Best Punching Bag Reviews 2022

Having the right gear is one of the most important aspects of a workout routine. To follow your training to the letter, look for a punching bag that will not only last, but be the best type for your size, weight, and regime. We have reviewed five of the best punching bag brands to ensure that there is one for everyone, no matter what type or size you may want. By the way, we have a separate review for kid's punching bags if you are looking for one for your beginner pugilist!
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Our Top Choice
Boxing MMA Heavy Bag
For pro hitters, Boxing MMA is definitely the right brand to choose, especially for those who are serious about their bags and need something durable, like the Heavy Bag.
Dense material and feel, perfect for heavy hitters. No settling, hard spots, or lumpy areas. 10-year warranty.
Issues with areas sagging after a period of time. Can fracture your hand without gloves or wraps.
100 pounds
12” x 55”
Best Value
Everlast Women’s Heavy Bag
Everlast is one of the most renowned brands for boxing and MMA equipment in the game, and produces some of the heaviest quality you can find. It even has a line just for women!
Specially made for women. Adjustable height. Complete training kit for new or intermediate boxers. Heavy-duty.
Has come with different gloves than advertised, or missing either gloves or wrap. Very firm bag, not easily punched.
70 pounds
Natural and synthetic fibers
13.50” x 13.50” x 45.50”
Windy Wall Mount Punch Bag
If you’re looking for a brand that specializes in gear, wall mounts, and padding more so than equipment entirely, then Windy is the brand for you.
Design ensures an easy setup process. Classy yet incredibly durable.
Requires specific anchors or screws, depending on the location for mounting.
Wall mounted
33 pounds
Dense foam
25” x 16” x 18”
TITLE LiquiShock Heavy Bag
TITLE LiquiShock may not be as well-known as some other companies, but it’s definitely a great brand. It offers a wide range of products, from boxing equipment to apparel.
Comes with a 10-year warranty for the bag specifically. Great for both beginners and professionals alike.
The bag comes unfilled, which can be somewhat of an inconvenience.
100, 140, 180, 200 pounds
Shock absorbing foam and water
100 pound - 13” x 36”
CENTURY Kick Wavemaster
Kids need durable, quality boxing and MMA practice and professional equipment as well, and CENTURY is one of the best brands to get it from.
Has a smooth roll relocation for smaller hitters. Great for practice between martial arts and boxing classes.
Suitability stops around the ages of 11 to 12, depending on how tall your child is. Can be annoyingly noisy when rolling.
Free standing
170 pounds
High impact foam and water/sand
10.5” x 26” x 22” x 12”

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What is the Best Punching Bag?

Our top five picks for punching bags are based on what our readers are really looking for in terms of weight class, size, durability, and age appropriateness. With varying choices to match each need and want, we have options that everyone can choose from. Buy the right one and start punching!
Our Top Choice
The Boxing MMA Heavy Bag is a punching bag at the top of the category’s best brands and products. Heavy hitters will never have to worry about pushing their gear’s limits again. For those looking for a more simple workout, we recommend the Outslayer Heavy Duty Speed Bag Platform.

Boxing MMA Heavy Bag Filled

Outslayer is one of the biggest brands in boxing and MMA, with videos on YouTube showcasing its equipment for training and competition videos. While Outslayer is pricier when compared to the other big brands, trainers, competitive boxers, and MMA fighters alike swear by its products and equipment.

The Boxing MMA Heavy Bag has snagged our top choice spot for a reason. The features that are offered may be minimal, but they definitely go quite a long way.

Here are the features that one can take advantage of with a Boxing MMA Heavy Bag:
  • Ships in a heavy-duty, reusable vinyl cover for protection, which you can use later on for storage or moving purposes
  • Can have a two-tone color scheme based on your preference
  • Chains are not needed, thanks to the 4 layers of "no tear" heavy-duty straps sewn into the bag
  • Able to add additional weight should you choose to do so
  • 2 heavy-duty chrome D-rings can be incorporated into the bottom of the bag to secure to your floor or sand bag for FREE
Punching bags are not meant to have a ton of features, but the Boxing MMA Heavy Bag comes with some pretty nifty ones.
Best Value
For women who are looking to become entry-level boxers, or are just looking for a great way to work out, the Everlast Women’s Heavy Bag is the perfect choice for beginner heavy hitters. Everlast has an entire line that works for everyone, with bags that are for both genders and in different colors, including the 70-Pound Heavy Bag.

Everlast Women’s Heavy Bag Kit

Everlast is a brand that is widely recognized by professional boxers and MMA fighters, with options for a lighter workout and training method. Everlast carries products that are specific to both men and women, and that can endure the heaviest of hitters. It has a great line of training kits for beginner boxers.

The Everlast Women’s Heavy Bag is a kit that every female beginner boxer needs. It includes everything it will take to get you to become an expert, which is why this punching bag has earned our choice spot for best value.

