Best Puzzle For Adults Reviews 2022

Puzzles have been the best bet for long-lasting fun that helps improve your cognitive ability and mental strength. But sometimes the challenge just seems too small and too easy that it takes away the thrill we derive from fixing puzzles. That’s why we made research and brought together 5 of the best adult puzzles from some of the best brands out there. If you want something less challenging maybe for the kids, check out our reviews for baby puzzles, toddler puzzles, and kids puzzles. And for other puzzles in general check out jigsaw puzzles, 3D puzzles, Thomas Kincaid puzzles, Anne Geddes puzzles, and Disney puzzles.
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Our Top Choice
Educa 4000-Pc The World Map Puzzle
Educa is one brand that brings you in contact with world class puzzles made from top quality materials, that keep you engaged, and guarantees knowledge gain even during leisure.
4000 puzzle pieces. Aids geographical learning. Pieces fit together tightly. Clear images on each piece. Reasonably brain-tasking and challenging.
The referral image on the pack isn’t very large.
World Map
Cardboard/non-reflective layer
54 x 38 inches
Learn the map and country flags
Best Value
Buffalo Games Cinque Terre Italy Puzzle
Buffalo games has been producing board games for over thirty years now, and it constantly evolves its tactics of delivery to provide its customers with up-to-date, trending games.
2000 puzzle pieces. Comes with a fold-out poster of the image for referencing. Can be used as a beautiful hanging photo when finished. Pieces stick together effortlessly.
The images on some of the pieces are blurred even if the overall image when completed isn’t.
Italian seaside
Info not provided
38.5 x 26.5 inches
Concentration; patience
Ravensburger At the Waterhole Puzzle
Ravensburger is a leading brand in puzzle-making because of the exclusive materials it uses, like its extra-thick cardboard, and linen paper that gives the ultimate puzzle feel.
A beautiful wild-life photo when finished. An extremely plentiful, 18,000 pieces. Packaged in 4 bags for the 4 different sections of the puzzle. A reference image on the pack.
Finding each individual piece inside the box is quite difficult.
At the Waterhole
Softclick board
108.5 x 75.5 inches
Memory improvement
Artifact Puzzles Landscapes Puzzle
Artifact puzzles are highly recognized as one of the leading brands in puzzle manufacturing because it uses puzzles to promote art and artifacts with high cultural value.
Comes in only 150 pieces but still keeps up the challenge. Features two beautiful landscapes on either sides. Laser-cut wooden puzzle pieces to give the right fit.
The puzzle is double-sided that makes it quite challenging.
Van Gogh Landscapes
9.5 x 7.5 inches
Concentration; eye for details
White Mountain Puzzles Television History Puzzle
White Mountain Puzzles has been delivering on its brand promise which is to provide people of all ages with enjoyable moderately challenging puzzles for thirty years and counting.
Beautiful photo collage of over 250 TV stars. The pieces are easy to tell apart. Contains unique interlocking pieces. Comes with a stand to hold the cover up as reference.
The individual pieces are quite heavy.
Television characters
Chipboard/recycled paper
24 x 30 inches
Memory improvement

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What is the Best Puzzle For Adults?

Having read through our buying guide, we are sure you now know what features to keep an eye out for when getting yourself the most suitable puzzle for you. So we bring you the reviews for the five best adult puzzles that we are sure will be the perfect fit.
Our Top Choice
The Educa Puzzle Of The World Map comes with 4000 pieces. So, don’t rush to finish this one, you’ll have an ample amount of time to enjoy the puzzle, even with friends and family. Do you want a puzzle with fewer pieces that comes in a single color? Get the Educa Mappa Mundi Paranoma Puzzle.and take your puzzling skills to the next level.

Educa 4000-Piece The World Map with Flags Puzzle

Education is the best legacy. It is therefore extremely necessary to get yourself educated and well-grounded in information all the time. Educa brings families in contact with educators, thereby, mending the bridge of child-care between the home and school environments. It does this with its online community of learning and its wide range of educational puzzles that the whole family can enjoy together and still learn from, all at the same time. We know that the brain remembers activities and experiences better than just what you read, or what you hear in class, so putting what you have studied into a fun-filled activity will overly improve cognitive ability on that particular topic.

The Educa 4000-Pc The World Map Puzzle comes with 4000 pieces, which makes this a great and fun-filled activity to take on with a friend, a spouse, or with your kids. You will definitely be doing this for a long time depending on how fast you are, but it guarantees to be worth your while.

It’s reasonably difficult (as all puzzles are meant to be), but it also provides you with knowledge and information about geography. All the pieces have clear images on them that enable you to complete this puzzle without any need for external resources, but if indeed you do need one, it’s still fine as it further broadens your scope and knowledge about maps.

