Best Pull Buoy Reviews 2023

Pull buoys are great tools to achieve and maintain good form while swimming, but the problem is finding the best pull buoy for your need. The pull buoy market is teeming with different options, but we’ve saved you the headache of having to go through them all as we’ve done so already. Here, we present you with the top 5 pull buoy makers around and one pull buoy from each. Feel free to check them out for more if none of these featured buoys resonates with you.
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Our Top Choice
FINIS Foam Chafe-Free Pull Buoy
FINIS is a global leader out to simplify swimming and help everyone enjoy the water through its innovative, first-rate products.
It keeps your hips and legs afloat and doesn’t slip or pop out while you swim as it’s made of ‘grip-able’ material.
It’s too small for bigger swimmers.
Both sizes
Adult or Junior / 0.336 pound
EVA foam
Roll shaped, yellow
Skin friendly
Best Value
TYR Unisex USA Pull Float
TYR has made itself into one of the most globally recognized brands in the swimming and triathlon categories.
It effectively combines durability, functionality and good construction. It’s also easy to use at any level of swimming experience.
There is need for improvement in packaging and shipping.
Both sizes
9.5 x 6 x 3.2” / 0.21 pound
EVA foam
8-shaped, red, white
Speedo Team Pull Buoy Training Aid
Speedo is on a mission to inspire you to swim confidently and train hard, to enjoy your swim and reach your goals.
It’s lightweight, functional and compact enough to fit into your swim bag, plus it has good looks too.
Some may find its size rather small.
Both sizes
9 x 10.5 x 2.8” / 0.29 pound
EVA foam
Camera shaped, black, blue
Arena Freeflow 8 Shape Light Pullbuoy
Arena is dedicated to swimmers around the world who desire to share and embrace their water instinct
It promotes technique improvement without hindering your roll. What’s more, it’s hand washable.
Its small size takes some getting used to.
9.1 x 5.5 x 2.6" / 0.012 pound
8-shaped, black, grey
Aqua Sphere Classic Pull Buoy
Aqua Sphere makes swim gear of superior quality for competitive, aqua gym, fitness and recreational swimming.
It’s a great pull buoy as it works well, is comfortable and lasts a long time; it’s quite affordable too.
It nicks and scratches easily but it doesn’t lose its quality.
14 x 12 x 8” / 0.17 pound
EVA foam
8-shaped, blue
Chlorine resistant

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What is the Best Pull Buoy?

Pull buoys come in different shapes and sizes; their constituent material also varies. The constant with any choice of pull buoy is that it has to be the right fit for you and it has to be comfortable too. The information you’ve gained from our buying guide should guide you as we go into the individual product reviews.
Our Top Choice
The FINIS Foam Pull Buoy keeps your lower body elevated and improves hip rotation while you work your upper body. Its EVA material is durable and doesn’t irritate or chafe even after long time use. For a pull buoy that’s made particularly for youth and those with smaller legs, check out the FINIS’ Axis Buoy.

FINIS Foam Chafe-Free Pull Buoy – Available in Adult and Junior Sizes

In 1993, two Bellarmine graduates and former high school friends, John Mix and Pablo Morales came together to create FINIS. Due to the fascination and conviction that both men had for the Monofin and its potential as a game changer in the world of swimming, FINIS was started as a Monofin business. It has since grown to become a force to reckon with in technical swimming development worldwide with seasoned coaches, industrial designers and swimmers on its team. The brand seeks to provide all that’s necessary for everyone to enjoy their time in water, regardless of their swimming experience and skill level. Its line of innovative swim gear is a direct result of research and working with swimmers at all levels.

The FINIS Foam Pull Buoy boosts the lower body upwards by lifting the hips and legs and keeping them afloat thus promoting an elevated body position and aligning it from head to toe and improving symmetry. Its EVA foam construction makes it durable and resistant to the damaging effect of prolonged chlorine and sunlight exposure and it doesn’t chafe its user as a result of its material. This pull buoy from FINIS effectively restricts leg movement and helps to focus better on maintaining proper hip rotation while building upper body strength. With this pull buoy effectively holding your legs in place, you’re able to concentrate on improving your technique. The FINIS Foam Pull Buoy comes in adult and junior sizes so you have to be careful during purchase to get the correct size for you. The junior size is recommended for swimmers on the petite side or with smaller legs and those under the age of 12.
Best Value
The TYR USA Pull Float features a 6 inch EVA foam construction and is designed for lengthened use and function in water. Its American flag color is a huge plus for the proud American. If you’re looking for a pull buoy for youth or smaller-sized swimmers, take a look at the TYR SPORT Junior Pull Float.

