flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and cookies and cream
Construction and Design
By now you understand that protein gives you that extra muscle so your next workout gets easier and you become stronger. Depending on your goals, pick one with the right protein levels you need. If you’re looking to grow massive muscles, you’ll want to choose one that supplies you with 35g per serving to go hand in hand with your high intensity weight lifting regime. However, if you’re going out for a light jog, you might just need a small amount. Regardless of your objective, protein drink brands have an option for you.

The same goes for the amount of calories in a drink. Depending on the intensity of your workout, choose one with enough calories per serving to get through your routine. For intense sessions, go for a protein drink with 200 or more calories per serving. Much less is needed if you intend to do light exercise.

For convenience purposes, protein drinks come in powder and ready to drink forms. If you have enough time before hitting your routine, enjoy customizing your protein drink with other ingredients of your choice. This will give you the extra benefit you’re looking for. However, you don’t have to skip your drink just because time isn’t on your side. Grab a ready to drink one and get going!
Performance and Ease of Use
We can all agree that the tastes of things we consume are a non-debatable issue. We understand that you all have your preferences. That’s why protein drinks come in assorted flavors to give you a variety to pick from. Imagine having more than 10 of these to choose from. Isn’t that awesome? Go ahead and make a pick that not only tickles your taste buds, but also excites you to take on that workout!

You may have been wondering home many servings you actually need for your height and weight. Worry not, because protein drinks come with a recommended serving range for your size so you don’t take too little or too much.

Get the Best Protein Drink of 2023!

It's important to find a protein powder or RTD shake that works for you – everyone's body reacts differently, so it can take some testing. Still, you can't go wrong with these expert brands. Their user-approved protein shakes are bound to produce results – not to mention they offer a variety of mouth-watering flavors.

Our Top Choice
Muscle Milk® Genuine Protein Powder Shake Mix
Best Value
Pure Protein Ready to Drink Protein Shake
BSN SYNTHA-6® Ultra-Premium Protein Powder for Building Muscle
Cellucor Cor-Performance Whey Protein Powder
Orgain Organic Nutritional Protein Shake – Ready to Drink