Best Quesadilla Maker – Small, Medium, and Large Quesadilla Waffle Makers for Stuffed Tortilla Wedges

Quesadillas are great. But who do you trust for the best quesadilla maker when there are thousands of products and many brands on the market? You have come to the right place, as we have taken great care to examine hundreds of quesadilla makers and have come up with five of the top brands.

When shopping for electric quesadilla makers, you may sometimes come across an appliance that boasts itself to be a quesadilla waffle maker. But this might leave you a little confused, as to what it means. You also may be wondering, what makes a quesadilla maker different from other sandwich presses. Or more specifically, wondering whether you need a special device at all. Let us answer those questions.

First, what makes a quesadilla making machine different is that it’s designed with curved triangles that will turn your stuffed tortillas into wedges while they cook. It is these raised sections that causes some people to call them “quesadilla waffle makers.” If you want to make quesadilla wedges with sealed edges, then you need one of these appliances.

However, if you don’t mind cutting your quesadillas yourself, and don’t want a “uni-tasker” (to quote Alton Brown), we recommend the Dash Express Electric Round Griddle Press for quesadillas, pancakes, pizzas, cookies, burgers, eggs and more. It has a deep dish, flat surface which makes it a great, multifunctional appliance to have in the kitchen!
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Cook Time
Our Top Choice
George Foreman Electric Quesadilla Maker
George Foreman should be your first port of call if you want durable and sleek kitchen tools. This maker delivers delicious quesadillas in the comfort of your own home.
Very good heat distribution throughout. It cleans up with the greatest of ease. Deep pockets.
Some reports that the "George Tough Nonstick Coating" bubbles up and flakes off over time.
12.5 x 12 x 5 in; 2.5lbs
Fits up to 10 inch tortillas
5 minutes
Ready light, slip-resistant grip
Best Value
Hamilton Beach Electric Quesadilla Maker
Hamilton Beach has distinguished itself in the making of top notch quesadilla makers. You can now eat restaurant quality meals at home with this quesadilla maker.
Great for low-carb tortillas. Easy and simple to use.
Best for 6" tortillas. Doesn't brown well. Extremely hard to clean if the cheese escapes. Coating scratches VERY easily.
10.88 x 5.5 x 11.75 in; 4.5lbs
Fits up to 8 inch tortillas
5 minutes
Power and preheat lights
Nostalgia Fiesta Series Quesadilla Maker
You can now summon your warmest memories from years gone with the Nostalgia brand of electronics. The Fiesta Series Quesadilla Maker delivers mouthwatering meals in no time.
Heats up fast. Great for a dorm room. Easy to keep clean with the nonstick coating. Doesn't leak out. Easy to separate each piece from the other.
Some found it flimsy.
11 x 10 x 4.5 in; 3.5lbs
Fits up to 8 inch tortillas
3 – 7 minutes
Two-position latch, ready light
Imusa Quesadilla Maker with Heat Indicator
IMUSA is a Hispanic company that has moved beyond borders to become one of the leading culinary ware makers in the world. Its quesadilla maker is ideal for quick meals.
Cast iron plates. Affordable. Easy to store. Quesadillas are really crispy. Perfectly dissolves cheese.
A little difficult to clean. Some reports that ingredients leak out if over stuffed.
11.81 x 5.51 x 10.83 in; 3.6lbs
Fits up to 8 inch tortillas
4 – 5 minutes
Ready heat indicator light
Santa Fe Electric Quesadilla Maker
Santa Fe makes great quesadilla makers with one-year limited warranty. The Santa Fe Quesadilla Maker has plates that fit tortillas that are up to 12 inches in diameter.
Non-stick coating. Easy to use. 1 year limited warranty.
Not very deep pockets but good for quick, basic quesadillas. Some reports of uneven cooking.
13.5 x 6.2 x 13.5 in; 7.3lbs
Fits up to 12 inch tortillas
4 – 5 minutes
Comes with recipes, ready light

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What Is the Best Electric Quesadilla Maker? Read Our Quesadilla Maker Reviews to Find Your Favorite!

We’re sure you don’t want to end up buying something that doesn’t do what you want, so we advise that you take time to consider your particular needs. Then compare your needs with what each quesadilla maker offers. That way you’ll get what’s best for you.