Here are the features that one can take advantage of with an Everlast Women’s Heavy Bag:
  • Attachment plate that can be bolted to any ceiling
  • Adjustable chain for height to ensure height is not an issue
  • Comes in your choice of pink or black, which extends to the 108” hand gloves and the wraps as well
  • Heavy-duty nylon straps to ensure safety and security when hanging
  • Does not absorb water, so you can leave it outside in between use
The Windy Wall Mount Uppercut Bag is the perfect bag for those who want something that looks and handles nicely, without an extensive setup process or big price tag. Windy focuses on producing quality gear and equipment, but if you’re looking for something that you can really beat up, we recommend the Thai Filled Heavy Bag.

Windy Wall Mount Uppercut Bag

Windy does not focus on producing lots of gear. Instead, it turns its attention to mitts and gloves, and only a few pieces of other equipment. This helps it to create truly marvelous pieces that both look and feel not only classy, but like they will actually last, which they definitely do!

The Windy Wall Mount Uppercut Bag is by far the best wall mount we’ve seen. Though it has very limited features, it’s a quality product that will last for years.

Here are the features that one can take advantage of with this bag:
  • Made of 100% genuine leather
  • Wooden stud walls require 4 1/4”x3” lag screws for mounting, while concrete walls require 4 1/4”x3” concrete anchors
  • Protected with dense foam and wall mount brackets
With its very basic, yet heavy features, this is hands down the best wall mount we’ve ever seen.
TITLE LiquiShock has everything that any boxer and/or MMA fighter could need, including the Heavy Bag. It also has a full range of products and equipment that are better for the intermediate to advanced levels, including the Boxing Gyro Speed Bags.

TITLE LiquiShock™ Foam & Water Heavy Bag

TITLE LiquiShock has just about everything a boxer or MMA fighter would ever need. Its products are loaded with great features, including the one we chose for our top 5 punching bag review! The TITLE LiquiShock Heavy Bag has some of the neatest qualities available, so it had to be included.

Here are the features of the TITLE LiquiShock Heavy Bag:
  • Technically advanced high-frequency welded TPU urethane bag for a decade of workouts
  • 3” of medium and high density shock absorbing foam between the bag for ultimate protection
  • Outer shell covered with a heavy-duty coating made from vinyl and poly canvas
  • Cross poly propylene webbing that is reinforced at the base of the straps
TITLE LiquiShock brings some pretty important features to the table that add quality and value to the brand and equipment.
Finding a punching bag for kids can be extremely difficult. Most bags don’t last long and are of poor quality in general, but that’s not the case for the CENTURY Kid Kick Wavemaster. CENTURY has changed the game and produced a great punching bag for kids. If you’re looking for one for teenagers or adults, we recommend the The Original Wavemaster.

CENTURY Kid Kick Wavemaster

When it comes to a punching bag that’s made for children, features are definitely not something that one would expect to get, but CENTURY kicks it up a notch and actually brings some great ones to the table.

The CENTURY Kid Kick Wavemaster is definitely something we’ve never seen before, because it’s actually a quality punching bag for kids. Here are the features you get with this bag:
  • Logo on the front is designed to be a target for kids to aim at
  • Perfect roll relocation, thanks to the rounded bottom and the water or sand filler
  • 4 height adjustments to grow with your child for proper value
The features offered are just right for children to work with.

How Do I Choose the Best Punching Bag?

Who knew beating the heck out of something could be such a good workout? In today’s world, where almost everyone is self-conscious of their bodies and the need to keep fit, punching bags are no longer reserved for boxing gyms. You can get the same high-quality punching bag in boxing gyms for your home gym.

Punching bags not only provide an excellent workout for muscle growth, but can also be used for intense cardio conditioning and aerobic exercise. You can also combine the punching with kicking and offer your legs a good workout during the session. In fact, if used appropriately, this gadget can provide a full body workout. Don’t forget that the punching will also help you vent your frustrations in a healthy way, after a long, tough day. Just remember to take your post-workout drink after all this “madness” to rebuild and recharge.

A 30-minute punching session will help you burn a good amount of calories and tone your muscles. To train safely and reap all these benefits, you need to invest in good boxing gloves to protect your hands and avoid pain at the end of your session.

Are you ready to incorporate a punching bag into your daily workout routine? That’s an excellent decision, but do you know how to differentiate between a good punching bag and a low-quality one? The right punching bag will make a huge difference in your performance, and it is important to choose equipment that will be valuable to you.

While no single bag can be considered the best, there are particular ones that have excellent features. However, instead of making a random purchase, consider factors like bag size, weight, and style. A good punching bag should be strong enough to endure all the abuse you will be putting it through. Thankfully, there are many bags available that can withstand whatever you throw at them. The good news is that you don’t even have to break the bank to get the right one. In fact, a number of the best punching bags are actually known for their quality and performance, rather than for their price tags.

Let’s examine what to look for when shopping for the right bag before we jump straight to our picks.
There is a small connection between the quality of a good punching bag and its price. The most expensive bag is not always the best quality one, and it definitely isn’t the best for everyone. It is highly likely that you will find a quality bag at a very affordable price. But, remember your fight training is more important, so don’t hesitate to spend a little bit more to get the right punching bag. Cheap punching bags might not give you the desired results in terms of your boxing needs.