This puzzle is an extremely detailed picture of the world map, so when you’re done with sticking the pieces together and you are sure they’re in the right order, you can frame it and hang it on your wall like an athlete’s medal, to show your bravery to take on such challenge, or simply for reference purposes in case you need to find out a particular place on the map later on.

A fun-filled activity with an advantage of learning for you and the kids, a daring task to take on with your partner, a challenge for you and your friends, and a quest for personal glory—this puzzle does it all.

P.S. We know you wouldn’t want to miss a piece, but just in case you do, just reach out to Educa and it will replace the piece for you, how convenient is that?
Best Value
The Buffalo Games Cinque Terre Italy Jigsaw Puzzle features a beautiful photographed design of the Italian seaside under the light of the moon. When this is finished, it’ll make a lovely artwork for your living room. If you are looking for a puzzle with beautiful colors and that vintage feel, fewer pieces and more affordable, get the Buffalo Games Vintage Toy Shelf 1000 piece Jigsaw puzzle.

Buffalo Games Cinque Terre Italy 2000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Buffalo Games is a company that began its journey in 1986, therefore, this year makes it its 31st year in business; the business of delivering its customers with trending board games and puzzles. Its product line has featured popular artists and licenses, including some of the big names like Disney, Coca-Cola, and our very own NFL. It majors on puzzles and puzzle accessories, with one of its notable puzzles referred to as “the world’s most difficult puzzle”. It started as a family-run business, and because of that, almost all of its products are family-oriented, and serve as a great fun and brain-tasking leisure activity that the whole family can enjoy.

The Buffalo Games Cinque Terre Italy Jigsaw Puzzle is a puzzle with such a beautiful picture that you would want to finish the puzzle fast and just hang it on your wall like a beautiful painting. You may ask why we want our finished puzzle on the wall. Well, just like an athlete hangs his medal on his wall, or an individual sportsman places all of his trophies on a shelf, or a team places all its trophies in a gallery, we also want to show off our accomplishments. But sometimes our “accomplishments”, even though a large fit, never make the perfect fit for our walls because they usually aren’t made for beauty. That’s why this puzzle has such a beautiful design that lets you to enjoy your puzzle, and at the end, allows you to show-off your accomplishment, and still be fashionable.

Two thousand pieces of different little images may be quite difficult to piece together without a proper reference guide. That’s why this comes with a fold-out poster of the image the completed puzzle forms, to make the assembly process easier and more relaxing.

If you’re looking for a challenging puzzle to keep you going for weeks, or even months, you would want to get this puzzle. It isn’t just challenging because it comes in 2000 pieces, but also because of the colors and images. Monochromatic puzzles are often easier and less challenging than puzzles with so many beautiful colors.

A challenging task at the beginning, a fun-filled journey through to the end, and a beautiful trophy for your wall, that’s how awesome this product can be.
The Ravensburger At the Waterhole Puzzles For Adults promises to take you on a journey into the animal kingdom, a journey best embarked on with family or friends with the plentiful amount of 18,000 pieces to this puzzle. Do you want a fewer number of pieces to a puzzle, but still maintaining the challenge of piecing puzzles together? Get the Ravensburger The Gardener’s Cupboard Jigsaw Puzzle.

Ravensburger At the Waterhole 18,000-Piece Puzzle for Adults

Ravensburger is a German brand that produces puzzles for its customers all over the world. What makes Ravensburger so special is the exclusive material with which it creates all of its puzzles; materials like extra-thick cardboard and linen-structured paper that makes all the images on the puzzles blur-free and extremely clear. It creates puzzles of all sizes from few pieces that you would finish quickly, to extremely large puzzles that would take you on a journey, and grant you the fun of puzzle-fixing for a much longer time. The quality and quantity of its puzzles is what makes this brand a class above others in the puzzle manufacturing industry.

Don’t you get tired of always having to buy new puzzles because the ones you bought get completed too quickly? The Ravensburger At the Waterhole Puzzles For Adults is one puzzle that you would not be able to finish as easily as your other puzzles, because this is an astounding 18,000-piece-puzzle that keeps you going for a really long time. You can take up the task to fix this puzzle together with friends, or family, and not feel they’re depriving you of your fun, because there is definitely enough fun to go around in 18,000 pieces.

The more challenging the task, the more enjoyable the victory; and there’s no better way to celebrate the victory of completing a puzzle than framing it and hanging it on the wall in your living room. Sometimes we really want to do this, but because most puzzles feature not so clear images, they look weird hung on our walls. This puzzle is made with linen-structured paper, exclusive to Ravensburger which ensures that all the images on all the pieces are clear, so the entire picture, when put together, is even clearer.

