Best Pruning Saw Reviews 2022

The best pruning saw isn’t going to just walk up to you and say, “Hey there, looking for me?” (no matter how much of a gardening enthusiast you are), and as a result finding it may prove tedious. That’s no longer a problem as we’ve done a good deal of research on the matter and are proud to present you with the top 5 pruning saw makers and one of our favorite saws from each. If you find none of these to your liking, please feel free to check these brands out as they have more pruning saws on offer.
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Blade Size
Our Top Choice
Silky BIGBOY 2000 Pruning Saw
Silky crafts the finest wood cutting saws that raise the bar in cutting efficiency, quality, and endurance that’s unrivalled.
Easy to use, cuts quickly, ambidextrous, and works effortlessly. Lightweight with foldable razor-sharp blade.
A few teeth are exposed when it’s folded.
1 pound
Rubberized cushioned handle
Extra-large teeth
Best Value
Fiskars Power Tooth Softgrip Saw
All things, even the simplest, can be made better; that’s the belief and the aim at Fiskars. Its products are globally renowned for their functionality and style.
Sturdy and lightweight. Comes with a protective blade cover.
It takes more effort to cut branches with a diameter of over 2 inches.
Contoured handle
0.5 pounds
Non-slip grip
Barnel Telescopic Ultra Reach Pruner
In every continent of the world – well, except Antarctica - Barnel is respected by both professionals and gardening enthusiasts as the Worldwide Choice of Professionals.
Makes cutting high branches easy. Holds the pruned branch. Saw is easily attached. Lightweight.
Doesn’t come with a strap.
Extends 72-120 inches
2.9 pounds
Lightweight aluminum
180-degree rotating handle
Corona Razor 13” Tooth Pruning Saw
Since Corona’s inception, generations of horticulture professionals and hobbyists have trusted its tools that work as hard as they do.
Cuts 4-5 inch branches. Sharp, sturdy, durable, and comfortable to use.
The bolts may loosen and need tightening.
0.55 pounds
Tempered steel alloy
Cushion covered handle
Tabor Tools Pruning Saw with Sheath
Tabor is a growing supplier of long-lasting gardening and outdoor products with outstanding design and functionality to the international market.
Sharp and easy to use for large branches. Its sheath holds the saw securely.
Its sheath doesn’t snap on and off.
0.7125 pounds
Info not provided
Ergonomically shaped handle

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What is the Best Pruning Saw?

Choosing the best pruning saw requires that you know how thick the branches you’ll be cutting are. Are they less than 2 inches or as thick as 5 inches in diameter? The answer to this question will help you choose well. With the information you’ve gleaned from our buying guide, this review should be much more enlightening. That said, let’s peruse the individual products under review.
Our Top Choice
The Silky BIGBOY is a multipurpose saw with a curved, 14.2-inch long blade and 5.5 teeth per inch. With Silky’s Mirai-Me technology, it cuts quickly and is durable. If you’d rather have a shorter blade on your pruning saw, Silky’s POCKETBOY Medium 130mm Teeth Saw is also available for your perusal.

Silky BIGBOY 2000 Hand / Pruning Saw with Extra Large Teeth

In 1919, Silky’s founder, Katsuji Miyawak, designed and produced the “TAMAKITSUNE” which was the brand of the present company. He put his heart, soul, and unyielding spirit into it and this same level of commitment continues today. In 1980, Silky developed and patented a saw setting process that remarkably improved a saw’s sharpness, and the “MIRAIME2” and “4-RETSUME” saws were made with this advanced technology. A merger between the companies in 1983 saw the emergence of the Silky brand name, one that has become synonymous with premium-quality saw designs. Today, the company is headed by Uichi Miyawaki, son of the founder, whose wisdom, passion, and entrepreneurial spirit is on par with his predecessor. In a world where care for the environment is crucial, this brand is intent on being friendly to it whilst maintaining the standard its saws have come to be known for.

The Silky BIGBOY has a blade length of 14.2 inches which makes it capable of cutting through larger diameters, gives it an extended reach, and allows longer strokes for faster cutting. It’s designed to be used on large limbs, small trunks, and even in many construction projects without a single problem. Its handle is constructed with rubber compound elastomer to give a good grip even when wet and a comfortable, cushioning effect. The blade is made of tough, durable steel and has the MIRAI-ME design, with cutting angles along its length, which makes the blade sharper, faster, and smoother-cutting than others.