There are two major ways that a punching bag can support itself. You can use the old way of hanging it, or support itusing a weighted base. Freestanding bags involve having the padded side on top and some kind of wide stand under them for support. They are usually more expensive compared to the hung bags.

Hung bags have heavy leather straps stitched into the bag cover itself. A chain or piece of metal is then suspended from the ceiling, and the bag is attached to it, hanging in the air. These bags are usually less expensive!
Other than buying a bag that complements your own personal fighting style, you should consider several other important factors when making this important shopping decision. Look atthings like weight, material, and filler, among other considerations.

Weight - Weight is among the biggest factors that should be considered when buying a punching bag. A lighter bag will not offer the needed resistance, and will instead move backwards every time you hit it. This will hinder you from training well! Find a bag that will offer some resistance, and avoid all the problemsa lightweight punching bag might cause. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from an expert. You can even consider testing out the bag before you buy.
Material - Different punching bags are made from different materials. The three major options include leather, canvas, and vinyl.Leather is generally believed to be the best choice. It is strong and can endure a lot of abuse. It is, however, the most expensive option on the market. Many people, therefore, opt for bags made of vinyl. While this isn’t a bad idea, watch out forthe low-quality designs available in cheap punching bags. Find a bag that's made of high-quality vinyl.Canvas bags are a more classic option. They are an excellent pick, but are less comfortable to hit compared to leather or vinyl bags.Fighters who want to hang their punching bags outside shouldconsider bags made of waterproof materials.
Filler - While the weight of a punching bag is important, filler can also make a big difference. A bag that has 100 pounds of feathers will definitely feel different compared to one that has 100 pounds of clay. Always remember that the wrong kind of filling can easily cause injury.
Construction and Design
Different punching bagshave their own unique benefits and designs that fit specific training exercises and fighting styles. It'simportant to know which bag is right for you and your training. The best punching bag suits your exact fighting needs, and can help you advance your technique and enhance your skills in ways that could not have been possible without it.

While there are other considerations such as filler and bag weight, style is among the biggest and most vital consideration.Here are the different types of bags and how their styles differ from one another:

Hanging Bags - These are the standard punching bags that appeal to a large number of fighters. These bags are made of very high-quality materials, such as leather and vinyl. They are durable and can resist a lot of abuse for an extended period of time. They are also fairly comfortable to hit. The only downside to these bags is that they are a bit pricey, but they're a worthy investment for serious fighters.
Free Standing Bags - These are a little different from the hanging bags. You can place them on the floor, and you will not require special equipment to suspend them. Since they have large round bases, these bags are highly stable and are excellent for those who want topractice both punching and kicking.
Muay Thai Bags - These are more specialized bags. They'reexcellent for people who are practicing specific martial arts and prefer a dialed-in bag that can hone their skills.
Maize Bags - Maize bags are filled with the traditional maize, or corn. They're smaller than other bags. and weigh less as well. Rather than being used for punching with force, these bags are designed to help you train your head movement and work on your evasive and dodging skills.
Angle Bags - Although they can also be used for traditional training, these bags have specially been designed to help you practice your uppercuts and curl punches. They are a bit more expensive than standard bags, but they still perform more or less the same functions.
Wall-Mounted Punching Systems - These are not actual punching bags! These devices were made popular by Mike Tyson. They'remounted on the wall to give you a massive padded object to strike at. These are specialty products and are quite expensive.
Performance and Ease of Use
When shopping for the right punching bag, it is good to consider whether you will be able to hang it. People who are not very familiar with home repair tasks will probably want to get a bag that won't demand any drilling or home alteration. Theymay prefer a freestanding bag or a stand that they can use to hang their unit.

You should also consider what bag size will be perfect for you. Smaller fighters can comfortably use smaller bags, while advanced fighters will need a much heavier punching bag to practice on.

Hanging your bag will require a little extra effort. You will require hooks and wall mounts, which should come with the bag.Put your bag in a place where you can train thoroughly without causing damage to anything. Some of the best places to put you punching bag include basements, garages, and other open areas. You can also put it outside, but, be aware that things like bad weather and rain damage could affect your bags. You can avoid all these issues by investing in a waterproof bag.Peoplewho don’t feel like hanging their bags can choose to buy a boxing stand.

Get the Best Punching Bag of 2022!

The best punching bag for you will not only depend on the type and the size, but also your weight, class, age, and any other factor you deem important. For example, you may be looking for a punching bag that is not so heavy-duty, or one for your child to practice on between martial arts classes. We hope our review has helped you pick the best punching bag, but if it didn’t, browse these trusted brands for the one that fits your individual needs.

Our Top Choice
Boxing MMA Heavy Bag
Best Value
Everlast Women’s Heavy Bag
Windy Wall Mount Punch Bag
TITLE LiquiShock Heavy Bag
CENTURY Kick Wavemaster