TYR Unisex USA Pull Float – Available in 3 Colors

In 1985, swimwear designer Joseph DiLorenzo and Olympic bronze medalist Steve Furniss created the TYR brand. It was named after the Norse god of war and has been providing the competitive swim gear market with the fastest and most sophisticated performance products. With distributors around the world and a global following, this brand is unswervingly committed to the high standards it has set both in quality and innovation. It’s dedicated to a culture of greatness, whether in the water or out of it; American ingenuity, pursuit and vision play huge roles in its becoming a brand that’s synonymous with the athlete and athletics.

The TYR USA Pull Float is a sturdy pull buoy which can be used during lap swimming sessions. It’s a good tool to use for water sports routines and exercise at all levels to build upper body strength. It effectively isolates the legs and allows swimmers to perfect their technique and concentrate on breathing while using their hands to propel their bodies through the water. When correctly held between the thighs, it saves the legs the energy that would’ve been expended when trying to work the upper body without it. It also saves the triathlete’s leg strength for biking and other challenges ahead.

This pull buoy is a decently priced swimming equipment with rounded, hour-glass curves that aren’t only smooth and comfortable but allows for efficient water flow and anchors the pull buoy in place during all your workout phases; it enables the swimmer attain a good form in water by enhancing and defining body alignment. It also reproduces the buoyancy experienced when swimming with a wet suit and helps you rotate your hips or keep them in the correct positions while training.

Other pull buoys from TYR include:
  • The TYR Hydrofoil Pull Float is an ergonomically designed for high level swimmers and moves easily through water
  • The TYR Classic Pull Float has LPF that increases water resistance and weight in water enabling you to develop upper body strength and correct technique
  • The TYR Pink Pull Float is one of TYR’s contribution to a cancer-free future. Not only does it have its maker’s signature quality, but every one of them bought means a $5 donation to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation
The Speedo Team Pull Buoy features a soft, durable EVA construction that comfortably keeps your body elevated, isolates your legs, promotes a streamlined position and helps with upper body strength and technique training. If you wouldn’t mind an older model, the Speedo Swim Training Aid Pull Buoy is available too, which has specially designed colors to withstand pool chemicals.

Speedo Team Pull Buoy Training Aid – Available in Black or Blue

Speedo was created in 1914 as ‘Fortitude’ by Alexander MacRae, a young Scot immigrant to Australia. It was set up as an underwear manufacturer but was soon expanded to include swim wear in response to the beach culture that was gaining popularity in Australia at the time. In 1928, it broke grounds with the introduction of the “Racerback”, a swimwear that permitted the swimmer a greater degree of movement and a faster swim. In the same year, the company became known as Speedo. Fast forward to the 2000s and Speedo had created a niche for itself in the swim market as the sponsor of award winning swimmers, with an impressive line of innovative, fashionable swim suits in which records were set and broken.

Speedo’s Team Pull Buoy does what a model pull buoy is expected to do and more. When correctly placed between the thighs, it keeps the lower body afloat, immobilizing your legs and preventing them from kicking. This way you’re enabled to put your focus and energy into efficiently pulling yourself forward with your hands, building upper body strength and perfecting your technique while you’re at it. It promotes correct body positioning during swimming by helping you to maintain a streamlined position. It also helps with proper hip rotation while swimming.

This pull buoy’s made of EVA foam material which can withstand the extended exposure to sunlight and chlorine in pools without losing any effectiveness. Its material doesn’t cause skin irritation or chafe the skin and, for a more ergonomic fit, the pull buoy is constructed with one of its ends being narrower than the other. We suggest that you place the wider end under your thighs as holding it so makes the pull buoy easier to grip for a longer period of time.

Other pull buoy buying options from Speedo include:
  • The Speedo Mix-A-Lot Pull Buoy is a colorful pull buoy that adds color to your underwater sessions
  • The Speedo Junior Team Pull Buoy which is designed for young swimmers upper body training in water
  • The Speedo Team Pull Kicks, an innovative pull buoy-kickboard combination that saves you from carrying extra gear in your swim bag
The Arena Freeflow Pullbuoy is a lightweight pull buoy that’s constructed with an polyethylene-polypropylene combination for maximum buoyancy and comfort. For a pull board and kickboard combination, take a look at the Arena Pull Kick.