Take a fun ride into the world of the animals while fixing this puzzle. The picture you’ll be piecing together is a picture of wild-life, different animals all drinking together at the waterhole. This doesn’t just serve as a beautiful picture, it also depicts peace, unity, and togetherness, and these are messages we cannot over emphasize in our world today.
There are a few puzzles out there that have few pieces so you don’t have to donate your entire space to fix them, but still keep the feel of challenge. One of those few is the Artifact Puzzles Landscapes Jigsaw Puzzle. Find this double-sided puzzle a bit too difficult? Get a traditional one-sided puzzle like the Artifact Puzzles Van-Gogh Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle.

Artifact Puzzles Van Gogh Landscapes Double-Sided Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle – 150 pieces

The beauty of art and artifacts can never be over-emphasized. That’s why Artifact Puzzles was birthed in 2009 in Menlo Park, California in Silicon Valley. It did not take up the traditional method of puzzle pieces-cutting where the pieces are hand-cut using the jigsaw, but it uses lasers to cut ¼-inch-thick 3-ply plywood. This method of cutting is what makes this brand world class, and makes its puzzles state-of-the-art, figuratively, and literally; every new puzzle is designed first by an artist, and drawn completely on the plywood before it gets cut by the lasers. This unique blend of art and technology is what makes this brand stand out when compared to other brands.

The Artifact Puzzles Landscapes Jigsaw Puzzle comes as a 150-piece puzzle. What this lacks in number, it makes up in difficulty. This difficulty is gotten from the fact that it is double-sided, so figuring out what side goes on what is where the challenge truly lies.

On either side of this puzzle is a beautiful landscape specifically created by artists, for the sole purpose of creating this puzzle. Such precision makes sure that the pictures are effective even when cut into pieces, so all the pieces come to together one after the other.

The laser-cut technology used in cutting the pieces out guarantees all the pieces fit perfectly. And they’re cut into different shapes, rather than just the traditional knob connectors, to give you an extra feel of the puzzle that you may not get from other puzzles.

The complete puzzle measures about 7.5 inches by 9.5 inches, quite portable compared to equally difficult puzzles. So, you can take this with you on that vacation, and have the fun of your life; take with you to grandma’s and grandpa’s to give them a fun activity that won’t stress them out; take it to a friend’s, and combine your skills to effectively tackle the puzzle, and a whole lot of other places—wherever you want, in fact.

The beautiful landscape design on the two sides of this puzzle allows you to use this puzzle as two inter-changeable wall designs when you are done fixing the puzzle on either side.

This puzzle is the typical example of the expression “art is fun” with its unique blend of art and a fun puzzle.
If you love TV, then you will definitely love the White Mountain Puzzles Television History which features a beautiful photo collage of over 250 television celebrities and some unforgettable moments on TV. Are you tired of the traditional family Halloween games and want to spice things up a little? Get the White Mountain Puzzles Jack O Lanterns, a spooky and fun puzzle.

White Mountain Puzzles Television History - 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Many brands have come and gone, but White Mountains came over 30 years ago, and is still with us, providing its customers with puzzles unlike the traditional boring puzzles. It’s an American company which guarantees its customers 100% satisfaction all the time. How does it do this? With its impressive customer relations team that works with the idea that the customer is always right. None of your complaints, comments, or reviews are regarded as irrelevant when it comes to this brand. No matter how insignificant you think your comment may have been, this brand assures you that it will go back to its drawing board, and come up with something even better to bring you optimum satisfaction.

Do you ever bother yourself about what to buy grandma, or grandpa for their birthdays? The White Mountain Puzzles Television History is what you want to get them. This puzzle is a fun activity that wouldn’t stress their aged bones, but at the same time, challenges and stimulates their mind, while still keeping them comfortable. You can also go through a journey to the past with them even as they share that nostalgic feeling with you and share their memories of certain television stars from their childhood as you guys piece their faces together, and ultimately the entire puzzle. Trust us when we say you’ll be done with this before you even know it.

If you don’t want to get this for old folks, you can also get it for yourself, because even if you may not know all of the ancient stars, there are also new age stars who you would know, like the notable SpongeBob Squarepants. There is something in there for everyone.

This puzzle features unique interlocking pieces which were made out of a sturdy chipboard. This unique interlocking feature was added for your ultimate comfort. Most times, we rest on some parts of the puzzles in order to get to the other more distant areas, only for us to remove our hands, and some of the pieces that we had previously fixed come off with it, which can be pretty annoying. But with this sturdy material coupled with the unique interlocking feature, that would be a worry of the past, because you can rest over and remove your hands with the puzzle remaining intact.

Convenience, comfort, fun with friends and family, and learning about TV stars both from the past and present, is what this puzzle is all about.

How Do I Choose the Best Puzzle For Adults?

With the advent of video games, people thought that board games would be become extinct. But there is something about board games that we all love. Maybe it’s the actual feeling of what we are doing; the joy it brings when we partake with friends and family, or perhaps the brain tasking decisions we have to make to progress. Whatever it is, there is definitely something that makes us love the challenge of board games.