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Our Top Choice
George Foreman makes great and innovative kitchenware, and the George Foreman Quesadilla Maker lives up to this reputation. This maker makes perfectly cooked quesadillas in 5 minutes or less. We can also confidently recommend the George Foreman 4 Serving Removable Plate Grill and Panini Press!

George Foreman Quesadilla Maker – Fits Up to 10-Inch Tortillas, Deep Pockets for Stuffed Quesadillas, Non-Stick Surface


George Foreman is building a name for itself in the kitchenware industry. It might NOT be the oldest brand out there, but you can count on any kitchen tool that bears this name.

With the George Foreman Quesadilla Maker, you can have properly cooked and well-filled quesadilla in about 5 minutes or less with even heating of every part of the quesadilla. Its 10" circular cooking surface means that a fairly big tortilla can fit in.

See more features here:

  • Its nonstick grill plates guarantees easy cleanup
  • Press and seal lines lock-in fillings from the sides and back for cantina-style, no-mess finger foods
  • Its 6 deep-dish pockets have enough room to hold all your favorite fillings
  • Vertical storage suits even the tightest kitchen spaces
  • Has Power On/Ready indicator lights
  • Has a slip-resistant grip
Best Value
Looking for a quick way to enjoy the rich Mexican quesadilla? You need Hamilton Beach’s innovative Quesadilla Makers. This quesadilla maker delivers 6 wedges of tasty quesadilla. When it’s breakfast time, nothing beats the convenience of a hot sandwich, and Hamilton Beach’s Electric Breakfast Sandwich Maker lets you make those at home too.

Hamilton Beach Electric Quesadilla Waffle Maker – Fits 7 to 8-Inch Tortillas, Non-Stick Surface, Locking Lid


Hamilton Beach is a well-known brand for quesadilla makers. If you are longing for Mexican food but can’t wait, then you’ve got it all sorted out by Hamilton Beach’s quesadilla makers.

The Hamilton Beach Quesadilla Maker makes it possible have your own fiesta of flavor at home. All you need to do is fill two 7” - 8” tortillas with your ingredients—vegetables, beans, cheese, or meat—then cook in the Hamilton Beach Quesadilla Maker for a few minutes, and food is ready. This quesadilla maker delivers golden brown quesadillas every time.

Here are more features:

  • Makes 6 wedges of tasty quesadilla
  • Hot & ready to eat in about 5 minutes
  • Includes recipes
  • Locking lid for less messy kitchen
  • Stands upright for easy storage
  • Power & preheat lights present
  • Has nonstick surface which easily wipes clean
Nostalgia Electric strives to unite the old and the new through its designs. This quesadilla maker heats up pretty fast and ensures your fillings do not leak out. This appliance turns 8 inch tortillas into 6 quesadilla wedges. Want bigger quesadillas? Go for the Nostalgia Deluxe 10 Inch Electric Quesadilla Maker with extra stuffing latch.

Nostalgia Fiesta Series 6-Wedge Electric Quesadilla Waffle Maker with Extra Stuffing Latch for Thick or Thin Quesadillas


Nostalgia appliances are designed to evoke feelings of warmth, bringing back fond memories of times past, while striving to supply the timeless foods and fares of today. All designs are infused with modern imagination and convenience while drawing a lot from whence we came.

The Fiesta Series Quesadilla Maker creates crispy, finger-licking quesadillas using assorted meats, cheeses and vegetables. For sweeter varieties, you can try with peanut butter, marshmallows, or Nutella.

Here are more reasons you should consider this Quesadilla Maker:

  • Non-stick surface for easy cleanup
  • Plate is designed to create 6 wedges that seal in the flavor
  • Removable drip tray catches excess oil, making food healthier
  • Ready lights show when unit is preheated
  • Cooks in 3 to 7 minutes, depending on the type and quantity of fillings
The IMUSA brand has become a leading brand in the family of kitchenware makers. The Quesadilla Maker, perfect for quick meals, produces crispy and perfectly segmented triangular quesadillas in minutes. Want to make your quesadillas with homemade tortillas? Check out IMUSA’s tortilla presses.

Imusa 900-Watt Quesadilla Maker - Fits 8-Inch Tortillas, Non-Stick Cooking Surface, Ready Light


Imusa boasts of innovative, dependable and well-priced cookware and products which bring to life old recipes while meeting the tastes of the modern, adventurous culinary aficionado.