Arena Freeflow Lightweight 8 Shape Pullbuoy – Available in 2 Colors

The Arena brand has been supporting and inspiring swimmers around the world since its founder, Horst Dassler, created it in 1973. Arena was born out of its founder’s conviction that there was a better way to equip swimmers and he set out to recruit the team necessary to prove it. It’s been over four decades and it has stayed true to its founder’s vision; by working with research institutions, universities, and athletes, it unlocks new ways to make you swim better and faster.

The Arena Freeflow Pullbuoy features an 80% polyethylene and 20% polypropylene construction; each of the highest quality to generate maximum buoyancy in water. Simply place the Freeflow buoy between your thighs, hold it in place and let it do the rest. It suspends the hips and legs from kicking and affords you the needed rotation for your hips.

Its figure-8, PVC free construction fits comfortably between the thighs without causing any irritations. This buoy is somewhat smaller than most pull buoys on the market and so might take some getting used too, but afterwards you wouldn’t want to part with it.

Other Arena pull buoys include:
  • The Arena Pull Kick Pro is a practical, easy to use 2-in-1 tool which can serve as a pull buoy and as a kickboard for advanced swimmers. It offers streamlined grip and limited floatation that’s perfect for this class of swimmers
  • The Arena Swim Keel, which is a multipurpose training tool that can be used for 6 different types of training
The Aqua Sphere Classic Pull Buoy is a uniquely-shaped pull buoy for a comfortable lift in water. It’s made with durable, water resistant closed-cell foam. If you’re interested in swim goggles for your kids, check out the Aqua Sphere Seal Kid Swim Goggle with adjustable straps that comes in a variety of colors.

Aqua Sphere Classic Pull Buoy – One Size Training Aid

Aqua Sphere’s quest for innovative yet comfortable eyewear for swimming began from its inception in 1998, in Genoa, Italy. With the launch of its revolutionary Seal swim mask, it upped the game of eye protection as it introduced a new type of eyewear with increased peripheral vision, easily adjustable straps and long-term comfort. It collaborates with elite athletes such as Ironman World Champion Faris al Sultan and 4-time Olympian Amanda Beard to continue in its custom of creating inventive swimwear, wet suits, eyewear and accessories for swimmers worldwide, thus ensuring its continued reputation for technology, quality and comfort.

The Aqua Sphere Classic Pull Buoy features a microcellular EVA foam construction that’s been cut into an ergonomic, unique die-shaped pull buoy so that you can build your upper body strength in comfort. It’s a classic piece of swim training gear that isolates your arms and upper body by immobilizing your legs, allowing you to focus on perfecting your strokes and technique. It’s designed to be sturdy and buoyant without compromising your body position and to promote proper body alignment when in water. The foam this buoy is made from is chlorine resistant and does not chafe or irritate your legs, and neither does it get saturated with water or waterlogged, even after years of regular use. Finally, it’s covered by a 2-year limited warranty.

Aqua Sphere makes other innovative pull buoys such as:
  • The Aqua Sphere Ergobuoy, a pull buoy with removable inserts for adjustable buoyancy and optional belt with buckle to keep legs together without slipping
  • The Aqua Sphere P2K Pullkick which can be used as a pull buoy, kickboard and resistance training tool

How Do I Choose the Best Pull Buoy?

Swimming, whether as an athlete or not, has a lot of benefits to the body and mind. As with any hobby or sport, such as motorcycle riding or hiking, when one starts swimming there’s often an accompanying desire to do it the best you can. So, you find yourself taking swimming lessons, creating time to practice, learning new techniques and trying to improve on them. In the process of doing all this, you’re going to come across different training tools that are designed to help you become a better, stronger and faster swimmer, and one of such tools is the pull buoy.

Yes, that hourglass-shaped piece of foam that’s found at every standard pool; that lightweight swimming tool that you have to squeeze in position between your thighs when you swim. If you’re going to become an above-average swimmer, indeed, an excellent one, you’re going to have to incorporate this tool into your swim sessions and routines as it helps you to develop upper body strength, improve your strokes, hip rotation and techniques. Not only does this help swimmers develop good form, it’s also useful for physical rehabilitation after an injury as they’re able to improve muscle strength and improve mobility uniformly and steadily.