Puzzles though, give us the better feel of the board games because they are more than just games. Puzzles for adults often take us on a journey while fixing them. They transport us into whatever scenario is painted by the theme on the puzzle. Because puzzles for adults are quite challenging, they give room for help from friends and family without depriving you of the fun of fixing it.

Many puzzles come in really beautiful designs which at the end we can frame and use as wall designs next to our digital frames or to simply display our accomplishment to the world (or anyone who comes into our home). While puzzles would be suitable for the elderly because it gives them something to keep themselves busy without so much physical activity, it is also for anyone who has an eye for detail and would like some brain-stimulating leisure activity brought about the puzzle challenge.

So just chill with your favorite coffee and get on with putting a puzzle together. It may take a while but the final result is definitely worth it—a beautiful image just for you.
Puzzles for adults vary widely in price, ranging from as low as $15 to as high as $200. The price of a puzzle is determined by factors such as its size, its type and the material it’s made of. Smaller pieces like 500-1000 will almost generally be more affordable than the larger one with about 4000 pieces. Also, one-sided are often more affordable than two-sided or 3D puzzles. There are also cheap puzzles for adults out there but most of them are made from lesser grade materials that do not stick properly and are loosely fitted, so we didn’t bother you with those.
There are a number of features to note when shopping for puzzles for adults. The following are top on the list:
  • Theme
  • Difficulty level
  • Puzzle Type
  • Accessories
Now let’s take a closer look at these.
Construction and Design
Before getting yourself a puzzle, you would want to check out for its theme. The theme is usually the telling factor for most puzzles because if you aren’t interested in the theme of the puzzle you won’t be enthusiastic about completing the puzzle and may get bored along the way. For example, if you love nature and wild-life, you should get yourself a puzzle that is animal-themed because then you’ll want to finish the puzzle so you can see the whole picture come together.

The type of the puzzle is also a very important factor that you should look out for because there are different types of puzzles and one may appeal to you more than the other.

The first and most popular type of puzzle is the traditional one-sided flat jigsaw puzzle. You should get this type of puzzle just in case you are new at this or you don’t really know about the other puzzles. Most puzzles you find are made in this type.

There is also the 3D puzzle and the name tells the whole story. It is a puzzle made from light materials like paper but you fix them into a 3D object rather than just a flat image. IF you find that you are one who loves to build or craft things and create pieces, then this puzzle is for you.

Double-Sided puzzles are like the traditional flat jigsaw puzzles apart from the fact that they are double-sided. Double-sided in the sense that it features two puzzles, one on either side that form two different images when completed. This is just meant to increase the challenge and up the fun factor. Instead of checking for what piece goes where in the picture, you’ll be checking for what piece goes where on what picture.

Rest assured that no matter your interests, there is a puzzle out there for you. Be it art, science, technology, economics, sports, wild-life, whatever it is, just check for the theme and type of puzzle that will suit your personality.
Performance and Ease of Use
When we think of puzzles the first thing in mind is “how much do I need to know to fix it?” “How long will it take me to finish?” These questions are often tied to the difficulty of the puzzle. The difficulty may be for different reasons like how many pieces it is, or the type of puzzle it is generally, as two-sided puzzles are obviously more difficult than one-sided puzzles.

When getting a puzzle, you’ll need it to be difficult enough for you to enjoy the challenge but not so difficult that it seems impossible for you to complete (which can be quite frustrating). The style and color of the puzzle also influences how difficult the puzzle will be. Single colored puzzles are often quite easier than puzzles with so many colors and repeated patterns. In a case where you want to increase the size of your puzzles do note that doubling the pieces of a puzzle, increases its difficulty by four. For example, if you normally tackle a 1000-piece puzzle, getting a 2000-piece puzzle means that you are ready for a four-times more difficult challenge. But if you’re ready to take on the challenge, go ahead.

There is one major accessory that puzzles always come with, and that is a reference guide for easier assembly. Most puzzles just put the reference guide on the pack of the puzzle but some go further to give you a fold-out image of what the completed puzzle will look like. This is necessary when the puzzle you want to fix is really large and detailed, and these details that may be lost when scaled down to size to fit the back cover. So depending on the size of your puzzle, look out for the size of the reference guide too which can help with the more complicated puzzles.

Get the Best Puzzle For Adults of 2022!

And all the pieces have finally come together, except one. You’ve learned all you need and you’ve seen what we bring, fix this puzzle with the last piece by getting yourself the best adult puzzle that’s right for you.

Our Top Choice
Educa 4000-Pc The World Map Puzzle
Best Value
Buffalo Games Cinque Terre Italy Puzzle
Ravensburger At the Waterhole Puzzle
Artifact Puzzles Landscapes Puzzle
White Mountain Puzzles Television History Puzzle