It’s especially preferred for pruning as this design leaves a smooth surface, greatly reducing risks of infection to the plant. It can cross-cut, rip-cut, and slant-cut. The teeth configuration on the BIGBOY is the extra-large 5.5 teeth per inch (tpi) which is suitable for pruning and working with green wood and cuts the thickest branches fast. The teeth are heated and instantly hardened by a high-frequency heating technique, which makes them harder than an ordinary file and remain sharper for about 3 times longer than teeth that haven’t gone through this process.

At 1 pound, it’s lightweight and can be conveniently carried in your gardening, camping, and construction kits. The BIGBOY is also available in 3 other teeth configurations: 6 tpi - Large/Coarse with teeth finer than the extra-large and for the same applications; 8.5 tpi - Medium with finer teeth than the first two and is recommended for soft wood; and 11 tpi - Fine with the finest teeth of them all, it’s recommended for hard wood and bamboo.

Other great saws from Silky include:
  • The Silky GOMBOY 8 1/3-inch (medium Teeth) Hand Saw: has 8.5 tpi and comes with a plastic hinged carrying case for easy storage and transport.
  • The Silky HAYAUCHI Telescoping Pole Saw: has blade length of 390mm (15 2/5 inches) and a 21-foot extension range that can be used in pruning and trimming, lawn and garden, etc.
  • The Silky SUGOI 360mm (14 1/5 inch) Extra Large Teeth Hand Saw: has elastic leg straps and curved blade for landscaping, pruning, and trimming.
Silky saws can be protected with sheaths and cases that either come with the saws or are sold separately.
Best Value
Fiskars’ Power Tooth Softgrip Saw has triple-ground teeth that are razor-sharp, impulse hardened with a flexible and rust-resistant blade. Moreover, it’s covered by a lifetime warranty. If you’re a interested in a pole saw with a chain-drive mechanism, check out the Fiskars Chain-drive Extendable Pole Saw.

Fiskars Power Tooth Softgrip Saw with 13-inch Blade and Fixed Handle

Fiskars is named after the small Finnish village where it began an awe-inspiring 350 years ago. Its orange-handled scissors were so well-received that they became must-haves for women of that time. Its expansion began with its establishment of a factory in the U.S in 1977, which provided a basis for international trade and gave it access to the world’s greatest economy. The lightweight, ergonomic design of its orange-handled scissors made it a favorite, and it’s sold over 1 billion since their introduction in 1967. Anywhere you see orange-handled scissors, you can be sure that you’re looking at Fiskar as it’s received official trademark protection in the United States, Finland, and Canada. Fiskars’ superior products include an unlimited lifetime guarantee to give its customers confidence in their longevity.

The Fiskars Power Tooth Softgrip Saw promises to quickly give you clean cuts – or undercuts - through thick branches. It features a 13-inch-long POWER TOOTH blade with triple-ground teeth as sharp as a razor that cuts through branches, enabling you to complete tasks in less time. The teeth are designed to cut when pulled, making it a pull saw.

It features a fully-hardened blade that has been precision-ground to stay sharp even with extreme use. The steel blade has been coated with a low-friction finish that makes it easy to use and allows the blade to glide through wood without resistance. The same coating protects the blade, preventing it from the gumming-up effect of even the ‘sappiest’ of trees. Debris and rust don’t stand a chance against the blade either, and it leaves the cut surface smooth. The softgrip touchpoints increase comfort and control of the contoured handle, which is large enough to support single-handed grip.

This pruning saw comes with a protective plastic case that covers the teeth. It’s advised that you keep this cover as it can be used to effectively protect you and other items – like your clothes – from the sharp teeth on this saw. You can take this saw just about anywhere, seeing as it weighs only 8 ounces.

There are more great pruning saws from Fiskars which include:
  • The Fiskars Pruning Saw with Handle: a 15-inch blade length that cuts on the pull and push stroke for faster cutting operations. It can even be flipped for easy, controlled undercuts.
  • The Fiskars Folding Saw and Pruner Set: has a non-stick coated, hardened bypass steel pruning blade and a folding saw that cuts in both directions.
  • The Fiskars Power Tooth Softgrip Folding Saw: has a 7-inch blade, 7 tpi, and a resin handle. It can be locked in two positions.
All of Fiskars’ products are backed by a lifetime warranty.
Barnel’s Telescopic Pruners have a cut-and-hold feature and a spring mechanism that adjusts to the cut size. It has a center oiler for lubrication and a 1800 rotating handle. If you’d rather have a short, curved variation, the Barnel Z270 Folding Curved Blade Hand Saw with a 10.5-inch long blade for landscaping and pruning is also available.