Thanks to a continually improving swimming community, not only do swim suits dry faster and last longer, pulling options have become more innovative too. Such a tool includes the multipurpose pull-kick which is an inventive combination of a pull buoy and a kickboard for your underwater training.

At the end of the day, what makes the best pull buoy for you is entirely up to you, but ensure you consider the information provided here when you’re making your choice.
Getting a water sport training tool such as the pull buoy is a satisfactory and affordable way to improve your swimming techniques. These tools usually sell at a price range of $9 - $30 and the difference in price can basically be accounted for by brand as there isn’t much variety to them (i.e. pull buoys). If you aren’t looking specifically for a pull buoy, you may consider some multipurpose training tools on sale by swim gear manufacturers such as a pull-kick or a swim keel.

That said, we did find some really cheap pull buoys, but we don’t recommend these as the discomfort they eventually give you isn’t worth the few bucks saved.
When you get a new pull buoy and use it for the first time, chances are that you’ll feel some degree of soreness after – especially if it’s the first time you’re using one. However, the soreness soon becomes a thing of the past with subsequent use and this is particularly true if you’re using the right pull buoy for you. The poorly-made or wrongly chosen ones might give you too much lift or not enough lift; they might keep slipping out from between your thighs or irritate your skin.
We want the pull buoy you end up with to be the best one for you, which is why we suggest that you consider these features while shopping:
  • Age - junior, adult or available in both sizes
  • Material - EVA, Polyethylene, PVC free foam
  • Design - the shape and color of the pull buoy
  • Size - the length and width of the pull buoy
  • Extras such as straps, inserts etc.
  • Type - one-piece or two-piece pull buoys
Construction and Design
Pull buoys are usually made from buoyant, water-resistant foam material. The most common material used in the manufacture of pull buoys is EVA foam. EVA is short for ethylene-vinyl acetate and is UV-resistant, shock absorbent, waterproof, lightweight foam. Its waterproof nature, buoyancy and firmness are from its closed-cell property and is crack-resistant too. This means that EVA foam buoys are expected to have a long lifespan, withstand the damaging effect of pool-water chlorine and still be comfortable.

Some pull buoys feature an asymmetrical shape where one end is larger than the other. These are meant to give a more ergonomic aligning and comfortable fit. To use these, it’s recommended that the wider end be paced under the thighs and facing the ceiling to keep them in place for longer periods of time. Another point to note is the type of pull buoy; while two-piece pull buoys have been around for much longer than its single-piece counterparts, they tend to become abrasive with age.
Performance and Ease of Use
The size of a pull buoy is the most important feature to consider. Pull buoys with wider, thicker and more generous rounded-ends tend to be more buoyant, so if you’ve got large or heavily-muscled legs or a bad swimming balance (i.e. your legs and hips tend to sink), you should consider a larger pull buoy as it will provide more buoyancy than smaller ones. People with smaller, lighter builds and children can comfortably use smaller pull buoys and obtain maximum buoyancy with them.

Pull buoys come in two forms: The one-piece pull buoy and the two-piece pull buoy. The former is a sculpted piece of foam usually EVA and PE foam. It’s usually cut into a figure-8 shape with rounded ends and a narrow middle, but there are others with ends in a different shape. Either way, they all have a narrow middle by which the pull buoy will be gripped between the thighs. On the other hand, the latter is made up of two separate cylinders that are made of closed-cell, non-absorbent foam and connected by straps. The straps can be adjusted for a closer fit. They’re an older pull buoy design that’s still popularly used today.

Extra features like adjustable straps are featured in some pull buoys and make it a lot easier to use them without having to worry about slips.

Get the Best Pull Buoy of 2023!

We’ve come to the end of this review, and hopefully you’ve learned a lot about the pull buoy market. If you’ve found one that particularly appeals to you, what are you waiting for? Time to place that order!

Our Top Choice
FINIS Foam Chafe-Free Pull Buoy
Best Value
TYR Unisex USA Pull Float
Speedo Team Pull Buoy Training Aid
Arena Freeflow 8 Shape Light Pullbuoy
Aqua Sphere Classic Pull Buoy