The Imusa Quesadilla Maker makes crunchy, cheesy, finger-licking quesadillas in a matter of minutes! All you need to do is fill your tortillas with your preferred ingredients, be it vegetables, peppers, shrimp, chicken, and of course cheese! What follows will amaze you. This quesadilla maker will flawlessly dissolve the cheese, toast the tortillas to a golden brown color, and partition the quesadilla into triangles.

Here are some of the other reasons we think the Imusa Quesadilla Maker rocks:

  • Non-stick cooking surface
  • Stands upright for easy storage
  • Removable drip tray to help get rid of excess grease
  • Indicator light for Ready & Heat
  • Press & Seal Lines lock-in fillings and section the tortilla

The Imusa Quesadilla Maker is beautifully designed to fit in every kitchen with its 8" surface.

Santa Fe’s quesadilla makers are easy to use. This maker is big and has a built-in drip tray that catches stray bits of melted cheese and filling ingredients to keep your cooking area from getting messy. Don’t need quesadillas that big? The Elite Gourmet Mexican Taco Tuesday Quesadilla Maker is available in 8 and 10 inch sizes.

Santa Fe Large Quesadilla Maker - QM2R 900-Watt, Fits Tortillas Up to 12-Inches, Non-Stick Surface


Santa Fe is a popular quesadilla-making brand, and its quesadilla makers come with a recipe book and are backed by a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

The Santa Fe Quesadilla Maker delivers quesadillas in 4 to 5 minutes and fits perfectly tortillas that are up to 12 inches in diameter. You can now make a quick and easy meal in the comfort of your home without paying so much to eat out. Just fill your tortillas with vegetables, chicken, pepper and any other ingredient, close this cookware, and within 5 minutes you have your well-cooked quesadilla in six parts.

The following features further make Santa Fe’s Quesadilla Maker a good choice:

  • Power and ready light available
  • Nonstick cooking plates so quesadillas lift easily out of the maker
  • The entire unit locks together for compact, upright storage
  • The quesadilla maker's handle always stays cool for safe handling

Best Quesadilla Maker Guide – Make Restaurant Quality Stuffed Quesadillas at Home with a Large Quesadilla Maker

Chipotle, limes, avocado, pinto beans, salsa, melted cheese….mmmmm! Mexican food is like no other, and it seems to have reached every corner of the world in some sort of way. Whether its authentic Mexican recipes or a bit of quick tex-mex tacos, Mexican food is almost always a crowd pleaser. If you’re thinking of having a go at making your own Mexican food, or you already have but you’d just like to make the process slick and clean, a quesadilla maker is just what you’re looking for!

If you’re aiming for the fresh, authentic flavors of Mexico, we have a couple of tips on how to get there whilst cutting a few corners, so you don’t have to spend all day in the kitchen. Grab your immersion blender out of the cupboard and put in it a bowl of avocado, red onion, coriander, a squeeze of lime, and a few chili flakes to make a smooth and creamy guacamole. All your friends will be begging you for your secret recipe of the best guac in town!

Also…cheese. Lots and lots of cheese. Cheese for the nachos, cheese for the dip, and cheese for the filling. And, of course, you want cheese for the topping as well. Grating a tower of cheese can be a pretty tedious job though, so why not check out a box grater to collect all the cheese so you have less cleanup afterwards.

And, finally, margaritas!!! Sip that tangy, sweet, fresh cocktail with a touch of salt around the rim of the glass after each mouthful of delicious quesadilla. To make sure everyone has a fair share of the good bit (we’re referring to the tequila), shake it up in your best cocktail shaker and pour into chilled cocktail glasses.

Video: Beef, Chicken or Vegetable Quesadillas

3 Easy Ways to Make Quesadillas. | Courtesy of RecipeTin Eats

You’ll be pleased to know it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to become the next best chef in your neighborhood. At the lower end of the price range, you can get a good quesadilla maker for around $20 with a non-stick lining, so you can easily slide out the perfectly cut up segments of a quesadilla as soon as they’re ready to be served. If you have a few more dollars to spare, for around $90 you can expect the same non-stick design with a seal that ensures the filling stays put when cooking. And a cool-touch handle makes it much easier to handle the maker once the food is ready.

Be wary of any cheap quesadilla makers as their construction won’t be able to stand multiple uses and the test of time compared to the higher quality products on the market.


It’s hard not to think about all the food, various fillings and toppings you can add onto your quesadilla once you have your hands on one of these. But if you just bare with us a little longer, we’ll let you know what to look out for when choosing this magical creation.