Barnel Ultra Reach Telescopic Pole Pruner with Saw

Barnel set up shop in Oregon in the year 1985 where it applied its technical “know-how” to meet the special requirements of the local horticultural industry. It effectively combined its innovative ideas with listening to its customers to provide the solutions that earned it the respect of that local industry - and soon enough it became popular throughout the West coast. Today, professional and dedicated outdoor hobbyists around the world trust Barnel. It’s gained so much popularity that even the sports market stocks Barnel tools that are focused on hunting, backpacking, and camping. It promises to continue to bring its customers new innovation and to engineer designs that enhance results, productivity, and performance.

The Barnel Telescopic Ultra Reach Pruners and Loppers is a collection of ultra-lightweight extendable pruners with extruded aluminum construction. Each consists of telescopic extensions that are quickly connected over a single push button and has a center oiler bolt that keeps the internal workings continuously lubricated.

Along the length of the poles, there are hand grips that slide and lock anywhere, providing a comfortable and secure hold on the pole. Each has an inlaid TPR (thermoplastic rubber) that rotates through 1800 allowing you to conveniently hold and use it in a variety of positions, no matter where the fruit or branches are located.

The branches cut can be held with the cut-and-hold mechanism on these tools. There’s also a spring mechanism that adjusts automatically to make various-sized cuts; it can be removed whenever you please. The blades on these tools are of high carbon sword steel, have a hard chrome finish, and feature a branch removal hook.

The 6-10' Telescoping Cut-n-Hold Pruner with Saw is the one we’re reviewing today. It has an overall length when extended, of 119 inches and is 71 inches when it’s not. The chrome blade has a length of 5/8 inches.

Other pruning saws from Barnel include:
  • The Barnel USA P210 Tri Edge Folding Saw: a 13 ½-inch pruning saw with red and white color and ergonomic design for high performance.
  • The Barnel H24w Double-bumper Professional Horticultural Lopper: a 24-inch long tool with 1.5-inch cutting capacity and American hickory wood handles. It has a self-oiling center bolt.
  • The Barnel BLK720P Tropical Fruit Harvest Knife/Sickle: a 10-inch tool with 4.75-inch serrated blade. It’s designed to be used in the harvest of tropical fruits and bananas
Additionally, there’s a limited lifetime warranty on the internal workings of the telescopic pruners.
The Corona Razor Tooth 13 inch Pruning Saw has 3-sided razor teeth that efficiently cut through medium to large branches. The curved blade gives a 10-inch cut per pull stroke. For a shorter blade, you should have a look at the Corona RS 7265D Razor Tooth Folding Pruning Saw with a 10-inch curved blade.

Corona Razor Tooth 13 Inch Pruning Saw with Replaceable Curved Blade

Corona was born out of the need to improve production process and increase earnings. In the 1920s, when the citrus industry first started near Corona, California, sales were limited by the less-than-desirable condition in which the oranges reached the market. The search for solutions to this problem began and a school teacher, after observing the field handling process, discovered the problem and drew up a solution.

He designed a hand tool that would harvest the oranges without causing any damage to their skin (for that was the source of the problem). But being no tool maker, he turned his idea to the local citrus-farming community who gave the task of building the tool to a local blacksmith, thus the AG 5050 Orange Sheer and Corona was born. Today, it’s at the vanguard of the lawn, garden, landscape, construction, irrigation, and agriculture market.

The Corona Razor Tooth 13-inch Pruning Saw has a curved blade design with 3-sided razor teeth that cut through medium to large branches. It smoothly cuts smaller branches and cuts through larger 4 to 5-inch diameter branches with ease. The curvature of the blade is so that more of its teeth get into the branch to cut more in less time.

The 13-inch blade cuts on the pull and delivers a 10-inch cut per pull stroke. The blade is of tempered steel alloy which makes it operate without friction and be resistant to rusting. For durability, the sharp teeth have been impulse hardened. In the event of breakage, the blade is replaceable; handles, bolts, and of course, the blade can be purchased from the manufacturer or major gardening tools retailers.

Its handle has a cushioned pistol grip that has been co-molded for strength and durability. At the head of the handle, there is a hanging hole to conveniently store it with.