Here are the important things to think about:

  • Non-stick Surface - A good quality non-stick surface will make the preparation and the cleaning up so much easier.
  • Signal Lights - Indicator lights let you know when it’s ready to put the food in and when the food is cooked.
  • Storage - Check out the different storage options to make sure you have room in your cupboards – some can close securely and be stored vertically.
  • Lock-lid - This stops the fillings from bubbling over the edges. This means less mess to clean up and more filling for you to devour.
  • Segment Cutter - Many designs cut your quesadilla up and seal the edges of each slice whilst cooking, so it’s easy to pick up without dropping food everywhere.
  • Grease Drip Tray - With that much cheese involved, it’s inevitable there will be some grease dripping from the maker. But a removable grease drip tray simply means it won’t drip on your work surface. It makes cleanup easier as you can remove it and clean it separately.
  • Handle – A handle that can stay cool ensures your safety and stops any accidental burning when your food is ready. Non-slip designs ensure that you have full control over the machine, and it won’t crash to the floor and ruin all of your food.
Construction and Design

When it comes to the construction of your quesadilla maker, you should make sure you check out ones with a non-stick surface and maybe one with a segment cutter too. Here’s why.

Non-stick Surface

A non-stick surface is a must-have when it comes down to any baking tray, cake tin, or pan. A quesadilla maker is no different. Take a look at the quality of the product and customers’ reviews to make sure that the non-stick surface will last for many quesadillas to come.

Segment Cutter

Well-designed segment cutters and sealed lips around the edge will ensure that all the filling is kept inside the tortilla and that you have perfectly cut and even slices to share. This makes it easier for everyone to pick and choose a slice from all of the fillings you have to offer.

Video: How To Make The Perfect Quesadilla

Making an Amazing Homemade Quesadilla. | Courtesy of Joshua Weissman
Performance and Ease of Use

The performance and ease of use of your quesadilla maker will depend on a few things like signal lights, storage and whether it has a grease drip tray. Let’s see why these things are important to look out for.

Signal Lights

Indicator lights give you the confidence that you will have perfectly cooked quesadillas each time. Some also indicate when the temperature is hot enough to start cooking, giving you more time to prepare some nacho nibbles whilst your friends and family wait for the main course.


As much as you love Mexican food, I’m sure you don’t want your maker out on the work surface taking up space all the time. The majority can be closed and stored in a cupboard in their normal position. There are some that close securely enough so you can store them on the side which will save you storage space.

Grease Drip Tray

Even the cleanest cook makes a mess when in the middle of creating the next best culinary invention of the decade. The grease drip tray is available from a couple of our featured products and means you can simply remove the tray from under the appliance once you’re all done and discard of the unwanted substance in no time.

Get the Best Quesadilla Maker of 2023!

Now that you have taken time to read these reviews, the ball is in your court. Get your quesadilla maker and have a night inspired my Mexican flavors. And don’t forget the tequila!

Our Top Choice
George Foreman Electric Quesadilla Maker
Best Value
Hamilton Beach Electric Quesadilla Maker
Nostalgia Fiesta Series Quesadilla Maker
Imusa Quesadilla Maker with Heat Indicator
Santa Fe Electric Quesadilla Maker

Quesadilla Maker FAQs

Where to buy a quesadilla maker?
We recommend that you buy a quesadilla maker from Amazon, the largest online retailer for the widest variety of products. Here, you will also enjoy unbeatable deals. If you are looking for a quesadilla maker to buy, we have reviewed some of the best.
How to use a quesadilla maker?
Using a quesadilla maker is very easy. Once you have plugged in the quesadilla maker, get two previously-prepared tortillas out of the fridge with shredded cheese. After the green light dimming, open the machine and lay down one tortilla. Spread some cheese evenly on the tortilla. Once the cheese has melted, put the other tortilla on top. Open the quesadilla maker, remove the quesadilla, and allow it to cool for at least one minute. After cutting the quesadilla into four equal pieces, serve and eat.
How to clean a quesadilla maker?
To clean a quesadilla maker, place it on a dishtowel to prevent water from spreading all over. Then, plugin and heat the appliance. Once it heats up, unplug the device, open it, and put paper towels inside. Allow it to sit for some minutes and wet the paper using some water. Close the quesadilla maker and wait for some time. Use an old toothbrush to scrub the crevices and corners inside the machine. Keep doing it until you finish the work.