Other pruning saws from Corona include:
  • The Corona Razor Tooth Saw - 7 in Folding Saw: National Home Gardening Club tested and approved pruning saw for use on small to medium branches.
  • The Corona RS 7060 Razor Tooth Folding Pruning Saw: has 10 ½-inch blade and wooden handle. It’s sharp and built to last.
  • The Corona Clipper PS 7020 Folding Pruning Saw: has 14-inch length and a curved 5-inch blade. It’s recommended for cutting through small to medium branches.
  • The Corona TP 6850 Compound Action Tree Pruner: a 14-foot pruner with a curved 13-inch saw and comfortable foam grip. It has a heavy-duty chain drive and a 1.25-inch diameter cutting capacity.
The Tabor Tools 10-inch Pruning Saw cuts through 4-inch diameter branches with its 3-angled teeth. Its blade is coated for a rust-resistant cutting experience and it’s lightweight. For a curved blade with more length, check out Tabor Tools’ 13" Curved Saw with a Turbocut pull-action blade.

Tabor Tools Pruning Saw with Sheath & Turbocut Pull-Action Blade – Available in 2 Sizes

Tabor Tools was created in 1982 to meet the demands of local agricultural and horticultural cooperatives. Driven by an ambition to supply its customers with products that are of outstandingly superior design and performance, it has become the go-to place for gardeners and landscapers, whether professional or hobbyist. This growth can be ascribed to the level of experience and innovation it puts into the production of its tools, resulting in high-performance products that its customers have come to rely on. Tabor tools are designed to make a statement both practically and visually, which explains the bold red and black coloration of its tools. Tabor has a variety of hand tools on offer that include hand pruners, saws, shears, bypass and anvil loppers, and irrigation tools – with still more room for growth!

The Tabor Tools 10-inch Pruning Saw works well for cutting larger trees as you can cut through a 4-inch diameter branch without putting much energy into it. Its blade cuts on the backward draw stroke, and its tough teeth blade remains stable during strong pulls, resulting in accurate cuts.

At less than 1 pound, it’s light and can be carried in your toolbox, car, or backpack. It can also be conveniently hung from your tool belt as it comes in a strong, well-made scabbard and is guaranteed to last a lifetime. When you’re working and don’t need the pruning saw, you can slip it into its sheath, listen for a reassuring click (it indicates that the saw is securely in place), and hang it on your belt with its convenient belt loop.

It features a non-slip, ergonomically-shaped, pistol-grip which prevents your wrists from aching after use. The design of this pruning saw makes it suitable for clean-cut pruning, preparatory cuts, and cut-to-length work. The blade is coated to produce a smooth, friction-free cut, keeping it sharper for a longer time and corrosion-free. The teeth on this tool are of an aggressive design to produce more cuts in less time. The handle also features a storage hole for a lanyard or storage hook.

Tabor Tools has more pruning saws on offer and they include:
  • The Tabor Tools All Purpose Folding Hand Saw: has a 7.5-inch pull-stroke blade for a variety of household chores and tasks.
  • The Tabor tools 8-inch Pruning Saw with Sheath: features aggressive teeth and ergonomic handle, and cuts up to 4-inch diameter branches.
Tabor Tools has a responsive customer support and warranty.

How Do I Choose the Best Pruning Saw?

If you’ve ever seen a garden in full bloom, you’ll remember that you felt lighter and like anything was possible. The greens, yellows, reds, violets, and purples were all harmoniously pleasing to the eye, and let’s not even talk about the scents and fragrances! All these combined will make you slow your breathing – remember how the experts say that’s good for the body?

Okay, wake up. That was a pleasant picture, wasn’t it? Do you realize the amount of work and tools that go into creating scenes as lovely as that? We’ll tell you; lots and lots of dedicated tending, watering, and pruning went into it – which leads us to our product of choice: pruning saws!

The pruning saw is the tool to turn to when you’re faced with branches that are thicker than what your secateurs and loppers can handle, or when the branches are too small for your chain saw. The basic pruning saw features either a curved or a straight blade.
  • The curved blades are better suited for heavy-duty cutting, and its curvature adds toughness to your cut that makes the whole thing feel like cutting through butter
  • The straight blade pruning saws are better suited for cutting through green wood and sap. It’s the most popular type and is used for indoor and outdoor chores. They usually have a curved pistol-like grip for easier handling and comfort
Pruning saws aren’t just for gardening; they can also be used on camping and hunting trips alongside things such as survival knives.

They should have blades of high carbon steel and well-built, ergonomic handles. Further, they should be lightweight and fit into your tool box or gear easily. Some of them come with scabbards that can be hung from a tool belt, duty belt, or even your regular belt.

The price of these tools range from affordable to high-end, and we advise that you know exactly what you want to achieve with a pruning saw before buying one.
Pruning saws sell at a range of $19 to $150. The major difference is in the type of the pruning saw; where basic saws may sell for lower prices, the folding ones with locking mechanisms sell for more than a basic one. Further, an extendable pruner usually demands you part with more dollars than you would for the other types.

Another thing that affects price is material, as well as the technology it uses. For instance, a pruning saw bearing triple-cut or quad-cut multilevel precision ground teeth should cost more than one bearing teeth that are stamped out. A final thing to watch out for is its features. An example of such features is a sheath or scabbard for protecting and carrying the pruning saw.

A pruning saw is a relevant garden tool that will see regular use, and it’s a good investment. A more expensive pruning saw will perform better in terms of durability and efficiency, where cheap pruning saws will not.
The blade of a pruning saw ought to be made of heat-treated high carbon steel as it’s easier to sharpen and holds its edge for longer than less expensive metal. Some of them are designed to be flexible, and others are designed to be rigid; we can’t say that there’s any difference in their effectiveness, provided it’s of a high quality. It’s all about preference.

Other features you should consider include:
  • Weight: the heavier it is, the less desirable it should be.
  • Type: is it a folding saw, pole saw, straight, or curved?
  • Blade length: in inches.
  • Saw length: how long is the saw as whole?
  • Material: what are the blade and handle made of?
  • Design: is the handle designed for comfort? What kind of blade?
  • Extras: sheath, blade cover, replaceable parts, hanging holes, self-oiling, etc.
Construction and Design
The teeth of a blade are designed to be especially sharp. Thus, it’s not a tool to be handled carelessly to avoid injury to self or damage to the saw. The best pruning saws are designed with a triple tooth blade which is also called a tri-cut, a razor tooth, or a 3-cut. What this means is that it has one tooth that’s in between 2 others on either side of the blade. The center tooth digs into the wood while the teeth on the sides cut it - a much more efficient process as each pull of the blade is deeper than the last. The best pruning saws are designed to cut on a pull stroke so that you pull the blade toward yourself.

There are pole saws or telescopic saws that you can adjust to the height of the tree you’re pruning or the height of the branch you’re targeting. Most of them are lightweight and made from aluminum or fiberglass, with the blades attached to the top of it. A sliding collar or rope is usually used to work the cutting mechanism, and powerful cutting jaws are used to compensate for the loss in cutting power caused by the elongated length of this type.

A pruning tip from us to you: these particular saws should not be restricted to pruning high limbs alone; they can also be used to prune prickly plants, too.

Folding blades should have locking mechanisms – and they should be functional, too. As has been said before, these blades are sharp so you should ensure that they’re locked in place and don’t unexpectedly spring open. The curved blades are best suited for heavy-duty cutting as the curve makes your cuts tougher, while the straight blades are usually designed with a curved, pistol-like grip which makes them more comfortable to handle.

The blade length and overall length is important as it will affect the kind of tasks you can put a pruning saw to. The cutting capacity of a saw is determined by the length of the blade; an excessively long blade may damage nearby stems during pruning.
Performance and Ease of Use
A pruning saw shouldn’t weigh a lot as it’s a handheld tool; it should be lightweight for convenient operation. A heavy saw will need more effort to be applied when cutting, which can strain your hands and wrists. It also will be a burden to carry around, a situation that’s not acceptable for an activity that should be calming.

The handle’s material should be strong enough to withstand the energy that will be put on it during sawing. It should be lightweight but not flimsy, and sturdy but not heavy. Rubber, for instance, fits this description. There’s also foam, plastic, and wooden handles. The design of the handle should be such that it’s easy and comfortable to hold, provide a secure grip, and last a long time.

The extendable pruning saws may feature a cut-and-hold mechanism that holds onto the stem after it’s been cut. This is a feature that’s usually better for plucking fruits and flowers than for maintenance pruning, as shaking off every stem you cut might become tedious.

Blades with finish applied on them are usually smooth-cutting as they’re not hindered by friction. They’re also resistant to rust and thus stay sharp for longer than those without. For this, hard chrome finish offers the most of these benefits described; high-quality Teflon and zinc finish are also good.

Extra features such as sheaths, hanging holes, self-oiling mechanism, etc., are good and as long as they suit your purpose and don’t bite into your budget; you should consider them, as well.

Get the Best Pruning Saw of 2022!

We’ve reached the end; we hope it was as interesting for you as it was for us. We won’t keep you any longer - let the pruning commence!

Our Top Choice
Silky BIGBOY 2000 Pruning Saw
Best Value
Fiskars Power Tooth Softgrip Saw
Barnel Telescopic Ultra Reach Pruner
Corona Razor 13” Tooth Pruning Saw
Tabor Tools Pruning Saw with Sheath